Halloween World Alternative: Adventurers


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I don't own anything outside original characters. This is a fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. No profit or offense intended. This was created purely for Fun.


Halloween World was my most successful series and with another Halloween, I decided to create a small alternative version. Anyone can write in Halloween World Alt universe, just like the original.

It's time to play can you identify all the crossovers.

As the Undead Warlock Richard (from Looking for a Group) would say "For Pony"


This is dedicated to a Reader on Twisted on the Hellmouth, who asked for a Mexico theme Chapter and even provide the opening text.


Tenoch Fortress City - Train Station

Dragon Train Amaru

A young man walks off the Train onto the very busy platform. He's a slim muscular man of Brazil standing 174 cm (5'8½") with wide black eyes, light tan skin, and shaggy black hair under an old straw hat. He's dressed in a loose red jacket, blue shorts, and sandals with a sash around his waist. He's carrying a storage scroll and Scroll PDA.

The man on the reception desk wants for the man to place his ID card in the slot.

"Monkey D. Luffy, also known as "Straw Hat Luffy". The founder and Captain of the increasingly infamous and powerful Straw Hat Pirates, as well as one of its top three fighters. Currently, the Pirate King of Brazil?"

"That's correct."

Luffy's lifelong dream was to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. He believed that being Pirate King means having the most freedom in the world.

During the Halloween Event, he was poor farmer who attempted to enjoy himself in second-most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas, Rio de Janeiro. Many of the people survived due to Christ the Redeemer. The 30 meters (98 ft) high Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ radiated enough holy energy to keep many evil spirits and demons away. The farmer was replaced by an adventurer-pirate from a world of pirates, marines, and fantastic sea voyages. .

Luffy is the son of the Revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon and the grandson of the Marine hero Monkey D. Garp, He is the sworn brother of late "Fire Fist" Portgas D. Ace and Revolutionary Chief-of-Staff Sabo, and the foster son of Curly Dadan. He is the enemy of the corrupt World Government and it's cruel marines and the enemy of greedy murderous pirates.

In the over twenty years he's walked the Changed World, he has changed. He managed to survive despite is complete lack of intelligence outside of combat and reunited with his crew, even gaining many new members. This is due to his training in Haki (which allows him to enhance his body and dominate opponents) and the powers of the Gum-Gum Fruit - a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the devourer a body like elastic rubber.

He could no longer find the One Piece, but he did become one of the Great "Pirate Kings" that rule the Oceans of the Changed World.

Piracy is defined as the act of robbery on the high seas, but the pirates that emerged after the Halloween Event are far more than mere thieves. Influenced by the cultures they are divided into two types - Brutes and Rogues. The Brutes are savage murderers and rapists, who have earned the name humani generis or, in literal Latin, "enemies of the human race". The Rogues on the other hand range from dashing heroes of romance novels and rebels fighting against tyrannical governments. Rogues are adventurers of the ocean with a flair for the dramatic.

In the world of the One Piece, they are divided into "Morgan" and "Peace Main". A morganeer fights for treasure and personal ambition. They are greedy, love to fight, and often enjoy causing other people pain and misery. A Peace Main is a pirate who goes on adventures and does not really care about treasure or fighting other pirates. That is not to say that they would not steal and fight other pirates at all, but their primary goal is usually not to own it and greed is generally not their motivation.

The man sitting in front of Luffy is a Privateer - Traditionally, a private person or ship that engages in maritime warfare under a commission of war. A Pirate that works for a government, attacking the ships of enemy countries. The Changed World is not completely peaceful and there are still colonies and countries that raid other countries for resources. Under the order of the Mexican government, he hunts the ships of Caribbean, sinking other pirates and raiding supply ships.

"Son, It's good to see you!"

He's a very tall and slender man standing 191 cm (6'3½") with bishonen (feminine pretty boy) features. He has long black hair that extends past his waist with locks of hair that frame his face down to hos chin. He has black eyes filled with cunning and intellect with markings that remind people of snakes. He's dressed in red-gold bandana, a bright red long coat decorated with gold and a skull on the back, loose black pants, and black lace-up boots. He also wears a sash around his waist that hides a belt with many pouches. His weapons of choice appears be a Navy Cutlass and a black high tech gun.

Tiger D. Monkey, son Luffy D Monkey and Boa Handcock, is not happy to see his idiot father. He's named after Fisher Tiger, the Fish-Man that rescued her and her sisters from slavery and former Captain of Sun Pirates, who Jimbe (one of Luffy's crew) was part of. He's also named after the Tiger Snake, one of the deadliest snakes in the world.

"What do you want, Dad?"

"Aren't you happy..?"

"Enough. You know I don't like talking to you. Why are you here?"

Luffy may have a pure heart and a mind for combat, but he barely sees his beautiful wife and his son ended up being raised more by friends than him. Luffy spent too much time hunting his dream of freedom, then understanding what he already gained.

"It's about Jack."

Captain Jack Sparrow was one of the nine pirate lords in the Brethren Court, the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas in his world. He can be treacherous and survives mostly by using wit and negotiation rather than by force, opting to flee most dangerous situations and to fight only when necessary. He survived many strange adventures including his former mutinous crew becoming Aztec cursed undead, a blood debt to the legendary Davy Jones while fighting the East India Trading Company, and hunting legendary items like the Fountain of Youth and Trident of Poseidon. In the Changed World, he's one of the Pirate Lords fighting over control of the Caribbean and slowly losing.

"Jack Sparrow is a fool. He may have been big in his world with that silver tongue, but not against the others. Last I heard he got sunk by Anne and Mary"

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were infamous female pirates of the 18th century; both spent their brief sea-roving careers under the command of Calico Jack Rackham. They were also known to have been associated with other well known pirates: Blackbeard, William Kidd, Bartholomew Sharp, and Bartholomew Roberts. There Legend is so great they exist as Rider-class Servants, but possess physical forms of there own.

In the Changed World, they are joined by age-manipulating Jewelry "Big Eater" Bonney and the wind manipulating Anne "The Sea Queen" Read. Both from alternate versions of Luffy's world of One Piece.

"I know Jack can be annoying, but he's still a friend, Tiger. The problem is Jack is on the run from a ninja zombie pirate captain and he wants to hide in Mexico."

"A Ninja Zombie Pirate Captain?"

"That's what I said."


Luffy pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to his son, who types the name written on it into his Scroll. The name is run there the Adventurer database.

"Captain Shin'en. A former ninja commander of the Colony Máscara possessing water-based ninja magic. After the colony was destroyed, he took command of a sailing vessel - Kōtei no kiba (Emperor's Fang) and became a morgan-type pirate. While chasing Jack Sparrow, who possessed a magic treasure map, they encountered a zombie sea dragon that guarded the Treasure. The entire crew was poisoned and zombified, but the Captain retained there mind by taking a blood oath to take vengeance on Sparrow."

"That's the guy."

"Still, what do I get out of this. Even Peace Main Pirates won't help others for no reward unless it's one of there treasured people. Jack isn't my Nakama and I wouldn't want him on my crew."

Suddenly, Tiger turns and makes a gesture with his hands. Two ghostly snakes become visible as they return to his hands and drop a pair of gold medallions into his waiting palm. On the street, two men in dark clothing cry out. The illusions of city citizens wrapped around the men dissolve into nothing. Instead there are two classic pirates from the golden age of piracy. They are also clearly not human beings anymore as there skin is sickly grey with blackened veins and there eyes are white with black sclera, looking like pale moons against a black sky.

They pull there weapons, damaged cutlasses with blades coated in poisons and modern-looking firearms, but there movements suddenly stop. Golden bands of light and magic appear around the zombie pirates. They struggle as small gemstones are pulled from there bodies, stripping away the protection they had against the city's holy & blood magic. There bodies are consumed by white flames before crumbling to ash. The golden rings now holding nothing fade back into the magic of the city.

Two City Guardians, dressed in gold-white eagle-theme uniforms, approach to get a report. Tiger calmly pulls out his ID and hands it to one of the officers along with the gold medallion and gemstone. One of the officers pulls out his Scroll PDA and activates the record mode.

