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Chapter 2: The Shy Scholar.

Centuries have passed since the city of Atlantis vanished and and the three races that inhabited the earth had developed at a steady pace soon believing that the city was nothing but a myth that was used as a lesson for the three races, the earthlings, the angelic, and the mages for reaching for more than what they were capable of. Yet there was a woman that were taught since a young age that the city was real and that she only had to believe in herself to find it. This woman's name was Rose Elsabeth Shy. Yet she always preferred to be called Fluttershy, for she would flutter about like a butterfly and was as shy as one too.

She was an orphan that was raised by her grandfather Thaddues Shy when she was 8 years old. Her grandfather was a well-known man in the field of Cartography, Archeology, and Antiquities as well as languages, he was seen as a legend and Fluttershy saw him as that as well. She looked up to her grandfather for he was all she had and he was a great man that never allowed Fluttershy to lose hope of reaching her dreams. Yet her grandfather was facing his own problems in his field.

Thaddues has spent a majority of his career searching for the lost city of Atlantis, always believing that it had existed and that its ruins still exist but many criticized him as an old man that was losing his touch and his sanity. His career was soon ruined as no one would take him serious believing him mad but he never allowed Fluttershy to lose her dreams and ideals, but tragedy hit when he died due to a heart attack. This prompted Fluttershy to continue her grandfather's work and work at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. hoping to prove her grandfather right and show the world that this lost city existed and that they could learn from it. Fluttershy never realized that on a seemingly ordinary and boring day, her greatest wish was going to come true.

Washington D.C. 1914

The streets mumbled with the sounds of automobiles, feet, hooves of animals, and canes as they passed a large building known as the Smithsonian. Within the building, there were many people milling around, earthlings, Angelics, and mages alike, enjoying the various exhibits, and meeting with their associates. Yet below them in the basement of the vast building was a young woman trying her hardest to give a presentation.

"Okay...uh...G-Good afternoon um gentlemen. Before I begin, I would like to thank the board for taking the time to listen to my proposal." The woman said shyly. "Now I know that you have all h-heard of the legend of Atlantis, the city and it's people that were lost to the sea. It was a massive continent that was in the mid-Atlantic, which was home to a very advance civilization of Draconiquues people that had technology that far surpasses our own. From what the scholar P-Plato wrote, it was strucked by um.. s-some catastrophic event that caused it to sink to the bottom of the ocean." The woman that was speaking seemed to be in her mid 20's. She had gorgouse porcelain skin and lovely blue eyes. She also had the most gorgous flowing hair that was the color of pink cotton candy. She wore a light yellow chiffon and cream laced hobble dress with a decorative fixed pale pink chiffon waisteband.Now while she looked like an earthling, she was actually an angelic. Her pale yellow wings were just tucked into her back.

This woman was none other than Rose Elsabeth Shy or Fluttershy as she prefered. Fluttershy stood within a cramped space that seemed to be filled with artifacts awaiting to be displayed upstairs. She stood behind a podium with a blackboard next to her. She reached down into the podium and withdrew a set of flashcards. The first showing "Atlantis" with a watermark question mark behind it.

"Now I u-understand that many of you are asking why "Atlantis"? It's just a myth and pure fantasy. A story that we are told from a very young age that we should not advance beyond what we can handle. Well I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. 10.000 years before the Egyptians built the pyramids, Atlantis already had electricity and advanced medicine and even the power of flight. It did seem impossible, correct? But for them it wasn't, and many cultures around the globe believed that Atlantis possessed a power source of kind that was more powerful than any of our modern noisy and smelly combustion engines. So with this information gentlemen. Well, I, uh...I propose t-that we find this lost city, obtain this power source, and bring it to the surface!" She said looking around the room, making sure to use eye contact and once this statement has been absorbed, she continues on to the next part of her speech. While still trying to stop herself from stuttering, something she only did when she was shy.

"N-Now this is a photograph of a page from an illuminated text that describes a book known as the Shepard's journal. Which is said to have been a first hand account of Atlantis and It's excat whereabouts. But if you can look over here, thess centuries old translations of Norse texts had historians believing that the journal resided in Ireland. But I compared the ruins that are seen on this old Viking shield." She bent down infront of the podium and struggled to fully lift the ancient petrified shield to her chest.

