Title: Untold Truths
Authoress: Ladya C. Maxine
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A heavy blizzard forces Ray to stay a few extra days in Moscow with Kai. Slowly, he starts to learn the dramatic past, present and future that have had their hold on the phoenix for far too long.
Warning: yaoi, character death, language and violence in later chapters.
Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade or any of its characters. All unrecognisable characters belong solely to me and are not to be touched. I am not making any money off of this and I write with the sole intention to entertain.

Untold Truths

By Ladya C. Maxine

'I hate airports!'

Ray slammed his fist in frustration on the countertop, which only resulted in making the lady behind it even more agitated. Another wave of gibberish flew out her mouth that never seemed to close. She wasn't the least bit intimidated by the angry cat-eyes or the pointed canines of the raven-haired teen.

Ray composed himself, reminding himself that it was all just a big misunderstanding.

"Look, ma'am, I don't understand a word you are saying. Isn't there anyone here who speaks English?"

Babbled words were his only response. His arm also protested from the abuse he had just given it. Cradling the bandaged appendage he sighed. Now the lady was on the phone, probably calling the manager or security. He hoped they could speak in a language more known to him.

His plane had been scheduled to leave half an hour ago, or at least that is what his ticket said. Though it was in Russian he knew the numbers 18:15 when he saw them and after many minutes of following confusing Russian airport signs he had arrived at the gate at 17:45 exact, but the plane was gone! The lady that stood behind the counter spoke only Russian and try as he could to explain his situation she insisted on being a total witch about it. She could have at least called someone who knew a language other then Russian!

The pounding in his head grew worse and he knew it wasn't only because of the blonde she-devil before him.

He had just been released from the hospital after having received treatment for several weeks after the powerful match against the Demolition Boys. His team mates had stayed loyally by his side for the days and weeks following. But slowly each had to leave.

Max's mom and the All Stars had been heading back to America and invited Max along since he and his mom needed some quality time together. The ever-cheerful blond was reluctant but they managed to talk him into it. He left with a vow to return to Japan as soon as possible with presents for everyone.

Tyson and Kenny stayed for about two weeks longer but Tyson's grandfather's 73rd birthday was coming up and he couldn't miss it. He left with Kenny in tow, since the youngest member of the Beybladers had known Tyson's grandfather since the day he was born and considered the old man family.

The White Tigers had left several days after the battle but Mariah stayed till about two days ago. Their relationship had morphed into a brother/sister love and she considered herself the eldest of them both and took full responsibility. Her elders had called her home since a friend of her mother had died and the family needed her while her mother grieved. It took a lot of persuasion on his and Mr. Dickenson's part before she finally gave in with the promise to come see him the moment he came back home.

The Bladebreakers' founder, and adopted grandfather, Mr. Dickenson, had stayed with him up until this morning but urgent matters called the old businessman away. He left Ray with enough money to get through the flight and had arranged a first class ticket since Ray needed the space.

His left arm still throbbed and was bandaged tightly. The left ankle was also slightly sprained and his back was very stiff when he woke up in the morning and it continued to be stubborn throughout the day. Most of his cuts and bruises had healed but the more serious ones were still a pain in the ass. He still got nauseous and the headaches didn't go until he fell asleep. In other words; he was a wreck.

And now, to add stress to injury, this blonde flight attendant was refusing to understand his predicament. While he had been in thoughts she had called a very tall and burly looking guy, a security guard by his uniform, and was waving her hands in the air while yapping away in Russian. He wondered exactly what she was saying and it wasn't the first time that he really wished he had someone to translate.

Kai's face flashed in his mind. No doubt he would be able to handle this. The crimson-eyed blader's glare spoke more then he did. To say that Ray had been surprised when he learned that Kay was Russian would be the greatest understatement of the millennium. The Bladebreaker's team-captain wasn't the most social person ever and after giving it some thought Ray realized that no one actually knew much about him. He barely spoke and when he did it was usually to give them advice during battles or to order them to train harder during practices.

