May 25th, 2005.

Hermione Granger knew she'll have to live up to the Wizarding World's expectations. She knew it from the moment Remus Lupin called her the brightest witch of her age.

As if living in a tent with two teenage boys hadn't been enough.

She stood in the Lupin's kitchen, waiting for Remus to finally come down.

Teddy ran up to her and she knelt down so that she could pick him up.

"Aunt 'Mione!" he yelled in her ear.

Giving him a light kiss on the forehead, she said, "Hello to my most favourite boy in the whole world!"

Remus gave her a hug and smiled, "Hermione! What are you doing here?"

She grimaced, unsure on how to respond. "Er, well. I was going to ask for your help with something."

He tilted his head, clearly encouraging her to continue.

How was she supposed to delve into the subject without making him think about his dead friends? "I was hoping you could accompany me to the Department of Mysteries ... in the death chamber room."

She immediately felt bad when he paled. Clearing his throat, he asked, "Ah. I thought you quit that job? Please don't tell me you're changing again."

He was right. Right after graduating, she had gotten a job as an Unspeakable and she did much research on the Veil. Despite her interest, the multiple voices she heard from the damn curtain and the memories of the Battle made it much harder for her to work there.

She eventually decided to quit, with the goal of making Werewolf-friendly bills and creating the Lupin Act. Ever since then, she had grown quite close to the sandy haired man standing in front of her and even went as far as calling him one of her best friends.

On the other hand, the Wizengamot failed to get used to a muggleborn being involved in their legal matters and because of her annoyance on their excuses, she ended up joining the Auror department. Once her and Harry were assigned as partners, he joked about them always meant to be working together and deep in their hearts, the almost-sibling duo was glad about it.

Since then, Umbridge has been waiting for Hermione to do a mistake and stop spreading her mudblood hands and brains over every single Wizarding job she could think of.

Needless to say, Hermione had long bid goodbye to the goosebumps inducing job she had first gotten.

Though that was before she started having incredibly disturbing dreams of Harry's parents and godfather. Had it been a one time thing, she'd have let it go. Instead, they were constantly coming up to her as soon as she closed her eyes. All they chanted over and over again was revertere anima, revertere anima, revertere anima—

No, she had no interest in working there again, but she hoped she could figure out what was going on with her. She assumed it had something to do with the death chamber because of Sirius' death.

It would be completely out of character for Hermione Granger to leave her questions unanswered. Maybe this is why people joked about her behind a closeted Ravenclaw, she mused.

Hence why she decided to ask Unspeakable Lupin for entrance. The problem was deciding on what to tell him.

In efforts of appearing nonchalant, she shrugged, "I had some research started and you know me. Always finishing what I started."

He stared at her. "That was three years ago."

After giving him a glare, she begged, "Come on. Please? There's just this one thing I need to do. I'll even babysit Teddy so you and Tonks can go out this weekend."

"Fine. I'll go tell Dora and we can go," he sighed.

She gave him a smile that could blind the sun.


Walking in the same room that she had grown to despise turned out to be quite an underwhelming experience. Maybe it was because she had been thinking about it for so many months now that she didn't find her surroundings much surprising.

She could even say she felt excitement.

With a lot of pleading, she had convinced Remus to stay outside of the doorway. All she had to do now was stand in front of the Veil and pray to Merlin she won't do anything stupid.

Clearly, saying a spell you dreamed of and not knowing what it does didn't equal as stupid to her.

It equaled to fucking madness to everyone else.

Gripping her wand tightly, she stepped forwards and finally said, "Revertere anima!"

For what felt like an eternity, all she could hear was the sound of her own heart thudding against her chest. She scrambled backwards when the veil started shaking. She tried to scream but even that came out as a whimper.


She heard Remus call out to her and glanced at him running towards her. Before she could turn around, her legs weakened and she fell on the floor.

Her friend grabbed her shoulders with panicked eyes. "What did you—"

They dragged their eyes away from each other only to see three people standing in front of the same curtain that well, just exploded.


With that, she let blackness take over.

Sirius Black thought of himself as the most almost perfect man on earth. That was before he got his life fucked over because of a Dark Lord. When he fell behind the Veil, he immediately regretted his cockiness that he once loved.

Taunting Bellatrix ended up killing him and eventually, he had accepted that. Getting to see James and Lily again played a big part in that. They had tearfully embraced each other and he had repeatedly begged for forgiveness for fucking up so badly.

Once the couple sat him down and reassured him that they never blamed him for anything, he felt at peace after a long time.

So why the fuck was he back again in the same room with his best friend and his wife?

He blinked repeatedly when he saw his other best friend kneeling beside a curly haired witch.

"Moony," he heard Prongs exclaim from behind. James looked just as young as he did years ago, when he'd complained about losing his sleep due to Harry's constant cries.

