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Because Hell, Hell is for children, And you know that their little lives can become such a mess, Hell, hell is for children, And you shouldn't have to pay for your love, With your bones and your flesh ~ Pat Benatar



Pain, agony, isolation. These were words that Carrie White had become accustomed to throughout the miserable seventeen years that she lived on this earth. Carrie had never known love nor affection as no one had ever shown them to her especially her mother which left her in a confused state of whether she loved her mother or hated her guts. Sitting on the floor trapped in her mother's "Prayer Closet" Carrie locks eyes with the statue of Jesus that she is supposed to be begging for forgiveness too for receiving her period. Bitterness filled Carrie's mind at the memory of how her mother never warned about getting her period. She thought she was dying and then having to deal with what those girls did to her. With a flash of anger, Carie reaches out with her left leg and kicked the book-shelf her mother put in the closet containing multiple bibles. To her shock, one of the books fell down. Terrified of her mother finding out that she damaged one of her books, Carrie grabbed the book and tried to put it back when she heard footsteps approaching the closet. In an act of terror, Carrie slipped the book into her backpack and immediately zipped it shut just as the door opened revealing her mother wearing a blank look on her face.

"Have you seen the error of your sinful ways Carrie?" Margret White asked her daughter as she stared down at her as fear and hatred filled Carrie's body. It was then that that feeling filled Carrie's body again. An untamed wildness that coursed through her body begging to be released and leave destruction in its wake. But most of all she felt power, and that terrified her. An all-consuming power that threatened to devour her, and yet she found herself drawn to that power wanting desperately to know what secrets it held, why things seemed to happen around, her, things that she could not explain. Trying to ignore that feeling filling inside of her, Carrie knelt before her mother.

"I have prayed for forgiveness mama for my sinful ways and I made a vow to never fall to temptation again" Carrie easily lied through her teeth as her mother smiled down at her.

"I am glad to hear it Carrie" her mother says retaining her smile, "You may rise" she says as Carrie lifts her head faking a look of hesitation. A second later she rises to her feet and after thanking her mother for knowing what's best for her, Carrie makes her way up to her room and closes the door before quickly unzipping her bag and pulling out the book to inspect it for damage. To her surprise, the book appeared highly different to the other books Carrie knew usually housed that shelf. Running a hand over the book she found that the book's cover was made of nicely made leather. Turning the book over she finds a name embroidered on the back. Tom M. Riddle. Curiously she opens the book and begins flipping through it finding absolutely nothing. Confusion filled Carrie as to why the book was blank before realizing that this book must be a diary. Realizing what the purpose of the book is now, a new thought enters her mind.

"Why does mama have someone else's diary?" she thinks to herself as she runs her right hand over the name on the back, "And just who are you Tom Riddle and what connection do you have to mama?" she questions the diary within her mind. Shaking her head, banishing the curious questions from her mind for now, Carrie decides to grab a pen and begin writing. Hesitation fills her as she questions whether she should be using this diary or not, however, the knowledge that this diary is not the property of her mother she lowers the pen to the page and begins to write.


March 27th, 1997

Dear Diary, my name is Carrie White and my life is a living nightmare...day in and day out I'm tormented by those around me for no reason. My classmate's emotionally and psychologically abuse me on a daily basis and then when I get home my mother physically and psychologically abuses me as well. It's not right that I am being treated like this when I have done nothing to deserve this suffering. Every day I feel the fury and the hatred filling my body and it scares me because of how much I want to make them hurt! I want them to feel the same pain they make me feel every day. Every time they inflict pain upon me that feeling surges through me again. That untamed wildness that courses through my body begging to be released and leave nothing but destruction in its wake. But most of all I feel...power, a power that terrifies me. An all-consuming power that threatens to devour me whole, and yet I find myself drawn to that power wanting desperately to know what secrets it holds, why things seemed to happen around, me, things that I can not explain. like the time when I was little and flaming meteors fell from the sky and crashed into the house shortly before my mother beat her for speaking to the neighbors as Mama deemed them, sinners, for letting their "harlot daughter expose her breasts by wearing a bikini", her words not mine. Mama is seriously religious, to the point where she didn't even explain my period and then beat me and locked me in her prayer closet for receiving mine, something all women get! Why...why is it that everywhere I go, everyone is determined to make my life hell?


