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Chapter Nineteen: Lost Boy.

Lily, her crimson hair flying everywhere, ran barefooted towards the Castle. She felt like she hadn't seen Hogwarts for years, when it was only a day for her. Her delicate feet were getting wet from the damp spring grass, but she didn't care. James, she thought, James, I'm coming.

She had reached the Great Door and pulled with all her might. It was locked.

"Oh bloody hell!! Lily shouted, stamping her foot on the concrete step, only to cause a sharp pain that ran through her leg. "What now?" she asked herself, rubbing her sore foot.

She looked around. She could see the mountains under the moonlight, the Forbidden Forest towering over the shimmering lake, and to her far right, the Quidditch pitch stood in silence.

"Wait a minute," Lily whispered, staring at the Quidditch Pitch. "That's it!"

Suddenly, with a wide grin on her face, she ran into the darkness once again.

~*~*Meanwhile, in the boys' dorm*~*~

James heard the door opened. The three voices that were cheerfully outside now fell in silence. James rolled over on his side and pretended to be asleep at once. He still didn't want to his best friends. He just couldn't bear it. Sometimes when he was alone, he would scream at himself in the mirror saying, "It's all my fault! Lily's dead because of me!"

He felt someone sit on his bed and put a hand on his arm. "James," It was Sirius. James still kept his eyes shut. "I know you're awake, you still got your glasses on, you Wally. Anyway, me Moony and Wormtail still want you to know that you can talk to us, because we're best friends. Heck sake, we're the Marauders, we always stick together. When you're ready to talk, we'll be there." He waited for a moment, as though he was waiting for James to say or do something.

When nothing came, Sirius sighed and was about to get off the bed, when James whispered hoarsely, "Sirius." Very slowly and very weakly, James sat up. What Sirius saw was not the James Potter that he knew, but a boy with paler skin and blood shot eyes, who looked so lost. "Thanks." whispered the lost boy.

Sirius smiled, "No problem, Prongs. Look, try and get some sleep tonight so we can go band have some breakfast in the morning, OK, mate?"

Not trusting himself to speak, James nodded, hair hanging over his face.

~*~*~*Girls' Dorm*~*~*~

Remus was the one who had them. It broke his heart to do it, as well as theirs. Alexis fell in his arms and cried for ages in his shoulder, whereas Krista fell back on the bed, clutching her heart, breathing unsteadily. "Dead?" she choked. "Lily's dead?"

Alexis and Krista walked around the room, slowly, getting dressed for bed. No giggles, no talking about their boyfriends, no pillow fights, no thing. Nothing like that had happened since Lily was gone.

Alexis sat on her bed and cried. Krista immediately joined her, tears running down her face.

"I just remembered the time when we were in the dress shop, what fun we had." Alexis said between sobs. "I feel so mean when I said she hasn't got any friends, because she did."

"Me too," Krista hiccupped. "Why did she have to die?"

Alexis thought for a second and smiled. "To save the world, to save Hogwarts, to save us. She stopped you – know – Voldemort from killing everyone."

Their head turned towards Lily's four poster bed. On it, laid the Midnight Blue Dress, a picture of the Marauders and the girls, and a pink lily flower. There were more candles from when wizards and witches lit their prays and thanks for Lily Evans.

In a whisper, they chorus, "Thank you, Lily."


Lily opened the broom cupboard and stare. There were at least fifty brooms, all with their unique design. She took a school broom and took it in the pitch. She had never ridden a broomstick before. But it was the only way...

She had seen James go a broomstick before, it can't be that hard. She was ready. "Up!" She said, little nervous. It wiggled a bit but did nothing.

"Oh c'mon, Up!" She said, louder. Nothing. "Up! Up! Up! UP I SAY!" she swishes into the air, at least five feet. "Whoa! Ok, go!" and she shot towards the castle to find a window opened that might have her prince in.


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