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I don't own anything outside original characters. This is a fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. No profit or offense intended. This was created purely for Fun.


Halloween World was my most successful series and with another Halloween, I decided to create a small alternative version. This will probably be a one shot. Anyone can write in Halloween World Alt universe, just like the original.

It's time to play can you identify all the crossovers.

Hint: Leprechauns - You're a Pirate by Fred Perry.

"Janus! Sume noctem!"

(Janus! Take the Night!)

The last words of the old world, spoken before chaos was unleashed to transform everyone and everything. The words of a chaos worshipper who ran a small costume shop and who intended for a night of madness and anarchy. The spell was suppose to transform anyone class in costumes from his shop into simple versions of what they dressed as. A weak transformation barely beyond skin deep and leaving no trace in the morning beyond lingering memories and destruction.

Instead, a series of events resulted in the spell being far more powerful than intended, tapping into the primordial chaos which is the origin of all things. This chaos recreated the world based on a hundred thousand fictional worlds, transcending time, space, and causality. Those dressed in festive costumes became the heroes, villains, and monsters they had dressed as, altered by there perceptions, but many were transformed due to far more random reasons.

The changed world was a terrifying hell for those left unchanged with it's predatory animals, ravenous plant monsters, and bands of villains and evil minions. The strongest survivors fortified there colonies with a combination of science, mixed technology, and different forms of magic. These havens against the hostile world grew quickly with the numerous salvaged and supernatural resources. Civilization would not be destroyed by the Change, instead they would adapt and grow.

[Central City]

[October 24th, 2019]

The Changed World is a world of battles. The tainted lands forever spawning corrupted plants and animals, supernatural monsters and walking dead. The majority of colonies have there warriors divided into Guardians who protect the Colony and the Adventurers who hunt in the corrupted lands.

On one battlefield, a team of five Adventurers is facing a horde of undead monstrosity in the ruins of a colony.

The Leader is a tall athletic man standing six foot three with green-tinted blue eyes and long golden blonde hair done in a ponytail with long sideburns. He also has pointed ears and a blue headband with a unique symbol in gold. A inverted triangle split into four smaller triangles - the Triforce. He's dressed in dark blue/black armour with a impressive looking sword.

He avoids the spiked climb of the giant zombie he is fighting. The seven foot undying monster with it's tough gray skin and grotesque muscles may be threat to a lesser adventurer, but it's no match against the man's incredible agility. The shining sword slices threw the animated dead flesh causing bursts of flame and smoke. One powerful slash and the sword passes threw the barely existing neck of beast without stopping. As the head is separated from the body, both begin to crumble to ash.

Another six zombies roar and charge at the Leader, but the pointed ear man simply smirks. He pulls his sword back at his side, the sword glows brighter and brighter with pulses of energy. Then he spins in a circle, while moving forward, the glowing blade slicing clean threw the animated corpse torsos in a flash.

He then dodges three poisoned arrows shot at him, and turns to see three black skeletons with glowing bows. They ready there bows again, only for blue-white plasma bolts to tear threw there skulls in quick succession. Arcane archery bows vs futuristic space blaster, no contest.

"Adam, why do you use a sword when your such a good shot?!" calls his girlfriend.

She's a tall amazon woman with a large bust, blue eyes, dark skin, and long black hair streaked with fiery red. Her non-human features include sharp canines, pointed ears with large earrings, and horns curved up on the sides of her head above her temples. She also has a long serpentine tail and the ability to breathe fire, which uses to incinerate a zombie that was attacking her from behind. She dresses in an armoured black dress, that seems more fashion than practical. Her weapon of choice is fiery magic sword that scorches the ground, but doesn't harm her.

Adam holds up the blaster to show the power indicator on the side.

"You can carry more power cells."

"Don't worry so much, Mary. He's a master swordsman and the Sunshine Sword is a perfect weapon against walking dead" says the 2IC.

"I'll always worry about my man, Trevor." says Mary, "Even if he becomes a Legendary S Rank, I'll still worry even tho I have confidence in his awesome skills."

The Second in Command - Trevor - , is a six foot one amphibious humanoid with a swimmer's build, large solid black eyes behind protective goggles, dark blue skin, and a bald head. He also has white tribal tattoos and sharp pointed teeth. He's dressed in a sleeveless black body suit with gray armored boots, protective polished metal armbands, and a hooded long coat. As he moves, a mist spreads from his body and slows the movement of his attackers.

He carries a dark cutlass with glowing turquoise/cyan runes. As he moves the blade, water appears and sprays across the battlefield. Holy water that burns the demon corrupted flesh and blackened bones of there attackers.

His secondary weapon is a blue/silver gun resembling a single-hand shotgun.


It makes impressive holes in the charging possessed corpses. The blessed materials in the shells cause the zombies to burst into flames, unaffected by the holy water mist.

"That's 35."

"Sol Flares.. 3...2...1...FIRE"

The Smart Guy of the group is a beautiful woman of mixed heritage standing almost six foot. She has glow cyan eyes, dark skin, and dark red hair done in micro-braids. She's flying above the battlefield dressed in dark red/black armour with black metal wings. She also surrounded by a dozen flying drones with large weapon pods.

The Sol Flares are powerful flares shot into the air that can mimic the light of the sun (something forgotten in the harsh light of the burning red sky). The artificial sunlight causes the undead to smoke and burn.

"Macross Missiles Massacre!"

As she calls out, the drones launch red missiles glowing brightly as flares at the horde of zombies. They take artistic curves before hitting the zombies from all sides in a series of thunderous blasts. The explosions are also impressive, larger than what the small missiles would indicate.



A giant zombie explodes from a damaged building, raining down debris. The zombie male is massive standing thirty feet tall with a muscular build with thick legs and skull face with sharp teeth and glowing green eyes. Numerous cuts and objects buried deep in it's hard gray flesh illustrate the resistance of the former colonists and a missing arm indicates there strength.

"BFG Number Six"

Red/black machinery extends from Smart Girl's shoulders and arms before linking together into long barrelled weapon. There is a pause as the weapon gathers power, light gathering in the glowing barrel, then a huge brilliant white beam shoots from the barrel.

The roar of the zombie giant is cut off by the roar of the energy beam that strikes it's head. Mystically enhanced grey flesh is instantly incinerated and the ash blown from the skull. The black skull crumbles seconds later and the headless giant falls backwards.

"High Score."

"That still only counts as one, Rafaela"

Rafaela, the Smart Girl, turns to her hulking boyfriend. He's an extremely muscular humanoid towering over the others at eight feet tall. He has jade green eyes, green skin with protective scales, and short spiky green hair that's so dark it's almost black. He has the sharp teeth, claws, and long muscular tail of those possessing reptilian blood. He also has maple leaf shape spines extending from his back. He also has a goatee which his girlfriend thinks is cute.

He's dressed the lightest armour, being dressed in a black vest with many pockets and straps, a utility belt, reinforced black pants, and thick super-sized work boots. He doesn't carry a weapon beyond a shield he uses to protect others. Most enemies fall when hit with super strength punches surrounded by emerald flames.

"Masahiko Saegusa-Walters, what have you been doing? You disappeared half way threw the fight."

"I noticed some of these guys were regenerating, so I went hunting for a magic user. I found the leader and his lesser liches. I smashed them good."

"Your not just the Big Guy. You have a good eye for spotting plots." says Rafaela, "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine. I regenerated faster than there spells could hurt me and using life steal on a Gamma mutant is dangerous, even to an undead." says Masahiko, "After I smashed the gemstones containing there souls, they turned to dust."

"Let's go home." says Masahiko.

After the Change, there were many Events that occurred within a short period of time.

The founding of the great colonies, ranging from futuristic cities of advance technology and super science to magic kingdoms of mystical arts and arcane secrets. Fortresses defended by the strong to allow humanity enough time to adapt to the new world.

The creation of the Dragon Train Railroads that would link the colonies together, allowing safe transport of people and good across the hostile world. Special tress would also act as living computers and cell towers, allowing communication between colonies.

The colony wars in which the unified colonies fought against antagonists-turned-conquerors. Wars that only ended when the heroes finally ended the lives of overpowered villains and returned stability to the colonies.

