Kamen Rider Smash

Episode 1 – Origin of Smash

Data File #01: The Subspace Emissary Aftermath

"The first real battle we ever had was the Subspace Emissary. Despite standing victorious, R.O.B. had lost his people and his home. Master Hand was unresponsive, the world was damaged from the Subspace tears, we could only hold out for so long. Palutena was the one to come to the rescue alongside Crazy Hand; they used their power to reset the world itself. The world and Master Hand both recovered allowing us ten years of prospering."

"We had found allies new and old in the process of creating settlements. The population even received a boom as well. Things were finally looking up for us as we began to make preparations to fully create larger settlements on the land."

Data File #02: The World of Light & Shadows

"Our progress was halted when Palutena alerted us that Master Hand and Crazy Hand had vanished. We eventually found out a divine being, Galeem, had taken Master Hand and cloned a full army of him. Using the raw power of the army of Hand's he enveloped us all in beams of light. A fair number of us were transformed into trophies to be cloned. The rest weren't lucky, being turned into nothing more than Spirits."

"Kirby was the only one who was able to escape. Surprisingly though he had help from six mysterious warriors who had managed to elude the barrage of light. Together they freed a majority of us and we took the fight to Galeem. However weakening Galeem allowed the dark divine being, Dharkon, to reveal him to everyone. He revealed his own army of Crazy Hands, and finally the pieces were pulled together. We continued to fight, freeing more of our allies and eventually weakening Dharkon as well."

"Galeem took advantage of this and began fighting hard against his dark counterpart. We took advantage of the situation in turn, freeing our remaining comrades alongside Master and Crazy Hand. All of us worked together to defeat both Galeem and Dharkon, their dead bodies falling into the ocean. At the end both Hand's formed together to create the Master Core, recreating and restoring the land that Galeem had once twisted together."

Data File #03: Origin Impact

"It was then that we finally took a stand and developed more firmly, we wanted our existence to mean something. To have an existence that would not be so easy to reset like before. And so we developed the land, Smash City standing at the center with King Dedede as the president of the metropolis. The Mushroom Kingdom, Altea, Kanto, and Hyrule surrounded it as neighboring territories, Peach, Marth, Mewtwo, and Zelda ruling respectively. Palutena watched over us from Skyworld with Rosalina watching from her Comet Observatory."

"Despite this our luck wasn't much better this time. An injured Dark Pit had managed to inform us that Tabuu was back and stronger than ever. I gathered the Original Twelve Warriors, together we went to Skyworld but nothing prepared us for Tabuu. We were in shock that everyone there was defeated and we were swiftly defeated ourselves. We were turned into trophies and our essence was drained, somehow the combination of our essences transformed Tabuu into a monster known as Smash Origin."

"Smash Origin made landfall and began turning everyone into trophies, draining the essence of everyone that faced it. Several Mii's were brave enough to make a dangerous gambit, some being outright killed due to the monsters massive power at that point. One Swordfighter in Rathalos Armor had managed to land a fatal blow against the monster once a weak point was slowly built up."

"In a massive explosion, the creature was destroyed; Tabuu was ejected out of the monsters body and forced back into Subspace. Or at least that's what the reports say. The essences of everyone returned mostly, but a small piece had split off and formed Tokens that were scattered across the land. The return of essence and explosion of energy was enough to turn everyone back to normal as well. The tokens at the time were the least of everyone's worry though."

Data File #04: The Boy with No Memories

"The appearance of a human teenager near Ground Zero was also a result of the explosion and return of essence. At first we thought the kid was a bad omen, but that was before we saw he had a Token of Mario in his hand alongside another strange one. Predictably, Peach was quick to defend the boy despite us not knowing anything about him. She took him in and cared for him, and it was soon found out that he had no memories aside from his first name and vague details of his life. We did eventually find out he was a capable fighter, and he wanted to help out wherever he could."

"We were wary; until we found out he had the ability to tap into Mario's power through the Token when we were unable to. So it was then decided, we dubbed the trinkets Smash Tokens, and created an underground Organization named CORE. It was backed by King Dedede with the sole purpose of finding and protecting the Tokens. Some didn't agree about our secrecy like Palutena, but these Tokens needed to be found no matter what."

"As for the boy, after thinking on it he moved to Smash City and became an honorary member of sorts. He underwent dozens of tests to try and jog his memory, with no real luck. However the tests allowed us to use the mystery token, which was labeled as Smash, to create a new device that should allow us to harness the Token's power. King Dedede finds us using the kid a bit questionable, especially since we don't know the origins of his synchronicity with the Smash Tokens. But as far as we can tell, he isn't a sleeper agent, and is acting of his own will. As far as I'm concerned he's on our side, and that's good enough for me. If he can give us the edge against Tabuu in the future, I'll put all my faith in him."