""To the translation" i realized that one of the letters was mistranslated. So by changing the letter, We see that the journal, which will be our key to finding Atlantis, does not reside in Ireland, gentlemen, but in Iceland." Oof! She finally gasped out, almost dropping the heavy shield when she finally wrote the C down.

She turned towards her audience and whispered so they couldn't hear her, "Pause for dramatic effect". She carefully put the shield back down and brushed her clothes back into order before turning to the audience and saying.

"Gentlemen, I'll be taking any questions you have now." Fluttershy said. But before she could continue, a shrill noise sounded throughout the room, startling her into nearly having a heart attack. However the noise revealed that it was the phone. The young woman looked at her audience.

"Oh! I'm so sorry but would you gentlemen, please exscuse me for just a teeny moment? It'll just take a minute." She said as she turned towards the blackboard and leaned forward, causing it to tip backwards onto a table so that she could reach the phone behind it.

"Cartography and super linguistics! Fluttershy speaking." Fluttershy nervously replied. Through the phone, an angry voice could be heard ranting about something. As the voice continued, Fluttershy's face could be seen falling into a frown and a little bit annoyance.

"Yeah, got it. Um, ju-just a second." She replied hanging her head down with a sigh and put the receiver down before shimmying down the blackboard. As she moved away, the blackboard swinged around and the silhouettes of men could be seen patiently waiting for her to continue. Yet as Fluttershy reached for a long string and turned on the light, it was revealed that the "men" were not even men, but a variety of masks, statues, and a skeleton. Fluttershy moved towards the "men" she had created, heading for the boiler that resided directly behind them. She climbed up on the table that they resided on, trying to get closer to the dark red boiler which was currently the reason for the man on the phone to be ranting at her.

"S'cuze me, Mr Thorn." She murmed, moving one of the masks to the side to get to the boiler. Fluttershy started to figure out what was causing the issues by turning a few wheels, which caused the boiler to grown and hiss at an alarming rate. She hit it with a nearby wrench, stopping the alarming noises. Once it was calm again. She went back to the phone, once again climbing on top of the blackboard.

"All right, how's that? Is that any better?" She nervously asked. As she listened to the man on the other side of the phone continue ranting at her, telling her to stop messing around and do her job. She just sighed and said.

"Ok. Yeah, You're welcome."

"Don't let it happen again!" Was the last thing Fluttershy heard before they hunged up.

"Ok, Bye!" Fluttershy said into the phone before letting out a deep calming breath, and moving off of the board. 'Well might as well finish practicing before my meeting starts.'

"Now as you can see by th-." She started before she noticed that a quarter of the map she had drawn had vanished.

"Where did it go?" She murmured staring at the board before she noticed that there was chalk on her dress sleeve and once she looked down, she found the piece of the missing map. She quickly tried to continue while thinking of a way to explain the piece that's missing from the map.

"Uh, by this, uh, ma-map, that I've drawn." She quickly moved into the space that was missing on the map so that the piece that was sticking to her dress shirt would appear on the map. "I've plotted the route that will lead myself and a crew to the southern coast of Iceland so that we may retrieve the journal." As she finished, a clock on the wall cukooed 4 times, relasing a tiny blue bird. Fluttershy glanced at the clock and wiped chalk off her clothes.

"Oh thank goodness. Show time!" She moved on to a small side table, retrieving a few rolled up papers and books, with a small smile. 'Well this is it,' she thought. I'm finally getting out of this dreay place. She moved to another table that held a small wardrobe like object that seemed to be glowing on the inside. She reached inside her dress and pulled out a small gold and pink diamond locket that was shaped like a butterfly and tied around her neck by a small, sturdy black cord. She opened it and stared at the two photographs in it. On one side, there was a picture of her, her parents, and her baby brother Zepher. That picture had been taken when she was 5 years old. The next picture showed her Grandfather Thaddues Shy sitting on his favorite armchair, wearing his exploration outfit and helmet, posing for the camera. While on the side, a young Fluttershy of 8 years old and her brother Zepher who was 3 at the time were grinning at their Grandfather, trying to climb up into the armchair. She could still remember that day. Her father was trying to have a serious photo taken but with a bored young Fluttershy and little Zepher, that just wasn't possible so he gave up and lifted her and Zepher into their granfathers lap. Fluttershy had tried to grab his exploration helmet and when she couldn't reach, her Grandfather grabbed the helmet and placed it on her head. For a few seconds it fit perfectly, but soon it slipped down, covering her eyes. She chuckled at the memory before closing her locket and tucking it back safely into her dress.

