Illumi brushed off the new afflicted reminders of his most recent failure from his mind. While certainly, painful, they were mere irritation when compared to his pride. Still, it was best to see the new trainee so he would get first hand expierence of taking care of the variety of wounds the family usually inflicted. Burns, electrical, acid and flame varieties, stab wounds of various lengths and depths would soon be basic and simple knowledge to the boy should he actually survive living in the assasin home.

It was with perfectly controlled steps that he made his way to the new young doctor's office where Gotoh would no doubt be supervising and guiding. It was fairly unneeded to have such a doctor. But helping with healing to prolong torture and assist in training might prove useful.

He entered the medical room and saw the skinny boy going over all the supplies, being quizzed by Gotoh. Illumi sat on the open chair. Leorio jumped, and turned to face him. His eyes were wide as Gotoh turned to face Illumi.

"Master Illumi," Gotoh greeted, not touching any supplies until he was given Illumi's consent. Leorio had no such hesitation as he grabbed aloe, water, antiseptic, and bandages. Illumi didn't outwardly react as Leorio jumped in, barely hesitating on any of the wounds. Almost as if they were familiar.

Well, considering his rather level head seeing Illumi's initial injury and the poor conditions he lived in, paired with his impoverished life style and desire to learn medicine, it may have been second nature to learn all the nuances he could.

His eyes were locked on Leorio's more practical movements. How he examined each injury and asked how much they hurt, how he had been incredibly gentle with each cleaning and applying of medicine along with the bandages. He was certainly showing promise.

"I think this one is going to need stitches." Leorio commented as he disinfected the large and deep cut on Illumi's forearm. Illumi wouldn't with the use of nen, but better he get in the practice. And truly, he had little else to worry about for the next week or so. His father then would be back from his assignment for more personalized training.

Illumi found himself fascinated by Leorio's expressions as Gotoh showed him how to prepare the needed tools and technique for proper stitches. Despite the obvious discomfort Leorio watched with rapt attention. Each motion and space for each stitch was taken in. Gotoh even had him place smaller stitches on other injuries for mere practical training.

Effective little boy. He even was as kind as to pat Leorio on the head once for his level head and effective work.

Over the next few weeks being in the Zoldyck home, Leorio was kept to a high and demanding standard in his medicinal learning and the practical strength to survive the yard of the family. He learned about Mike and had been given the responsibility of his care. Not the training, but feeding and medical care. It had been six months of his time there, that Leorio had found a steady routine, only interacting minimally with the family, mainly the father and Illumi. He had seen another dark haired boy but he never stayed near Leorio.

There was also talk of a pregnant mother Leorio had heard of no doubt on the premises but had not run into. Leorio couldn't help but think that the woman was the slightest bit paranoid. It was her home. Shouldn't she be safe in her own home?

He understood not being safe back where he had lived before, he understood that he was walking on a thin wire in the Zoldyck home, given he was "hired" and brought into their home. But why would she fear?

His thoughts were not ones he lingered on while walking in the home or on the grounds. He had to remain alert. Lest any of the other butlers decide to test his reflexes. He stopped walking when he heard a quiet moan. It was of a voice he hadn't heard, a woman's voice. It sounded like she was in pain.

He wasted no time to walk quietly over to the door the voice was hiding behind. He put his hand on the handle and felt a wave of dread and fear overcome him. He felt his breath catch in his throat.

Another moan echoed in his ears. Despite his fear, he opened the door.

Inside was a woman with dark long hair and a swollen belly. Leorio quickly pieced together that this was the pregnant woman. Illumi's mother.

"Get out!" she roared angrily. Leorio didn't run, he was paralyzed with fear. The woman moaned again. The pain in her voice made him run toward her. His body felt numb and overly sensitive as he helped the poor woman and put her at ease.

"You shouldn't be here."

"It's okay. I'm here now. Take deep breaths."

"Have you ever even helped a woman through labor before?" she hissed.

"No. But Gotoh does have a thing about learning on the job. And I've read about it. You're Illumi's mom right?"

"Of course I am!"

"Then you're strong and expierenced. I'm just here to help."

She huffed and went into her own world as Leorio prepared warm water and towels.

Leorio felt himself panic internally. Why didn't he just get Gotoh?

The woman moaned in agony.

Steadying his hands as best he could, he began to help the woman.

It was an experience that was probably easier than most considering there was no complications. It was still an experience he'd mostly rather forget. But he'd like to think it was worth it as he heard the first wail of a pale haired little boy. With gentle care, he washed the boy clean and tryed to hand him to his mother. He was a bit off put that the baby boy began to squirm as he tried to give him to his mother.

The small hand gripped his pointer finger tightly, refusing to let go. His mother held her baby close, cooing over him as the bright infant eyes stared at the new world. Leorio tried to pull his finger away but the baby's grip tightened. He felt uncomfortable essentially encroaching on what should have been a moment reserved for the family.

Now that he thought about it, where was the rest of the family? Shouldn't they have been with her for the birth? Or called an actual doctor for this?

"I see you've finished Kikyo."

Leorio's head shot up to the head of the Zoldyck family standing in the doorway.

"We have a son."

Leorio didn't move. He was too confused and a bit fearful as well as exhausted mentally from the assist in birthing. Silva walked in even steps towards the bed and stared at the squirm infant in Kikyo's arms. He then locked eyes with the nervous Leorio.

"Any complications?"

"No Master Silva! The birth held no complications," Leorio answered quickly.

Silva looked back at his newborn son. More specifically, the hand that held Leorio's finger so tightly. With quick ease, he pulled the baby's finger's off Leorio's hand. Leorio pulled back as the baby whined, reaching for his finger again. Kikuo lowered her hand only for the small hands to try and bat her fingers away. Not at all trying to grip her hand. A strange smile came to Silva's face.

"He'll be a killer yet. Won't you little Killua?"

The baby babbled, giggling at Silva's words. Leorio took this as his moment to leave the room, unaware of the three sets of eyes on him as he retreated.

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