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. . . . .

Jack had reached the house first. Parking on the street so Gibbs could park his car in the driveway. She got inside just as he pulled up. Starting the fire, she was crouched in front prodding the logs when she felt him standing behind her, his hands resting on her shoulders.

"Gonna go work on the boat for a bit." He was distracted driving home. That's how she'd beaten him because he wasn't doing his usual speeding pace. He wanted her back at his place, he liked having her around but he also needed to work on his boat and he wasn't sure how Jack would react. Not wanting her to leave because he wanted to work on his boat but also needing the time to work with his hands and not have anyone around distracting him. As much as he liked her distractions.

"Go. I can head home if you want space?" She stood up turning around. The hands that were on her shoulders were now gripping her waist. She had said the exact thing he really didn't want her to think.

"Up to you Jack." He truly wanted her to decide to stay because she wanted to. Trying to keep his tone even and not give away his emotions and wants.

"Tell me what you want Jethro." She placed her hands on his chest and looked into his deep blue eyes. "I know you like your alone time. So do I. This is new. I won't take offense if you want me to go." She felt his hands tighten around her waist when she said go. Guess he didn't want her to leave. She smiled.

"Want you to be comfortable. Want you to stay if you want to stay." He gave a one shoulder shrug trying to play off how much emotion he was feeling. She affected him so much and was having a harder time controlling it around her.

"Then I'll stay. Still got to finish the book I started earlier." She ran one of her hands up his chest and cupped his cheek, running her thumb across his cheek.

He leant forward and placed a sweet kiss to her lips. Then let go of her waist, slipped out of her embrace and headed to the basement.

She watched him go and then went back to the couch. Jack got comfortable on the couch, wrapping the blanket around her. It shocked her slightly how easy this felt. Him down in the basement working on his boat or whatever craft he had going and her relaxing by the fire, reading.


It had been a few hours since Gibbs had descended down into his inner sanctum and Jack was starting to get hungry. She looked at her watched and saw it was definitely time for some dinner. Smiling to herself she wrapped the blanket around herself like a cape and went to work in the kitchen heating up some food for dinner.

She unwrapped the meatloaf and cut enough for the both of them to have. Jack found the tin foil wrapped the piece of meatloaf and put it on the middle tray in the oven. Turning the oven on low and let it heat up while she went to cut up some vegetables. She was shocked that he even had some in the fridge but figured they were just left over from his dinner the night before. Usually there was only a case of beer, a few steaks and a carton a milk for cereal in the morning. And now some for her coffee.

She waited for the small pot of water to boil and placed the chopped potatoes in. Checking on the meatloaf she almost jumped when she felt hands wrap around her waist and a smooth kiss to the back of her neck.

"What ya doin' ?" Jack felt his warm breath run over her neck and she shivered. He placed another kiss just behind her ear and inhaling her, he smelt like a sweet campfire. Newly becoming his favourite scent.

"I think you can clearly see what I'm doing. How's the boat going?" She leant back into his embrace, satisfied with the temperature of the meatloaf she managed to turn off the oven without Gibbs letting her go. Jack wrapped up the meatloaf so it would stay warm and turned around in his arms, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Good, a few stubborn pieces of wood but they'll bend eventually." He saw her eyebrow raise and just smirked. "Something on ya mind Sloane?"

"I do like stubborn wood." She buried her face in his neck at that woeful innuendo and felt him laugh while her face blushed. He always brought out the cheekiness in her, something no man before her really got the chance to see and if they did it would only be for a split second before she composed herself again. But Jethro, she just couldn't help it. The banter, the flirt it was all part of the amazing thing that was unfolding before her.

"I noticed." He held her tighter and chuckled. "Smells good. Meatloaf and mash?" As much as he would love to continue down this path, they needed food before they could continue to dessert.

Jack pulled back so she could look at him. "That alright?"

Gibbs nodded and he lent down to capture her lips. She melted into him and he took control of the kiss, Jack moaned when his tongue went exploring. He pushed her back almost forcefully and her back met the kitchen counter. He gripped her upper thighs and she got the hint, jumping slightly he lifted her so she was sitting legs open on the counter. Without breaking the kiss he moved forward in between her legs and devoured her even more. Ok so maybe his self control was slipping and dessert could come earlier.

Jack heard the water start to boil over and groaned. Gibbs left her lips but trailed down her jaw, neck instead. Giving her the time to attend to the stove beside them. She took the pot off the element and turned the stove off before grabbing Gibbs face that was now buried between her breasts and jerked him up to capture his lips with hers.

"Dinner." Jack managed to gasp out between deep breaths as she rested her forehead against his.

"Then dessert." He hummed before dropping a sweet kiss to her lips.

"You like this every time you get some alone time with your wood." Jack pushed on his chest so he stepped back and she managed to hop off the counter not so gracefully.

"When I have a hot chick upstairs waiting, yeah." He grabbed her hips as she attended to the food. Not wanting to let her go anytime soon.