"I could sense Pirates under those disguises, using my Observation Haki. So, I then use my Snake Steal to take away any treasures they had on them and got lucky."

"Very Lucky. The medallion is a magical disguise field generator. Some damn traitors willing gave there blood so the medallions could use there forms, which is why it didn't set off the wards. If the blood has been forcibly taken or taken unknowingly the Wards would have sensed it immediately. The little yellow gems are sun crystals, which are normally used as weapons."

"Weapons?" asks a confused Luffy

"Sun crystals absorb and store sunlight and holy magic, so that when they are broken they release the stored sunlight and holy light as flash. It's good for self-defense especially against demonic vampires. When an uncharged gem is implanted in a zombie, it absorbs holy magic radically decreasing the absorption by the body."

"Suciedad Muerta Andante (Walking Dead Filth). We are lucky they can't make these gems larger without internal holy burning. They also can't carry more than one each without risking them going off. In the city under the blessings of the divine, those gems only take ten minutes to charge. Once fully charged, the walking dead lose there protection and instantly burn."

"That should do for the report."

"What about Jack?" asks Luffy

Approaching the City

Michiko Malandro, a beautiful Afro-Brazilian/Afro-Latina woman is relaxing as her vehicle approaches her destination. In her world, she was famous for escaping prison fortress Diamandra, a place thought to be unescapable, four times. She had been sent to that prison for destroying numerous properties related to the criminal syndicate Fantasma. She helped Hana "Hatchin" Morenos escape her abusive foster home and went looking for her father, Michiko's former lover Hiroshi Morenos. Unfortunately, Hiroshi ended up being a douchebag.

In the new world, the "free-willed diva" learned she had singing talent. Possibly connected to her resembling Aaliyah Dana Haughton - an American R&B singer, actress, and model. She has become a star in the changed world's entertainment world with a major album called The Brown Sugar Outlaw.

In the Changed World, there is Magical Music - A type of Functional Magic that works via music: playing a certain song or a magical instrument that causes a spell-like effect to happen. Skeleton pirate "Soul King" Brook can move the souls of those who listen to his music. The Idols of Macross are special women that can superdimension waves, allowing there songs to travel faster than light and have odd effects, mostly turning enemies into allies. The Bard class of magic users can cast spells that buff there allies and weaken there friends. Even certain songs have power such as KISS's "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" containing Holy magic.

"Get back here, Sparrow!"

Michiko looks out the window to see Captain Jack Sparrow. The dreadlocked dark brown to black hair and a goatee beard with the old faded-black tricorne cat is very distinctive. He's being chased by close to a hundred zombie pirates. It looks like it's been a long chase as some of the zombies are falling to pieces and some of them even burst into flames as she watches.

"Should we save him, my lady?" asks one of her servants, a battle butler named Malcolm Mason. Battle Butlers and Ninja Maids are servants/bodyguards to wealthy/noble people trained heavily in combat. They range from trained humans like Batman's own Alfred Pennyworth to extremely powerful beings like Earl Ciel Phantomhive's Sebastian Michaelis, Sir Integra Hellsing's Walter C. Dornez, and Sorcerer Emperor Ainz Ooal Gown's Sebas Tian

"Yes. I hate zombies more than I dislike that drunkard Sparrow."

Jack is stumbling do to his exhaustion, running in the Mexico heat from Captain Shin'en's angry men. The zombies are getting closer as they have unlimited stamina do there supernatural condition, but they are slowed by the decay of there bodies caused by constant activity, rough sand, and traces of divine and holy energy damaging them.

Suddenly, there is a loud noise. The sound of a Dillon M-134D minigun firing blessed 7.62mm NATO rounds at 3,000 shots per minute. The rounds tear threw the stained clothing and animated flesh of the zombies, explosively shattering there blackened bones. The rate of fire is more than enough to remove body parts (which crumble to ash once seperated) and the blessings tear threw the dark magic. When the sun crystals are shattered, the Zombies explode into burning ash. On top of the Vehicle, Butler Mason wearing goggles, checks the minigun as it cools down.

"Many thanks beautiful lady and kind sir." says Jack sounding like a drunk Johnny Depp before collapsing out of exhaustion.

Café Flores Congeladas

Inside Tenoch Fortress City

Inside the Cities of the Gods, under the protective barrier of holy and blood magic is an illusion barrier that grants comfort to it's citizens. Instead of a blood red sky filled with clouds, fire, and lightning, they have a beautiful blue sky with barely a cloud and shining gold-white sun that baths the city in light, both normal sunlight and holy light. Many colonies have fake skies, either on the inside of the barriers that protect them from Calamities or special windows that show fake images. Some even possess fake suns created by advance technology, ancient magic, or other world magi-tech. Only the Mexican city possess fake suns powered by Gods


Roberta is pale-skinned Columbian woman standing 170 cm (5' 7") with blue eyes and waist-length dark purple hair that is tied in low pigtail braids with bangs hanging over her eyebrows. Her eyes are behind large, thick and overly round glasses. She is wearing a long maid uniform and a cross necklace. She is the infamous battle maid of the Lovelace Family.

Many years ago, Rosarita Cisneros was taken in by Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace, when she was escaping from the Colombian Cartel and her old FARC comrades as a favor to his old friend, Roberta's father. He took her in and treated her as family, and her heart belonged to him and his son Garcia. When Garcia was kidnapped by the Cartel who were after rare earth elements of the Lovelace lands, Roberta became a determinate war machine to hunt down those responsible to save her young master. She even fought the crew of the infamous Black Lagoon company. When Diego was murdered by soldiers , she hunted them and was saved by Garcia.

In those many years, Garcia's love of Roberta has grown into a passionate sexual love. Where he was once a child protected by Bloodhound of Florencia, he became a the man that would forever stand at her side. They were already lovers when they awoke in a Venezuelan home during the Halloween Event and the Valentine Event increased the Lovelace family with the conception of Diego Roca Lovelace. He was named after his grandfather and Garcia's friend Rokura "Rock" Okajima


"Sorry, Young Master, I was lost in thought."

"I'm no longer your Master or Young."

"You will always be the master of my heart, beloved master."

"Sappy!" comes the voice of there oldest son as he comes back with a frozen desert. He sits down at the Café table with his parents. It's a very popular Café, serving some of the best frozen deserts in Mexico.

Diego is holding three orders of a desert called Frozen Green. According to the owner it was originally made to honor an incarnations of Xochiquetzal - Aztec goddess of beauty, sexual love, and household arts, who is also associated with flowers and plants. The mixture of gourmet ice cream, fruit juice, and a few special ingredients. It's a rainbow of vibrant colors dominated by shades of green and white. A special magic seal on the boxes prevents the frozen treats from melting even during the hottest day under the false Mexican sun of the city.

"As if you weren't as bad when you were romancing Maria." says Garcia with a smirk, "Speaking of which where is she and little Rebecca?"

"She encountered a friend from Dual Academy and told me to order for her." Says Diego, then elaborates, "They started chatting, then they pulled out there card decks and started a game. Rebecca likes watching the game and Maria wants to encourage the talent."

"An entire Academy dedicated to card games in a world where Games are Serious Business. Some worlds are so Strange." says Garcia, drinking his fruit drink

"The World of Darkness influenced that world's development. When the Egyptian Priests made contact with it and started sealing parts of souls into stone tablets, the shadow games were born. Card Games become Serious Business when a person's soul can be gambled as easily as pocket change."

"Messing with the souls of dead sounds very foolish" says Roberta enjoying her drink, "Souls are God's authority and thinking they have the right to manipulate them is pure madness."

"It's not like they had much choice. The World of Darkness was created by the Great Evil God Zorc. He's the one that sent the Book of Gods and Demons to Ancient Egypt knowing they would eventually use it in desperation. There world was lucky that Pharaoh Atem was able to summon the Creator God of Light, Horakhty and destroy Zorc "

"You wife told you a lot about her world?"