The former Demolition Boy leader had been there for most of his stay in the hospital, sitting quietly in the corner of the room while the others fussed over their injured comrade. About two weeks ago he simply left without saying goodbye.

Ray wasn't really surprised at this. Kay was always disappearing without a word. He just hoped that he hadn't been lured back to the Abbey and Boris. The golden-eyes teen shuddered at the mere memory of what had happened in those days during the tournament; Kai vanishing only to reappear as team captain of the ultra powerful Demolition Boys. Black Dranzer will forever be engraved in his memory. They had almost lost Kai but in the end he finally saw the truth and rejoined them. Even Tyson was thrilled to have the blue-haired enigma back.

His own feelings on the return of the only blader on the team older than him had been…unnameable.

"What matter you?"

"Huh?" Ray blinked out of his reverie and looked up at the security guard who was now towering over him, beefy hands on hips.

"You leave!" the giant of a man said in broken English.

'Not the best person to talk to but he would have to do,' Ray thought but instead said, "You don't understand. My ticket says 6:15 but the plane is gone."

He held up his ticket and the guard grabbed it away.

"You gone!" he said again without even glancing at the ticket.

"Oh man! Will you just listen to me? I'm not looking for any trouble." He ran his uninjured hand over his face. "Okay...fine...is there a chance I can get on another plane?"

"Other plane?"


Blondie waited for the security guard to translate his message to her. He had barely even finished speaking when she started chattering again. Nodding the security guard replied

"No new plane. This ticket for old plane."

"Old plane not here," Ray growled.

"You want new plane, you pay new ticket."

"What! No way, I don't have that kind of money on me!"

"Then me have not that kind of ticket on me. Go!"

"Listen to me, you overgrown bag of--"

"Flattery will get you no where, Ray."

The familiar calm voice made Ray spin on his heals, which aggravated his ankle and almost caused him to fall flat on his face but he feline reflexes saved him.

"Kai! What are you doing here?"

"Travelling," was the obvious answer as the crimson-eyed boy neared the merry trio.

The airport was freezing and Ray himself wore two t-shirts plus a heavy jacket but despite the cold temperature Kai wore his usual sleeveless black top and baggy pants. His brown travel-bag was casually slung over one bare shoulder and the other hand was in his pocket, the dark red eyes surveying the situation.

"You certainly have a way with people," he noted with a hint of mild amusement.

The security guard said something in Russian to the blonde flight attendant and the two shared a laugh. It was abruptly cut short when Kai fixed them with his trademark death-glare. (Or he could have just looked at them; there really was no difference between a glare and a stare when it came to Kai.) Both adults' mouths fell open when Kai spoke to them in fluent Russian and by the tone of his voice it was not something entirely pleasant.

The guard said something and waved Ray's ticket in Kai's face. He snatched the strip of paper and quietly read it through. The other three stood waiting in silence. The adults looked uncertain, obviously not used to being confronted with a teenager who wasn't the least bit intimidated by them. Ray waited, hoping that the 'retired' world champion would help him out. It was quite comical to see the big security guard kinda cowering around Kai.

After a minute Kai scoffed softly and walked over to the counter where the blonde stood anxiously. Leaning against the cool surface he spoke to her and her tense expression melted somewhat and she actually looked at the ticket for the first time that day. After some to and fro conversation she nodded and began ticking away on the computer. Kai turned to the security guard and said something. The man looked insulted but nodded and after what sounded like a warning/goodbye he turned and lumbered off.

Ray watched him go before turning to his saviour.


"Whoever made this ticket made a mistake. The plane was scheduled to leave 17:15, not 18:15."

"Damn it!" Ray leaned against the counter, resting his aching head in his palm.

"It doesn't matter anyway. The flight has been delayed."


"There's been a blizzard warning and all flights have been either delayed or cancelled."

"Couldn't she have said that in the first place?" Ray glared at the blonde who smiled brightly at him. Either she really was dumb or she had a very short memory span.

"That's what she had been doing the whole time. You just didn't understand her."

"Oh. So...what is she doing now?"