One Event was the Valentine Event, considered by many to be the most important event since the Change. The Valentine Event was when a foolish magic caster attempted to use magic to gain the affections of another person. It's unknown if the spell was originally. It could have been a simple spell to weaken inhibitions and bring out true feeling. It could have been a powerful lust spell meant to override a person's will. Whatever the spell was originally doesn't matter because the lingering mystical energies of chaos left from the Change reacted. The love spell was amplified and altered, hundreds of thousands of times over, and spread across the world.

The Valentine Event caused colonists to come together consumed by feelings of lust and a desire to procreate. A spell that ignored existing relationships, orientations, and feelings of it's victims. The chaos magic altered the bodies of the victims to allow successful mating and resulted in the Valentine Baby Boom. Nearly every fertile woman (and asexual humanoid) ended up pregnant. In a way this cemented the colonies, as people realized the world was never going back to way it was .

[Central City]

[February 14th, 1998]

The Day after the Valentine Event, when the people of colonies awake to see there lovers. It has been 379 days since the Halloween Event, two weeks ago was the 1st Anniversary.

"Oh My God!"

A lot of screaming, when it's with people they barely knew or even someone they dislike.

A young blonde man standing five-foot-three with pointed ears stares at the three beautiful woman in front of him. He barely notices his discarded gold/green clothing on the floor and the Master Sword resting against a chair. Link, Hero of Time, Hero of Hyrule, and possessor of the Triforce of Courage, stares at the three famous women wondering how we managed to get into this situation.

The First is a beautiful athletic woman standing barely five-foot-four with blue eyes, pointed ears, and long flowing blonde hair with braids and hair ornaments. She's currently hiding her big-breasted torso behind a pillow. Her gold-detailed blue and white royal dress and hooded cloak lie near Link's clothing.

"We need to calm down. There was an outside influence that caused our actions. None of us are responsible."

This is not the first time the one possessing the Spirit of Hero and one possessing the blood of the goddess Hylia have been in a intimate relationship. All have been close fighting the forces of darkness, many have been lovers, and a few have even produced children (which caused many incarnations of Zelda to have different hair colour). Link and Zelda had been working together since the Halloween Event, struggling with a growing attraction, but they didn't expect this.

"Maybe she should get a snack. I think there something left in the fridge."

"As long as it's not your cake."

"I thought you loved my cake."

"I do. The problem is calories." says Zelda, "You make a cake for Mario after every save, no wonder he got rounder."

The Second is a beautiful woman standing six-foot-one with blue cat-like eyes and thick sightly curly blonde hair reaching her waist. Her curvaceous, but athletic form, is covered by a blanket. Her billowing pink dress and gold crown rest on chair with a parasol.

When the evil King Bowser invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and turned it's citizens into brick, it was Princess Peach 's holy magic that freed them. This was the beginning of Princess Peach's routine kidnapping from the Koppa King and routine rescue by Mario. As one of the legendary star children, she possesses an extraordinary amount of power, even saving Mario a could times, but on the Changed Earth she has been learning from female warriors and mages.

"Hey! I eat many cakes, but I haven't ballooned."

"Have you looked at your rear?"

"Would you two shut up about Peach's Rear! We have bigger problems! How many others were effected!? Was it just us or the whole colony!?"

The Third is the strongest of the women standing six foot three with a slightly muscular athletic build with blue eyes and long straight blonde hair done in a ponytail. Her blue skintight body suit with it's curious heeled boots also lies discarded on the floor with her holstered blaster on a chair. She stands not caring about her exposed skin and looks ready to summon her Power Suit.

Samus Aran is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy in her universe. The sole survivor of a space pirate attack on her colony, she was raised and trained by the mysterious bird-like genius extraterrestrial race known as the Chozo to become a warrior, even being infused with there DNA. She has fought multitudes of space pirates, phazon creatures, life draining metroids, killer robots, and the parasitic X. There isn't a creature she can't fight against, but waking up in the aftermath of a foursome is not something she was prepared for.

"You are correct, Samus." says Zelda, master of the Triforce of Wisdom, "The magic I sensed before falling to the lust was far too powerful for three people. Oh my... None of us used protection."

Peach and Zelda are pale. Those transformed during the Halloween Event that didn't become monsters, generally became ideal versions of there costumes, meaning very attractive and powerful. The lack of entertainment options to relieve stress and lack of contraceptives meant pregnancies started as soon as the colonies were semi-stable.

The reason Samus isn't stressing about that point is she is sterile. A result of genetic enhancement she ensured to survive the environment she experienced. She looks like beautiful human amazon but he DNA contains avian Chozo and DNA from deadly Metroids.


Silent Link passed out on the floor.

A couple rooms away, Mario is also waking up.

Mario Russo was a mechanic and handyman before the Halloween Event. His name combined with his Italian heritage, small size, and powerful heavy frame, made him a good match to the Nintendo mascot character. For a Halloween Party, he dressed in the famous red cap, red shirt, white gloves, brown shoes, and blue overhauls, and danced with dark skinned beauty who liked the game. When the magic hit, the man he was before wasn't completely erased just merged with Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.

He barely calmed his dance partner before she could set fire to the building with her flame breathe. The two have stuck together since that night, joined by others like Peach, Luigi, and a humanoid female version of King Boo called Boosette.

Mario feels the warmth of another body in his bed and turns to see dark flawless skin and long thick red hair done in a ponytail. Two upward curved horns emerge from the hair above the temples and round earrings are still attached to her pointed ears. Mario knows her tall, curvy body could crush him with her immense strength and he can feel small scratches from her claw-like nails. Her red reptilian eyes open and a smirk forms. Mario knows Princess Bowsette could incinerate him or even bite him with her sharp teeth at this range.

"Ready for another Round, Plumber-Boy?"

Mario proved to be up to the challenge.

"Why are the walls glowing!?"

The once smooth peach-color walls now resemble gray oatmeal with flowing veins of glowing cyan and teal lights. It some places it's clearly visible that the material is slowly spreading..

The person asking the questions is a young Hispanic man with brown eyes, short brown hair, and red goggles with yellow lens.

He is Rex Salazar, known under the Hero name Generator Rex. In his world, his family was part of a project to create nanites - microscopic robots capable of manipulating matter at a molecular level. The project was split between those wanting to use the nanites for medical purposes and those seeking military applications and immortality. When the project accidentally uncovered a secret that could grant reality bending power, Rex's brother detonated the nanite reactor to kept it out the hands of the Consortium group.

"Aren't you more concerned with last night?"

"Sleeping with a beautiful woman under the influence of some sort of magic is understandable. I'm more worried about Slimes and possible EVOs"

An Exponentially Variegated Organism, abbreviated as EVO, is an organism that has had its intracellular-nanites activated. The explosion of the Nanite Reactor contaminated the world with imperfect nanites and when those nanites activated, it mutated the hosts into monsters. The only cure was Rex, who had been infused with complete nanites after an accident prior to the Nanite Event. After more than six years of hell the EVOs were finally cured worldwide when Rex gained the power the Consortium had been after. A power that he then destroyed so none, not even him, could abuse it.

"Charmer." blushes his bed mate, then forms a machine from her hand "Let's get a scan of this."

His companion is a tall, attractive dark-skinned Hindi woman with glowing cyan eyes, long dark red hair, and a cyan light on her chest above her breasts.

Sari Sumdac thought she was a normal girl, even when she became involved in the war between the two factions of the planet Cybertron - the peaceful protective Autobots and the military expansionists known as the Decepticons. She went threw stress learning there were no birth records for her, when her father Isaac Sumdac was kidnapped by the resurrected leader of the Decepticons - Megatron. When her and autobots finally rescued him, an injury revealed she wasn't human. She was a Cybertronian, who had arrived on Earth (in Sumdac's lab) as a proto form and absorbed his DNA to become a rare Techno-Organic.

"Energon radiation. Nanite Interactions. Spikes in growth."

"Should we be worried?"

Wanting to help her friends fight, she selfishly used her AllSpark Key to upgrade herself from a child into a very powerful teenager (which drained the Key completely), unlocking her ability to transform and create any tool or weapon using her shape-shifting and technopathy.

"No Problem. It seems nanites in your body fluids reacted with the trace amounts of synthetic energon in my body to create a form of cyber matter. It formed a mechanical microbe that infected the wall material. It's basically cyber mold, which is way gross, but harmless to us."

"Alien Nano-machine Mold... We need a new room."

"That's oblivious. We already broke the bed."