"Hope you're not done with your reports yet," Captain Falcon called to Samus as he walked over to her and the computer she was currently typing away at. He was holding a plate with two coffee's and a few bagels. "I just got a fresh batch of coffee brewed for you."

"I'm just about done but I appreciate the sentiment," Samus said as she took the coffee from her associate before taking a sip. "I must admit you do know how to make a good blend."

"Well hey, everyone in this base is getting tired of instant so I figured I'd do us all a favor and start working on some actual coffee," Captain Falcon gave a smirk as he went to take a bagel for himself before going to set down the plate on a table near the computer.

"Well it should suffice for today given you bothered to make enough," Samus mentioned. "Granted most of the team isn't early risers like we are."

"Especially our newbie," Captain Falcon said, taking another bite of his bagel. "Kid really doesn't like waking up early or doing much aside from the tests."

"He is getting better at it though," Samus replied. "When he first joined he wouldn't wake up till noon. Now he's at least up around nine, and is more willing to work with us."

"True, plus ever since we made progress he's been a bit more active," Captain Falcon said. "I still think he needs a good push though."

"I feel as though said push is going to come soon, considering all the Subspace tears that have been popping up briefly," Samus mentioned as she finished typing her reports. She then got out of her chair and took a bagel before heading for the exit of the computer room. "He's probably in the kitchen by now. Let's try and get an early start today."

Captain Falcon gave a muffled confirmation and salute as he was munching on his bagel. He then followed after Samus as the two walked through the metal hallways of their base. It wasn't long before they arrived at a door, pressing a button on the side and opening it up to reveal a fairly standard kitchen.

At the fridge was a teen just about to hit adulthood, he was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and green sneakers. He was currently rummaging through before finding what he needed, a carton of orange juice. He lifted his head and closed the fridge when he heard someone coming, revealing a soft face with black bushy hair and azure colored eyes. "Oh, morning Captain, Samus, was just getting some orange juice and toast." He said as he poured himself a glass before putting the carton away.

On cue the toaster popped out two fresh pieces of toast for him as he went to butter them before sitting at the table that was set up.

"Still not a coffee addict I see," Captain Falcon said, giving a smirk when he saw the boys face scrunch up at the word coffee.

"You seriously need to grow a spine, it's not that bad. Falcon even made it himself this time," Samus remarked as she sat across from the teen.

"I think it's an acquired taste," The teen countered with a swig of his drink to show he wasn't going to budge on his decision.

"Suit yourself, you'll turn around I know you will." Captain Falcon said as he took a seat. "So, mind running through the usual routine to get it out of the way?"

"Sure, the name is Kenshin, Age 18, Human," The teen said in an almost stock tone as he took a bite of his toast. "I lived somewhere that isn't here, but has a lot of the same commodities. Don't know much about my own life beyond that." The stock tone diminished though as more details were spoken. "Lately I've been having weird dreams involving armored masked warriors fighting against monsters."

"Funny how that's popped up recently in relation to what we've been doing," Captain Falcon mused.

"Yeah it's weird, after you gave me the Driver and Tokens to test out, I've been having those weird dreams," Kenshin admitted as he looked down at his food. "I can only assume their Kamen Riders too given my title, but it's hard to tell sometimes. Still it's pretty encouraging to have those kind of memories in my head, there's so many different heroes I see sometimes that it just means I'm one of many. That I'm not alone."

"Good to hear you've got some confidence in you," Samus mused, though she was hoping he wouldn't be too put off if he had to go onto the field anytime soon. "Finish up breakfast; we're going for the usual round of training today, alright?"

"Yes Ma'am!" Kenshin gave a salute before working on finishing his breakfast.

Cloud patrolled the streets of Smash City, always an early riser but never one for staying indoors for too long. He did his part in the organization by patrolling and reporting any suspicious behavior. It was because of him that CORE was able to figure out that Subspace Activity began occurring again. He had hoped that whatever they were going up against was fairly easy to handle. This world didn't need another threat like Galeem and Dharkon blindsiding it.

Unbeknownst to him as he passed an alleyway, someone was watching his movements. Inside the alleyway was a man wearing black pants, boost alongside a long brown trench coat with no shirt. His chest and arms were covered by bandages alongside his face, only one eye being visible while his mouth could barely be seen. He gave a light chuckle as he hid in the shadows before looking at the wall near him. He felt the bricks briefly before digging his fingers into the hardened cement, gripping the brick and ripping it out. He turned it around to find a token-like trinket embedded in it.