Putting down her pen, Carrie stared down at what she had just written, feeling slightly better having gotten all that out. Her slight relief was short-lived as all of the words that she had just written vanished right before her eyes. Immediately she began rubbing her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things. She even pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Nope, she was awake and everything she just wrote had just disappeared. However what happened next completely shocked her to her core. New words appeared on the page. Words she knew she did not write.


It's because they don't understand you and most muggles tend to hate and fear what they cannot understand.


Isolation was a word Tom Riddle has been getting quite acquainted with due to the fact that he's been trapped in a diary for who knows how long now. The days just bleed into one another now. If he's being honest with himself, this was probably the biggest mistake he has ever made. If he just paid better attention to the ritual then he would know that he wasn't just breaking off a tiny piece of his soul, he was splitting it in two and at the same time decreasing his own sanity. Being trapped in this diary gave him a lot of time to reflect on all his memories and access things he had either not seen before or did not remember. Like paying close attention to off the details of the ritual to make a Horcrux and understanding the consequences. One thing Tom learned after all these years, was that most forms of dark magic had their consequences and he was now paying for it, trapped within his own diary, isolated from the rest of the world, with no human interaction whatsoever.

Tom had to chuckle at the irony at that. There was a point in his life when he wanted nothing to do with humanity. Tom had never known love nor affection as no one had ever shown them to him as his mother died in childbirth and was left to be raised in a putrid orphanage. He hated the human race. Whether magical or muggle they were all in his opinion a complete right off of a species. None of them made any impact on his life whether it be the braindead children he was forced to live with at the orphanage or the inbred purebloods who looked down upon him his first few years at Hogwarts. In Tom's eyes, all of them were nothing but cheap caricatures of how real humans should act. But that's the thing. Real humans did act like that. They were judgemental, rude, idiotic, and completely a waste of his time. They looked down from their ivory towers and judged those they deemed not like them. Honestly, he hated it. Neither the filthy muggles nor the spoiled purebloods recognized him for how truly above them he was. He had to make them see it when in fact they should have seen it from the very beginning. The moment he stepped foot into Hogwarts they should have recognized him as an equal, not treated him like a filthy mudblood.

Once again feeling his anger flare-up, Tom did the one thing that always seemed to calm him down. Burn everything around him to ashes and build a new. He couldn't even begin to count how many times he has done this to his mindscape so far. Well aware of his decline in sanity but choosing to deny the fact, Tom simply ignores this thought and focuses on rebuilding his mindscape once again. Once that is complete he finds himself in The Slytherin common room as usual. The one place he felt most comfortable as it was the place where he reigned supreme once he got all of the self-centered brats to fall in line and respect him like they should have been doing from the beginning. Once they learned of his ancestry, how he was the last living descendent of Salazar Slytherin and the last Parselmouth, they all changed their tune quite fast. It both amazed and disappointed him how alike wizards and muggles were. The only difference being that one could do magic and the other couldn't. The moment he found this fact out was the moment he became disillusioned with life itself. The magical world, just like the muggle one was gray and devoid of any color. There was no difference. Maybe that was why he decided that he would change things, make them better. Make the magical world what he imagined it would be and now he had no idea if he even accomplished that or not.

Instability and boredom were a dreadful mix and Tom was stuck with both, plus the fact that he was starved of some kind of human interaction, though he loathed to admit it. Sure he could bring up his memories of past interactions with classmates or professors, or god forbid the other children in the orphanage. But all of those memories were just that...memories. All of them said the same things every time like a recording, no matter if he changed his words or began speaking in a different tongue, they remained even more lifeless than their real world counterparts. At this point, Tom was tired, tired of the monotonous eternity he subjected himself to. He was starting to not care anymore whether or not if his original soul had succeeded. Why should he care when he's trapped in here, never to be freed, never to have contact with the real world again. Then everything changed. Tom suddenly felt a foreign magic, different than his own. Only taking a second to realize what was happening, words, sentences began to appear in his mind.


March 27th, 1997

Dear Diary, my name is Carrie White and my life is a living nightmare...


Someone was writing in his diary. He couldn't help the minuscule bit of hope that sprang up in his chest at the thought he may know what was happening with his original soul or the thought that with someone writing in his diary, he could regain a body again and be back in the real world. With a wicked smile, he paid close attention to each word as it was etched in, taking quick notice of the life of the girl who was writing to him. He purposely ignored the date she had written down wanting to not dwell on the fact that he had been trapped for nearly sixty years, when he finally had a chance to escape.

