Hello, my lovely readers. Elijah continues training Hayley and the young Slayer begins to ask questions no one wants answered while Klaroline go out on the town. They find themselves to be the hunted. On with the show…

Chapter 13: Did You Do Your Research?

Rain tapped against the windows of the Mystic Falls library. The sky outside was an angry mix of greys and somber blues. Most people would be at home. They would sit, curled up in a comfy chair, like a cat, a book in hand with a steaming cup of something relaxing on a nearby table. Not Hayley Marshall. On a day like today, she could feel the current of impending lightning coursing through her and it sent her instinct to fight something on hyper drive. With Caroline AWOL; it was up to Hayley to save the world from the bloodthirsty creatures roaming about. So, Hayley had gotten up before anyone else living in-or currently staying at-Marcel's to get in some training.

Today happened to be a Sunday which meant no one would be at the library to tell her to not move the furniture or to ask her where Shakespeare plays were. Did she look like a reference guide?

Upon entering the library, she had gone about the task of moving all the tables in front of the stacks to avoid accidently knocking them over and spending the night putting the books back. She tied her hair back in a ponytail and turned on her music of choice: 90's rock. It made her feel like she was Hillary Swank in one of the Karate Kid films.

Raising her balled fists, Hayley meant to begin a fight with an invisible attacker as she cocked her head to the side and cried: "Bring it!"

"Bring what, exactly?" Hayley had not been expecting company for this session. So, when Elijah Mikaelson's voice rang through the empty room at the same time that Hayley had launched herself into the air, she did not spin gracefully and land in a headstand. Instead, she landed on the floor, in a heap of tangled limbs and wanted to die of embarrassment. "Are you alright?" Elijah's questioned her.

Head rising, Hayley blew out a breath through her dark waves. "I'm good." She gave Elijah a swift nod and inched her right ankle from under her stomach and tried not to cry out in pain. Elijah offered her a hand but she shook her head. "I'm good," she grunted, again.

Elijah sighed and made his way over to her phone. "Third Eye Blind?" His brow quirked upward and Hayley placed her hands on her hips.

"Yup," Hayley retorted. "So, are you here for a reason, other than judging my musical taste?"

Turning his head to look back at her, Elijah's mouth quirked upward in the corner in that half-smile she had become familiar with.

"Yes. I thought you might want to train." Now, he made her smirk.

"You read my mind." Hayley watched as Elijah slid out of his jacket, unbuttoned and rolled up his sleeves and loosened his tie. "What is it you said earlier... Ah, yes. Bring it!" Elijah waved his fingers and Hayley grinned. She ran across the room and threw her full weight behind her left arm as if to punch Elijah in the nose before twisting in the air at the last second. Her right leg aimed for his left thigh, to knock him off his feet.

Hayley felt her sneaker connect with Elijah's knee before both his hands went under her right knee. Lifting her upward, Elijah sent Hayley flying upward in an unplanned somersault. She felt the world spinning and she meant to land on her feet when Elijah caught her by the ankles and her head came a half inch from connecting with the floor. At the speed she had been going; her neck could have snapped.

Finding herself suspended in mid-air, Hayley inhaled and exhaled. She glanced up at Elijah who stared back at her, his breathing not even heavy while she panted. "Going to put me down, now, Elijah?" She gasped, placing her palms on the floor and feeling the effects of all of her blood draining to her head.

"Of course." Elijah let go and Hayley found herself in a headstand before she flipped her body upright. Facing Elijah, she tried to pinpoint a place of weakness. Nothing stood out to her. However, Elijah did not seem to feel the same way. His hand slated outward, missing her left ear by a hair. His fingers sank into her hair, his hand curling around her head and he jerked her to him.

Hayley let out a cry as Elijah's free arm laced around her back. She'd never been this close to a vampire. Somehow she had no idea how intoxicating it could feel being this close to death. Is that why Caroline liked Klaus, because he reminded her of how quickly the fight could end?