"This room is shielded I hope. Last night I remember a lot of blue flashes."

"I remember those. So we did it hard enough to split atoms."


"Jennifer Susan Walters"

Jen is a six foot seven amazon beauty with jade green eyes, skin, and hair. She was once a normal human, growing up meek and mousy and had little confidence. Jen later attended UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) where she gained her law degree and became an impressive lawyer. Agents of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with Jen's father, shot and seriously wounded her on a day when her cousin Bruce was in town. She needed a blood transfusion and Bruce provided despite his mutation.

Bruce Banner was a mentally-unstable super-genius who developing enhanced radiation weapons for the military. Attempting to save a foolish person (Rick Jones) during a test of his latest creation, he was exposed to extremely high levels of gamma radiation. He should have died, but a factor in his cells allowed him to survive. He could transform into the Savage Hulk, a green-skinned, hulking and muscular humanoid. Unfortunately, the mental problems caused by years of physical and mental abuse by his father resulted in a different personality inhabiting the Hulk body.

Jen's cells also had the gamma gene and she was transformed into a beautiful green amazon. At first, she could only transform when angry, but eventually she could transform at will. Finding power and confidence in her gamma mutant form, she eventually stopped transforming back to human. She has been part of many super hero teams including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Defenders, and has also kept her job as a lawyer often handling super hero cases.

"Shinichi Saegusa"

Shinichi is a massive, muscular humanoid standing over eight feet tall with red-gold eyes, a dark green scaly hide, and rows of ridges of his head. He also has claws, sharp teeth, a long muscular tall, and maple-leaf-shaped spines on his back. Jen realizes he looks like a humanoid version of the King of Monsters.

"Are you related to Godzilla?"

"It's a little complicated." explains Shinichi, "My mother was a famous psychic named Miki Saegusa. She is notable for being a psychic that uses her powers to communicate with Godzilla. During a major battle, the latest version of Mecha Godzilla used a weapon that made the King bleed. The bleeding meant little to Godzilla thanks to his regeneration, but my mother was hit with enough radioactive blood to fill a bath tub.'

'She survived thanks to a combination of advance science and magic, despite the third degree burns, but her unborn child - myself- was infected by Godzilla cells,. Those same cells that created giant rose monster Biolante and the extraterrestrial clone SpaceGodzilla."

"Were you born..?"

"As a gamma mutant, no. My Godzilla blood was mostly dormant, as I didn't have enough radiation to keep it active. I was never sick and I healed quick. It wasn't until years later, when I was exposed to enough radioactive material to fully awaken."

"What happened?"

"World War III with Kaiju."

One couple didn't wake up in a bedroom, they woke at the bottom of the large tank filled with sea water. As awareness comes to them, they notice the white sand decorated with sea weeds, oceanic plants, and coral both living and fake. A large octopus flows across the artificial sea bed, taking a moment to test there skin texture with one sucker covered tentacles. There are hundreds of tropical fish in the water around them, making them realize they are in a giant aquarium.

The male is a amphibious humanoid with fish traits standing six foot three silver-blue eyes, blue skin, and a bald head. He looks like a more human version of a Deep One from the Lovecraft Mythos.

The female is far more humanoid standing five foot six with dark blue/black eyes, blue skin with white tribal tattoos, and long flowing white hair. She also has gills, pointed ears, and small feathery wings on her ankles

"It looks like we will have something new to tell our therapists, Abe."

"I think I'm starting to remember last night, Namorita. It was definitely some form of magic." says Abe, "I've never done things like those."

"As far as you can remember."

Abraham "Abe" Sapien was born Langdon Everett Caul. He was a scientist and occult investigator, and member of a secret society known as the Oannes Society. When the society performed on a ritual on a creature he discovered resembling a jellyfish, he ended up transformed into a new species - Icthyo Sapien. He was imprisoned and then abandoned during the Civil War. He was uncovered by workman in 1978 with no memory, the scientific name on his tube and a note saying April 14th 1865 (the day of President Lincoln's death) resulted in the name Abe Sapien. Since that day, he's been helping the B.P.R.D..

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (the B. P.R. D. or BPRD) is an organization charged with protecting America and the world from the occult, paranormal and supernatural. It retains the services of several supernatural persons, including Abe and his friends Hellboy (a half-demon summoned by Gregori Rasputin and Nazis on December 23, 1944) and Liz Sherman (an extremely powerful pyrokinetic field agent who wiped out a city block when she was 11).

He has a lot of things to talk to psychologists about, especially since he and friends often dealt with lovecraftian horrors. He didn't even known his original name was Langdon Everett Caul until he was killed and his spirit travelled back in time (he resurrected himself later)

"True. For all I know Langdon Caul was super kinky man who liked to do it underwater in kama sutra poses. Tho I doubt it." says Abe with a smirk (which is kind of strange on a fish man), "Your surprisingly calm."

"We have know each other for over a year and I trust you. Neither one of us is at fault, so I'll save my anger for the moron who cast the spell. I also helps that my capacity for weirdness was overwhelmed long ago."

"It has been an especially weird week."

Namorita Prentiss ,who adventurer/hero name is Kymaera, also has a strange origin. Namorita was born to Namora, half-human cousin of Atlantis's Prince Namor. Unknown to her husband Talan, Namora became pregnant via genetic manipulation by Atlantean scientist Vyrra, who implanted her with her own clone (infused with genes from Atlantis's greatest warriors. This was to overcome genetic flaws caused by hybrid genetics, such as changing blood oxygen levels causing emotional shifts (Namor the Submariner often switched back and forth from hero to villain due to this condition).

She had a normal life attending high school and college, but became involved with a group of teen heroes called the New Warriors. As a founding member of the team, she played an important part in their quest to "change the world". Namorita frequently brought ecological concerns to the team's attention. A series of failures as leader and high amounts of stress triggered her atavistic genes, transforming her into the blue-skinned Kymaera (which means "ghost-shark").

The last memories she had before waking in the Changed World was televised raid in Stamford, Connecticut, where the Cobalt Man, Speedfreek, Coldheart and Nitro were living after escaping the Raft ( super maximum security prison for super-powered criminals). Namorita slammed Nitro into a school bus, but he said "You're Playing with the Big Boys Now" and she was consumed by an explosion. She later encountered a Reed Richards from her world (or at least a similar one) and mentally collapsed when she learned what happened. Nitro's explosion destroyed part of Stamford, killing over six hundred people, including sixty children. What makes it worse, is It also kick started a superhuman civil war. Thankfully, psychic psychologists can do a decade of therapy in months.

"I saw a small timid man grow into a towering giant and throw a miniature sun at an evil rock & roll vampire who had been slicing buildings with beams of blood from his eyes. He then stopped the surprise attack by the vampire's demon clown servant and made him explode with a single swing of his golden axe.'

'I saw a pig tailed martial artist transform into a large breasted red-haired woman with a splash of cold water, then transform into a fuku-clad magical girl. She then proceeded to kill a bunch of demons before being chased by gold haired cat boy proclaiming his love for her.'

'I saw a young man transform with a kiss into a tall muscular wizard with long white 80s rock hair. He then destroyed a bunch of demon-possessed giants with explosive fire spells that sound like song names, then got frozen by a ice manipulating magical queen, when he groped her and her sister.'

'I saw a Giant Zombie Care Bear be defeated by magical gestalt robot piloted by Leprechauns. Then get in a argument with the Pirate Captain of another magical robot piloted by leprechaun ninja-pirates.'

'I saw a Gothic dark cabaret singer riding a fire maned black unicorn down a active volcano drinking from chalice filled with laughter. Then watched a mechanical girl grow seven times taller and launch rockets at giant flying undead fish monsters."

"I get your point."

Gods bless the psychic psychologists.

Adventurer - (Archaic) a mercenary soldier.

In many fantasy worlds, a kingdom is often attacked by monsters. Normally, the Kingdom's army of knights would protect the people but they are often limited in number or currently fighting a war against another nation or even the army of the Demon King. In the case of the later, it becomes a desperate battle as only Hero, possessing otherworldly power or the blessings of the Gods can defeat the Demon King whose empowered by dark forces.

Places outside the rich capital and military outposts are constantly under threat from monsters. Giant rats consuming the stored grain and dark wolves hunting farm animals. Slimes contaminating water supplies and possessed trees attacks those who venture into the forests. The dead rose from the corrupted graves to hunt the souls of the living and multitudes of goblins pillaged towns and farms of food, weapons, equipment, and women.

