~Ten Months Ago~

"Man, just think about it. Next year we'll officially be U.A. students!" Tetsutetsu practically cheered on the walk home from school.

"We still have to actually get accepted, Metalhead. You know getting into that place is super hard." Tokage immediately chided him. The two may have been friends for years up until this point, but she never really understood how the guy managed to stay so energetic about things that weren't certain.

"Speak for yourself." The silver haired teen shot back. "Didn't you say that your aunt was going to give you a recommendation?"

"Aunt Nemuri may be helping me out, but even with a recommendation I would still have to take an exam." She answered back.

Although the chance of her making into the school of her dreams through recommendation were pretty good, it certainly wasn't a guarantee. Not only was the recommendations exam apparently much more difficult than the regular one. But she'd be competing with students who were way better connected and probably more powerful than her.

"Well, with your quirk you're probably going to get in anyway. I'm gonna have to up my training regiment if I want to stand a chance."

"That and you're gonna have to actually study for once. All that training would just go to waste if you can't even pass the written test."

"Low blow dude…." The silver haired teen practically deflated.

The young duo continued on their regular path as usual until it came time for them to split up. Although they went to the same school, their houses were in opposite directions of one another. Tetsutetsu gave Tokage a quick wave before heading off, leaving the girl to make the rest of her journey home by herself.

On a regular day, Tokage's trip home would've simply involved the girl taking a few main roads through Saitama prefecture and passing through the local shopping center. However, today was not one of those days. As luck would have it, a villain had chosen today of all days to cause some mayhem at the shopping center and the area was completely blocked off. Much to her own annoyance.

Deciding not to wait on the local heroes to get the job done, the green haired teen chose to take a shortcut. Taking a left turn where she normally would've kept on going straight, Tokage strolled a little further down the road until she came up on a small alleyway that led onto the next street. She had found this place a while back but decided against making it part of her daily routine. This was mainly due to the fact that it was a known gathering spot for the local vagrants. Thankfully, those types of people usually only occupied the area after the sun went down to avoid getting arrested.

It wasn't long before the girl found herself walking through this infamous alleyway and apparently luck was on her side seeing as there seemed to be no other signs of life. Tokage wouldn't describe herself as a nervous person by any stretch of the imagination, but even she was smart enough to be on her guard in place like this.

Barely halfway through the dark and foul-smelling passage, a loud crashing sound in front of her caught her attention. The green haired girl quickly went on her guard and reached in her uniform pocket for the pepper spray that her dad forced her to carry on her person. Holding it out in front of her just to be safe. It was then that Tokage spotted the source of the sudden disturbance. A good twenty meters directly in front of her was the unmistakable sight of a person lying on the ground, a slight coughing sound emanating from his mouth let her know that he was still alive.

Against her better judgment, the green haired teen threw caution to the wind and quickly made her approach to the individual to check on them. Most people probably would've chosen to just walk right passed him, pretended that they didn't see anything and went on with their lives. But Setsuna Tokage was not most people. Not only did she want to be a hero, she was a decent human being. And she wasn't about to just walk past someone who needed help.

In a few short steps, the girl was quickly on top of the person and finally got a good look at them through the small amount of light that was present in the alley. Nothing struck her as out of the ordinary besides the dirty white hoodie and a pair of bright red shoes on their feet. The person was also laying on their side so she couldn't actually see their face.

"Hey, are you alright?!" Tokage asked the person as she knelt down and turned them over onto their back, finally getting a good look at their face. And to say that she was surprised would certainly be an understatement. She doesn't know exactly what she had been expecting, but Tokage was certainly thrown off by the person's face.

It was a boy, one that was definitely around her age. He had a few freckles on his face and she could see patches of bright green hair poking out through his hood. If it wasn't for the fact that his face was covered in a layer of dirt and he smelled like week old trash, she would've said that he was pretty cute. 'God dammit Setsuna, this is not the time for that!' She mentally slapped herself to get focused.

"Hey, are you okay?!" The girl repeated once again, this time shaking him a bit to see if that would work. There was a beat of silence before a slight groan exited the boy's mouth. Tokage let out a breath that she wasn't aware she was holding seeing that he was still responsive at the very least. Barely a second later, they boy eyes fluttered open, revealing a set of green orbs that reminded her a bit of emeralds.

Those green eyes lazily looked at her for a brief moment as the recognition finally set it. And in an instant, the previously unconscious teen flung himself up and backed away from her while sliding his body across the ground.

"Whoa, whoa, easy there tiger." Tokage said while putting her hands up in a non-threatening/defensive manner.

That wasn't enough to stop the boy from crashing into a pile of trash on the nearby wall, however. "W-who a-a-are you?!" He asked with a noticeable redness on his face. But before Tokage had a chance to respond, something strange happened. Without warning, the pile of garbage around him lifted off of the ground and began to float in mid air.