"Maria had to deal with a lot of horrors. Zorc's Darkness actually survived Horakhty, it actually menaced Duel Academy until it was defeated by Jaden Yuki. Another Destined Hero." explains Diego, "It wasn't the last threat that appeared. Do you know why Duel Monsters is so popular in this City?"


"It has to do with the Third Set of Destined Heroes- The Signers. Thousands of years ago, the People of the Stars, called upon the Dragon Star for aid to save their lands from incarnations of evil called the Earthbound Immortals that threatened the peace of their civilization. Help came in the form of the Crimson Dragon, who is an incarnation of Quetzalcoatl. Each of the Signers possesses part of the Crimson Dragon. The cosmic fire flows in the veins of the Signers and there children is as strong power flowing in Quetzalcoatl's own children."

"That's Interesting. Did Maria do a lot of research?"

"The Signers were after Maria's Time. She was in Duel Academy back in 2000s. The Events of Neo Domino City occurred in 2035. I actually heard of the events from a Peruvian Duellist Bommer. He was actually a former villain - a Dark Signer - who did the redemption thing after learning the truth about his village's destruction. He treated my family to diner after he lost a duel with Maria."


Maria walks up to her husband with little Rebecca in her arms. She has dark eyes, light skin, and shoulder-length straight auburn hair. She's dressed in pale blue shirt, white pants, and boots with a leather jacket and belt. On her arm is odd machine, which many in the city would recognize as a Tenoch Type Duel Disk, a machine that allows holographic augmented reality battles between card duellists.

"I saw Karas!"

"You did? Is he like our Karas?"

"He gold and shiny."

Karas, the karasu tengu (crow sky-dog yokai)-theme armoured protectors of the cities. Originally they were the protectors of the great Japanese cities, souls filled with sorrow contracted by the feline spirits of the city. When the great colonies formed after Halloween, new Karas begin to appear around the world. The sorrow of loss is known to the older generation and the new crow warriors rose to protect there new homes.

"It's him!"

The crowd whispers as they see the Karas of Tenoch Fortress City, the strongest Karas in Mexico, and Lord Quetzalcoatl's strongest spirit warrior.

In his gold/white armor which resembles a cross between a bird of prey and a crow, he stands 200 cm tall (6'7), but the few that know him personally known he actually standing 185 cm tall (6'1) with blue eyes and blonde hair. His armor is a mixture of his original Quetzalcoatl Battle-Suit and Helmet and the crow-theme armor of supernatural masked hero.

In his world, there was an ancient society that worshiped Quetzalcoatl, training and breeding warriors to be his vessel to fight an evil version of Tezcatlipoca. Emilio's father defied the cult when he fell in love with an outside, so his son was taken to be the new vessel. He rose as the hero of Vanity, eventually becoming a member of the Justice League but left so he wouldn't betray them. When Tezcatlipoca arrived in the form of the planet-destroying war machine Mageddon, he stood by his friends. Uno, son of Emilio, known as the Super Hero Aztek, sacrificed himself to try to stop the Warbringer and give Superman the chance to destroy Mageddon/Tezcatlipoca, during the World War III.

When he awoke in the Changed World, we wandered for a long time occasionally working as a Doctor under the name Dr. Curtis Falconer and sometimes fighting monsters as the hero Aztek. He could feel a force drawing him South and followed it into Mexico, He found himself standing before the being that had dominated his life - Quetzalcoatl. He great being looked into him and from Aztek emerged Yurine.

The Spirits of the City in the form of nekomata (cat spirits) are called Yurine. Tenoch's Yurine is a beautiful Nahuatl woman with dark skin and brown eyes that reflect gold in light,. She has long yellowish reddish gray hair with solid black spots and stripes resembling the fur of an ocelot. Unlike her "domesticated" sisters that prefer two pigtails, Tenoch's Ocelot Yurine prefers her hair to be flowing back.

Karas normally don't appear unless they are hunting prey, but the golden Karas isn't an average Karas.

"We just got a report from Dragon Train Kukulkan. They encounter of bunch of decayed war golems being led by a underground carnivorous plant titan. The Sado family was able to wiped them out, but the plant titan was an Adventure-Killer. They had to use Underworld Decimination.'

'Chaos spells are extremely dangerous, but if the Conductor isn't calling for an arrest it must be justified. The Sado Family have always been 'good people'."

Karas Aztek gives her a odd look, which is hard to tell with a bird helmet.

"Has they been any news on the machine beasts? Mancha is still working on it."

Yurines make perfect secretaries for Karas city spirit warriors.

Tenoch Cyber-Security Building

The Halloween Event didn't just create a multitude of magical and living characters, it also created many sentient machines, cybernetic organisms, and digital life forms spread across not only the mortal physical world, but other planes of existence.

There are angelic machines forged from the brilliant shining alloys of the heavens. Machines that fly threw the skies using white metal wings and aether engines, bringing hope to the mortal races they protect. Tenoch City possesses the Platinum Angel - a armoured humanoid composed of shining silvery white metal with huge metal feathered wings, a large shield, and a glowing sword. He does not rest in it's protection of the people.

There demonic machines forged from netherworld alloys possessing a dark radiance of the abyss. Machines forged in hellfire, infused with darkest magic and the science of thousand wars past and future, and powered by hearts of darkness. They live to fight and destroy there enemies. Tenoch City possesses Goetia-Zagan possessing the horns of a bull, the wings and claws of a Griffon. .It hunts criminals and monsters in the name of the gods, an apex mechanical predator that tears apart it's organic prey.

There are places possessing bionic dragons, immense beings of power with many weapons and impenetrable armour superior to living dragon's scales. These plasma breathing titans rule huge areas even in Mexico, with one of the strongest having sworn it's loyalty to Quetzalcoatl and Xiuhtecuhtli - ("Turquoise Lord" or "Lord of Fire") - the god of fire, day and heat. The Aztec lord of volcanoes, the personification of life after death, warmth in cold (fire), light in darkness and food during famine.

"Dragon King Cyan Varzagos is having problems with his computer system. This is the wrong department, but I'll send over some IT guys.."

Mexico's bionic dragon Cyan is one of the largest on record, so Mexico makes sure she stays happy. You don't argue with a hundred fifty meter long machine dragon that can vaporize nuclear bunkers.

The Machina Magi are mechanical life forms capable of using magic. They include machines that fuel technological devices with magic, mechanical wizards that can cast spells, alchemists, and warriors. Some look completely inhuman, while others are identical to humans other than the way they were born.

"Mr Mancha, they tool you asked for is ready for pick up" says a silver-gray-eyed girl with long silver-white hair done in two pigtails on one of the video screens. A similar silver-gray-eyed boy with short silver-white hair topped by red-lens black goggles pops up. "We can guaranty it will help you track down those machine beasts."

"Thank you, Emma, Aiden."

In Tenoch City there are the Silver-Ateliers, a pair of fraternal twin humanoids who specialize in collecting objects to use in alchemy recipes to create new objects, including cooking ingredients, recovery items, tools, weapons, armor, and accessories. There name comes from there silver-hair and silver alloy charms.

"Mira, can you order the pickup?"

"Yes, Sir!" says a small energetic woman. Mira only stands 150 cm (4'11) with a slender build, red eyes behind dark glasses, pale skin, and shoulder-length white hair. The little albino is dressed in a black jumpsuit with black/green gloves and boots. She also wears a hooded white jacket with green circuit-like markings and a odd headset. Mira looks human, but she's actually a Cyberorganism.

A Cyberorganism is a human/other biological life form born from a machine, such as, androids, robots, automatons, mecha, etc. Unlike techno-organics who are born a mixture of biological and technological components, cyberorganisms are pure or nearly pure organic. This doesn't mean they don't possess special abilities of there own such as enhanced memory, dampened emotions, and Computer Perception.