Adventurers were mercenaries hired to replace the missing manpower. People that instead of joining the military or special guild, decided to make there own path and protect there hometowns. They hunted the rats, the wolves, the slimes, the trees, the undying, and the goblins. Magical plants were harvested to created potions vitally needed and magical animals were hunted for food and armor.

In the Changed World, those same Adventurers founded new Guilds to organize the former heroes and villains to defend there new homes. These Adventurers face the endless monsters of the Changed World, treating the horrors like any other Job.

[Central City]

[November 7th, 1998]


A heavily pregnant Namorita and her husband Abe Sapien are in the waiting room of the Central City's overflowing maternity ward. It's been a very active month as it's the due date for the majority of the Valentine Event babies.

"O'Mommah is currently in labour. Her husband McMorgan passed out and is also being treated. Thankfully we have already experienced leprechaun labour with her younger sister O'Lura." says one Nurse

"How are O'Lura and O'Knuckles doing?", says a concerned second Nurse.

"They are doing great, just remind O'Lura don't think about piloting Vaultron for a least six months. It's not like Gaolion is any different." grins the Nurse.

"Why did she break that TV last month?"

"Someone was stupid enough to play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Apparently, someone didn't get the memo that you don't show Leprechauns there mortal enemies, even enslaved to a chocolateer."

Namorita remembers O'Lura mentioning a stalker Uompa-Luopan Prince named Lowtor.

O'Knuckles is a much better choice. He was the mascot of a New York Irish Pub until the owner had a great Idea for Halloween. He may be the strongest Leprechaun in the world, capable of juggling half a dozen pots of gold (each 7 L pot weighing nearly 300 pounds).

When a savage troll attempted attack a group of small children, O'Knuckles was there to rip off an arm and use it as a club. When he learned O'Lura was pregnant, he was one his knee, proposing. She surprised her Vaultron team by saying Yes.


"The Aran family has had there babies. Doctor Kazama managed to fix the problem with Samus's pregnancy."

Samus Aran was shocked she was able to conceive after being sterile since age three due to Chozo genetics. She seriously underestimated the power of the lust/fertility magic and thankfully Dr. Kuro Hazama was able to correct a problem that appeared late in the pregnancy.

Dr. Kuro Hazama is known as Blackjack, "the surgeon with the hands of god". He was a shady and unlicensed doctor with unmatched skill that offers his services for outrageous sums. He was thought to be dead as child after an accident which critically damaged almost all his organs. He was cured by Doctor Jotaro Honoma's operation. He dedicated at becoming a doctor, but had problems with hospital regulations and policies.

"It's funny that Samus had the group take her surname."


Bowsette Russo is wheeled in with her husband Mario.

"Where is Luigi?" asks Namorita

"Luigi had to go to the Soul Society with Boosette a month ago." says Mario Russo, "The Reapers didn't want transfer during labour."

"How did your brother manage to get a ghost pregnant!?"

"We seriously underestimated the magic." says Bowsette, "Even the female reapers and more human arrancar are pregnant. The Valentine magic penetrated dimensions, much like the original Halloween chaos magic"

Queen Bowsette Koopa is a lot smarter than King Bowser Koopa, but it still surprises people. She even outsmarts Mario to seduce him.


Rex Salazar and Sari Salazar (nee Sumdac) enter. Sari's dark skin is covered in glowing cyan markings and her eyes and chest light are pulsating. Rex Salazar looks very worried and is nearly hovering over her.

"I'll be fine. It's just elevated energon levels."

"Energon is prone to detonating explosively if mishandled. You did nott even consume Energon until the last trimester."

"Techno-Organics are more fuel efficient the giant pure-mechanical ones, but we still consume energon." says Sari, a hologram appearing above her palm, "Pregnancy requires far more energy than normal... Oh"

"Oh? Oh? Oh, what?" says Rex

"The reason my energon level is high is because the baby is no longer consuming. Instead it's moving to detach. Contractions will start soon. I'm in labor."


Beep! Beep!

"ALERT! Radiation Warning - Level 1. Transport in Progress" comes a synthetic voice.

"Jennifer is coming in with Shinichi." says Nurse one on Alert.

"She-Hulk and Godzilla Boy? Why is rad so high?"

"The baby is pumping out radiation and Jen's body can't fully contain it." says a Doctor walking in HAZMAT Armour. "She's being transported in Level 4 containment vessel, so none of the other patients need to worry."

Namorita looks at a nearby chart listing of the doctors and nurses working.

There are many doctors and nurses working.

Dr. Ryouko Mikado was a school doctor at Sainan High. She also helps out other extraterrestrials on Earth in various manners, usually those dealing with medical care. The majority of aliens being on the planet due to the presence of Princess Lala Satalin Deviluke and her fiancee Rito. In the Changed World she ended up working together with her best friend Dr. Tearju Lunatique - a genius universal biotechnology - to save the lives of the changed populace.

Dr. Ray Kasugano started life as a clone , raised along with other children by a mysterious organization as a source for organ donation. She was rescued by the legendary underground doctor Blackjack and outfitted with x-ray eyes, then adopted by a surgeon named Dr. Kasugano. She's currently using surgeon skills while dressed in protective gear to operate on a Ripley-8 - the eighth and first fully successful clone of Ellen Ripley created by the United Systems Military in her universe. Ripley 8 possesses the genes of feared xenomorphs, making her blood is extremely corrosive tho not to the same extent as Internecivus raptus' molecular acid.

In another room, two beautiful blondes are discussing the connection between the Eight Gates and the Hormone centres of the body.

First is s a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Tsunade a descendant of the Senju clan and Uzumaki Clan along with one of Konohagakure's Sannin; famed as the world's strongest kunoichi and its greatest medical-nin (in her world). Despite being in sixties, she excelled as Konoha's Fifth Hokage, even if she was notorious gambler. In the Changed World, the genjutsu that gave the appearance of young woman became reality.

"Opening, Healing, Life, Pain, Limit, View, Wonder, and Death. Most people call the gates the Chakras, which is little confusing for anyone from the elemental nations. No matter the system they are considered foci the energy flowing in a person."

The Second is a slender woman with long flowing hair and sunglasses on her forehead. Dr. Kureha was an extremely elderly doctor who works on Drum Island. She was referred to as "witch" by some people and was most famous fo being the mentor and adopted mother to Tony Tony Chopper - the shape-shifting reindeer doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. An accidental encounter with a rejuvenation item resulted in her de-aging to her twenties.

"Everyone of them is connected to part of the endocrine system. There is physical counterpart to every supernatural ability. The Ajna- Third Eye Chakra for example is connected to Pineal Gland."

Both women recently gave birth to there own children, but they don't have time to take breaks. Super-medicine enabled them to continue to

"I noticed a lot of psychics we operate on have enlarged pineal glands. Kaede was unable to use her psychokinesis after trauma to the gland."

Dr. Isshin Kurosaki, Dr. Tim Marcoh, and Dr. Johann Faust VIII walk into the cafeteria.

"I'm still shocked. I wake up in this crazy world and find my wife alive again. I find multiple versions of my son and now I'm a Grandfather and a Father again." says Isshin, drinking a cup of coffee, "This coffee is horrible, but I need it."

Dr. Kurosaki was once Shinigami (Soul Reaper) Captain Isshin Shiba, commanding the Tenth Division, until the day he went to investigate a suspicious death of a shinigami. He was attacked by an experimental black hollow known as White. He was nearly killed, until he was rescued by Quincy (monk of destruction) Masaki Kurosaki. She was infected by the hollow in the process and to save her life Isshin sacrificed his power. This was the beginning of there marriage, which lead to birth of anime protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki.

"I can understand you. I lost my beautiful Eliza and my world was filled with only darkness. I learned the secrets of my ancestor, the secrets of Necromancy, to get her back. For eight years I worked in my dark arts, never sleeping at all." says Johann while his comrades look at his dark eye markings and deathly blue lips, "I entered the Shaman Fight in order to become Shaman King and use the power to resurrect Eliza. Lady Anna reunited me with Eliza's soul, but I remember dying and helping Yoh as a spirit.'

'Now, both me and Eliza are alive, and we have a sweet little girl!"