'Telekinesis, huh?' She thought.

"I-I'm s-sorry, I don't h-have any money on me!" The boy quickly covered his face with his arms. Judging by how quickly he took up a defensive position along with they way he was stuttering, the guy was terrified.

"Hey dude calm down, I'm not trying to mug you." She attempted to reassure him. "But you need to relax, your quirk's going haywire."

"My what?" The green haired boy slightly dropped his hands and looked at her confusion before noticing the garbage floating around him. Tokage couldn't quite place the look that he had on his face while he gawked at the flying objects, but something about it was definitely weird.

"Hey, it's all good. I'm not here to hurt you." She told him in an attempt to calm him down.

"W-who are you? A-a-and what do you want?"

"My name's Tokage." She answered. "I don't want anything. I was just passing through the alley when I saw you hit the ground. I'm not gonna hurt you."

"An alley?" He up-turned his gaze and look around to see if what this girl in front of him was saying was the truth. "How did I end up here?"

"That's a good question." Tokage gave him a pointed glare. "Do you mind turning your quirk off? It's making the smell worse." She motioned to the still free floating bags of garbage and cardboard boxes.

Instead of a response, she watched as the by took a few deep breaths presumably to calm himself down. After a few seconds of that, everything around him dropped to the ground with a loud thud.

"Better." Tokage smirked.

"I-I'm sorry!"

"What are you apologizing to me for?" She quirked an eyebrow at him.

"S-sorry, i-it's a h-habit."

"Okay?" She gave him a questioning look before getting back on track. "Are you alright? You just passed out a second ago."

Just before the boy could say anything, the sound of his stomach grumbling cut him off. This being more than enough to cause his face to redden more than what it already was, if that was even possible. A pained grimace grew across his face while he clutched his abdomen to hide his shame.

Tokage was quick to take the hint and reached inside one of the side pockets of her backpack before fishing out a granola bar that she didn't eat during lunch. "Here!" She said as tossed it towards him. "I think you might need that more than me."

Somehow the boy barely managed to catch the granola bar before it hit the ground. He paused for a moment as he looked at it and then back at her. "I couldn-"

"It's fine." She waved off rather nonchalantly. "It's all I have on me, but it should make due."

"T-Thank you."

"Don't mention it." She said with a smile.

The girl watched the boy as he quickly ripped open the wrapper and practically inhaled the granola bar in a single bite. Tokage failed to mask the look of bewilderment on her face at the sight of it. It was almost as if the boy hadn't had a thing to eat in days. "Better?" She asked him.

The nervous teen looked away in embarrassment before giving a reply. "Y-yes, t-thank you."

"Good." She let out a small breath. "Now that you have some food in your gut, do you think that you're okay enough to talk?"

The boy simply nodded as he wiped the crumbs off of his mouth.

"So...what's your name?"

"M-Midoriya." He said in a low tone that Tokage was barely able to catch.

"Well Midoriya, you wanna tell me what a good looking guy like you is doing in this dark and smelly alley?" She said with a grin and a teasing expression. Trying to come off as non-threatening as possible.

The boy now identified as Midoriya's face flushed once again before opening his mouth. But quickly closed it and scrambled onto his feet.

"I-I'm sorry for b-bothering you Tokage-san. I greatly a-a-ppreciate the food but I-I have to go!" The boy said with a low bow before scurrying off down the alley in the direction she just came from.

"Hey wait!" She beckoned, but it was already too late. The green haired, mystery boy was gone before she knew what else to do.

Tokage simply stood there for a moment and thought about what to do next. Going after him was probably a bad idea. And calling the police or a hero would've been equally pointless. A part of her wanted to make sure that the guy was okay, but she had a feeling that he didn't want to be around anyone.

The girl couldn't help but wonder what exactly happened to cause someone her age to wind up hungry and in some dirty alley in the middle of town, but she doubted that she would ever find an answer.

Instead, the girl simply shrugged it off and made her way out the alley to continue her journey home.

Tokage ended up never telling anyone about this one-off encounter and in a few weeks time, she would have forgotten all about it. Little did she know that she would be meeting the boy again very soon.

The long awaited day had finally arrived, the first day of school. Not just any school, the illustrious U.A.. The top hero school in all of Japan.

Getting to this point was definitely not easy. After months of hardcore studying and training, Setsuna Tokage was one step closer to acheiving her dream of becoming a pro hero. She would be lying if she said that she didn't feel the least bit intimidated about beginning her journey, but this was no time for her nerves to get the better of her.

"Man, I've never seen you so nervous." A smiling Tetsutetsu joked at her expense.

"Whatever, Metalhead." Tokage slightly pouted before marching off and making her way into the building.

It didn't take long for Tokage and Tetsutestu to find their assigned homeroom, Class 1-B. The girl paused for a moment at the door to shake her nerves out. She couldn't help but wonder what kind of students were going to be in her class. She had no doubt that she would be making a lot of friends relatively soon, but the heir of mystery around the whole situation was a bit unsettling.

