Grace's POV

I couldn't quite catch myself as I fell into the pile of leaves. That was the weirdest part of this. That I couldn't quite sense what was happening around me until everything went dark. It stayed that way for awhile until I could see and hear again which is when the pain started. Jane really knew what she was doing.

"No more playing around Grace. Where are the Cullen's?" I screamed as she hit me with her powers again then let me go.

"I don't know…" Jane groaned and stalked away leaving me alone in the leaves. I couldn't stay here for to long. I know we were near the Cullen's place and I couldn't let her see me. The rest I knew would be fine if they saw me but Esme couldn't. Not that she would recognize me but I couldn't face her. I slowly got up and ran towards the Denali's house. They had moved down to Victoria, BC, when the Cullens did. They wanted to stay close. Victoria was the perfect place for vampires to live as it was constantly under clouds and rainy. It was exactly like Forks was. It even had quite a well known University which all the Cullen kids, along with myself, attended. Alice was in my math class. Apparently she wanted to get her elementary education degree. I tried to avoid her in class but it didn't go very well. She had cornered me after class one day.

"Can you please move. I need to get to my next class." I wasn't completely lying. I did have my American Sign Language class next but not for another 30 minutes and Alice could sense that.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" I laughed covering my mouth shaking my head.

"All I'm going to tell you is my name is Grace and I'm a student here. Yes I am a nomad, no I don't hunt humans, yes I know you because I know the Denali's."

"IF you know the Denali's then you should come home and meet Esme and Carli-" I must have grimaced or something because she stopped halfway through Carlisle's name. "Why did you just make that face at Esme's name? What do you know about her?"

"I know Esme better than you do but she wont want me around so no. I wont come home with you but thank you Alice." I managed to slip around the little Pixie and headed towards my next class leaving her alone and confused.

Before I could even get close to the door of the Denali's house, Kate opened the door looking confused. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house and straight to Carmen who made me sit down before I was allowed to even speak.

"Jane and Alec finally caught up to me. They don't know where they are but they tried to get it from me."

"Why did you tell Alice Esme wouldn't want to see you? She would! I know she does!" I shook my head looking down at my hands.

"Why would she want to see me? I'd just be a reminder of him. No. It's fine. I'm only staying here until I get my degree then ill leave you alone again." Kate sat beside me and grabbed my hands. She cupped my chin and made me look up at her.

"You are not leaving me again. No." I sighed looking at her smiling.

"My love. Trust me. I would never leave for long. You know I can't. Just enough that they will have moved again. Alice got to close." Kate sighed and pulled me into her arms as Carmen left us alone to give us some space. "You are my mate. No matter what. I love you Kate but I'm terrified. I wont ruin her life by being around. You are the only reason I stay close to you guys and don't just move to London or something to get away from them."

"I know my love. It's just hard seeing you in so much pain. I wish you could see that her seeing you would not cause her any pain. In fact it would be the opposite. She would be so excited to see you. She misses you. She loves you. Yes I said loves and not loved because she does. No she doesn't know you are a vampire nor does she know you are still alive." I leant against her as Carmen and Eleazar came back into the room holding hands. They had some very suspicious looks on their faces as they sat across from us

"We did something and you may hate us but this is needed for both of you." I gasped standing up.

"You didn't! That was the one thing I asked of you!" I couldn't believe they had called them. Which meant they were on their way. There was no way of me getting out of it unless I jumped into the ocean and swam to the states.

"You are not jumping into the ocean and getting away. And do not even think about using your powers again. You'll just over tire yourself. You aren't used to it yet." I groaned at the father figure in my life and flopped back on the couch covering my face. Sometimes it sucked moving in with them because I had spent the first 110 years of my life with no parental figures with the one exception of my step mom when I was 10-12 but now Carmen and Eleazar won't let me forget I've become one of their 'kids'. I mean I was technically 22 but that didn't change anything to them. I stood up quickly.

"I have Psych in 30 minutes so I wont be here. Oops." I went up to my room, grabbed my bag and kissed Kate lightly. "Don't tell the Cullens I say hi!" I yelled back to the shocked vampires as I got into my car and drove off to class.