On a tree at a high cliff, Diaval drank his tea from a cup as he was staring out at the morning sun. It's a bright day, He thought and looked back at his sleeping wife in her nest, she will wake up in a few minutes. So he quickly transformed back into raven, and jumped into his own nest beside her.

Maleficent opened her eyes, and looked at the raven in the nest beside her.

"Good morning," she said and poked his head softly.

He closed his eyes and nuzzled her fingers. He loved them. Maleficent chuckled, and looked down at the wedding ring around her finger. She almost couldn't believe that she and Diaval had just married yesterday. And if it was her many years ago, she would not even believe that there would be today.

" Let's build our nest"

The couple dragged the wood they could find to the rowan trees, and start building their new house. It's not very big, but enough space for them to be together. They were jumping in joy on their bed next to the curtain, and laughing at their own mess after building the house.

And when night came, both of them slipped under the blanket, and turn off the lights after she gave him a goodnight kiss. Maleficent opens a small flying class for children, and 5 kids gathered in circles with her holding their hand. She started fluttering her wings, and the children follow. Everyone slowly lifted off the grass, with Diaval watching from the ground. Everything went well until there's a sound came from Ulstead.

"To everyone in the Moors" The children are distracted by the announcement, and started to panicked after their hands were empty.

They quickly flew to hang onto Maleficent, but there was a child who were very close to the ground, but luckily Diaval caught her. Maleficent landed the children to the ground safely, and listen to the announcement.

"The children of Princess Aurora, and Prince Phillip was born last night. "Diaval smiled at Maleficent after hearing the announcement. "The christening will be in the royal garden at evening, and everyone is welcome to join. "

The Moors folk shouted happily. Excited about the upcoming party, Maleficent and Diaval sent the children back to their parents, and receiving a message from a pigeon.

"Both of you are invited to join the evening event. But both of you can come at night too." Maleficent read, "We will have family party *Just our family* Please invite aunties for me too. "

Maleficent smiles, and turned to look at the trees that the three pixies hid behind the branches.

"Wanna come along?"

Maleficent with Diaval, and the Pixies went to the castle before they even start, and spend the rest of their day in the living room, waiting for the royal event to end. They don't need a big party, just a small party for the family is enough for them.

Aurora and Phillip walked in the room with two strollers in their pyjamas, and King John followed with his wife goat.

"Mom, dad." Maleficent, and Diaval smiled after hearing Aurora called, "Meet your grandchildren."

Maleficent, and Diaval rushed to the strollers before being cut off by the three Pixies.

"The older one name's River, and the youngest twin is Rain," said Phillip with a smile.
"May I-"
"Free feel to hold them." Aurora quickly replied before Maleficent finished.

Maleficent picked Aurora's son up, and turned his face to Diaval. Thistlewit flew to the little boy's face, and smiled at his eyes.

"He has Aurora's eyes," she commented and Maleficent nodded.

Maleficent placed the boy in Diaval's arm, and turned to look at Rain'stroller, where Ingrith the goat looked at the child with an unexplainable eye. "One thing that I regret, is that I don't have a daughter.", Ingrith's old words came back to Maleficent again. She don't know that Ingrith's words came from her desire to destroy the fairies, or she really meant what she said, but the fact still remains. She killed a lot of lives, and believing that Ingrith can still redeem is nothing but foolishness.

But no matter what, Maleficent want to believe that there are goodness in every lives, because believing revenge or hatred will never make a good future, and she already learnt that the hard way. She still wants to believe that this world still has a chance for love, understanding and forgiveness will heal everyone.

Therefore, she will give that chance to everyone including Ingrith...

"Ingrith" Maleficent called, and walked toward the shaking goat, "I curse you into a goat with no power on Earth can destroy it." she said, and looked at Aurora with a smile. "But because I am the caster, I can change the conditions." She smiled and the golden magic shone out from her hand, "This curse will your be moral compass. If you think well, you will slowly become a human, but if you think bad, you will turn back into a goat. And if one day you have collect all the goodness in your heart, and completely turned into a human…" She looked at King John, "And exchange the true love's kiss with your soulmate." She smiled at him before looking back at Ingrith who surrounded by golden light "You will be free from this curse"

Phillip smiled happily, and hug Maleficent.

"Thank you," Phillip said, and let her go. "Thank you so much."
"With pleasure," Maleficent replied, and looked at King John "The rest is up to you."
He nodded, "I have always love her," he said, and rubbed the goat's back beside him. "I hope she will love me back one day."

"Do you think she would love him back?" Diaval asked as he walked back home with his wife through the bridge at dawn.
"Sure, just give them time," Maleficent replied. "They were born to be together"
"Hope they are as lucky as us, and our daughter.", Diaval said with hope.

Maleficent nodded and held his hand.

And then the time has passed to one evening in the living room of The Royal's Private Cottage.

Aurora swinging the twin's crib as Phillip plays the instrument lulling them to sleep, and Maleficent used her magic to make the toys flying above the twins.

"Everyone" Ingrith enters the room with her hooves, "Dinner in 5 minutes"

She turned around and was ready leave, but her horns got stuck in the ceiling's decorations. Maleficent chuckles softly as Ingrith brushed it off, and walked John in the kitchen.

"Finally." Aurora sighed after the twins closed their eyes.
"They're real hard to put to sleep" Maleficent adds.
"Then let's give them one last song." Phillip added and began playing.

The rhythm was fast, bright, and soft. Aurora remembers that song well.

"Seriously?" Aurora asked Phillip.
"Um hm," he answered.

He continued his playing and nodded to Aurora as Diaval smiled and offered his hand to Maleficent. She smiled and took that hand before standing up with his help. He held her all the way to the middle of the room before he held her waist, and both of them moved with the beat.

'I Know You, I Walked With You Once Upon A Dream

I Know You, That Gleam In Your Eyes Is So Familiar A Gleam

And I Know It's True That Visions Are Seldom All They Seem'

Aurora and Phillip smiled at the love of the older couple that played along with the song. This is the 5th month already that Maleficent, and Diaval joined the family in this hut, and it gives an incredible warmth to the family.

'But If I Know You, I Know What You'll Do

You'll Love Me At Once, The Way You Did Once'

Diaval smiled and placed his forehead on his wife's. She held him tight, but also left little space ... for their love that's growing inside her body.

'Upon A Dream'

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