Title: Untold Truths
Authoress: Ladya C. Maxine
Rating: PG-13
Summary: see chapter one.
Warnings: see chapter one.
Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade or any of its characters. All unrecognisable characters belong solely to me and are not to be touched. I am making no money off of this and I write with the sole intention to entertain.

"Alright then, here's a list of things the doctor said you're allowed to eat. And here are your medication schedules. Oh, don't forget your training programs."

Natasia stood digging in her bag, producing one paper after the other.

"You know, Natty, I think I'm going to have to pay extra weight costs because all these schedules," Ata said, eyeing the small pile in his hands quizzically.

"That reminds me! Here are the charts you have to follow to maintain your weight."

The busy hustle of the airport went about around the group as they stood away from the check-in counter, the three bladers ready to walk through the glass doors that led to the gates and their respective flight.

"You are going to write us, aren't you?" Saskia asked, holding Mica against her chest as she leaned back against Kai's legs.

"Everyday," he promised, gifting her a smile as he went over his and Ray's tickets. "You'll probably have a lot to tell us about your new school."

"Uh-huh. Maybe I can get a part to dance before people."

"I'm know you will."

"Will you and Ray and Ata come back to watch me then?"

"We wouldn't miss it for the world," Ray assured, kneeling before her. "We have to go back to Japan to start training with the rest of the Bladebreakers for the next world championships, but we will stop practise the moment we get the news."

"And you, Ata?"

"Ditto. I am only leaving because the guys want me to go to Norilsk to meet Spencer's mother."

"It's very cold there. Do you have enough warm clothes? Did you take the jacket I left on your bed?" Natasia fretted as she still searched for things in her handbag, which seemed to be able to hold a lot more than it let on.

"Calm down, Natty," Ata rested a hand on hers. "We've all travelled before, remember?"

"I know, I know," she sighed. "I'm sorry, boys. I can't help it."

"They will be just fine," Ivan assured her. "They promised to call us the moment they reach."

Overhead, a voice rang out over the speakers.

"All passengers on flight 989 to Tokyo, Japan, please make your way to gate 34. Boarding begins in one hour."

"I guess we'd better get going then," Ray said. He stood, lifting Saskia who wrapped slender arms around him.

"I'll miss you."

"Me too, Saskia. Thank you, for being such a good friend."

"I can't wait till you come back."

"We'll be back as soon as possible. The whole team will probably be coming and you'll be able to meet them. Would you like that?"

She nodded.

"Alright then, take care of Natasia and the others for us, okay?"


She kept her hold on him for a few more minutes before turning to Kai, pink eyes watering.

"It's going to be okay, Sassy," he comforted, taking her from Ray so the tiger could say his farewells to the others. "I'll always come back to you."

"I'm gonna make you proud, Kai. I'm going to do my best in school and you'll see me on TV, even in Japan."

"I look forward to it. And I am already very proud of you. Don't let anyone make you think otherwise."

"Thank you, big brother. Thank you, for never giving up on me."

He closed his eyes at the heartfelt words and held her tighter.

"Thank you, Sassy. For believing in me. And for just being you."

The farewells lasted many minutes, mainly due to Natasia lecturing Ata as she refused to release him just yet, giving him last minute tips. He was on another flight than Ray and Kai but had decided to check in with them. Finally, the chubby lady pried her arms off of him, lifting Saskia on her hip instead.

"Goodbye! Take care of yourselves! Call as soon as you arrive! Don't forget to go to the nearest doctor the moment you've settled in!"

Beside her, Ivan waved too.

"Enjoy your flight, sirs! We hope to see you all back very soon!"

Jeremei, who was wiping his eyes with a handkerchief, could only wave. He had wanted to stay in the limo as it would make the parting easier, but Natasia had dragged him out.

Saskia waved with one hand as she held up Mica in the other.

"Bye, Kai! Bye, Ray! Bye, Ata! I love you all! I'll miss you!"

Ray stopped just before the doors to turn and look at them for one last time. His eyes shimmered with tears as he waved.

The elderly butler, the middle-aged chauffeur, the motherly cook, and the little sister he never had. A whole other family, one who loved him just as much as his own back in China. He was definitely going to be looking forward to coming back.