During the Valentine Event, many ridiculously human robots were shocked to learned they could reproduce and not all with other machines. Cyberdolls, Wolkenritter, Cyborg Catgirls, and many other sentient machines possessing human emotions found themselves effected. Mira's mother Amira was a gynoid that gave birth to human child possessing Electronic Communication abilities. She doesn't need to input commands on keyboards or verbal commands to follow Mancha's orders, but can communicate with her thoughts.


Mr. Mancha stands 175 cm (5'9), 90 kg (198 lbs) with green eyes and shoulder length wavy black hair. When using his special abilities his occasionally glow blue and discharge sparks. He's dressed in a black shirt, black pants, black gloves, and thick boots. He's also dressed in black jacket with a glowing blue-green circuit pattern.

"Time till arrival?"

"10 minutes with the current traffic."

Mr. Mancha's history is complicated and family history is even worse. Many years ago, Marianella Mancha found the remains of one of most advance robots in a Los Angeles refill. She believed the powerful being to be supernatural and confessed her problems, not knowing it was actually the most dangerous robot in the Marvel Universe - Ultron.

She was a petty criminal and former drug mule, which left her unable to give birth to a child and her criminal record prevented her from adopting. In exchange for gathering the material he needed to construct a new body, Ultron promised to give her a child as a "reward". He began using Marianella's DNA and his cybernetics to create a cyborg. Designed with nanites, Victor's body would continue to develop until he would be virtually indistinguishable from a fully biological human.

"Sir, you just got Mail."

"From who?"

"Molly Haynes. She's setting up a reunion in Tenoch."

Victor Mancha was suppose to be a sleeper agent, one who would join the Avengers as a Hero then destroy them. What Ultron didn't predict was a group of teenage runaways messing up his plans. These teenagers were the offspring of the rulers of the Los Angeles underworld known as the Pride.

Chase Stein, son of World-renowned and financially wealthy inventors, who were also secretly mad scientists. Lacking superhuman abilities, Chase was a skilled pilot. In the Changed World, he's a professional driver for a transport company, one that works with the Dragon Trains.

Molly Haynes, daughter of Telepathic (artificial) mutant criminals posing as doctors, possessing the mutant powers of psychically fuelled strength and invulnerability. In the Changed World, she works as an adventurer who the Valentine Event also forced her into motherhood.

Nico Minoru, daughter of Dark wizards posed as an average, middle-class, church-going couple and master of Staff of One and Blood Magic. She has taken up residence in Magia - the hidden capital city of magic in the Changed World.

Gertrude "Gert" Yorkes, daughter of Time-travelling criminals posed as antique dealers and psychically linked to bio-engineered Deinonychus Old Lace. She's currently married to Victor and is the mother of there daughter Maria-Lina.

Karolina Dean, daughter of Exiled alien war-criminals from the planet Majesdane, posing as actors in Hollywood.. The extraterrestrial girl was with her girlfriends Xavin and Julie Powers when the Valentine Event occurred, and have "retired" to one of the larger, safer Colony

These young heroes had gotten a warning from a time-travelling Gertrude Yorkes before she died from her injuries. She was from a future where Victorious murdered most of the super heroes including the remaining Avengers, Armor's X-Men, and the Fantastic Fourteen. After his mother was murdered by Ultron and Ultron was defeated with help from Excelsior, the cyborg ended up joining the Runaways because he didn't have anywhere else to go. His life just kept getting weirder.

"I never thought I would be happy to have a Reunion."

"Why is that, Sir?"

"My father was the supreme king of killer robots and my paternal grandfather is the scientist supreme that infused his many issues into lethal creation. My family is full of Super-powered Synthezoids and mutants with even crazier family members. Halloween Event multiplied those family problems by having multiple versions walking around and Valentine's Day multiplied them again by adding the new generation."

"Is it really that bad?"


In the News

(Translated from Spanish)

A young Hispanic woman with shoulder-length black hair, gold eyes, and cat ears is on the TV and Scroll screens

"This is 29th of January, 2020. I'm Valentina de Luna with the News."

The first photo that appears is a heavily scarred Mexican man with brown eyes in an angry look, wild black hair reaching his shoulders and thick mustache. His picture features him holding a machete - a broad blade used either as an implement like an axe, or in combat like a short sword. Stats list him at 168 cm (5'6) and 76 kg (168 lbs). Despite being in his 90s, he still looks strong and vicious.

"The city of Tenoch is happy to announce the return of famed adventurer hero Machete Cortez. He has returned from the Battles of Tijuana and Mexicali. The Former police officer, hired assassin, and spy gadget inventor is famous for many victories that have earned him A-Rank despite his lack of supernatural abilities. In this latest adventure, he wiped out werewolf gang Bandits of Baja (Bandidos de Baja)"

The next is a video of man being led away in restraints by authorities. He's a tall, overweight man with dark glasses, dark skin with numerous tattoos on his arms, and short black hair streaked with grey. He also has a gray mustache. The man is dressed in a dark shirt and pants, that look expensive.

"Today, Renato Rico Rafael Rivera known as R4 of R4 Farms was arrested at his home in Mérida Colony. It was revealed that in order to increase the productivity of his workers he had used necromancy. He killed his workers, using there life force to both enhance plant growth and animate them as walking dead. The walker-workers not requiring food, water, or rest could work 24 hours a day on the crops without pay. R4 has been arrested for the multiple counts of murder and forbidden magic use. Authorities are also discouraging consumption of R4 Products due to possible malediction contamination ."

The next photo is a young Mexican man standing 178 cm (5'8) and 60 kg (132 lbs). He has brown eyes with dark glasses, short black hair, and a smile. Next to him a bald Caucasian man, but it's harder to see his eyes with the dark sunglasses.

"Miguel Barragan, known as Hero Adventurer Bunker announced his marriage to his boyfriend Gabriel. Born in Mexico, he was one of few openly gay super heroes in his version of the DC Universe. His powers allow him to create psionic energy constructs, which allowed him to save many lives in the Changed World. The Representative Hero of Tenoch's LGBT+ Community will have his wedding funded by Xochiquetzal for his valor during the Stone Devil Invasion."

The next picture is very strange as instead of humanoids, the picture is two anthropomorphic mice.

One is a black female with distinctive round ears and black eyes. She's dressed in black clothing with white gloves, yellow shoes, and a hooded black coat. She also carries a distinctive decorated sword resembling a key with a key chain attached to the hilt.

The other is an orange-brown male with black hair. He's dressed in white shirt and pants, with a red sash, fedora, and speedster boots (boots common to those with super speed). His weapon of choice resembles a Spanish fencing sword that seems to spark with electricity.

"Rapido Gonzales, son of famous speedster Speedy Gonzales has won the heart of Mina Mouse, Princess of Magic Kingdom, and the daughter of Keyblade Master King Micky. They announced there engagement today in a press conference and we have film"

The picture expands and a video starts showing the couple in front of a crowd of reporters and businessmen.

"After the Halloween Event, my father began to grow over time. He was once a little mouse, then he grew to the size of a human child, and his speed grew with his body. He eventually crashed into the Magic Kingdom and ended up training with King Mickey. That is how our families ended up working together."

The screen shuts off.

The former watcher is a Cyborg standing 178 cm (5'10"), a former pretty boy with a single blue eye and Light/Platinum blond. He has a powerful mostly black cybernetic body with everything below his lips being artificial. The black band horizontal across his face and metal jaw complete with metal teeth is little creepy. He carries a red high frequency sword with a modified sheath that shoots the sword like a gun. The one thing that doesn't go with the black Cyborg Ninja look is the large Sombrero on his head.

"Your disguises are still awful, Raiden."

The one commenting is a advance canine-like robot with a red visor, numerous blade extensions from it's black/white machine body, and a flexible three-prong robot arm at the end of a whip-like tail.

"I thought I would be blending in, Wolf" says Raiden, the famous Cyborg Ninja Swordsman.

"Stick with Swordsmanship, Raiden." says Blade Wolf, also known as IF Prototype LQ-84i and Wolf. "Your disguise ability is as bad as your mentor and his obsession with the Cardboard Boxes."