Hayley could hear her own heart pounding in her chest as Elijah held her as in a bear trap. She felt his breath on her neck and she wanted him to bite her. Rolling her eyes and releasing her own out-of-control hormones, Hayley leaned back and head-butted Elijah. It had little effect. So, she reached down and grabbed a part of him she suspected he did not see coming. He let out a cry when she dug her fingernails in. His grip loosened and she dropped downward.

Elijah's hands came down as he jerked her back up and she grabbed them, lifting herself in the air and jumped onto his shoulders. Elijah's head came up and she kicked him in the chin. This time, he did go backwards and she vaulted herself off him. Using her new adrenaline, Hayley dropped to her feet and went running for the tables. Good thing she placed all the tables together.

Without a thought of where she was going next, Hayley ran across the tables and landed in the stacks. She made her way, little by little between the nearly full rows. She knew Elijah was around here, somewhere, but she could not hear anything but the sound of her music and the rain.

Suddenly her music stopped and silence descended. No, that was not creepy, at all. Her shoulders rose and fell as a classical music replaced her playlist. Who the hell was that? Nope. Not the time to work out that question.

Eyes flicking around the empty stacks, Hayley took slow steps forward. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Elijah must hear the pundits of her heartbeat as she made her way along. Typical vamp. All fun and games for them. Getting to the end of the books on either side of her, she located the glowing red of the fire exit. If she left that way, the fire department would come. But Elijah would be long gone. On the other hand, Hayley's phone would still be here and they might alert the school of her weekend B&E. Then she would have to find somewhere else to train. Damn it.

A shadow whizzed by. It came from her left. He was about to enter the area she stood in. No more time to hesitate. She'd been taught to survive. She would find a new place to train.

Hayley ran for the fire exit and her hands clamped down on the chilly metal bar, about to push it in and to make her way into the rain drenched parking lot when a hand clamped around her neck. She found herself releasing the door to safety. She flew through the air and onto the carpet. Elijah turned and she saw his true face. His fangs were out and his eyes were a deep, dark abyss.

Fear tugged at her and Hayley forced herself to stand up. She ran back into the stacks. Again, Elijah appeared. This time he was in front of her. Reaching out, she grabbed a bio text and threw it into his face. His hand went out and he slapped it away like it was a mere piece of paper.

Taking more books, Hayley tossed one after the other at Elijah before she placed a hand on the empty space the books had been and jerked her self upward. She inserted her foot in the same space and climbed on top of the bookshelf. Racing across the bookshelves, Hayley had decided to go back for her phone and through the front entrance. At least this way, she would still have her training space.

About to jump onto the nearest table, Hayley found Elijah's hand around her left wrist. He twirled her back toward him. She jerked back and found herself falling. Oh, this was bound to hurt as lightening crashed to the ground just outside the windows and the building shuddered on its foundation.

The air around her seemed alive as Hayley felt herself free-falling. She closed her eyes and waited to feel the impact of the hard wood of one of the tables under her back. Maybe she would be paralyzed.

Finally, Hayley found herself colliding with something. But it was not a table. It was carpet. And she did not fall nearly as hard she expected to. Hands on her head and back absorbed a certain amount of the impact. Her eyes shot open and Hayley found that Elijah's body falling on top of her had knocked the wind out of her. His fangs were still out, and now he was breathing just as heavily as she had been.

"Elijah?" Hayley groaned. His eyes were on her neck. "Elijah!" She tried not to be as afraid as she had been minutes ago. Vamps smelled fear. It was a turn-on, or something for them. "Elijah, it's me! This is a training sess! Remember! And this has been great, but I don't think that feeding on me is part of the training process. So, maybe letting me up now?" She watched as Elijah's eyes stayed on her neck. His hands were on her waist. His nose went down to her neck and she felt him sniff her. He really was going to bite her.

Then Elijah pulled back and bit into his hand. "You're injured. Drink."

"What?" Hayley shook her head. "I'm fine." She moved to sit up and felt her ribs scream before tears welled in her eyes.

Nodding, Elijah placed his hand to her lips and Hayley found herself drinking vamp blood. Julian would have an aneurysm if he could see her doing this. Seconds later, Elijah pulled his hand away. He placed an arm around her and pulled her to her feet. "You fought well. But we still have quite a bit of work to do."