Dr. Kurosaki is ready to flash step out of the room if the German Necromancer pulls out his photos. We already saw baby Anna more than a dozen times already.

"I even the two of you." says Dr. Marcoh, "I don't believe I deserve this second chance."

Tim Marcoh, formerly the Crystal Alchemist of Amestris, was the leading researcher in the military's Philosopher's Stone creation project. The horrifying truth the legendary stone which can amplify alchemy is it's made using human souls. The government wanted an edge in there genocidal war against the people of Ishval. Captured prisoners, including Ishvallans, were sacrificed to create the stone and the war became a one sided slaughter. Horrified, Dr. Marcoh eventually ran away with his research, hiding as Dr. Mauro in a small town and healing people with his alchemy as a penance. When he was captured of the Homunculi, the dark force behind the government, he found his redemption helping a group of heroes stop the death of Amestris.

"Poppy would disagree with you."

Tim pauses, then develops a faint smile, "She's a good woman. Too good for me."

[Central City]

[October 29th, 2019]

A high ranking team walks into the Central City's Adventurer Guild.

Adam Aran - son of Link and Samus Aran

Mary Russo - daughter of Mario Russo and Queen Bowsette

Trevor Prentiss- son of Abe Sapien and Namorita Prentiss.

Refaela Salazar- daughter of Rex Salazar and Sari Sumdac.

Masahiko Saegusa-Walters - son of Godzilla Boy and She-Hulk

"Team 7, reporting successful cleansing of the New Heart colony. The Liches have been eliminated." reports Trevor to one of the receptionists.

The receptionist is cute girl with gold eyes and black hair, with two cat ears and a tail marking her as a catgirl, tho which demihuman/beastkin race is unclear. She's dressed in brightly coloured uniform and has a cheery smile.

"Confirmed. The credits will be transferred to your accounts." says Receptionist Jackie Cat

"Hey Guys. Come sit down."

Adam and his team turn to see another team sitting at a table, enjoying some cold drinks.

"Akane. Your Ice Cube looks stressed." states Refaela with no tact.

The Leader s beautiful woman of mixed heritage standing just over four foot eleven with blue eyes, tanned skin, and long bright red hair done in a braid. She's dressed in red silk shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Around her neck is necklace with a cyan color crystal pendant.

"You know your avoiding the issue, Iduna"

"There is nothing that can done, Akane!"

The Heart of Akane's Team 8 is Iduna Arendale. She's a beautiful sorceress standing five foot seven with blue eyes and long white-blonde hair. She's wearing a hooded protective robe over armored clothing, which suits the manipulator of Ice and Team Healer. Despite being an ice mage, she's looking very hot under the collar.

"I understand where your coming from.."

"Just don't. My father is egotistical, womanizing, violent, borderline psychotic and my mother and aunt only got together with him because of the Valentine magic. He spends more time with Arshes and Yoko, then he does with mother and me."

Iduna Arendale is daughter of the ice manipulating Queen Elsa Arendale and explosive fire wizard Dark Schneider. Dark Schneider is not only with Elsa, but Elsa's sister Anna (who has developed fire powers in the Changed World), a 115 year old dark elf known as Lightning Empress Arshes Nei, and a childhood friend and cleric Tia Noto Yoko That doesn't stop him from sleeping with other women on occasion.

"We all have family problems."

"Your family is chaos personified. Your ' mother' is an obsessive martial artist who was cursed to change gender with hot and cold water. She then got turned into seifuku-clad magical cat-girl due to the magic of extraterrestrials."

Akane thanks the gods that her own magical girl powers were modified to be magical girl warrior type instead of magical artillery. Nanoha and Fate are great teachers.

"Your father is a flesh golem created when a crazy alchemist tried to create clones of various heroes to fight for her and accidentally fused the clones of Gourry Gabriev and Raphael."

Gourry Gabriev is a master swordsman and the self-proclaimed protector of Lina Inverse, the feared teenage sorceress known for throwing magical nukes and scaring armies of dragons.

Raphael is a werecheetah golem created to stop the marriage between the last true werecheetah Brittany Diggers and the Kyrn Prince Strype'Gia by Kyrn priestess Tanya. He was nearly destroyed for his failure, but Brianna (herself a clone of Britanny and Gina Diggers) saved him.

"The messed up loyalty spell made him believe he was in love with Ranma. Then, the Valentine magic hit."

Akane "Scarlet Sword" Saotome's heritage is very strange. She winces at the last part. Ranma hadn't been in a healthy state of mind for years after the Valentine Event. Gabriel Gabriev went to many lengths to make Ranma happy, even acquiring the ability to change gender, so Ranma could be happy with Gabriella if she was unhappy with Gabriel. It was (and still is) very messy. Even by the standards of the changed world, this is head turning strange.

"Calm down, Iduna. You don't want to freeze the table again." says the tank of the team

"I'm OK, Princess." Says Iduna, as she calms herself, a cold mist coming from her mouth.

"Maybe I should call Brandon over? That would warm you up" says the gold haired amazon.

"Bell!" blushes Iduna

Orabella "Bell" Rosa Castellio, the "Beautiful Golden Rose", is the daughter of Escanor Castellio, the Lion Sin of Pride of the Seven Deadly Sin. At night, Bell plays games with her kind, timid father. During the day, Bell has to deal with her father getting more and more prideful and even tho she's immune to the heat, she wouldn't talk to him around noon.

While Escanor's Sunshine allows him to grow from a frail five-foot-five to ten-foot-eight mountain of muscle and solar fire, Bell's transformation is less dramatic. Bell is a five foot four supermodel into seven foot amazon goddess. Her fairy magic inherited from her mother also grows stronger during the day, making her radiate holy light so strong vampires to burn a kilometer away.

Brandon is her younger brother, who Idunn has been dating for the last two years.

"You do known mom and dad would approve of the royal wedding."


Bell and Brandon are the children of the Escanor, former Prince of Castellio and Stella, the (former) Princess of Solaria. Iduna is the daughter of the Queen Elsa of Arendale and Dark Schneider, suspected son of Satan.

Refaela sits down next to Team 8's Smart Guy.

"How's the new suit, James? Did you have any problems with the nano?"

James A. Stark looks like a younger version of his father Anthony "Tony" Stark, only with green eyes and red hair of his mother Pepper. He's dressed in an AC/DC T-shirt and blue jeans with work boots and sunglasses The only physically interesting thing is a triangular medallion on his chest.

"No. The hybrid nanomachines seem to working fine. I showed it to the Council of Starks were impressed by it. They want to talk to you about "

"Over thirty people possessing super genius intellect were impressed by my tech?"

"Don't underestimate yourself. Cybertronian technology is millions of years ahead of Earth and Generator Nano dives into metaphysics. I'm worried my suit might decide it doesn't me and run off on it's own."

"Do not be concerned, Master James." says a voice from his medallion, "You might be an inferior meat-bag, but I will protect you with my superior abilities"



"Humor. I have been learning. Dark humor is popular"

"Schedule a Scan, SEBAS. I don't want you picking up things, especially from HK-47."

HK-47 is a Hunter-Killer assassin droid and Jedi hunter constructed by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan, shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars in 3960 BBY. His opinion of organic life is notorious and only his master can keep him leashed. Thankfully, he entertains himself by exterminating zombies or as he calls them "Meatbags that haven't learned to stop moving".

The last member of Team 8 arrives holding a bunch of food bags. She's super model beautiful woman with hazel eyes and short red hair. She's dressed in a black top and pants, with black shoes.

Juno Parker is one of the daughters of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane. The numerous Spider-Men and Women of the various colonies proved to be very fertile over the last twenty-plus years. There are now over a hundred Parkers and Reillys (and even Fitzpatricks). May, April, Juno, Gwen, Ben, Richard, Mary and Tony are common names

"Why do I always have to get the food?"

"You're the only one that can keep the orders straight." says James, "I may be a genius, but Akane's order makes lesser chef burst into tears. It's why we have you talking to a Gourmet-class Chef."

The conversations continue for an hour, when there is an alarm.

"ALERT. Level 4 Monster Subjugation Mission." announces an electronic voice.

"What's the Situation?"

"Another Lich, this one rising a Bone Dragon and leading a undead horde. Estimated number fifty thousand. They are heading for the South Central Outpost." says the Receptionist.