"Rescheduling the flight. They don't know how long the storm will last so they register you into the computer and the moment they can fly again they will inform you." Kai shifted his bag to the other shoulder. For a few minutes only the loud clattering of computer keys sounded and Ray was reminded of Kenny. He would have to call the guys before they started to worry about him.

"And what are you doing here? And I know you're travelling," he intercepted before Kai could, "but where are you going?"

"I flew in from St. Petersburg about an hour ago."

"What were you doing in St. Petersburg?"

"That is none of your business."

The tone was icy and he wisely decided to let the matter drop. Maybe Kai had just been visiting a relative or something. Ray was about to ask but Blondie intercepted, chatting happily. He had no idea what she said but from her tone he knew it was what all flight- attendants say: Sorry for the inconvenience. Please enjoy your flight and fly again with us soon.'

Miss Sunshine took out a cigarette from her breast pocket and popped it in her mouth. After patting herself down she realized she didn't have anything to light it with and muttered around the stick in her mouth if they had one. Ray shook his head but to his surprise Kai pulled out one and tossed it to her. Lighting the rolled paper and giving the lighter back she took a deep draw and blew out the smoke in content and thanked him. As usual he simply turned and walked away. Ray stared in confusion at the retreating back of the blue-haired Russian.

'What on earth is Kai doing with a lighter?'

Deciding he could do nothing else he grabbed his bag, and reluctantly returning a wave to the content blond she-devil, he caught up with Kai as quick as his injured ankle would allow him. The other boy didn't comment on his uninvited companionship.

They walked in silence through the large Russian International Airport. As they passed the large windows that viewed the runway Ray was surprised to see that the storm was already brewing. Nothing but white as far as the eyes can see. The glass panes were collecting frost and he could hear the winds howling.

Directing his attention back inside he watched the countless boards with arrows pass overhead as they walked. All directions were in Russian but at least now he had Kai here, who didn't even look at the signs.

"You know your way around here," Ray noted.

"I'm from here."

"Yeah, but you've lived in Japan for the last few years right?"

Kai didn't answer so he took that as a yes. He had grown so accustomed to his team-captain's silent replies that he knew what was 'yes' and what was 'no'.

"Do you know where I can phone? I need to call the guys before they start imagining all kinds of weird catastrophes."

Kai said nothing as he flawlessly manoeuvred through a large group of people who must have been returning home or to their hotels since their flights had been cancelled.

'Man, I haven't even thought about a hotel!' Ray suddenly thought, 'Where am I gonna stay? I hope Mr Dickenson left me with enough money for a hotel room.'

He didn't tell the other boy his concerns and just kept on walking.

/Major bummer Ray. Stuck with Kai? For how long/

Tyson's voice was muffled so Ray guessed he was speaking with his mouth full.

"Till the storm lets up, which could be days. And I don't think that Kai would want my company, so I have to find a hotel."

Tyson was about to say something but there was a sound of scuffle followed by a loud curse and then someone else was on the phone. Was that Max?

/Hiya, Ray/

Yup, definitely Max.

"Max? What are you doing back already?"

"My mom's job relocated her to Japan for six months. I got back last night. You gotta see the amount of food still left over from Tyson's grandpa's party! Chips, ice-cream, cookies.../ Max fell silent as someone spoke to him in the background. /Oh, they went shopping last night. Tyson ate everything from the party before it was even finished./

Ray smiled when he heard Tyson loudly deny the claim in the background.

"Well, I have to go. My card is almost up and I have to find a hotel."

Another sound of struggled and Tyson was back on.

/Buy a new card and call us as soon as you can. Chief and grandpa said 'hi'./ A pause. /Oh yeah, Dizzy says hello also and asked for a souvenir./

"I'll get her a Russian computer game," Ray laughed. After saying goodbye again he hung up. Looking around he spied Kai a few stalls down. The team captain was speaking softly as he leaned against the phone. Sighing Ray opened the telephone book that stood on the small shelf under his phone.

All addresses and names were in Russian.


He closed the book and waited until Kai was done to ask him. He hated feeling this useless but he knew he had to swallow his pride sometimes. After a few more minutes Kai hung up so he walked over to him.

