Hello Everyone! It has been too long since I have written but my new story is not going to be a story but a bunch of ideas/scenes of what if the Riders were involved in certain worlds. There will be no consistency within the stories as each story will have a different Rider in a different world. Without further ado, enjoy Episode 1: Build Endgame.

Sento groaned as he got up. He was currently in Cross-Z Build which thanks to some tinkering with Tony, no longer required to fuse with Banjo to use. He then looked around and saw Banjo in Cross-Z Evol which just like Sento was fixed to no longer have to fuse to be used. He saw Kazumi a few feet away in Grease Perfect Kingdom and Gentoku in Prime Rogue. The four of them were battered up but despite being physically broken, mentally they were no where near as such. He then looked up and saw Thor and Cap battling Thanos to a standstill but he knew even without the Gauntlet, Thanos would eventually triumph since Thor was not in full shape and Cap didn't have the godly power to fight on par. Sento then scratched his head muttering, "This is the worse." remembering the events that led to the four of them coming to this universe.

After the fall of the terrorist group Down Fall, Sento met up with the Takumi of the New World and they discussed the idea of going to parallel worlds. When they successfully recreated Enigma, they saw a world that was in a crisis. The World of Avengers had just suffered through a cataclysmic event known as the Decimation in which a villain known as Thanos used 6 terrifying objects known as the Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life across the Universe. Knowing they needed help, Sento rallied Banjo, Kazumi and Gentoku and the 4 entered the world to help the Avengers stop Thanos and bring peace back. After arriving, they introduced themselves and stating their intentions, the Avengers were more than happy to form an alliance and thus a plan was made to go back in time to get the Infinity Stones and undo all of Thanos' crimes. The plan was a success but unfortunately their actions attracted the attention of a Thanos from the past who arrived to the present and launched an all out war on the Avengers to claim the Stones and achieve his sinister goals. That now led to the present where the 4 riders were on the ground ready to make one final stand against the Mad Titan.

"Banjo, Kazumi, Gen-San!" yelled Sento.

The other 3 nodded and soon the 4 of them surrounded Thanos who just managed to beat away Thor and Cap, in a cross formation.

"What can the four of you do?" Thanos taunted as he prepared to do the same exact thing his future self did. Snap his fingers and cause yet again another decimation. "Your powers can't hope to match the Stones. You are all failed experiments who deserve to be exterminated like the dogs you are."

"You. You don't really understand us don't you?" muttered Kazumi.

"What?" questioned Thanos.

"It's true that we make mistakes. But it's not the mistakes that define us but the results. As humans, we strive to push forward and become better people than we once were. Not let our mistakes turn us into people with flawed judgement." said Gentoku.

"My judgement is never flawed! You are the ones that are flawed and I plan to become the new God to save the world!" yelled Thanos.

"You are essentially nothing more than a bootleg version of a villain we once fought. He claimed to be a new God but all he did was greedily destroy for his own needs. Guess what happened to him next. He lost. Same thing's going to happen to you!" yelled Banjo referring to Killbas.

"Humanity may be flawed. But there is one thing we all share. Potential." continued Sento.

"Potential? Ha! Don't make me laugh. Potential will never get you anywhere." laughed Thanos.

"And that is why you will lose today, Thanos. You continue to underestimate anyone who isn't you and fail to see the bigger picture." finished Sento as he began cranking the Vortex Lever and the other 3 did the same.

"Ready GO!" announced the Build Driver as all four Riders jumped into the air.

"Love and Peace Finish!"

"Muscle Galaxy Finish!"

"Perfect Kingdom Finish!"

"Prime Scrap Break!"

The Four Riders then flew straight down in a flying side kick onto the Gauntlet and as all 4 kicks landed a bright light erupted as all 4 Riders pushed all they had. Soon they started succeeding as the sheer power of the finish was forming cracks on Thanos' body.

"IMPOSSIBLE! HOW ARE THE FOUR OF YOU DEFEATING ME?!" were his last words before he disappeared permanently from existence through a combination of the finishers and the Stones.

The Riders landed down and soon the Gauntlet landed in the hands of Sento who then put it on himself and with a snap of his fingers, wiped away the rest of Thanos' army and took it off with no residual damage to his body. Cap then went up and said, "Thanks. You saved our universe and took the risk knowing the power of the Stones." Sento then went up and the two leaders shook hands.

Hours later, the 4 Riders were now on a platform ready to be transported back to their world with the power of the Stones. As they all said their farewells, Sento looked back on the week they spent in the world and realized that the multiverse is truly a magical place with so many worlds and so many of them didn't have a single Rider in it. As he got on the platform, he looked back and smiled at the Avengers and with a wave of his hand, he along with the 3 were transported back to their world determined to continue fighting for Love and Peace.

And that's a wrap, after seeing Grease Perfect Kingdom in action, I was ready to add it into the scene. It would be hard to include both Cross-Z Build and Cross-Z Evol without fusion which is why I included the scene where Tony helps them so that way they can fight individually and have more numbers. With that out of the way, keep an eye out for Episode 2 which will still be a mystery at this point.