Christmas rolled in around the corner. The Tortuga was decked with Christmas stuff from its ceiling to the basement. Even little things like Aviva's screwdriver and Jimmy's controller had a bit of Christmas on it.

Chris used to play around every Christmas, but since after the villians had taken all the baby critters from their families, he had turned sour.

Martin tossed a bow across the HQ. It hit Chris on the neck. Its fabric itched his neck, "Martin!"

"Sorry, bro. Just trying to find the right bow for the Tortuga's screen!"

Chris cried, "Then, why do you have to make it a mess? Throwing stuff around is nothin' but trouble."

Martin stared at Chris, "What has gotten into you?"

Chris frowned, "Everyone is so engrossed in Christmas, that no one cares to see if the villians are up to no good anymore!"

Koki popped from her desk, "Uh, Chris... That's what I am doing."

Chris frowned, "Doesn't look like it. It looks like pictures!"

Aviva came out of her peep corner which was covered by a curtain, "Oh, CK, darling."

"Enough of the stupidity, Aviva! You are just saying it!"

Aviva gasped. Her eyes filled with tears as Chris turned sour on her. He turned to Jimmy, "You are playing video games again, I doubt?"

Jimmy said, "What? I am eating Christmas Pizza!"

"Well, Jimmy... You eat pizza all the time!"

"But... But this is a different pizza. This has sugar cookie crust with frosting as tomato sauce. White sprinkles as cheese. Red sprinkles like pepperoni. Green sprinkles for green peppers."

"What's blue?"

"I don't know."

"What's blue is the flu!"

Jimmy was tossed back in his chair. His Cookie Pizza crumbled to the floor.

Martin was talking gibberish to his girlfriend, Laura. Chris was about to spoil their fun when Aviva kissed him.

"Knock off the silly girl games, Aviva. Why can't you just grow up?"

"Well, how can I refuse a kiss when Martin decorated the Tortuga with mistle toes?"

Chris frowned. The kiss burned on his chin. He wiped away the sweat, "I hate Christmas! All others think is about themselves!"

Aviva jumped, "CK! That's is not true!"

"It is too true!"

Aviva frowned, "Okay, Mr. Smarty Pants... if you are going to give us an attitude about Christmas... You will go to your room and stay in there until you realize the true meaning of Christmas."

"It's all about girls playing with guys and mistle toes. It about others feeling happy for themselves... It's just a waste of time."

Aviva listened for the door to sham. It didn't take long, she sighed... did she do the right thing?

"Light bulb..." She murmured as she smiled a plan.