"The guys told me to say hi," he said, trying to stall.

"I'm touched," Kai said distractedly, with a hint of sarcasm, as he searched for something in his bag.

Ray sighed and gave in. Might as well get it over with.

"What's the Russian word for 'hotel'?"

Kai didn't answer but simply pulled out his jacket and wallet and walked away.

"Hey! I asked you a question! That normally gets an answer."

"We already have a hotel. Now zip it and follow me." Kai didn't even look at him as he walked.

Ray stopped. He didn't know whether he should feel glad that Kai decided to let him stay with him or annoyed that Kai thought him unable to take care of himself.

'Well...you can't,' said the voice of reason in his head. And it was right. Put him in a country where people spoke English, Chinese or Japanese and he'd be fine. However he was in Russia were not many folks spoke the English language and where he had no idea about the laws and ways of the country. For all he knew he would end up lodging in a museum rather than a hotel.

"What's the matter? Your leg seized up?" Kai stood waiting on him a distance away.

Squaring his shoulders he decided that if he was going to take help from Kai he would do it with as much dignity as he can muster. He walked over and noticed that Kai was watching his injured ankle as he limped slightly. Coming to stand beside the slightly taller boy he waited. Kai nodded and motioned for him to follow.

Ray wondered how on earth Tyson had managed to make it through the airport. Long distances weren't his friend's specialty and even Ray himself was feeling worn out by the seemingly endless walk. His training with the White Tigers as he grew up resulted in him having great condition. That is, until he walked the airport. He knew that his injuries weighed him down but he wasn't about to admit his weariness to Kai. At least...he thought he wouldn't but now he was almost collapsing in exhaustion and he knew the slate haired boy noticed it also.

Just when he thought that he was going to have to say it their destination came into view as they rounded the corner. The large glass doors that led outside. As they neared Ray could see the thick layer of frost that clung to the glass and the billowing snow on the street. He couldn't even see the cabs. Beside him Kai casually shrugged on his jacket and pushed the doors open.

Suddenly the incredibly long walk in cold temperature seemed much nicer then the shorter distance in sub-artic temperatures. Immediately the wind began to pull and tug at their clothes. Ray's long braid whipped behind him as the snow stung his eyes.

"Kai! We'll never find a cab in this storm! We must go back inside!" he shouted.

When no answer came he wasn't surprised since Kai tended to speak only when he felt to, and that wasn't often, however his presence was always easy to detect when he was near but try as he could Ray could not find it. Blinking against the onslaught of killer ice particles he searched for anything that would locate the slate haired boy but all he saw was white.

The snow was starting to get beneath his clothes and he shivered. Gripping his bag tightly and using the injured hand to keep his jacket shut he took a step forward but almost slipped on the icy concrete.

"Kai! Where are you!"

A sudden and hard gale was the only answer he got and it almost knocked him over. He felt himself losing balance and tried to regain it but his ankle decided to become rebellious just at that crucial moment and he felt himself going down.

'This is going to hurt,' was his only thought and he winced at the idea of how the impact would jar his injuries.

He felt a sudden force on his uninjured arm but it wasn't from the impact. In fact, it steadied him and brought him back on his feet. Wiping away the snow with his sleeve he couldn't see anything that was further then a foot before him but he felt the strong presence of Kai.

Without exchanging a word he felt Kai pull him along and he followed, unsure as to how Kai could see in the maddening winds.

'Well, he grew up here, so he's probably used to it.'

They stopped and he could make out the shape of something big and black before them. Squinting didn't help but he heard Kai shout out something to someone else who answered in Russian. His bag was pulled out of his hand but before he could react he felt a strong tug on his arm as he was pulled forward and down.

Suddenly he was warm. After a few seconds he realized that he was in a car. Kai must have somehow hailed a cab while he had gotten himself lost. He wiped his eyes as he heard the door slam shut. Finally rediscovering his sight, he located Kai sitting opposite him, writing something in a leader-binder.

Wait a minute...

Opposite him?

Ray gasped when he saw the interior of the car for the first time.