"Maybe help me and we can get to dessert faster." She shook her head when he dropped feather like kisses to her shoulder before grabbing the saucepan and walking to the sink. She would let him work on his boat any time if he was going to be like this afterwards. Although she wouldn't have stopped him doing that anyway. Both being very independent people, that's what she liked about him. He was a loner so to speak but clearly when he was with a person her liked, his attention would be fully with them.

Dinner was nice. They ate in the lounge room because Jack was getting cold as Gibbs removed the blanket cape from around her. Mumbling something about tripping over and hurting herself but she clearly pointed out she'd managed it this far. He preferred eating in the lounge room, nice fire, he enjoyed the way the light washed over Jack and it was his comfort zone.

She cleared the plates, swatting off his hand as he went to grab them from her. She dumped them in the sink for later and came back and snuggled into Gibbs embrace.

"Thank you." He whispered into her ear and nuzzled into her hair breathing deeply.

"You're most welcome." She hummed enjoying the light kisses Gibbs was placing on her neck.

He brought his hand over and gripped her hip, tugging it forward and Jack got the hint. She crawled over, straddling his hips and bringing her hands up and threading her fingers into the back of his hair. The fire that was dulled but dinner was ablaze again.

She rocked her hips a few times, feeling him grow beneath her and she smiled smugly into their kiss. Their thing was still new and the desire was always only a kiss away but Jack knew it would never subside. He was too dam sexy and she hoped that the feeling was mutual.

Gibbs gripped her hips, trying to halt her movements but failing miserably. He moaned into her kiss and ran his tongue across her bottom lip seeking entrance but instead she shoved her tongue into his mouth for exploration. He felt her hands tighten into his hair and he almost yelped at the sting but moaned into her kiss instead. She was demanding, controlling the kiss, the one that he started but happily let her continue. He brought his hand down from its position tangled in her hair and tightened around her hips jerking her back, she groaned, biting his lip before letting go.

"Bedroom." He breathed and watched her climb up from his lap and pull him up after her. Not letting go of his hands she walked backwards towards the stairs.


Gibbs took a deep breath before collapsing onto the bed beside his lover. He heard her groan at the lack of contact and he didn't like it either. He moved onto his back and pulled her into his side.

"You're amazing." Jack purred and reached up to capture his lips, she could taste herself still lingering there and she moaned. The arousal growing again.

"So are you." He nuzzled into her hair, breathing in her scent now mixed with his.

Jack rested back down on his chest, listening to his rapid heart beat begin to settle. As much as the sex was incredible it was these moments, the quiet, the cuddling that she would only admit to herself that she surprisingly enjoyed most. Having the intimacy with someone as well as mind blowing sex was what you dreamed about but thought she'd never see. She'd always had one or the other.

Jack didn't remember the last time she felt completely safe but somehow with this man, she knew nothing could hurt her. After all that she had been through she honestly thought no one could make her feel this at peace ever again. Nothing against the person but she had so many demons that not any one human should have to deal with. Yet she had shared most of them with him and he'd accepted her with them, not tried to fix them or pretend to make them go away because no one could.

Gibbs felt Jack tense and relax against him. He could almost hear her thinking and internally shook his head. Leave it up to Jack for her mind to still be running after mind blowing sex.

"What's on ya mind Jack?" He felt her tense when he called her out. His tone was soft with care and concern. He would be fine if she brushed it off like he had done so many times before but he liked it when she opened up to him.

All the things running through her mind right now and she almost felt terrified to tell him. Because that was the only thing that could hurt her right now. Him. Him rejecting her or not feeling the same way she did. She rose slightly, looking at him and all she saw was care and concern and amusement. Why was he so amused.


"Nothing." He smiled and brought his hand up to cup her cheek while the over was draped over her back, his thumb running back and forth over her scars. "What's got your brain tickin'? Didn't I satisfy you enough " The last bit he didn't mean to let slip, his own stupid thoughts coming to the surface.

"God no! You know my minds always running. Even after the best sex I've ever had." Jack felt bad for letting him think that was even a possibility. Although letting it slip that he's her best was probably an ego boost Gibbs didn't need. "Just realizing how comfortable and safe I feel with you." She shrugged trying to play it off as a little thing but Gibbs could see she was nervous.

"Feel same way with you Jack. Told ya stuff haven't told anyone. Always want to spend time with you." He hadn't thought about what he was going to say but it all just spilled out. And from the look Jack was giving him he was glad it did.

Her smile lit up his heart and she wriggled closer dropping a tender kiss for his admission and settled her head in the crook of his neck. They just laid there, content and happy. Not knowing what the future would hold for them but knew if moments like these were possible that they'd be able to get through almost anything if they wanted to.

Happy was something Jack hadn't felt in a long time but she felt it now. Happy to be here in DC, happy to be cozied up in Gibbs arms and so bloody happy she had followed through instead of standing still.

. . . .

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