Outside Tenoch Fortress City - Area 7

Adventurers gave gathered around points in and around the city. Today is a mission for all available Adventurers. A mission so important that they have even called in Adventurers from the other cities and even the Colonies in the States.

Tenoch Fortress City's Adventurer's Guild Master is a very powerful man of Mexico. He only stands 165 cm (5'4") the average height for a Mexican male, but he's very muscular and thick boned, making some thing he's part dwarf. He has brown eyes with thick gray eyebrows, dark skin with many tattoos and war scars that wears with pride, thick black hair streaked with gray and reaching his shoulders, and a thick mustache. Normally, he spends his time around the Guild Hall talking to his former team mates or the younger generation, while dressed in yellow t-shirt covered in Avocado images. He's currently dressed in dark gray power armor with the chest and back plate painted white, one pauldron (shoulder armor) painted green and the other pauldron painted red. He activates a magi-tech computer on his armor and a video begins to play on the Scroll PDAs.

The video shows a dark world with a vast desert composed of rusty sand and broken machinery and a black sky covered in red stars. The only illumination is the black spires rising from the desert and burning red as if filled with glowing magma. The inhabitants of the dark world are revealed to be machines composed of black metal with glowing red optics. The machines resemble living creatures such as predatory animals, humanoids, and "mythical" beasts, but it's clear they are composed of living metal and eldritch technology. What is more alarming is the sheer number of machine beasts. There are hundreds of billions of machine beasts, ranging from giant insects and flying squids to several dragons larger than any elephant. The video cuts off as the flying stealth drone is devoured by a flying beast.

"The Realm of the Machine Beasts is an Artificial dimension constructed by those creatures. It acts as a perfect lair preventing Hunters from reaching them, while sending out Beasts to raid for resources. The accelerated time of that dimension allows them to grow, multiple and evolve, until they can become an unstoppable flood that will consume our world. Even now, 60 hours pass in there world for every second in this world. Our only hope is to collapse the dimension itself and destroy the inhabitants before they can spill into our world and consume it."


"Super science and powerful magic have failed to effect the dimension. Our only choice is to use Chaos spells"

The Adventurers with visible organic skin pale at those words.

"One spell to open a path into the Realm and one spell to collapse the Realm. The assembled adventurers will then deal with any Machine Beasts that manage to escape."

The man casting the spell is a very old wizard who has many children and grandchildren in Tenoch. He's a tall, lean man with purple eyes, pale skin, and hip-length white hair. He also has a equally long beard (and mustache), thick white eyebrows, and long ear lobes. He's dressed in flowing white robes with a wide-rim wizard hat and long wooded staff made of white wood. A staff covered in glowing runes

" I challenge the laws of nature and reason by summoning the power that is forbidden. Sword of Cold and Darkness, free yourself from the heaven´s bonds, and cut threw all before you. Cut the Bonds of Heaven and Earth, Ragna Blade!"

As the wizard casts his spell, a blade of darkness crackling with lightning extends from tip of the staff transforming it into the most terrifying pole arm in existence . The blade extends to the heavens and the Wizard moves the blade in a slashing motion that makes a howling wind. The blade vanishes and there is a pause, before a glowing tear appears in the Red Sky. As the tear widens, a realm is revealed to the Adventurers. A realm filled with multitudes of mechanical creatures, moving like a ocean of living metal. Some of the machine beasts emerge from the tear confused about the rupture in time and space.

The Wizard coughs up a small amount of blood and looks like he has aged a couple of decades.

"Are you sure about this, old man?"

"We have no choice. For all our science and magic, we can't collapse the lair of the beasts. We must act now before they advance beyond us and there numbers spill into our world."

There a tone in his voice of the ancient and wise man who knows this is his last day.

"I call the world, I call the heavens, I call the Void. I challenge the laws of nature and reason by summoning the power that is True Destruction. I call to chaos of the beginning that surpasses time and space. I break the barriers of reality to collapse the realm into nothingness. DIMENSION DESTROYER!"

As the words are spoken, there is a feeling a primordial fear among the Adventurers. Chaos spells are insanely dangerous, but some them inspire fear beyond the physical and mental. The souls of the Adventurers shake like glasses of water in an terrifying earthquake. The physical Earth beneath there feet begins to shake and on the other planes of existence, the realms ripple with destructive power.

Glowing runes appear and disappear in the air around the battlefield. The range of the lights is immense, over a kilometer in diameter. On the tip of the Wizard's staff, space is pulled into a single point, forming a growing black sphere no bigger than a marble, and the world seems to darken around the Adventurers as lightning crackles in the sky and across the ground. Then everything stops, the earthquake stops, the lightning stops, even the sound in air stops (from the sound of thunder to the sound of fast heartbeats and breathing). The tiny absolutely black sphere rises into the sky towards the portal into the Realm of the Machine Beasts.

As it passes the Horizon of the portal, everything within the Realm instantly changes to gray scale. The sound and quaking returns, a hundred fold stronger. In Tenoch City, some of the magically and scientifically reinforced buildings are damaged by the 9.9 Quake. The thunder, lightning, and howling wind batter the Adventurers. There are explosions of light at various points in and around the city. The Adventurers know they are witnessing the destruction of a realm, as terrifying as watching a planet being devoured by a black hole while being close enough to witness it.

The Old Wizard still stands in position, but he does not make a sound and he never will again. He's already dead, his physical body drained of life, his mind shattered across the astral plane, and his soul gone beyond the sight of the Reapers. The Old Wizard's body turns grey, then crumbles into vanishing ash and darkness, leaving absolutely nothing behind except memories of a Hero.

The explosions of light release bursts of heat, light, and other forms radiation as matter is crushed by the collapsing dimension and expelled into other dimensions. Matter is reduced into streams of particles that burn paths in the earth and the heavens. Hundreds of magical and technological barriers protect Tenoch City and quickly cool the superheated air.

There are survivors of the annihilated realm. Metallic gray matter fell from the rifts in time and space as the Realm was destroyed. Most of it was rusty sand and fragments of the energy spires, but thousands of machine land in and around the city. The Adventurers and defenses of the Great City lock onto there targets, it's time to honor of the sacrifice of the Old Wizard.

An immense centipede with black exo-skeletal armor and blade sharp silver legs tears across the battlefield with shocking speed, it's sword-like mandibles slicing through everything in it's path. It occasional spots to release crimson beams that destroy some attacking machines and even send some of more durable Adventurers flying across the battlefield like a skipping stone across a pond. Many of the adventurers have to dive out of way of the machine beast's path and one adventurer is cut in half before he can react.

Fortunately, that Adventurer is Pablo Valdez also known as the zombie super hero El Muerto. His bisection proves to be a distraction his teammates need as the flash bomb he was carrying detonates blinding the optics of his attacker.

Diego Irigoyen, known as Iman, is clad in the latest version of his personal power armor. He created his original power armor to fight criminals and super villains in his own world and in the last twenty years, he's used the advance technology of a dozen worlds to enhance his armor. He's also taught several apprentices and even had children of his own who have created there own armors.

"Target Lock. Fire all Missiles!"

A dozen people clad in power armor release more than two hundred missiles at the immense centipede and the entire length of the beast is covered in fiery explosions. The centipede emerges from the smoke and flames, it's black armor cracked and deformed in many places and several legs missing completely spraying mercury-like fluid.

The Centipede screeches and releases red particles beams from it's optics at the surrounding adventurers, only for the beams to go through them without causing any damage. The source of the illusions is the leader of the Justicia, a super hero descended from Aztec sorcerers - El Dorado. The man clad in a costume that evokes the image of an Aztec Warrior King possesses many abilities include illusions, telepathy, teleportation, and super strength. El Dorado's strength is demonstrated as he uppercuts the Centipede, snapping it's head upward with such force there are sparks of lightning.

A figure clad in black with green stripes and a symbol on her forehead emerges from the dark smoke of the explosions. She is Andrea Rojas, known as the Shadow Hero Acarata. While the Mayan symbol grants her the ability to teleport while in shadows, she has trained hard in martial arts and acrobatics to be a match to any member of "unpowered" Bat Family. She spins as she emerges from the darkness of the cloud and throws explosives at the head of the centipede, which magnetically attach near the eyes. She then grabs the web line of her teammate Catalina Flores, a spider-theme heroine and former vigilante known as Tarantula.

