Do any of you remember Balthazar? He is classically handsome! I love him since the first film, and cried like a baby when he died in the church. So I guess I gotta bring back along with those who were killed by tomb bloom xD

The war had ended... along with the life of fairies, and many humans. The wedding connecting the two kingdoms together, and late at night everyone arranged the tables to celebrate with music, and sharing their culture with one another.

"Cheers!" King John said and raised a glass. "To the future!"

Everyone cheered and finished their wine. Maleficent laid the glass down after one swallowed, and looked at Diaval.

"Foul quality" she commented.

"That's good," Diaval replied and pointed the glass to the drunken Aurora. "This wine is not even strong, and she's already drunk."

"Where did Phillip go?" Asked Maleficent.

Phillip arrived back at the party with Lickspittle who was holding a cup of water in his hand.

"Everyone!" Phillip shouted, but the people in the event were too fun to hear.

Phillip tried his best to scream, but no one heard him. So Maleficent cast a lightning, making everyone quiet, and look back at Phillip. Waiting to hear what he has to say.

"We just got more information." Phillip began, and took a flower out of his pocket. "Everyone who died from the Tomb-Bloom powder, not the irons, can come back to life." Phillip explained, and let Lickspittle pour water on the flower.

The blue flower turned into a pixie, but the body seems to not have fully returned to normal yet.

"It will take time, but they will be fine," Phillips explained. "Just give them lot of water, and wait," Phillips added, and let the pixies go, "The weather forecaster just told us that it will rain tomorrow. Everyone should be back by then, but if anyone wishes to stay overnight. Please, inform the guard, we will set up a tent for the accommodation."

"Or you can cast one on your own," Lickspittle added, "But please put it back when you leave, we don't know how to take it off." he laughs.

And then everyone ended up drunk by midnight. Only few of them flew back to the Moors, and some slept in the palace garden where the guards set the tents. Maleficent and Diaval sat at the bench, watching pixies, and fairies flying back into the tent. And then her eyes caught King John trying to walk Ingrith in goat form back inside the castle. She went out of the way few times, but no matter the king was still gentle with her.

"This way, my love." John called and help the goat walked all the way.

Maleficent secretly sorry for the king, but his wife have made a lot of mistakes. Sparing Ingrith's life is already considered a mercy.

"He really loves her," Diaval comment as he watched John, taking the goat inside the palace.

Maleficent almost responded, but Phillip walked in with Aurora first.

"Your room is done," Aurora said with a smile, "Make yourself home."

Maleficent nodded as Phillip looked at his parents.

"I wish she loves him back," Phillips sighed. "Mother and I may not understand each other all the time, but I love both of them, and Father loves Mother above all else."

"Peoples changes through time, you know?." Diaval asked.

"And I don't want to get involve with your parents issue, but your Father is a good person," Maleficent added, "Your mother love him or not, I can't answer that for you. But your father truly love her, and someday she might see his love, but would she love him back or not. That's depends on her. "

"Thank you, Ms." Phillip replied, and wiped his tears away.

"Come here." Maleficent stood up, and pulled Phillip into a hug.

Aurora, and Diaval smiled at each other as Maleficent comforting Phillip as he cried in her arms. They aren't very close, but both have known each other for 5 years. She knew that Phillip and his mother didn't get along often. So it wouldn't be surprise if he was secretly sad that his mother used his love for Aurora as a tool to destroy the faeries, and almost destroyed his wedding too.

Maleficent let go of him, and wiped the tears away from Phillip's cheek, "Cry it all out, and after you finish, look after one another. OK? "

Maleficent pulled Aurora's hand to hold Phillip's hand. Both nodded, and hugged her. Maleficent let the couple get back inside the castle, and sat back in the bench beside Diaval. Balthazar in half healing body walked passed them, and waved at them. She nodded in replied, and watched him got inside the tent. Diaval watched Maleficent for a moment before she looked back at him.

"I'm glad that powder is not permanent," she started, "He is the only father I have."

"Everything will be fine," Diaval replied, and place his hand on hers.

She nodded with a smile, and held his hand.

"Of course," she answered. "Nothing can break us."

Thanks for reading! I'm sorry if there're some grammar error. I originally wrote this in Thai version on in another pen name. I didn't plan to post it here at first so I have to rewrite it all in English. There're might be few mistakes, and changes, but I hope you guys like it,