He was sitting on a long back seat, which was covered in fine beige leather and the floor was carpeted with matching carpet. Next to him was a small compartment that turned out to be a fridge full of snacks and drinks. The sides of the interior had a smooth polished finish that shone and a remote was attached to his side. Looking up he saw the TV monitor that went with it.

Kai sat opposite him on a similar long seat except his armrest had several buttons on it and instead of a mini fridge he had an installed stereo along with CD rack beside him. The whole car was central heated and the windows were tinted. Behind Kai was a division panel.

His first thought was that the snow must had really affected his eyes but after blinking and wiping several times he was sure this was real.

Kai's voice proved it.

"Take your jacket off before you soak the entire car."

"Um, Kai..." Ray said as he removed the wet outer attire. "What kind of a cab is this?"

"It's not a cab." Kai answered and turned his head as the car door closed.

Pressing a button on his armrest made the division screen behind him roll down to reveal their driver though there was still a glass between them and the driver, who was a middle-aged man with a balding head and a heavy moustache. His face was red from the cold but he didn't seem to mind. Kai clicked on what Ray could only describe as an intercom and said something to the driver, in Russian. The man responded in a cheery tone and started the engine.

They pulled out of the parking spot and rolled away from the airport.

Ray still couldn't get over the fact that he was sitting in what was undoubtedly the most luxurious car he had ever ridden yet Kai seemed completely at home in it. Wait, this didn't belong to...

"Kai, is this one of your grandfather's cars?" Ray asked worriedly.

The slate haired boy looked up from his writing. Ray guessed he contemplating on whether to react sarcastic or angered. Kai decided on neither and answered rather civilized (or as civilized as he could be), "I would rather walk the twenty miles to the hotel instead over ever accepting anything from him again."

He went back to writing.

Ray found a dry towel beside the fridge and begun to dry his hair, which had become very wet with all the snow. He didn't know where they were going but Kai said it was twenty miles and he sure as hell didn't want to walk outside in this weather, so he stayed quiet. They rode for about half an hour; the slick roads forcing the chauffeur to drive slowly.

Ray rested his head on the cushion behind him and allowed his eyes to fall shut. It had been such a long day; first going back to the hospital to get all the medications at 7 o'clock in the morning, and then having to pack rather quickly since he had to leave the hotel he had been staying in before 12 o'clock noon. Afterwards he spent two hours waiting for his bus that was to take him to the airport. Then the whole incident with the flight attendant and to round it all up he had almost been sucked up into a freak snowstorm.

Rolling his head slightly to look at Kai, who was still writing, he spoke.

"You know Kai, I appreciate you helping me out and all, and I mean no offence, but I really have to say this: Russia has left a permanent black hole in my mind."

Kai stopped writing and studied him from beneath dark lashes and at first he thought that the team captain had indeed taken it as a personal offence but then Kai smirked.

"That's why I left it," he said simply and reached for his wallet. Flipping through it he found whatever it was he needed and continued writing.

Whether it was the cat in him or not Ray felt curious and moved over to sit beside the placid teen.

"What are you writing?"

He knew that if it had been Tyson who asked that question that Kai would have told him to mind his own damn business, but Kai always had more patience with him then the others. He had hoped that he could get the slate haired boy out of his isolated shell and maybe even strike up a friendship. Kai's only relation to the team was that of a fellow blader; nothing more, nothing less. They were going to be stuck together until the storm passed and he thought it would be a good time to get to know Kai better. At least now the others weren't around to bother him so much so maybe he wouldn't be so pissed off all the time.

"I'm filling in forms." Kai glanced at the card in his hand then wrote something down (in Russian). Looking closer Ray could see that it was an I.D. card.

"About what?"

The other boy raised a brow.

"You sound like Max."

"I know. It's scary. So...what are they?"

"Just stuff." The tone wasn't angered but it held a definite drop-it-or-you-will-be-sorry one.

But he wasn't ready to drop it and opened his mouth to speak when the intercom beeped. Kai pressed a button and the driver said something that he promptly answered. Closing the connection he started to put his things away.

"Get your stuff. We're here."


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