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Christmas was so long ago. Jack internally groaned. Why did she have to say those exact words? She'd been going back and forth in her thoughts trying to tie up the last few psych evals before she headed home for the night but team Gibbs had thrown her off her game. Then Gibbs had to throw in the elephant in the room which had turned into a painting. The couch would be her usual spot this time of night sitting there finishing up her work but the elephant kept drawing her attention. What did it mean?!

Many people would see it as a confirmation but she wasn't so certain. Was it a sick joke? But that wasn't him at all as much is it was like him to come out and say what he actually means. Jack groaned again and leaned back in her chair glancing upwards at the painting.

"Enough." Jack got up and unhooked the painting from the wall and put it in the cupboard. She sighed and plopped back in her chair. "Ok." She rolled her neck and continued her work. It took another hour but she finished the reports and printed them out and slid them into her in tray ready for Vance to read tomorrow. She grabbed her keys and bag and took one last glace at the wall where the elephant used to be. The need to put the painting back up nagged at her but she just shrugged over it all and needed a drink and sleep.

Thankfully it was late and the team had gone home including Gibbs his desk light was off as she walked past and to the elevator. She kind of hoped he was there to maybe have a quick chat but she knew she wasn't in the best headspace to go back down that rabbit hole again today. She hit the elevator door button and the doors opened and she stepped in the doors closing behind her.


Gibbs had just finished his report from the current case and made his way up to Jack's office to see what she thought of the painting. He knew she'd be here late after a big day. The team had kept her distracted and apparently his mental health as well. He smirked; he knew she wanted to talk but kept dodging it. He knocked on her office door but got no reply. He took his life into his own hands and opened it, her desk lamp still on but no Jack. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the wall behind her desk.

The painting was gone. Why was the painting gone?

He looked around the room but didn't see it anywhere. It was unlikely she took it home with her. He knew she didn't like bringing her work life home with her even if it was just a painting. He was confused. He walked around and took the chance and opened her cupboard. There it was sitting there. Gibbs shook his head; he knew getting that painting was silly. Shutting the door, he flicked off her desk lamp and closed her office door behind him. Scratching the back of his head he decided to head home. All this emotional, head shrinking stuff was doing his head it. He'd most likely see her tomorrow but he really didn't know how to talk about this anymore than she did.


The next morning wasn't any better. Jack had had a few too many drinks the night before which wasn't like her on a school night and because of a boy. What was wrong with her? She opened her office door and slipped her bag behind her desk. Walking over to the cupboard she opened it up and just stood there looking at the painting. Why did it have to be an elephant? She chuckled, closing the cupboard she went to her desk and set up her office for the day. Hopefully team Gibbs would catch a case and they would be out for the day. One can only hope even though Jack normally liked having them around. She just didn't need any more drama today.

She looked up from her laptop when there was a knock to the door. Apparently, no case had been caught and Gibbs was there two cups of coffee in hand. She gulped her fear away and smiled.

Gibbs took that as an ok and stepped into her office trying his best to keep his eyes from wandering onto the wall.

"Good morning Gibbs." Jack tried her best to give him a convincing smile and not show him how tired she is. "Mmm thank you." She accepted the cup he offered her and took a large swig.

"Welcome, looks like you need it." Gibbs smirked when Jack looked at him with shock.

"I thought I hid it so well." She sighed, leaning back in her chair.

Gibbs walked over and sat down on her couch. "Can't hide red eyes Jack. No matter how muchmakeup you put on." He took another long sip of his coffee and just watched her.

She gathered as much self control as she could muster this early on a Friday morning with a slight hangover and looked over to the one person who she would usually love to see sitting on her couch but not today.

"And what do I owe the pleasure this early Special Agent Gibbs?" She really shouldn't have used his full title. Now he was looked at her closely, with a pointed look.

"Got the feeling you wanted to talk about something yesterday." Gibbs moved his eyes from her to the wall behind her for a split second and then back to her.

She saw the eye movement and internally groaned. Why, why did she decide to drink last night? She so wanted to talk but this headache was getting worse and Gibbs timing couldn't be worse.

He saw her hesitation and furrow of brow and took it as a sign. "Guess not." He didn't mean to sound short or maybe he did but he leaned forward and stood up to leave.

Jack really liked the fact that he came in and wanted to talk. "I do." She sighed and thought that was said in her head but Gibbs stopped just before her doorway and turned to look at her. "I do-" She said louder, still less confident than her usual voice. "- but not right now. My head hurts, I've only had two sips of coffee this morning and need time to think." He seemed to accept her reasoning and nodded. Then his eyes betrayed him again and he looked at the wall behind her desk again. "Yeah. I know. Thank you." She gave him a half smile filled with apology.

"If you don't like it-" He hesitated. Looking now down at his shoes before realizing how sad he sounded.

"I love it." That came out unfiltered and she met his surprised and very confused stare. " Need to think." She shrugged.

"Right. Got it." He nodded and gave her his sly smile, taking another sip of coffee and turned to leave.

"We can talk later?" She really didn't want to miss this opportunity that he had offered her of talking.

"Whenever you're ready Jack." He called over his shoulder as he left her office. He needed another coffee.

Jack leaned back in her chair again and sighed. She smiled and hopped up, grabbed the painting from her cupboard and placed it back on the wall. Pleased with herself, she sat back down and rubbed her head. "Never drinking again." Groaning, she opened her desk draw grabbing a couple of apsrin and slamming them into her mouth followed by a long sip of coffee.

"I can come back later Jack?" Vance was standing in the doorway with a smile on his face.

"Leon!" She said too loudly and rubbed her head. This headache was getting much worse. Maybe half a bottle of scotch was a serious misjudgment.

"Hey, came to chat about the evals but looks like you could use a sick day?" He raised an eyebrow and held back a chuckle when Jack rolled her head on her desk.

"It's self inflicted so I don't deserve a sick day." Jack held her head up from her desk to look at Leon and grab the files. She was lucky she had such a great friendship with Leon otherwise she'd be sure she'd be getting a reprimand right now. "I'm good. Take a seat."

Leon shut her door and took a seat. He really wanted to know why she'd done this to herself on a school night but knew the answers he sought she didn't want to tell.


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