"Fifty thousand walking dead plus a wizard on a Dragon" says James, as he places his hand on his Medallion, "This shouldn't take long. It's Atkins?"

"It's Atkins."

The medallion glows brightly as a ripple of energy washes over the man, covering him in a polished silver version of the Iron Man Armour with cyan lights.

"All systems are ready" says SEBAS, "Iron Man Argent is ready to Hunt."

Juno Parker's black clothing ripples and becomes a flowing black liquid that covers her whole body before becoming skintight. White eyes appear on the face and a terrifying white spider marking appears on her chest and back. She flexes her fingers becoming sharp claws.

"Lady Venom. We are ready to go." says Juno-Venom with a double voice.

Bell currently stands six foot seven with flowing golden hair and a very confident smirk. She raises her hand, forming a ball of light. The glow flows down her body and she is now clad in white/gold armour. She then pulls a gold/bronze halberd from inter spatial storage.

"The Golden Rose is ready to show monsters her thorns."

Iduna Arendale is surrounded by glowing snowflakes as she pulls a silver staff from storage.

"Iduna of the Frozen is ready to cast."

Akane holds her pendant.

"Boreas - Set Up."


There are many flashes of light which only last for a second for a outside viewer. For Akane she experiences a minute of transformation.

Akane is now clad in the form fitting scarlet clothing with long black coat. The magical clothing offering more protection than physical armour more than a hundred times thicker. The magitech pendant has become a gemstone on the pommel of a sword in her hand. The silver bladed sword with it's red handle emits a small jet from guard.

"Akane of the Flames, Ready for Action."

Adam looks at the group, "So Dramatic."

Akane internally curses. For some strange reason, magical girls and sentai fighters are often cursed to be overly dramatic. Even if they are naturally cold and emotionless, they pose dramatically before a fight or when they appear in front of the enemy. At least she isn't making stupid speeches like the meatball head leader of the Sailors.

[Near South Central Outpost]

[Necromancer Camp]

[October 30th, 2019]

Mr. Maximilian Bartholomew Atkins was a rich Boston businessman. He was a person with an exaggerated respect for high social position and wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and dislikes people or activities regarded as lower-class. The very definition of a snob. He came from old money and managed his money well. He also loved to fire inferior people, watching the spirits of what he considered trash crumble.

Over two decades ago, when he had to go to an upper class costume party, he was cheap about the costume. A hooded dark robe with a leather pouch and wood staff topped a black metal skull.

When the world changed, he retained his memories due to the costume being generic and being aware of the supernatural. Many people in his circles had made Deals, but he hadn't reached that point yet. The magic and memories came from a Sword and Sorcery Fantasy World Necromancer.

He lost his fortune and influence, but he survived thanks to his dark powers. Hundreds of people became various forms of skeletons, ghosts, and zombies due to there costumes, and thousands of more were killed within hours and converted. Mr. Atkins could only take control over a small number at first, using them as bodyguards and servants. He learned he could heal and strengthen himself with life force of living creatures, and was quick to kill. He grew in power with every soul he acquired, adding the soul's knowledge and power to his own blackened soul. Within half a year, he developed dreams of conquest, of forging his own empire.

There were many drawbacks and failures.

He wanted zombies with powers to fight the heroes, but many powers were lost when people become walking dead. Aura and Spirit powers are fueled by the Soul, psychic powers are fueled by the Mind, and Qi follows threw the Body.

He attempted to raise an squad of Superman, but there had been a reason the majority of Kryptonians had died. No resistance to magic and low levels of sunlight due to the Red Sky that appeared since Halloween made them and other Solar powered heroes far weaker than normal. Only those with mystical or divine connections to the Sun, bypassing the Red Sky, stayed strong. His attempt to raise them resulted in all of them only managed to turn them into ash.

He attempted to make alliances with the other Necromancers, but they refused and often attacked him. This included the Dark Lord Sauron, extremely sexy Raven Hex, and the child-like Queen of Necromancers - Eucliwood Hellscythe. With the last one sending a cross-dressing magical boy zombie to attack him with a pink chainsaw!

He was even refused by foreign Necromancers like Vandalieu, Eri Nakamura, Sung Jin-Woo, and Lord Ainz Ooal Gown of the Tomb of Nazarick. The last one wiping out more than half his forces with casual ease.

His attempted to invade a Northern Colony only to encounter the Machine King and his army of ten thousand robots. Robots ranging from simple gray-skinned androids with 1930s style laser pistols to powerful war machines to near human gynoids designed for pleasure and medical care. Robots lacking blood, life force or souls, meaning total immune to his dark powers.

He barely escaped the lasers, plasma blasts, rockets, and ultra-fast projectiles, losing the majority of his forces.

It's been several years since the battle with the Machine King and he's made in new forces based on quality instead of quantity. An undying army of fifty thousand elite warriors. Twenty thousand black boned skeletons armed with enchanted bows, magic blades, and sci fi guns salvaged and stolen from other colonies. Twenty thousand evolved zombies in combat armor with larger guns, swords, and spears. Five thousand monstrous abominations created by fusing creatures together with dark sorcery. There are also five thousand liches (undead magic users) reinforcing the army, created from various wizards and witches that have died since Halloween.

The masterpiece of his new army is the Bone Dragon. It was once a insanely powerful thirty foot adult dragon known as the Lightning Emperor Black Meteor Dragon. A monster that destroyed dozens of colonies and slaughtered a countless number of people. It's said it's black scales were stronger than the strongest metals and rendered it immune to magic, while it could shoot fire and lightning. It was finally killed by a group of Adventurers which included Dragon Slayers. The problem is during harvesting, the LEBM Dragon rose as a Zombie Dragon and released a plague into the colony. The colony was abandoned by survivors and it was there that Necromancer Atkins found it.

He sacrificed the zombie flesh to blacken the dragon's bones with dark power and bind it to his will. It became his most powerful minion and his mount, despite him hating flying when he was a normal human.

"It is Time. After so many years, my efforts will be rewarded. My days of humiliations are over. I, Lord Maximilian Bartholomew Atkins, Grand Necromancer, King of the Dead, will found my Kingdom upon this Land. Those that stand before me shall join my forces as I stain the land with blood and darkness!"

"Why do they always make speeches?"

Akane "Scarlet Sword" Saotome - daughter of Ranma "Sailor Eclipse" Saotome and Gabriel "Golden Sword" Gabriev has arrived. She moves at superhuman speeds becoming a red streak across the lifeless battlefield. The heavily armed zombies and skeletons open fire, but the leader of Central Adventurer Team 8 accelerates to a faster speed.

"Accel. Double Accel. Triple Accel."

Akane is only a quarter-were cheetah, but she has always loved speed. Her "mother" is also an agility-type martial artist specializing in aerial combat and high speed movement. She uses a combination of Qi-augmented physical speed and "Speed Magic" to achieve velocities only surpassed by the Flash and Sonic Speedsters.

The red streak goes back and forth, crossing the Necromancer's army over and over again. The sliced bodies illuminating the night, brightly burning like large torches .

The silver bladed magical sword in her hand is supernaturally sharp, far sharper than any physical blade is capable of sustaining. At the speeds she moving at, the blade slices threw armour, clothing, hardened dead flesh, and blackened bone with ease. The holy magic cause the bodies tainted and twisted by dark magic to ignite.

A giant zombie ogre lands in front of her creating a crater in the lifeless earth, sending up a cloud of dust and debris, as it roars. It stands an overly muscular three metres (9 foot 10) tall with glowing red eyes, iron hard gray skin, and a bald head topped by bull horns. He also has large sharp tusks and sharp claws, and carries a huge spike-covered iron club.

The Scarlet Sword pauses then whispers "Quadruple Accel". Moving at more than twice the speed of sound, glowing lines appear on the Ogre as it's knocked around by a near invisible opponent. The woman then reappears as her sword blade slams into the side of the Ogre's neck with explosive force. The glowing eyes are filled with a single emotion - fear - as the black magic blood from the cuts burns like gasoline in the air, then the swords-woman spins slicing the ogre's head clean off. A geyser of flame shoots up as they rapidly decaying head tumbles threw the air.

Another squad of undead open fire with there weapons, only for there target to vanish. Less than five seconds later, they join the Zombie Ogre crumbling to ash and scattered to the wind.