"Well, you're nothing like an ordinary vamp." Hayley stepped away from Elijah and she went over to her phone. She needed something else to do. Something to think about. "You put new tunes in my phone."

Elijah chucked. "I thought I would expand your taste."

Hayley found herself smiling before she looked out the window at the rain. "So, now what do we do?"

Elijah's answering chuckle made Hayley turn to gaze at him quizzically. "I believe this is where most humans would be feeling hungry, after a workout?"

In answer to his question, Hayley's stomach growled and she shrugged. "I guess I could eat."

"Good. I will be back momentarily." Elijah gathered his jacket and left through the front door.

Taking a seat on top of one of the tables, Hayley lifted her shirt to check the damage to her ribs. She found there was none. Usually it would have taken a day, or two, to mend, but it took minutes with Elijah's blood in her system. Hayley continued to stare at her un-bruised flesh when the door swung open again.

"Geez! That was quick." Hayley watched Elijah lift his jacket from a wooden panic basket. A small smile tugged at her lips. She wanted to tease him until she found his eyes on her. Her eyes went down to her exposed flesh. She'd forgotten to pull her top down. "Hmm," she hummed, tugging her top down and smoothing her hair, not able to look at Elijah as he came over to set the basket down.

The scent of fresh wheat bread, veggies and turkey made Hayley feel the same kind of hunger Elijah felt at the scent of her blood. She looked up to see him removing a bottle of what she thought might be orange juice and two capable flutes.

A sudden idea floated through the back of Hayley's mind. "You packed lunch? You knew I would be here!" Hayley shook her head. "Elijah Mikaelson, are you hunting me?" she demanded.

Elijah's brows rose. "No, Hayley." He held out a flute to her. "I am your mentor. I find it my obligation to know where you are, and if you are placing yourself in danger, like you do whenever you come here. You come alone. And as I showed you; any vampire who truly fights could end you. Easily."

"Wow! Really trying to bring my ego in check, are you?" Hayley took the flute and appreciated the freshly squeezed fruit drink.

With a little smirk, Elijah pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. She took a plate with a sandwich on it and felt a little weird about eating while he watched her. The weirdness dissipated as she chewed. She would give an arm for food this good.

They sat for some time with the only noises being Hayley's chewing and the sound of the rain. When she finished, she had questions for the vampire. "Do you like humans? I mean, are you capable of liking human?" She'd spent her youth reading about vampires, but finding work on The Originals had been hard to come by.

This was answered by a quiet laugh. "Yes, Hayley. I am capable of liking humans. I have even had a few human friends over the course of my life."

"Did you ever love one?" Hayley slid her right knee under her chin and waited for an answer.

Now, Elijah placed s finger to his lips. "I was charmed by a human girl. She happened to be the doppelgänger of my first love. The woman who died so that my mother might make me into the monster I am today."

"But you cared for a human...and you call yourself a monster? Did you kill her?"

"No. She turned herself into a vampire. Which is a story for another time." Elijah got up and went to the window.

Hayley thought about her reading. "You said doppelganger. Katerina Petrova? Rumor spread to The Council that she was dealing in Slayer blood. A jealous vamp killed her..."

Silence greeted Hayley's comments and she turned to find Elijah still watching the rain outside. Sliding off the tabletop, Hayley walked over to stand beside him. "That isn't what happened, is it?"

Head shaking, Elijah was incredibly still. "My father killed Katherine. He wanted to pit Nikaus, and me, against each other. So, he killed her. And he left her body in an ice machine. That is where I found her."

Hayley felt her breath catch. "I'm sorry." She shook her head and looked out at the arms, her arms going around her waist, hugging herself. "I've never loved anyone, and to have someone taken away from me like that...I would want to make whoever did it suffer..."

"He's gone now." Elijah finally looked down at Hayley. "The rain is slowing. Perhaps it is time for you to return to Marcel's, before Julian comes looking for you."

Hayley nodded. "Yeah."