Pushing those thoughts aside, Tokage opened up the door and her eyes immediately scanned around to see if anyone else showed up. There were five students already in the classroom and in their seats. A girl with orange hair in some sort of side ponytail, a guy with green skin and what looked like knives on his face, a guy with black hair and a white headband, a blonde kid who reminded her of a weasel for some reason and another girl with brown hair in some kind of bob-cut.

Before either of the two students could say anything, the oranged haired girl stood up from her seat and made her way over to them. "Hello, I'm Itsuka Kendou. It's nice to meet you!" She smiled at them with a polite bow before extending her hand out.

"How's it going? I'm Setsuna Tokage!" The green haired teen greeted back before motioning over to her friend. "And this is Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu."

Tokage noticed the look of confusion that crossed the girl's face and wasted no time in confirming her suspicions. "Yes, his first and last names are the same."

"Oh." Kendou simply said before extending her hand out towards the silver haired boy. "Nice to meet you."

"You too." Tetsutetsu shook her hand.

"I look forward to learning with the both of you."


"Our teacher was here a bit earlier but had to leave to take care of some business. He wanted me to let everyone know that he'll be back by the time class starts."

"Cool." The two of them nodded before heading to their assigned seats. Just like in middle school, Tokage and Tetsutetsu were seated right next to one another. The boy in seat thirteen and the girl in seat fourteen.

As time went on, the rest of the students began filing in one by one. There were a few interesting characters from what she could tell, like the one guy who's head looked like a giant glue dispenser and the other who was literally a human speech bubble. But no one seemed any more strange than what she was used to. From what she could tell pretty much everyone was present and accounted for minus one person. Every seat in the class had been filled except for the one on her left in the row in front of her.

Barely a minute before the bell rung is when the last student finally showed up. At the sound of the door opening up, everyone's attention was immediately directed towards the class entrance. And in walked a boy with green hair and freckles.

Kendou wasted no time in giving him the greeting she gave everyone else that walked in, and Tokage felt her eyes lingering on him for a few seconds longer than what they should have.

The girl couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something about the guy seemed really familiar. She took a second to look him up and down, but she was drawing a blank. Taking in the boy's features, she tried her damndest to figure why she felt like she knew him from somewhere. But nothing was coming up.

Before her mind could think about it any further, the green haired boy made his way over to his seat. His eyes scanning across the classroom presumably to get a good look at the rest of the students. But something strange happened. When the boy's eyes glanced over to her, Tokage noticed a slight moment of recognition cross his face. It lasted only a second before he looked away and quickly sat down in his seat.

'That was weird.' The girl silently thought while her eyes drifted over to him. 'Does he know me from somewhere? I feel like I've seen him before.'

Tokage didn't get a chance to ponder over this any further before the school bell finally rang. And almost immediately after, the door opened up once again. This time revealing a large man with white hair and sharp teeth dressed in a red and black outfit.

"Greetings students, my name is Sekijiro Kan." The man announced in a deep and rough sounding voice. "A few of you might have heard of me, or remember from your acceptance letters, but I also go by Vlad King." He continued while setting a stack of papers down on the desk at the front of the class. Tokage knew that U.A.'s hero's course was taught by pro heroes, but she herself had never even heard of the guy before.

"Before we start, I just wanted to let you all know that this is my first year teaching. So just like the rest of you, this will be a learning experience for all of us. I like to think of myself as fair and reasonable, but don't test my patience." He told them with a slight scowl. This was more than enough to intimidate a few of the students.

"Now, we have about thirty minutes before the opening ceremony is supposed to start, so let's all take some time to get to know one another. One boy one, I want you all to introduce yourselves to the class. Tell us your name, where you're from, what your quirk is and anything else you'd like us to know."

One by one, the students gave their introductions. Everyone seemed pretty chill for the most part and Tokage was certainly glad that it looked like she wasn't in a class full of assholes. In no time in came her turn to speak her peace.

"How's it going everyone? I'm Setsuna Tokage." The girl beamed with confidence. "Like Tetsutetsu here, I'm also from Saitama prefecture. I call my quirk 'lizard tail splitter'."

"Do you mind explaining?" The furry guy with glasses next to her politely asked.

"Sure." She nodded. "Pretty much, I can detach and control any part of my body at will. It's pretty scary when you first see it, but it makes for some pretty fun jokes."

"That's pretty cool!" Tsuburaba, the guy with brown hair directly in front of Tetsutetsu commented.

With her part over, Tokage sat back down and let the class continue on. The next few students introduced themselves but Tokage found herself particularly interested in the next one to speak for some reason.

"G-greetings, I'm Izuku Midoriya." The boy announced in a slightly nervous tone as he stood up from his seat. "I-I'm from Shizuoka and my quirk is telekinesis."