James A. Stark, Code name: Iron-Man Argent, son of Tony "Iron Man" Stark and Pepper "Rescue" Stark (nee Potts), flies above the battlefield using his custom repulsor jets. He ignores the bullets and arrows that strike his shield, even the enchanted ones that still fail to pierce the energy-particle barrier. He also casually avoids the fireballs and necromantic spells fired at him by the former living wizards and witches.

"Sir, you should neutralize the Liches as there magic is least predictable." says SEBAS, as his HUD target locks the dark magic users mixed with the rest of the animated dead forces.

James feels a slightly pain in his chest for a second.

"What was that?"

"Instant Heart stopping curse. Impossible to dodge and bypasses most non-divine shields."

"Pointless against someone with nano active blood."

James and several other members of the Stark Extended Family have nanomachine-primed blood. Nanites which can often enhance the user's physical performance. They can fully regenerate a heart destroyed by grenade shrapnel, so restarting a heart is extremely easy.

"Enough Games. Eliminate the Liches." says James "Tag Missiles"

"Solaris Tag Missiles Armed."


Compartments on his shining silver power armour open and release a barrage of tiny missiles, no bigger than sticks of chalk. They leave red streaks, breaking near invisible barriers around the liches, before knocking them back

Tag Missiles also known as Kinetic Micro-Missiles. His father's Mark III is equipped with a Kinetic Micro-Missiles on each arm, capable of penetrating at least 400mm LoS (Line of Sight) of steel armor and feature programmable warhead with High-Power explosive charge. He easily destroyed a tank with a single shot.

The Solaris Tag Missiles of James' Mark 8 are far more advance made using hybrid nano and even some magi-tech. While the multi-layered magic barriers of the liches can stop solid projectiles ranging from medieval arrows to armor-piercing 50 cal rounds, the Tag Missiles pierce all the layers. They embed themselves deep into the chests of the corpse wizards, then after a short pause, they detonate.

The liches are consumed by violent explosions of fiery plasma, turning them into clouds of ash and burning fragments. The explosions are powerful enough to destroy the neighboring soldiers. The Solaris also emits enough ultraviolet to weaken the "survivors".

Iron Man Argent lands on the battlefield in the classic pose, before rising and pointing his arms to either side, glowing palming facing out.

"Repulsors to Full."

The concussive force particle beams known as Repulsor beams pierce there targets. As Iron Man Argent spins, the particle beams act as blades creating a circle of destruction. Every zombie and skeleton within a hundred meters radius is sliced to pieces, while hundreds outside the circle are knocked back.

As he stops the spin, more bullets, magic arrows, and spells fail to pierce his shield. Jets of hot gas emerge from Argent's wrists as the Repulsor emitters' cool down.

A barrage of rockets hit the ground around them and explode. More than enough to send a dozen cars flying threw the air, but does nothing to the Argent with it's own protective shields. SEBAS has the HUD lock onto a couple Ogres in the distance with high tech rocket launchers.

"Clever Corpses. They must have stole them from the Machine King's territory." says James, "Grand Pulse."

The Argent armor drops to the ground as it's cyan lights shift to a purple color. Then the lights glow bright white and a glowing electrical shock wave explodes from his body, across the entire battlefield. As the wave passes over the skeletons and zombies armed with high tech weapons, there are explosions as the circuitry shorts out. The rocket launchers in the hands of Ogres make ominous sounds before they violently explode

A zombie ninja appears behind Iron Man Argent with a magic sword only for the blade to shatter against the armored neck of the Adventurer. Iron Man Argent turns with his eyes glowing a menacing light.

Iduna Arendale, daughter of Queen Elsa of Arendale and Explosive Heavy Metal Wizard Dark Schneider, walks calmly across her section of the battlefield. A thick mist flows from her body, freezing what it touches be it a barely dead plants or the animated dead soldiers. A cold wind blow from the beautiful ice sorceress, a supernatural wind so cold it chills to the bone.

Iduna's blue eyes glow like moonlight reflected off a mirror of ice, scanning the battlefield. Her vision seems to lock onto something in the distance and her movements pause for a moment.

The bullets fired at her and unnaturally silent in the wind and fall to ground before they can even reach her. A group of zombies throw poison-tipped magic spears at the sorceress only for pillars of blue ice to appear. The spears didn't pierce the ice, instead the ice formed around the spear in mid flight and caught it.

Iduna dances with her silver staff, like a fairy princess of white, on the ice beneath his shoes. The cold doesn't bother her, it never did and she will show her enemies what she can do.

A group of zombies lead by an axe-wielding zombie ogre charge towards her, ignore the ice forming on there armor, clothing, and exposed skin. There eyes see with magic and magic animated there flesh, so it doesn't matter that there blood freezes in there veins and there eyes turn into ice marbles.

"Frozen soul, frozen down"

A ripple of blue light, like moonlight on rippling dark water, spreads across the ground. The zombies instantly fall into a huge pool of water, the image of land becoming an illusion erased by the ripples of the splash. The unnaturally cold dark water pulls on the zombies, not helped by there heavy armour and weapons. They sink into the dark depths of the magic pool, the zombie Ogre with it's fat stomach is the only thing that remaining floating.

"Be forever Trapped Under The Ice."

The giant pool of dark water instantly freezes solid, producing a thunderous cracking sound. The zombies at the bottom of it's depths are also frozen solid, the unholy light fading from there eyes as magic is drained with the heat. Slowly, the reflection of the battleground returns to the pool, the water is gone leaving the original stone and dirt. The ground is restored leaving the frozen dead deep underground.

There is an explosion of brilliant light and howling wind, and Iduna's form is quickly trapped in a mass of ice larger than glacier. Many skeleton and zombie soldiers are also frozen by the attack.

The source of the attack is a zombie swordsman using a glowing magic sword. The zombie is tall, lean humanoid with glowing green eyes, pale gray skin, and long black hair tied in a ponytail. He's dressed in tattered and stained gray robes with a worn hooded black coat. The sword is polished silver colour blade and blue/white hilt with wolf imagery.

The swordsman avoids icy blasts fired at from the sides, jumping into the air and spinning clear of another set of blasts. She lands and slashes at the air in front of him, and a shattered ice statue appears. He turns and slashes at the air with his glowing blade. An arc of prismatic light travels threw the air and two more figures are sliced apart. He strikes the ground with his blade and hundred of thousands of ice blades rise from the ground's surface, impaling a dozen more figure. Only ice hits the ground and he turns to look at Iduna's form still in ice and glowing a faint light.

A huge icicle pierces his back, the tip emerging from his chest. The swordsman turns to see a woman's hand, palm pointed towards him, floating in the cold air. Snowflakes dance in the air and the illusion dissolves to show Iduna standing in front of him. The Iduna in the mass of ice ripples and becomes a impossibly perfect ice statue.

"May your axes chip and shatter, and know it is my wrath"

The swordsman attacks with lightning speed, attempting to slash Iduna, only to find his movements stopped. The blade is less than inch from Iduna's pale neck, but he can't move.

"Winter's Wolf, I set you free."

The shard glows brightly and the swordsman begins to crumble into dust that blows away in the cold wind. The bones are the last thing to dissolve, leaving behind the sword still held in ice.

"Your master's corpse will no longer be violated by darkness."

A sparkling white mist emerges from the sword and becomes an immense majestic wolf. It stares in Iduna's eyes before bowing with respect.

"This can not be! I am Lord Maximilian Bartholomew Atkins, Future King of this Twisted World. How can my army of fifty thousand elite be losing to such a small group of mortals!? No! It will not be! Bone Dragon - Grimm-Fang - Breathe of Decay!"

The Breathe of Decay is the ultimate weapon of a Bone Dragon. A thunderous blast of dark mist which kills all living things, causing all plants and animals to rot. It also ages all things it touches, causing metal to corrode, stone to crumble, and wood to decompose. Atkins also altered it so it would greatly enhance the strength and power of his warriors.

"Shining Sun!"

A spinning miniature golden sun, orbited by bright sparks, collides with the Bone Dragon at supersonic speed. The force is great enough to tear threw a dozen battleships and is more than enough to send the Bone Dragon falling from the sky covered in flames. As it hits the ground, the remaining members of Necromancer Atkin's army are sent flying by the explosion. It's almost like a small nuke detonating, sending up clouds of dust, ash, and ice.