Who else would greet him so merrily when he came in for breakfast every morning? Who else would tell him the latest news as he was driven around town? Who else would always be ready to give a word of advice while he helped him around the house? Who else would always bring a smile to his face with their bright pink eyes and even brighter heart?

"Until we meet again," he smiled, keeping Saskia's gaze for a minute. The little girl looked as adorable as the day they had met and he hoped that none of that would have changed the next time he saw her.

"Ray," Kai's voice called when he hesitated too long.

He gave them a final wave, and turned away, sniffing softly through his tears when the doors closed behind him with a hum. He walked over to where Kai stood waiting for him. Ata stood a bit further up, arms crossed but eyes understanding.

"Time goes by quickly, Ray. We'll see them soon," Kai soothed, taking hold of the Chinese blader's hand, crimson eyes warm and waiting. "And Natasia will probably be calling to check up on us every day."

Ray laughed softly at that.

"I hope so."

"Let's go, you two, before you miss your flight. Again."

As they walked down the corridor, Ray felt his mood lighten. By the time they reached the interior arcade where shops and restaurants formed a cosy atmosphere he was laughing and joking with Ata as Kai made sure they were going in the right direction.

"Oh heavens! Hello there!"

All three boys froze at the British accent and reluctantly turned to see Tiffany trotting over, blond hair bouncing and shining in the airport light. She wore a long mink coat and matching grey boots and a smile so false she would have scorednegative on a lie detector test.

"Fancy meeting you here in the airport, Kai," she smiled before acknowledging the other two with a blunt, "Ray. Ata."

Movement behind her brought Claudette, once more laden with shopping bags that were overflowing with clothes and souvenirs. Raven was no longer to be identified as the brunette stood quietly, head lowered and awaiting her mistress' command. Still, a certain light twinkled in her eyes as she briefly met theirs.

"I heard from daddy that you were in the hospital, Kai. I was so worried! I wanted to come visit you but the guards at the doors said that I wasn't allowed in."

"Imagine that," Ata muttered sarcastically to Ray, who hid his laugh with a cough, both knowing that Kai had been the one who told the guards that Tiffany McSnobbe was not allowed to visit. The last thing they had needed was the snobby brat around them while they should have been resting.

"How are you feeling now?" Tiffany asked, placing her hand on the bluenette's forehead, pretending to be checking his temperature while actually just making an excuse to lean against him.

Kai simply stepped back, placing a hand on Ray's arm as he heard the obvious growl of annoyance the neko-jin made at the flirtatious action.

"I'll live," he answered plainly.

"Oh. Well, look out. There are many diseases around." Predictably, she looked over at Ray.

"What? They didn't sanitize you before admitting you in here?" Ata countered.

Three snorts of laugher followed that, though Claudette's was softer than Kai and Ray's.

"You know, Ata, I would think that being around someone as dignified as Kai would have some positive effect on you."

"Well, pardon me for not willingly throwing myself at him like a fifty cent whore in ten cent clothing whose attitude isn't worth a penny."

Ray had to bury his face in Kai's scarf to muffle his laugh. Behind her mistress, Claudette had suddenly found interest in the ceiling, trying to blink away tears of silent laugher from her eyes.

Snarling, Tiffany came to the painful realization that she couldn't hope to out-smart nor out-talk the redhead, so she turned to Ray. Her green eyes narrowed at his proximity to 'her' fiancée.

"You think that funny, do you?" she scowled to Ray. "Takes a fool to appreciate Ata's crooked sense of humour. Honestly, Kai, I feel for you. Being forced to put up with these simpletons for such long periods of time."

"Do you?" Kai asked with a raised brow. "Then feel this."

Ray, who was still recovering from his earlier giggle attack, moaned when he unexpectedly felt the familiar hot lips on his. Closing his eyes, he unashamedly returned it; leaning fully against Kai as he returned the stolen caresses the bluenette's tongue gave his. With a final lick, they pulled apart, breathing hard.

Several bags fell as Claudette covered her mouth with her hands to stifle her laugh at the look of utter shock on Tiffany's face. Ata was leaning with his back against the wall, one fist resting against his lips in a casual manner though she could see the shaking of his shoulders and the tears that formed in his eyes.