The doors of the small wardrobe were opened and residing within it was a few tea light candles and her grandfather's helmet. Fluttershy removed it from the stand and carefully placed it on her head. It seemed to finally fit her, until it slid down and covered her eyes. oh darn...As she thought this, a whooshing sound filled the air. She pushed the helmet off of her eyes and saw that a message tube had arrived. She reached into the mask and extracted the paper that was within it.

"I wonder what this is about." She murmured.

"Dear Ms. Shy

"This is to inform you that your meeting today has been moved from 4:30pm to 3:30pm."

"WHAT?!" She cried, looking at the clock that read 4:05pm. Another whoosh was heard as another message tube arrived. She quickly grabbed it, starting to feel the spark of panic in her stomach.

"Dear Ms. Shy

"Due to your absence, the board has voted to reject your proposal. Have a nice weekend. -Mr. Harcort's office."

Fluttershy's mouth dropped as she read the letter. She couldn't believe this was happening! She's been planing this presentation for 5 years and now that she finally has a chance to show it, they reject it because she was uniformed.

"They can't do this to me!" She yelled angrily, her shy demeanor now gone. She wasn't going to allow this to happen. She quickly grabbed her materials, helmet, and coat, and raced to get to the board members before they left the building. 'Like heck I'm letting my grandfather down!' Fluttershy thought as she raced out, trying not to trip over her long dress.


Above the building of the visiting museum, a group of 5 men exited one of the meeting rooms, complaing about thier wasted time and how annoying the house of the Shy can be.

"I swear that young Ms. Shy gets crazier every stinking year!" Mr. Thorn cried out, throwing his arms out. Mr. Thorn was an earthling with brown hair. He was wearing a rich brown fur coat, with a blue scarf, spectacles, and black top hat. The other men nodded thier heads in agreement. Each of the men wore rich brown or grey coats, as well as a variety of top hats and each wore spectacles and carried an umbrella with an elegant handle.

"If I ever hear the word 'Atlantis' again, I'll step infront of a bus!" A nasally voice belonging to a Mr. Walton yelled out.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! I'll push you!" Mr. Thorn exclaimed, shoving Mr. Walton, resulting in the other men to laugh. As they all began to lose themselves in their laughter, a voice quickly stopped them and filled them with dread.

"Hey! Mr. Harcort!" Fluttershy cried, running down the halls in an effort to catch the board members.

"Good lord! There she Is!" Mr. Walton cried out, looking at Fluttershy in horror.

"Members of the board uh wait! I just need a word!" Fluttershy exclaimed, dropping a number of papers in her rush to get to the members. Yet as she neared the board members, they scattered, racing into different rooms and locking them. As they raced into a room, Fluttershy continued to call for Mr. Harcort, who was unsuccessful in getting a room like the other members. He banged on each door as he passed but all were closed and locked, forcing him to try and hide his cubby frame behind a skinny potted plant.

"Um sir?" Fluttershy asked, moving aside a few leaves of the plant so she could see Mr. Harcort, who gave her a closed smile and suddenly thrust his umbrella at her and opened it, pushing her back and throwing her papers everywhere, giving him a chance to escape. Fluttershy quickly got her bearings, flabbergasted at what just happened. 'Really? He couldn't spare a teeny minute?' Fluttershy thought as she raced to catch up to Mr. Harcort after picking up her papers.

"Wait! Mr. Harcort! Please sir! I-I have new evidence tha- Please, Mr. Harcort!" She cried as Mr. Harcort raced into his car. Yet luckily, Fluttersht was able to grab Mr. Harcort's car door and stop him from leaving.

"Stop! Sir, if you could please hold-" Fluttershy exclaimed, trying to hold his car door open and grab the correct materials from under her arms.

"Yes! Here it is! If you can just look here-" Fluttershy said, dumping the other papers into Mr. Harcort's car and opening up a map but before she could continue, Mr. Harcort interrupted her.