The explosives detonate and destroy the beam-emitting eyes of the Centipede causing it to release a distorted electronic sound almost sound like an animal's screech of pain. There is a chain of smaller explosions starting at the head and travel down the body, causing the damaged armor to rupture.

Iman watches with his scanners as the power conduits of the Centipede detonate, looking for something specific. There is a beep as the scan finds the object and target locks the item. Iman fires deep penetration missile towards a specific segment of the mechanical invertebrate. The missile pierces the armor, only slowly slightly then detonates and tears the Centipede in half.

El Dorado reaches in the shattered segment and pulls out a glowing core, which he crushes like a a piece of rotten fruit in his hand. The massive mechanical centipede collapses as it`s energy core is destroyed all life fading from it`s systems.

A group of spider-theme adventurers are fighting a taur-class semi-humanoid beast. The upper body resembles a muscular humanoid with smooth black armor veined with red and thick arms ending in claw-like weapons with many small red lights. Below the waist, the humanoid is connected to a giant mechanical black scorpion with a glowing red stinger-blade at the end of the tail. It's head is completely smooth except for a round eye resembling an electronic cyclops. The massive machine beast has more than raw physical strength and stinger. It can even energy bullets and emit jets of plasma, as one Spider-Man learns too late.

"Pedro!" yells one of the Spider-Girls, dressed in black with a white spider, as Pedro "Desert Spider" Perez is incinerated by the plasma jets.

"It's too late Anya" says the very menacing Spider-Man of 2099.

Araña dodges the energy projectiles, weaving between the attacks using the superhuman agility that make Spider Clan such unique fighters. She fires a web line from her arm's organic web shooters and strikes the scorpion beast in the chest of it's humanoid body. The beast pulls on the webs to get it's prey close to it, but Araña takes advantage to get close. She lets go before the beast can react and does acrobatics to deliver a kick to the head. The beast stumbles back with it's head half torn off, it's four clawed limbs moving wildly in an attempt to hit there prey. The beast attempts to repair it's damaged neck, but a web line connected to a rock acts like flail finishing the decapitation.

Anya Corazon, also known as Spider-Girl and Araña, originally gained her spider powers threw magic. She saved the life of a sorcerer of the mysterious Spider Society, taking a fatal blow, and the sorcerer infused her with his magic. Due to many events include Spider Island event, she ended up with spider powers due to super villain mad scientist Jackal's Spider-Virus. Trained as agent of SHIELD and experiencing the horrors of the changed world, she won't allow the loss of friend to stop her from saving other friends.

The headless scorpion machine beast doesn't die with the loss of it's head, it simply adapts. There is a red light emitted from the chest as a surge of energy and a stream of data is sent to make changes. The chest armour of the humanoid half splits open to reveal four new glowing red eyes. The new optics don't have time to react as a spray of webbing covers the chest, blinding the beast again. Spider-Man 2099 makes a signal to Araña and they both jump away from there target.

Miguel O'Hara, also known as Spider-Man 2099, was originally a scientist working for the mega-corporation Alchemax until he could no longer stand there corrupt nature. When he tried to leave, he was tricked into taking a drug that would make him addicted on a genetic level, a drug only the corp could supply. Miguel attempted to cure himself using his own technology not knowing it was sabotaged by a rival and became the Spider-Man of his world.

As a scientist of a cyberpunk future, he's very familiar with technology more advance than an average Spider-Man. He left an example of his technology in the webbing that the scorpion beast is attempting to burn off it's chest.

Scorpion watches as the webbing is burnt away from it's optics, but can't react to the objects hidden in the webbing. The high yield micro explosions detonate next to the optics, instantly destroying them. The optical sockets are also weak points in the armour allowing the explosion to travel into the scorpion's chest. The scorpion machine beast stumbles back as it's humanoid chest explodes out. It damages the arms badly enough that they wouldn't be able to stop Miguel even it could see him. Miguel's sharp taloned fingers rip out the core and destroy it.

Miguel then leaps away as the scorpion's tail tries to sting him despite the humanoid half clearly being destroyed. . Metallic spikes shoot out from the where the waist of the humanoid torso connects to the scorpion lower body and the humanoid torso slides off and collapses on the ground. The tail shoots towards Miguel at a surprising speed only for it to be grabbed by Araña's web line.

The web lines of half a dozen other Spider-Men and Spider-Women also follow. Together they pull the massive mechanical scorpion of it's eight bladed legs and smash it into the ground, belly up hard enough to create a crater. Other Adventurers with various weapons take advantage to open fire with lasers, particle beams, rockets, and a huge amount of military-grade armor-piercing bullets

The second core of the scorpion is revealed to be connected to the base of the tail as it's torn from the body by combined strength of the Spider Clan. It's quickly smashed, ending the monster's synthetic life once and for all.

The battles become more and more intense. Warriors possessing vast superhuman strength stop the charges of massive machine beasts and then tear open there black armor to reach there cores. Massive metal clubs and slabs of iron mistaken for swords crush there foes with devastating blows. Blades ranging from unbreakable magical swords to absurdly sharp future sword cut through the alloy plates and cables that make up the skin and flesh of these monsters.

Projectiles ranging from bone spikes ejected from mutant warriors to magical arrows launched by legendary arcane archers to armor-piercing bullets fired by elite soldiers to shots of alien rail guns. They violently tear through targets and the cause explosions as they hit vital points. High energy laser beam, brilliant beams from focused energy weapons, and radiant particle beams burn the air before tearing apart the machine beast metal at an atomic level. Plasma of Jedi Lightsabers burnt threw metal bones like hot knives through soft butter, while plasma bolts from blasters cause millions of explosions as they vaporize metal on contact.

Qi-enhanced punches crush metal, while flying swords and daggers slice in the depths of the mechanically abominations in animal forms. Powerful martial artists deliver strikes that send Qi shock waves that bypass the armor and detonate inside the beasts Some even release plasma-like Qi blasts that push there targets, sending machine beasts flying through the air.

Esper warriors channel there psychic power into destructive displays of psychokinesis. Storms of mental energy so intense, they send many of the smaller beasts flying with the force of hurricane. Psychically thrown rocks strike with the force of meteorites, detonating in fiery blasts. Several green and red haired psychics prove there immense strength by incinerating or disintegrating entire groups of machine beasts.

Aura-enhanced huntsman blur across the Red Sky scorched desert using a combination of there mecha-shift combo-weapons and semblances. There targets may not be the malicious Creatures of Grimm born the God of Darkness and the will of the Witch Queen Salem, but the machine beasts are as cold, vicious, and malicious to neo-humanity.

There is a vast variety of Magic users, so the attacks are just as numerous and varied. Masters of Abjuration cast protective barriers, heal and regenerate the injured, and augment those adventurers not possessing a high resistance to magic.

Masters of conjuration summon magical weapons, transferred Adventurers from cleansed areas to new areas, and even summon powerful creatures to aid them.

"Area 4 to Area 6 - Transfer!" "Area 15 to Area 6 - Transfer!"

"Summon: Eagle King - Thorondor!"

"Summon: King of Flame - Ifrit!"

"Summon: Chameleon!"

"Summon: Desert Dragon - Sahara!"

"Summon: Alexander!"

"Summon: Phoenix!"

"Summon: Shiva!"

"Summon: Titan!"

"Summon: Ramah!"

"Summon: Leviathan!"

"Summon: Knights Of The Round!"

"Summon: BAHAMUT!"

Diviners locate weaknesses, while Illusionists deceive there mechanical enemies.

"The Head" "The base of the Tail" "The shoulder, base of the largest wing" "Collar, top of sternum" "It's got an AOE. 5 seconds!" "Poison Gas is two minutes!" "Left arm and right leg." "Reverse scale on chest." "Achilles Heel! Not Kidding, Right Foot!"