Was Remus dead too?

They started walking towards him, who continued to stare at his friends as if they were ghosts. Which, they might be, Sirius mused.

"Wha—" Remus said.

He stood up and hugged his apparently no longer dead best friends. "Are you- Are you real?"

Lily looked around in confusion and smiled at him hesitantly, "Seems like we are."

With tears in his eyes, Remus looked at the woman still laying on the ground and muttered, "You brilliant witch."

James wiggled his eyebrows at the werewolf and asked, "Who's that, Moony?"

Remus' face split into a grin, "She's the one who brought you back! I-I don't know how but of course Hermione did it."

Hermione. "Huh I think I remember that name..."

Everyone looked at him and he raised his hands in surrender. "No one I shagged."

Remus shook his head. "Of course not."

Faking hurt, Sirius gave the old man a pout, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"She's Hermione Granger."

Lily clapped her hands and beamed. "James! That's our son's best friend."

While Remus sent a couple of Patronuses, Sirius took his time to look at her and was blown away by how different yet similar she looked. Her curls looked somewhat softer now, but if you stared for long enough, you'll see the same set of freckles splattered across her button nose.

Sirius admitted she looked beautiful. Way too beautiful for someone he remembered to be so fucking infuriating. Even her beauty unnerved him and he nearly tripped behind the veil again.

He groaned loudly when he realized something. "She saved my bloody life for the second time now!"


It took more than a week to reunite with everyone and get used to a life where Voldemort wasn't a part of it. As sick as it sounded. Harry stuck with all of them for every hour of every day in fear of them disappearing again.

With a deep pang in his chest, Sirius felt like a disappointment again for leaving his godson to deal with the war all by himself. Though, he admitted he was glad that Harry ended up having his two best friends with him. He learned the Weasley kid abandoned the two for a while, but he couldn't get mad at him for it considering Sirius wasn't there as well.

And had she not been dead already, Sirius would've made sure to kill Bellatrix the moment he learned of the torture Hermione endured. Lily broke down the second she saw the slur carved on her arm and James had to take her away.

When Harry told him of how much he regretted breaking the taboo and getting her hurt, Sirius told the younger boy that mistakes are inevitable.

The little witch who brought all of them back was still under magical exhaustion and had yet to wake up. The Wizarding world ended up making assumptions on how she brought back the dead. Some started saying that she gave herself to the Veil to have them back, others even ran with the rumours of her using Dark magic.

In short, they've all been waiting for her to wake up. Sirius would be lying if he said that he also didn't want her to wake up as soon as possible.

They were having breakfast at Grimmauld Place and Sirius was brought back to reality when Harry's voice rang throughout the room from his patronus.

Sirius picked up his pace, in the excitement of finally hearing her voice again. Despite being annoyed by it in the past, he admitted she had only nagged because she cared for her friend's godfather and he should let it go. Especially after her giving him all he ever hoped for. His best friends together with their children.

Did he say how much he adored Teddy?

He looked inside the room and glanced at her curls sprawled over Harry's shaking shoulders. The two cried together, unaware of everyone else's presence. He picked up Harry's muffled voice repeating his 'thank you's' over and over again.

Hermione shook her head, held his face between her hands and gave him a watery smile. "Anything for you," she said, her voice soundly breaking under sobs.

His heart warmed a bit at the sight and then it caught on fire.

She looked up and his eyes met with the warmest colour he ever felt he could see. Tear streaks were shining on her rosy cheeks and he was stunned to hear her voice say his name with such amazement.

He swallowed, giving her a wry smile. "How many life debts are you planning on collecting, little witch?"

"Doesn't matter as long as Snuffles is alive."

He lost himself under her words and he could barely make out of what the rest of his friends were telling her. All he could see was her head shaking, a blush tinting her cheeks, and her plump lips forming words in such a delicate manner he would hate to let go of her lips with his own at any time.

Now, where that thought had come from, Sirius did not know. All he could think about for the next few months was the way her eyes shone when she talked about wizards and witches she and Harry caught at work. The way her nose scrunched when she tried to hide her amusement at one of his jokes. She always failed at that and he was very proud of himself.

Maybe even the way she nibbled on her lower plump lip when she concentrated on whatever she was working on. Or the way her soft curves caught every single wizard's attention whenever she entered a room. He wasn't sure if that was such a good thing.

He had started considering Hermione his angel, much to everyone's amusement whenever he pointed it out. Harry would always snort and say that she was in fact an angel. The guardian angel that helped him defeat one of the strongest Dark wizards they had come to know.

Hermione Granger came to be the world's brightest witch of The age, everyone's angel, and his kitten.

Needless to say she shot him a dirty look whenever he called her that.

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