"This museum funds scientific expeditions, based on fact! Not legends and Folklore!" Mr. Harcort cried, shoving the papers he was given back into Fluttershy's arms. "Besides, we need you here. We depend on you." Mr. Harcort said.

"R-Really? You do?" Fluttershy asked in surprise.

"Why Yes! With winter coming, that boiler's going to need a lot of attention." Mr Harcort answered, before patting Fluttershy's cheek before ducking into his car again.

"Boiler?" Fluytershy asked.

"Onward Henry!" Mr. Harcort said to his driver.

"Wait! There-There's a journal!" Fluttershy yelled, running alongside the car, trying to show Mr. Harcort her map. "It's in Iceland! I'm sure of it this time!" Fluttershy said but Mr. Harcort ignored her, pulling closed the curtains in his car, hoping it would show Fluttershy that he was not interested. Yet as soon as he did this, a thud could be heard at the front of the car. Mr. Harcort looked forward and was shocked to see that Fluttershy, a normally timid and shy angelic had the bravery to jump onto his car and was hanging on with all her strength.

"Sir, I really hoped it wouldn't come to this, but this Is-" Fluttershy said pulling out a piece of paper out of her coat and slamming it against the windshield. "A letter of resignation. If you reject my proposal, I'll-whoa!" Fluttershy cried out as the driver maneuvered the car left and right, throwing her off.

"Sir! I'll quit!" She exclaimed, raising herself up onto her arms, already feeling a dull throb on her left shoulder from where it connected with the street. Up ahead the car stopped and backed up until it stopped next to Fluttershy.

"I mean it sir. If you refuse to fund my proposal-" Fluttershy began.

"You'll what? Flush your career down the toilet just like your grandfather?" Mr. Harcort asked. "You have a lot of Potential, Ms. Shy. Don't throw it away chasing fairy tails, don't become your grandfather." Mr. Harcort said.

"But I can prove that Atlantis exists!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"You want to go on an expedition?" Mr. Harcort asked before he threw a nickel at Fluttershy's feet. "Here! Take the trolley to Potomac and jump in! Maybe the cold water will clear your head! Henry!" Mr. Harcort yelled before the car drove off, drenching Fluttershy in muddy water as it passed. Fluttershy spluttered as the water hit her, completely soaking her dress and her letter. 'This can't get any worst.' She thought. Up above the sky roared with thunder and lightning and as Fluttershy looked up, all she saw was her mood reflected in it. 'I'm so sorry grandpa.' She thought.

Within a dark and rather dreary apartment, the front door opened, revealing Fluttershy soaked to the bone, not really noticing how much she was dripping onto the carpet.

"I'm home. Angel? Here boy." Fluttershy called out to her bunny as she slipped off her shoes, hoping to get out of her wet, torned, and muddy dress and cuddle up with her pet. She moved towards her living room, pausing to turn on the light, yet it did not turn on. "What the heck?" Fluttershy murmured and just as a flash of lighting went off, the silhouette of a woman was seen.

"Rose Elsabeth Shy?" The woman asked, turning to face Fluttershy. Fluttershy shrieked and moved back.

"It's Fluttershy actually. Wh-who are you? How did you get in here?" Fluttershy asked.

"I came down the chimney. Ho, Ho, Ho." The woman answered, slipping a pale fur stole down her shoulders, trying to look seductive. She had dark skin showing her to be of African descent. She had moderate Harlequin eyes with a dark greyish pupil and dark cerulean hair.

"My name is Chrysalis Sinclair. I'm here on behalf of my employer, who has an...intriguing proposition for you. Are you interested?" Chrysalis asked. The last strap of her long form hugging gown slipping down her shoulder.

"Yo-your-your employer? heh. Who's your employer?" Fluttershy asked. She was already feeling the weight of this day settle into her. She doesn't want to deal with what this crazy woman was talking about and definitely didn't want to end up getting killed over false hope. Chrysalis smirked at Fluttershy and slowly strutted up to her until they had a foot of space separating them. Fluttershy swallowed and backed up a few steps. This just caused Chrysalis smirk to widen.

"His name is Mr. Whitmore." She said.

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