"Did you think you could stand against Team 8 of Central City's Adventurers' Guild? Did you think you could stand against my friends, let alone me?" says Orabella "Bell" Rosa Castellio, daughter of Prince Escanor of Castellio, Lion Sun of Pride and Stella, Crown Princess of Solaria, Fairy of the Sun. Her voice is mature and full of confidence and Pride

"Now know the futility of your existence. Nothing can stand against me and nothing will harm my friends while I am with them. Your chances of winning ceased the moment I arrived."

There is an explosion within the dust cloud as the Grimm-Fang shatters the earth and stone it's embedded in. Demonic winds blow away the cloud of dust as it roars. A dark blood red aura that emanates from the jet-black bones. An aura of malice and bloodlust surges around the Bone Dragon. The green glow of the eye sockets has been replaced by harsh purple flames.

Particles of crimson light and darkness gather in front of the dragon's snout, concentrating into a sphere of dark magic that crackles with power. The dragon lets out a roar and releases reddish-purple blast, that's amplified when it hits the sphere, into a million streams of particles. The Breathe of Decay augmented by the dragon's rage strikes Bell before falling back to Earth, causes the land to rot and burn at the same time. The zombies and skeletons growing stronger with purple flames in there eyes.

"Is that all you can do, rotten lizard?"

The cloud of poisonous decay particles is blown away to reveal Bell, her hair flowing around her like golden flames and translucent gold angel wings on her back. She raises her palm to the sky and gold-white particles and flames gather to form a sphere. A shining sun begins to form, hovering above her hand.

It's grows faster and faster until it's larger that a building. The heat and light is intense, scorching the Necromancer's undying army. The dark power that moments ago was strengthening then is burnt away and the decay of land stops. The Red Sky itself is effected, the burning red clouds swirling above and changing red-gold colour. It's as if the heavens opened up to view Bell's victory.

"This is the power of the Stars, both Cruel and Beautiful, the Blessings of my Parents." says announces as she pulls back her arm, "Know the Power of My Family and Fall. Star-Fall."

The Star-Fall Sphere, a sun of immense size, but still miniature when compared to the true sun, falls towards the Bone Dragon at slow pace. The pressure of the sphere's power presses the dragon in the burning earth. The Bone dragon defiant roar can't be heard in the howling blistering hot wind as it's body sinks into melting rock around it.

Half a second before impact, blackened dragon bones, more durable than the most durable metals by magnitudes, crack from the heat and pressure.

Impact. There is a blinding flash. A light so intense it burns shadows into stone and burns all it touches. Within a pillar of light, the temperature is so high that rock and metal become vapor

A barrier prevents the blast from causing more damage to the world that a hundred Tsar Bomba, but the blackened dragon bones shatter and become droplets of metal in the pillar of plasma.

Necromancer Lord Atkins collapses to his knees in disbelieve. He's currently sitting on a rocky hill not far from the battlefield.

He was tossed far away when his dragon was hit by Bell's first attack. Only prepared spells protected him with a shell of ectoplasm and magical energy. Trapped in essentially an giant hamster ball, he rolled for the length of several football fields. He was knocked even further when Bell's second attack vaporized his Bone Dragon. The Necromancer fell the complete destruction of Grimm-Fang and knows he is doomed. All he can do is run away and rebuild his army far away from Central City and it's overpowered Adventurers.

He pulls back the hood of his black robe to reveal a pale gray-tinted face with yellow eyes and graying hair. His stressed face is distorted in a look of madness.

"I need to escape."

A zombie ninja dressed in stereotypical black with a white demon mask craved from bone emerges from the shadows and approaches Atkins.

"Onimaru. As long as I have you, I can always start the game again."

Suddenly, Atkin feels the pain of being stabbed and turns to Onimaru before everything fades to gray, then to black. Onimaru careful pulls it's poisoned hidden blade from Atkin. The black blade returns to the arm as the shinobi outfit liquefies and flows. The demon mask dissolves and the white comes together to form two large expressive white eyes.

"Game Over" says the double voice.

Juno Parker, Lady Venom, daughter of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson, has completed her mission.

Team 8 Camp

October 31st, 2019

When Mr. Maximilian Bartholomew Atkins awakens he finds himself bound to a stone boulder with thick bindings on his wrists, neck, chest, waist, knees, and ankles. His hands are also covered in thick rubbery webbing making it impossible to move even a finger tip. He has a severe headache and his mouth feels numb.

"He's called Winter's Wolf, but I think I'll call him Alviss." says a happy Iduna, "It kinda reminds me of how Dad meet his flame sword Ifrit."

"Didn't your Dad have to fight Ifrit because they were in the castle of Ninja Master Gara and the trap was sprung by Princess Sheila of Metallica?" asks Juno

"You have good memory, Juno. Ifrit is a Fire Sword with a Fire Elemental sealed inside, that he took from an enemy. This is an Ice sword with Ice Elemental sealed inside, that I took from an enemy."

"What the Hell?"

Juno turns to Atkins and with an evil smirk raises her hand to reveal a necklace with a black crystal pendant. Atkins pales seeing the crystal.

"Phylactery is a term for a charm or amulet, or repository used to store small parchments bearing holy scripture or arcane writings. In the case of a necromancer, a magic phylactery was used to store the souls and life force of liches. Your not dead, but you managed to seal your soul into a soul container in a bid for immortality." says Juno, "Linking your soul to a physical vessel can be very dangerous."

Atkins is very nervous. He can't active any of his escape charms or summon any of his hidden minions. Also the woman in terrifying alien symbiote is literally holding his soul in her palm.

"It's appropriate that Iduna mentioned Ifrit, a powerful type of demon in Islamic mythology. Jinn or Genie are supernatural creatures of the same mythology. They are spirits of elemental flame linked to the mortal plane by magic vessels, such as a lamp or ring. Holding the vessel allows the Jinn to be controlled. Magical contracts can limit the number of wishes, but those without contracts are slaves that will do anything there master demands.

Atkins eyes widen in horror.

"You thought you were clever giving the Soul Amulet to your zombie shadow ninja. It had the ability to move at high speed and avoid attacks and traps. It could hide in shadows, become intangible, and teleport in an emergency. You underestimated Central City's Adventurers, Puppet."

"Puppet!?" yells Atkins but before he continue his angry rant, his mouth closes against his will.

"Did you really think a two bit Necromancer like you could amass an army of fifty thousand undead this close to the colonies? This region has had a walking dead problem since the Halloween Event and we needed a method to clean it up." says Juno, playing with the Amulets in her black claws, "Your magic may have put fifty thousand corpses under your absolute control, but you have more than five million connected to your magic.

"Is the Loot stored in the Interspatial Rings and Storage Scrolls?" asks Akane

"Everything from his hidden Weapon and Gear caches. We also have all the technological and magical items he stole." says Iduna

Atkins looks with despair and confusion.

"You wouldn't remember, but you already granted us some 'wishes.'" says Juno with a smirk, "The second 'wish' was for you to tell us where you had hide everything you stole. The third was how to disable those pathetic defenses of yours"

Atkins feels like he's drowning in darkness, like being trapped at the bottom of dark cold ocean. The fear and despair is tangible and crushing his soul and mind.

"My first 'wish' was to make sure you didn't escape. I made it when I caught your ninja before the battle even began."

Atkins mind breaks. The only reason he doesn't drop dead is his soul is sealed in the amulet.

"You are such a sadist, Juno." says Iduna, "I know why your called the Cruelest Venom."

"Is the spell ready?" asks Juno looking at the majestic form of Bell.

"Yes. His dark soul shall soon taste the fury of the sun."

"Let's do it."

Bell raises her right hand and a baseball-size golden sun appears hovering above her palm. Small colourful lights appear and orbit the sun, before the rings collapse into the sun. The sun then flows as golden flame into the amulet. The brightly glowing gemstone shoots into Atkins chest, causing his eyes to open in pain.

"Shine on the Soul of Damned!"

As Atkin's eyes glow golden, the "survivors" of the Necromancer's army burst into golden flame before being reduced to ash and vapour. Unknown to Atkins, millions of undead wandering the South, also go up in solar flames, causing small fires in some areas of the red-tinted wasteland.

Atkins lets out a silent scream as his own tainted flesh is incinerated. His blackened bones are the last to be destroyed.

"Mission Complete."


Praise the Sun and Happy Halloween!