Walking over to the table they'd been using, Hayley picked up her phone and slid it into her pocket. "Um. Thanks for the training." Elijah nodded. He'd gone back to staring out the window. Heading for the door, Hayley remembered something else. "Elijah, I once read that Kol made it a project to try to turn a Slayer into a vamp. But all of his experiments ended in death. Is that true?"


"Then how is Caroline alive?" Elijah turned to stare at Hayley. "Caroline is the strongest Slayer I have ever seen. I believe that she is unique. Perhaps this is the reason. Perhaps it is because Niklaus is not a pure vampire


Hayley nodded. "Okay. Thanks." She pulled her hood up and left the library. For whatever reason, Hayley felt sure Elijah just lied to her. But why? She strode down the hall and out the front doors. A light drizzle came down as she walked across the parking lot lost in thought. Whether he wanted her to know the truth or not; Hayley would make it her mission to find out what Caroline was and how she could turn.


"Caroline, darling, can you at least pretend to be enjoying our time together?" Klaus Mikaelson watched Caroline Forbes. She stood in front of the window of the house in The Hamptons he had swept her away to. In the beginning, Klaus had been hopeful that his love would be swept away by the luxury she was unaccustomed to. They had many opportunities at hand. However, Caroline's disinterest in anything but staring out the window and pinning for her tiny town left Klaus somewhat bitter.

Grinding his teeth together, Klaus turned his back to Caroline and sped upstairs. He could hear his sister chanting in her room. Grasping the knob, he twisted it without knocking and strode inside. "Tell me that bloody fool has left that bloody town!" Klaus snarled between his teeth at Freya Mikaelson.

Freya shook her head and rose from her cross-legged position on her bed. "I am afraid that the answer to your question is: No. Julian seems to be waiting for something."

Freya made her way around the room, blowing out candles as Klaus began to fume. "It has been two bloody weeks. What on earth could he possibly be waiting for?" Klaus stared at his hands. Letting his guard down a fraction; he took a seat on the end of the bed. "I can feel Caroline slipping away from me, sister. She needs her little mates, and I seem to provide her no respite from her fear for them." He glanced at his sister before looking away. Perhaps he should go to Mystic Falls and slaughter Julian.

The thought of killing Julian made Klaus smirk. Then a dark thought rose. Perhaps an even greater fool would rise from the ranks and make their mission to destroy The Originals. Old Santino had understood the world and how things worked. Send the little Slayer's and Hunters after the nightwalkers, and more foolish of the day walkers who risked exposure through acts of cruelty that see humans look too closely onto the shadows of their world. But Old Santino knew to leave The Originals be. It was an unspoken rule. A rule Julian seemed to enjoying flouting.

Under other circumstances, Klaus would send his calling card: The current Slayer, piece by piece. Caroline would never allow him to lay a finger on the girl's precious head. Perhaps there was another way to get to Julian...

Before Klaus could find the proper punishment for the impertinent fool, Julian, Freya interrupted Klaus' train of thought. "Do you think he knows?"

"Who knows what?" Klaus said, not focusing on Freya just yet. It was on the tip of his tongue. To punish Julian he should -

"About Caroline. That she isn't dead."

All other thoughts froze. Klaus' eyes rose to meet his sister's gaze. "No." If Julian knew of Caroline's unheard of rising he would have covered the earth trying to discover her whereabouts. No, Caroline was safe. For now. And Klaus intended to keep her so.

Freya did not seem as convinced, but she did not try to argue with him. She paused and then said, "You should take her out. To a party."

Klaus' brows rose and a smirk crossed his face. "A party?"

"Yes. A party. This place is full of them, Niklaus. Take her out. Remind her that she is still a girl."

Klaus warmed to the thought. "Perhaps you are right, sister."

Disappearing back downstairs, Klaus stopped behind Caroline. He placed his hands on her shoulders. "Caroline, love, how would you fancy going to a party tonight?"

Slowly, Caroline turned to face Klaus. "I thought I couldn't leave the house?"

Cupping her face, Klaus smiled. "I will ask Freya to lift the spell. And we will go to any kind of party you wish to go to." He tucked a curl behind her ear. "I need to train you to be a proper vampire."