He listened as the girl described her horrid life to him. How her classmates at school treat her, her religious fanatic of a mother. It confused him at first but when she began explaining the feeling of her magic he finally understood. This girl had no idea she was a witch, she was trapped in a muggle school and was kept in the dark of her powers. Anger filled him immediately because he knew this feeling. This feeling of being abandoned and wondering why he could do the things he could yet no one else could. Knowing that you were special and not being recognized for it. Swallowing that anger, he continued to listen to the girl he now knew as Carrie's story.


like the time when I was little and flaming meteors fell from the sky and crashed into the house shortly before my mother beat her for speaking to the neighbors as Mama deemed them, sinners, for letting their "harlot daughter expose her breasts by wearing a bikini", her words not mine. Mama is seriously religious, to the point where she didn't even explain my period and then beat me and locked me in her prayer closet for receiving mine, something all women get!


Never in his life had Tom Marvolo Riddle been struck dumbfounded.

"She summoned flaming meteors out of the sky?" he thought to himself completely shocked before shaking his head in aw. Reaching out with what magic he had left he could feel raw, untamed power coursing through this girl, this Carrie. He realized that she had a lot of power within her, power that she did not know how to control or master, power that if he played his cards right, he could nurture and use for his own will. After all, Tom always wanted to be a teacher. Focusing on the next line, Tom paid close attention to the lunacy of the girl's mother. Tom always hated religion. It was just another outlet to discriminate and feel moral superiority when in fact you were a two-faced lying, judgemental piece of human waste that didn't deserve to even breathe. Banishing his rising anger, Tom prepared what he would say back to the girl, wondering what her reaction would be to a diary talking back. Deciding on what to say he spoke back to her.

"It's because they don't understand you and most muggles tend to hate and fear what they cannot understand" he replied to her as he felt her shock and surprise. She must have stared at the diary for a bit trying to convince herself that she was seeing things because a good few minutes late she was finally writing again.

"What do you know of my life and what the hell is a muggle?" the wors appeared in his head.

"Non-magic folk" he began, "Your mother has kept a big secret from you Carrie, your a witch" Tom replied to her as he felt her shock before indignation, but before she could write back he continued, "And I know of your pain because I experienced a similar life to yours" he added as he felt her calm down.

"What do you mean, i'm a witch?" she writes back as begins to explain things to her. After he is done she writes again.

"Well that explains a lot actually" she replies before he can feel her curiosity growing again, "My name is Carrie White, now who are you and how do you know all of this?" she adds as Tom smirks. She's a smart one, wanting to know who she's dealing with. He immediately replies back.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier, it's been a while since I had someone to talk to, my name is Tom Riddle and I am a wizard meaning that I am magic like you" he replies back as he feels her begin to write again as he feels slight recognition from her.

"Okay and is magic the reason that you're trapped in this diary?" she writes, "Also, how did Mama come into possession of this diary?" she asks as he replies instantly.

"Yes a spell backfired on me and I ended up trapped in here for the past fifty-five or so years". After a confusing look crosses his face, he then adds, "I have never met a woman with the last name White, so I have no idea how your mother came into possession of my diary". Just then a memory of Abraxas Malfoy mentioning his father working on some deal with a pureblood family over in the states with the last name White springs to mind. Could they be the same? Deciding to store that memory away for later, Tom continues conversing with Carrie answering any question that she has and upon learning her age explaining most of what should have happened right now. How she should have received an invitation to the American equivalent of Hogwarts, received a wand, and began to learn how to control the magic that flows through her. Feeling her anger, he smirked. She would be too easy to manipulate and when the time was right, he would drain her of her life force and regain a body.

"Oh yes, this plan is coming along nicely" he thought to himself completely unaware of the feelings he would grow for Carrie, nor the true power she held, that would allow her to free him from the diary, make him a body and lose nothing of herself. Feeling proud of his new plan, Tome spoke again.

"Is there anything else you would like to know?".

"Yes" she replies, "I have an ability, one that i've kept hidden from everyone else, even Mama has no idea and I just want to know if this is something normal for people like us?" she asks as a look of curiosity graces Tom's face.

"And what is this ability" he asks not prepared for her response. Of the limitless amount fo things she could have written, he never in his wildest imagination expected her answer because he thought it was impossible, but he heard it clear as day.

"I can speak with snakes" she writes and Tom is floored, completely confused and not realizing that he has just met a very distant cousin of his and the Slytherin's heiress.

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