The druids call forth the animals and trees to hold back there enemies, while other release the elements. The machines are crushed by Earth spells, sliced and frozen by water spells, cut by wind spells combined with the desert sand, and incinerated by fire and lightning.

The Transmuters turn the battlefield around them into there weapon, turn the desert ground into pools of acid or explosives. There are supported by the Alchemists of Amestris and Xing, who deconstruct, and reassemble the matter around them into new forms.

The Gods don't merely watch there Adventurers fight.

"The Gods shed blood to nourish the World. The People fight and shed Blood for the Gods. The Gods Will Protect The People with Our Lives. To the Invaders of this Holy Land, Feel the Cleansing Fire of the Fifth Sun!"

Quetzalcoatl calls down the fire of Sun down on the strongest of the machine beasts. They are trapped in divine magic barriers as magic-enhanced solar plasma consumes them, the golden-white flames vaporizing the metal of there bodies in span of a heartbeat. The cores detonating in flashes hidden in the brilliance of the nuclear star fire. The barriers prevent the fire from igniting the world's atmosphere, venting the particles into the Red Sky. A Sky that thunders with the spirits of battle below it.

The Seraphim throw spears of holy light in the name of the Creator, while devils draw swords of dark radiance whispers the forbidden names. Holy Fire and Hell Fire, both hotter than any mortal flame erase there targets, not even leaving ionized particles behind.

Julio Richter, known as Rictor, has experienced many hardships not just being an Earthquake-causing mutant in a version of the Marvel universe. His family's illegal gun-smuggling syndicate resulted in him spending time in prison and his father being murdered by a time-travelling super villain during a deal gone bad. He's been tortured by racist extremists, but he has risen to be a Hero.

His partner in this battle is Lance Alvers, one of the mutants that carries the name Avalanche. Unlike the Greece-born Dominikos Petrakis, Lance is an American who resembles Julio and possesses similar powers. Lance was an abused child of a falling foster system, whose awakening of mutant powers did not improve things. Instead after failing to impress Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat) and nearly demolishing his school, he ended up joining Mystique's Brotherhood in Bayville.

They are leading a group of Earth Benders. These skilled masters of the earth manipulation are from the world of the Four Elements and the Avatar. They not only work as Adventurers, but construction workers helping to create the great walls that surrounded the great fortress cities of Mexico.

There are also many nearby masters of Abjuration augmenting the abilities of the benders and mutants with there magical power. The power is intense they all glow with a golden light visible to the horde of machine beasts attempting to escape the Adventurer encirclement.

The Earth beneath the dark machines shakes with boosted seismic energy and augmented earth Qi. The sandy surface sinks as the earth and stone beneath cracks open and the fissures quickly grow. The crack that opens in the Earth is deeper than the Grand Canyon and the thousands of machine beasts fall more than two thousand meters to the sandy bottom. Some of the creatures are destroyed on impact, but many of the creatures survive the fall. They don't survive the walls of the mini Ravine violently closing and crushing them. On the surface there is an explosion of mercury-like liquid like a short lived geyser as the machines are annihilated.

The Adventurers are fighting hard, but not all of the battles are going smoothly. An Adventurers live is a life full of risk and on this day many Adventurers have fallen. Some overestimated there abilities, some underestimated the abilities of there opponents, and some were killed in surprise attacks.

Maya Lopez moves across the blood soaked battlefield carrying a severely injured Gloria Muñoz.

Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, is a very special girl. While she was born deaf, she possesses adoptive muscle memory. This allows her to copy any/all movements/actions after seeing it performed once, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts. She is a concert level pianist, a master martial artist, graceful dancer, master acrobat, proficient in weapons, and Multilingual. Even with all these amazing skills, the former Daughter of Liberty is half dead on her feet. Her human-limitations having reached there breaking point against the plague of mechanical nightmares.

Maya dances in the air to avoid two insect-like machines that attempted to strike from the left and right. She lands carefully, still holding the badly injured Gloria. Gloria causes the two colliding creatures to implode into a metal ball and shoot at a slower third attacker. She then collapses from exhaustion and blood loss.

After her Cuban father and Seminole mother divorced, Gloria Muñoz left her two young brothers and started living on her own at the age of 16. She spent time in Miami where she discovered her mutant powers and began calling herself Risque. Her mutant power Inorganic Implosion, allows her to compress matter using a gravity charge into a small, high-density mass and then maneuver that gravity charge to propel the object at high velocities. She had been using that ability to destroy dozens of machine beasts and firing them at others of there kind, when a surprise attack by an underground beast sliced her leg off. If it hadn't been for the medical nano-machines in her Adventurer armor she would have bleed out in seconds.

Suddenly, a dark clad figure appears in front of the two in an explosion of sulfuric smoke. He grabs both girls and vanishes, a split second a large beast smashes a crater into the desert ground.

Echo, Risque, and there savior appear in medical tent. Echo coughs from the brimstone smell. The man lowers his mask to reveal a young man with yellow eyes, blue skin, and wild black hair.

"Sorry about that, love. I teleport by going through a nasty dimension and the sulphur follows me."

The members of the Nightcrawler family actually jump in and out of a volcanic primordial hell dimension known as the Brimstone Dimension. The smoke that appears during teleportation is actually atmosphere escaping from that dimension. It was used as a prison for Azazel, the leader of a group of mutants that look like demons, known as Neyaphem. The numberous children of various versions of Nightcrawler and his kids are sometimes called Neo-Neyaphem.

"Hurry up and put that one on available stretcher."

"Yes, Doctor Reyes."

Puerto Rican Cecilia Reyes was born in the Bronx, New York City. At six, she saw her father Alejandro Reyes gunned down in a drive-by shooting. She dedicated her life to becoming a doctor. Soon after achieving her goal, her mutant powers activated. Her mutant power allowing her to create a skin-tight force field, that is subconsciously activated by a threat.

She contacted Charles Xavier who offered her to join Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and his X-Men. She rejected the offer and asked Professor X to keep her status as a mutant secret, preferring to continue her trauma surgeon career at the Our Mother of Mercy Hospital in the South Bronx. Those plans were disrupted when Operation: Zero Tolerance occurred and Bastion's sentinels attacked mutants under her care. She has always been a Doctor first and Adventurer second.

"He's losing too much blood, stabilize him!"

"Third degree Burns over 80% of his body."

"Spinal damage. Injecting nano."

"Healing magic detecting radioactive particles."

Today, she is dealing with a lot of injuries.

Three figures clad in tiger-theme white outfits are running across the desert, tearing through every Beast they encounter. As they move they generate visible Auras, the result of magic users augmenting there powers. The wizards behind there protective shields look very tired.

"How long can we keep augmenting there Amulets of Power!?"

"As long as it takes, brother. We have already lost too many people."

The Amulets of Power are three small amulets made of jade crafted in Eternal K'un-Lun, City of Immortals. One is in the shape of a tigers' head. The other two are in the form of tiger's claws. Years ago, martial arts instructor Master Kee kept the amulets in a special wooden box at the Tiger Dojo in New York City. After his death at the hands of ninja assassins, the students (Lin Sun, Abe Brown, and Bob Diamond) became the Sons of the Tiger and fought against evil mystical forces. Later, Hector Ayala and subsequent White Tigers used all three amulets in unison, greatly increasing the amount of power wielded by a single host. In the Changed World, the White Tiger Team - Hector Ayala, Angel Del Toro, and Ava Ayala, all possess complete sets of Amulets.

The sheer number of beasts that survived the destruction of there realm is terrifying. A powerful green shock wave from one large creature sends the White Tigers flying back, through the air, to crash into shields of the wizards. The strike is enough to break the shield and disperse the power augmenting spell of the Amulets, causing them to collapse. The swarm of machine beasts zerg rushes them, there metal fangs and claws ready to tear the organic creatures limb from limb. The fallen wizards and martial super heroes are about to join there fallen comrades soaking the desert sand, when they are nearly blinded by a brilliant light.