"I don't care about being a proper vampire. I'm still a Slayer!" Caroline's eyes burned into Klaus.'

Klaus leaned down and brushed his lips against her ear. "You are not a Slayer anymore. You are something much more. You need a hand to help guide you..." He ran his mouth down her neck and ran his fingers up her inner thigh. "Won't you let me?"

"I want to go home," Caroline moaned, looking him in the eye.

"And you shall. If I have to go to Mystic Falls and tear Julian's head off of his shoulders, you will be given what you desire." Klaus leaned forward, pressing Caroline against the window and kissing her. He lifted her against the glass. "Give me a little longer, love, and I promise you, all will be well."


Caroline peered over the top of her sunglasses at the people walking in and out of shops. "How about them?" she murmured, eying a couple of twenty-somethings. Klaus could hear them discussing the merits of continuing their vacation here or in Maui.

"No challenge," Klaus replied. He continued to watch the humans as they passed when a girl's voice drew him. "Yes! It's Raven's twenty-first! YES! Harvard is beyond snore-ful! A Raven bash will be just the cleanser I need. Can't believe my parents make me go to that school anyway! Just get me an early 1970s Robert Redford with an eight figure number in his account." The girl began to laugh until she walked into a store and threw her purse at the shop girl. "Champagne, bitch!"

Klaus looked at Caroline who stood, staring inside the shop with a familiar look. "Her," Klaus said. And without another word, he and Caroline linked arms and went inside.

"Nik! I need a new dress!" Caroline cried, stomping her foot and turning to glare at him. "It's my birthday! And you can't take me to Tiffany's to make up this time!" She went over to pout at a silk gown.

With a slow smile, Klaus watched the mouthy Harvard girl look up. "Darling, you know your desires are what I live for!"

Harvard girl continued to watch them until Caroline spotted her. "Hi!" Caroline cried, moving to stand in front of the spoiled princess. "Oh, my God! Nik, look at this!" She waved for Klaus to come and join them. "Is that a real Scaggaloni handbag! I heard Misty say that they weren't even on the American market yet! Where did you get it from?"

Harvard girl barely hid her pleasure. "Daddy had it shipped from Milan. And your skirt. Is that a vintage Diane Von Furstenburg?" She reached out and fingered the skirt. "My mom had, like, a million of these when I was growing up. She had to auction off a few when she and daddy were having money issues." She rolled her eyes. "I'm Bridge!"

"Care. And this is Nik." Caroline pressed her face into Klaus' shoulder. "We're on our pre-engagement honeymoon for my birthday!"

"Really! Cause it's my BFF, Raven's big twenty-one bash! You guys should come! The band is going to be killer!" Bridge smiled so hard Klaus bet it hurt her teeth.

"We would not miss it for the world!" Caroline swore.


Champagne overflowed from a fourth an outside of a beach house - front property. Waking toward the house, Klaus could already see what could be up to a hundred people in their swim suits and designer wear grinding up a giant each other. This was a vampire's paradise.

A DJ came over their microphone. "What up, my party people! Looks like our birth-day, girl, Raven is coming out and she is looking fine!" The girl who could only be Raven came out to stand at the top of a set of side stairs. She looked down her upturned nose at everyone, ran her hands through her long black locks and then made her way down the stairs. "Yo, Raven!" The DJ called, waving.

Raven gave the DJ a wrathful look but ended it with an icy smile. Looks like the birthday girl was less than pleased. A couple of boys came up to greet her and she rolled her eyes at them, waking past and toward the pool.

"Raven! Raven!" Bridge screamed, waving both arms. She stood beside the pool in a silver bikini top and wrap skirt Klaus had decided to not compel her out of buying. Some people deserved the wrath of the fashion gods. "Raven, I brought you someone people to meet!"

"I told you to not do that anymore!" Raven snarled at Bridge as Klaus and Caroline came to join them.

"Um..." Bridge looked like she might cry and Raven turned away to find Klaus right behind her.

"Oh!" Raven's eyes widened. "Looks like someone got me a real present today," she licked her lips.

Bridge jumped in. "This is Nik. And Caroline."

