Dear Readers:

Due to recent events involving statements JK Rowling made on Twitter, I am postponing updating my stories (specifically "A Time For Harmony and Vengeance") until the focus of these events die down. I fear that my reviews and comments may be swamped with comments about the current events regarding JK Rowling. I do not want that, and I am sure a good majority of my readers don't want this either.

To be honest about my stance concerning these current events, this is where I stand. I support JK Rowling. Perhaps not her views on certain events, per se. But I support the fact that JK Rowling (just like everyone else) has a right to voice her opinions, and a right to freedom of speech.

JK Rowling is one of my idols when it comes to writing. I have spent the last decade and a half writing Harry Potter fanfiction as a hobby, and I do not regret any minute of it. And it is all thanks to her, and her books. In recent days, I have seen Harry Potter fansites, podcasts, and actors from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies raise their voice against her. I've seen actors voice that they know they wouldn't have their illustrious careers without her involvement. I appreciate and admire that.

However, I haven't seen very many fansites or podcasts do the same. I've seen them unfollow JK Rowling on Twitter. I've seen them speak against her and are even going as far as taking her name off of some of their stuff (such as the podcast "Reading, Writing and Rowling"). These fansites and podcasts - some of which have been going on for twenty years - would not exist without her. Yet they still run their websites, use their websites to write articles against her, even as they write other articles about her books and movies. This is disgusting. They should apologize to her, even if they are against her opinions… or do away with their fansites and podcasts.

While I am sure that this message will cause me to get some dividing comments toward or against JK Rowling in my reviews and comments, I don't think I'll be reading any of them. I've read too much drama surrounding these events.

Once the events of this so-called scandal die down to the point where I believe I can update my story without having to deal with comments about the scandal, then I will update. I promise you that. Once that happens, this will be replaced by a notice that says I am updating my story again.

Until then, thank you all for reading my stories. I appreciate the support I've had for well over a decade, and I wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for JK Rowling.

Vance McGill/FurySerenity