Two more adventurers have arrived from another team to rescue them.

Roberto Da Costa, known as Sunspot, is the son of Brazilian millionaire Emmanuel Da Costa and his American wife Nina, an archaeologist. He has once a normal star football (soccer) plater, until his mutant ability to absorb Solar Radiation awoke. This led to him eventually joined Xavier's New Mutants and eventually becoming a full fledged member of the X-Men. In the changed world's Mexico, Roberto can tap into divine suns of the Gods. He now floats like a dark flaming god above the battle, releasing blasts of solar plasma that incinerate the beasts below.

Sofia Mantega, known as Winddancer, was a girl born and raised in Venezuela, until the death of her mother. She was sent to her Uncle, the head of a major supermarket chain located in the United States, who put too much stress on the young girl. Pressure for language skills, good grades, and hiding her mutant power led to an explosive release that had her arrested. She was taken in by the Xavier Institute. She was part of the New Mutants Squad under the mentor-ship of (former New Mutant turned teacher) Dani Moonstar, until Decimation stripped her and most of mutant kind of there powers. She was injured when a friend Kevin Ford (Wither) thought he was also depowered and his decaying touch destroyed her arm. She awoke in the Changed World with her arm and powers restored.

Winddancer continues to push back the swarm of monsters, feeding air into the flames generated by Sunspot. Within minutes the flood of monsters finally slows as the last the large creature collapse into the flames. A small group of teleporters then appear to pull the group out of battle to a recovery site.

Armando Muñoz, known as Darwin, has had a very troubled life stemming from his mutation. He was born different than a normal human, pale and thin, almost alien in appearance. He was abandoned by his father and hated by his mother for his mutation. He attempted to earn her love with grades, so his mutant power granted his enhanced intellect, but he was still sent away by mother who continued to reject him. At the boarding school, while the teachers loved him, he was constantly bullied. When one bully dunked his head underwater, Armando learned he could breathe underwater and made his arms strong to fight the bullies. He even saved his mother from a burning house (caused by her smoking habit) and wasn't burnt.

"Darwin, the Evolving Boy" (nicknamed after Charles Darwin) possesses the mutant power of Instantaneous Adaptation: Darwin is able to adapt to any situation, with his reactive mutation adjusts his capabilities to his environment.

When his fellow X-Men were killed and captured by the living island Krakoa, he survived by fusing with his teammate Vulcan. This survival even included when Krakoa was launched into space. Many years later, he would defuse from Vulcan and continue being an X-Man.

He's fought many powerful beings in both his original world and the Changed World. Most of the time he was able to adapt to the problem given enough time. It doesn't always work out as when he encountered Green Scar (a intelligent gladiator king version of the Hulk enraged by the death of his people, his wife, and his unborn child), his powers teleported him away from the Hulk as a solution.

In the Changed World, he fought against the Kryptonian monster Doomsday whose adaptive abilities were similar to his own. They fought for over an hour, while other people worked on a solution and Darwin nearly died a dozen times fighting the Ultimate One. In the end, a Chaos Spell instantly shattered Doomsday's physical and spiritual bodies and dispersed them across the Universe, leaving Darwin to fall into a coma for a year.

Now, he faces the strongest of the Machine Beasts, a beast that would later be named The King of Machine Beasts. It's form is constantly changing, but it vaguely resembles a grotesquely muscular humanoid giant composed of pulsating cables and dark armour. It stands over three metres tall not include it's metre long black bull horns streaked with red glow. It was four arms, each ending in five fingers with sharp claws. It also has huge wings from a bird of prey with red/black metal feathers and reptilian tail that looks like it belongs to a giant crocodile if not composed of living metal. It's face is almost ape-like with large metal tusks, long pointed blades for ears, and three glowing red eyes. It also has a thick mane-like hair and beard composed of thick organic-steel tendrils. As the King roars, it releases every changing attacks at Darwin and Darwin adapts.

Immensely powerful physical blows that can rip apart a man in power armour like wet tissue paper, countered by a body that absorbs kinetic energy to strengthen itself. Armour-piercing rounds fail to penetrate mutant flesh and laser beams fail to burn the pale skin that hit. Bursts of flame that can melt hardened steel and cremate human bone, rendered useless by a body immune to heat and flame. Jets of molecular acid sprayed at pressures that can cut steel only manage to knock Darwin back, when they could easily slice armoured vehicles. Focussed Radiation bursts that could incinerate even the most resistant of cockroaches fails to rip apart the DNA of Darwin's ever adapting cells. Lightning blasts capable of send the children of Thor flying create explosions of dust and flame, but Darwin continues to move forward. Particle beams that could tear through the shields and armour of interstellar battleship are stopped by an electromagnetic shield emitted from Darwin's body.

The King roars and tries harder to kill it's most durable foe.

Absolute zero is an anti-kaiju system that can freeze a target to the point it collapses on a molecular level. Darwin's body radiates an energy field that prevents the attack from reaching his body. Gravity bullets are impossibly dense projectiles created by manipulating artificial gravity, capable of turning the most heavily armoured tank into Swiss Cheese, Darwin develops ability predict the direction of every hypersonic shot and the reflexes to avoid them.

The King of Machine Beasts has become desperate and starts using items from battlefield. Darwin avoids a grenade that transmutes everything within a 3 metre range into glass and a grenade that could turn a squad of a hundred armoured soldiers into a ball of flesh and metal. He uses martial arts moves combined with enhanced reflexes to counter attacks with swords. He blocks an enchanted hero sword and avoids the beam of the lightsaber, tho neither would cut his impossibly durable flesh. He finally grabs a a golden magi-tech gun from the ground. It fires a focussed magic-plasma beam knocks Darwin back more than five hundred metres, but a member of the Wagner clan appears to teleport Darwin close to his opponent.

Armando Muñoz has learned many things in the Changed World. He continued to adapt to unique characters and strange phenomenon of the chaos-transformed world. His interaction with his fellow Adventurers has allowed him to train and develop abilities beyond mere reactions to threats.

The King lets out another Roar, but Armando is already moving faster than the normal human eye can track. The glowing Darwin's arms become a blur and strike points across the King's body. Each strike produces a flash of light. The King can't seem to counterattack and despite the blows being light, not even damaging the armour plates, he's pushed back by the sheer number. The King slides across the ground and the ever evolving mutant hero and adventurer continues to attack. Inside the mind of the King, warning in an alien language flash indicating system failures and accumulated damage.

"As a friend of mine once said to his overly large opponent."

As the attack ends, the King doesn't appear to be badly damaged and attempts to regenerate. Darwin turns and walks away saying a phrase In Japanese.

"Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" (Your Already Dead)

Then it happens, the massive body begins to vibrate and distort, some parts swelling and others collapsing. Deep within it's body, there are hundreds of explosions as components are destroyed in chain reactions. Armour shatters as the pulsating cables contort and burst, mercury-like liquid sprays from every part of the body. An arm separated from the body and disintegrates, a horn is shattered by a series of explosions, and a red optic explodes with a burst of flame. The King's body seems to stretch upward before exploding into a million disintegrating pieces and a shower of strange chemicals. The glowing red core sails into the air and as it falls to Earth, Amando's fist strikes it's surface and goes in deep. The core's glow fades as the last of the Great Machine Beast is completely killed.


Tenoch Fortress City Adventurer's Guild Building

Music is playing, drinks and food are piled on the tables, and a few even dance to the music. Those Adventurers are celebrating, celebrating victory and protecting what matters to them, celebrating those that survived the battle and those that died heroically. The living and dead celebrate the Great City and it's Heroes.

Dora Márquez and Zorro have a drink at a table, while a member of the extensive Yasutora turns in a few items for a reward before departing to join his family.

Adventurers are mercenaries, but they are also citizens of the Great Colonies and there hearts belong to these cities. Every great victory against an invasion force fills the streets with excitement and joy. This is the way it has been since the city's rebirth into the home of the Gods and this is way it will stay on the Changed World.

Until the Red Sky fades to Azure, the Adventurers will continue to FIGHT!