With a somewhat smug expression, Ray rested his head on Kai's shoulder, goading the blonde to say something.

"W…W…Wha-What! How-How dare you!" Her voice was loud but still in shocked stupor. Trembling with rage, she sneered, angered to have been so openly embarrassed. That street rat! With her Kai!

"Well...I...he...Ugh! Mother told me that you weren't good enough for me anyways! Goodbye, Kai! I'm leaving! I hope you're happy now!"

"You have no idea," Ata said, rolling his eyes.

"You…You…You freaks! I hate you!"

Shooting Ray a glare that dripped with venom, she turned and stalked off, heeled boots ticking loudly as her usual smooth gait was now replaced with stomping holes in the tiles.

"Have a safe journey, fine sirs. I hope we will meet again someday," Claudette spoke with a small bow. Straightening, she winked at Ata and gave Ray and Kai a thumbs-up. With a final smile, she turned and trotted off quickly behind her seething mistress.

"Do you think she got it through that the marriage is off?" Ata asked, walking over as he had finally regained enough strength now that his laugher was subsiding.

"I think she got the hint," Kai smirked, an arms still around Ray's waist. Gods, did that had feel so good. A kiss from Ray and ditching Tiffany; this day just kept on getting better and better.

"I'll be more than happy for a repeat that if she didn't," Ray's eyes gleamed with a devious look which earned him a playful tug to his hair.

"Attention, all passengers on inland flight H65 to Norilsk, Russia are to report to gate 03 to begin boarding. Passengers on inland flight H65 for Norilsk, Russia, please go to gate 03. Thank you."

"Gate 03 is in the other direction," Ata informed. "I better get going."

Kai released Ray to give his life-long friend a deep embrace.

"Thank you, Ata. We probably wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for you."

He caught the double meaning in the words and smiled, sighing as they released each other. Placing a small kiss on the bluenette's cheek, he nodded his acceptance.

"Just remember, you owe me big time. The Demolition Boys swallowed our pride and gave your team the world title but don't think that we don't want it back."

Kai pretended to consider it.

"Make it to the championships and then maybe we can talk about it."

"Oh, we'll be there. And this time, we won't go easy on you guys."

"We don't go easy on anyone," Ray challenged.

"I'm really shaken," he said though he smiled at the neko-jin. "Bryan is going to enjoy paying you back for his defeat."

"You can tell him to bring it on."

They hugged and Ray sighed. Once again, they were letting go of the redhead. But, at least this time, they would see him again. That was a promise that would not be broken.

"I never thanked you properly."

"Yeah, sorry for dying on you before you had the chance," Ata laughed. "But just keep him in line. If he gives you any trouble, don't hesitate to call me. I'll come over and beat some sense into him."

"Big threat you are," Kai doubted.

The redhead simply pointed warningly over Ray's shoulder before letting the Chinese boy go. He adjusted his duffle bag on his shoulder, gifting them with a final smile.

"Just have fun. I'll be around whenever you need me."

"Bye Ata," Kai said softly, giving his friend a small wave.

Would the redhead be safe without him around? The others, especially Bryan, would make sure of it. Still, deep down he always feared their time apart.

'I must try. Ata will be fine,' he reassured himself, hugging Ray.

"Au revoir," Ata gestured and with that turned and walked off, one hand in his pocket.

As he headed into the moving crowd he turned and flashed them a peace-sign. He then faded into themass of travelersand was gone.

For a few moments longer, they stood, side by side, watching where the wolf blader had disappeared. Ray got over it first, looking up to Kai who was still staring worriedly in the direction his childhood friend had gone.

Nudging the other's jaw with his head, Ray smiled when the red eyes met his.

"He'll be just fine. Look at it this way; at least now we get to sleep in in the morning."

That was a good point.

"Ready to go?" Kai asked, completely recovered.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Taking the hand, he walked alongside his lover as they made their way towards the gate.

"You know what, Kai?"


"I love airports."




A/N: It's been two years since I wrote this fic but I am proud to say that the sequel will be up July the 4th. Stay tuned!