Raven glanced back at Bridge like she had forgotten the other girl's presence. "You brought them?" she chuckled. "Bridge did good." Turning back, she looked Caroline over. "This party just became my fav. Who wants to go inside and have a real drink?" She held out her hands. Bridge moved to take one when Raven gave her a dark look.

Klaus and Caroline took the birthday girl's hands and allowed her to lead them inside. "Come along, Bridge. This isn't a spectator sport!" Raven shouted on her way into the house. She walked up a spiral staircase. "Vodka champ?" she inquired.

"Maybe not." Caroline spun around on her heel. She placed her hand over Bridge's mouth and looked into her eyes. "You're about to have an encounter that you never expected, but it is the best high of your life." She tugged the girl to her and slid her fangs into Bridge's neck.

Raven let out a scoff, "Okay. You guys just got totally lame. Halloween is so not my style. Find your way out when you're done with your little freakshow, Bridge!" She tried to move when Klaus held her place. "Seriously, man. I'm not looking for British Christian Grey. Get off!"

Klaus spun Raven around and took hold of her chin

"It's alright, sweetheart. You're just going to feel a slight pinch around your throat." Lowering his mouth to her flesh; Klaus bit her. He felt her stiffen for a second and then relax. Her fingers went up, digging into his hair. He found that quite annoying. Eyes going to Caroline, he saw she gripped Bridge just a little too tightly. "Caroline!" Klaus called.

Dropping Bridge to the floor, Caroline walked over to the bed and climbed across it. Arching her back, she stared at Klaus until he dropped Raven to the floor and came to join Caroline.


Feeling much better about their time in The Hamptons, Klaus ran his fingers through Caroline's curls and leaned over to kiss the top of her head. She smiled at him. Inclining her head, Caroline accepted a lingering kiss from Klaus as Bridge let out a quiet moan from the floor. Klaus got up and cupped the girl's cheek. "You were delicious, darling," he whispered in her ear. "This was the best party you've ever attended."

Raven stirred from her place feet away from her "friend." Klaus made his way over to help Raven onto the end of the bed as she pouted up at him. "My neck hurts." She blinked at Klaus.

Klaus nodded. "You dropped a vodka bottle and scratched yourself. But we took special care of you." He ran a hand along her arm and her pout turned into a wicked grin. "I remember. You're amazing," she moaned, lying down. "Let's do it again." She reached out for Caroline's ankle but Caroline seemed to be focused on something else.

"What is it, love?" Klaus stood up. Making his way over to Caroline, he stood behind her. Caroline had wrapped her arms around her middle.

Glancing at Klaus, Caroline frowned. "Disgust. Hate. I can feel it curling around me, trying to choke the life out of me. It's so intense. I've never felt anything like this."

"Probably just one of the celebrities. They're always campaigning about something: animal cruelty, save the planet, my new indie film. Blah. Blah. Blah!" Raven moaned. "It's my birthday and no one is liking my neck!" she rolled on the bed and pouted, again.

"Caroline?" Klaus whispered. Then he spotted a pair of men talking to a woman who might be Raven's mother. She began to lead them to the house. Klaus narrowed his eyes and perked his ears up over the drunken young people and their awful taste in music. "CDC. They have the virus that must be contained. Sorry. Raven will need to be taken in as well."

"Klaus?" Caroline shot him an uncertain look.

"They're with The Council!" Klaus turned back to the humans. "Dead girls tell no tales." He moved to end them when Caroline moved in front of him.

"No!" Caroline said

"If they're after me; I will deal with it. Right now, we're going!" Caroline took Klaus' hand. She pulled a sliding glass door open and tugged him out. They could hear three sets of footsteps on their way up. Caroline and Klaus mounted the railing and jumped.

They landed with two, soft thus on the sand below. Walking through the party, they disappeared into the night. Klaus just hoped that leaving loose ends did not come back to haunt them. And his sister's words rang in his ears. "Do you think he knows?" Now, Klaus felt quite certain that someone did know that Caroline had returned and no one would be able to help whoever spoke against Caroline when Klaus found out who they were...

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