It was a circular medal with a clear crystal lining; it held a picture of Yoshi with the Smash Symbol at the bottom center. "Bingo…" The bandaged man gave a laugh as he gripped the token tightly, dark energy leaking from his hand before he released his grip. In his palm was the token once more but the crystal lining was purple while the image of Yoshi had a darker saturation. "Now let's see what lucky person gets your power today…" He trailed and turned, only to be met with the tip of a large sword.

"Looks like I was right about something being off today," Cloud said as he had his fusion sword aimed at the man. "You mind handing that over and coming with me for a couple of questions?"

"I think we both know the answer to that question," The bandaged man said before suddenly jumping up as Cloud jabbed forward. To Cloud's surprise the man was now standing on the edge of his blade. "Impressive! You can hold me up!"

Cloud gave a yell as he slammed his fusion sword into the wall to knock the man to the ground. To his surprise the man bounced onto the other wall of the alleyway before kicking up and grabbing onto the ledge. The man then pulled himself and gave a laugh as he squatted to show he wasn't taking Cloud seriously.

"Just what's your game?" Cloud questioned.

"I'm not here to play games with you," The man mocked before quickly running off, bounding across several roofs in order to escape Cloud with ease.

"And here I was hoping today would be a quiet day," Cloud said as he holstered his sword before rushing back to his bike, he needed to inform the others as soon as possible.

"Where's your hurry?" A voice asked as he passed a box.

Cloud was ready to keep going before stopping and looking back slightly with a sigh. "Did you really not hear that commotion?"

"Can't say I did," The box responded. "What's got you all in a fuss?"

"There was a Smash Token and an unknown bandaged man took it," Cloud replied causing the box to suddenly topple over, Solid Snake emerging and turning Cloud to face him.

"What do you mean bandaged man, don't you mean Mii?" Snake questioned with a serious look on his face. Though Cloud didn't answer his face held a similar look to it. "Seriously…" Snake looked off to the side before holding a hand to his ear and crouching down.

"Take this, Falcon Punch!" Captain Falcon pulled back, flames enveloping his arm before he punched forward. Kenshin ducked and moved forward underneath, waiting for the flames to disappear before he grabbed onto Captain Falcon's arm. Giving a yell Kenshin tripped up the bounty hunter before pulling his wait and using his opponent's weight against him. With a swift swing he managed to slam Captain Falcon on his back.

"Well done," Samus said as she gave a light clap, walking over to the two.

"Thanks," Kenshin smiled as Captain Falcon pushed himself back up.

"You're definitely improving, which is good," Captain Falcon confirmed as he rubbed his back a bit. "Also helps that you're a bit stronger than the average human."

"Hey I'll just use that to my advantage," Kenshin smirked as he fixed his hair a bit."My enemies won't know what hit them if they think my strength is just normal."

"Don't get too cocky though," Captain Falcon wagged his finger. "Getting too full of yourself will result in a pretty painful loss."

"I guess," Kenshin crossed his arms.

"I suppose we can-" Samus cut herself off when she heard beeping, taking out a phone she accepted the call. "Yes?"

"Samus we've got an issue," Snake's voice called from the other end.

"What kind of issue?" Samus questioned.

"A Smash Token kind of issue," Snake responded.

"I want every detail now," Samus said before looking over at the two. "Let's get to the computer room."

At an abandoned basketball court a Mii Brawler and Gunner were fighting against each other, despite getting a few lucky shots in the Gunner wasn't fairing too well.

"Come on, come on!" A Mii Brawler called out as he dodged against a Mii Gunner's shots. "Just because you have a gun doesn't mean you're better!" He said before jumping over the Mii Gunner and landing behind. He then sweep kicked the Gunner before sending a fist down, stopping before he hit the Gunner's face.

"Dang it I lost again…" The Gunner gave a sigh.

"Don't let it get you too down, but you need to play to your strengths and move around a lot more," The Brawler said as he helped the Gunner up.

"Do you think I'll be ready for the tournament?" The Gunner asked.

"You won't be, not with that level of power," The bandaged man called out as he dropped down near the two. He then held out the Yoshi Smash Token. "I can give you the power you desire."

"Hey freak, who are you supposed to be?" The Brawler ran over only to get smacked into a trashcan with little effort.

"What the hell?" The Gunner aimed his gun at the bandaged man only for the man to forcefully lower the weapon.

"This is the kind of power you can have, so make a contract with me," The bandaged man said though the Gunner was too nerve racked to even respond. "Fine then, it's more painful this way." He said before slamming the Token into the Mii's chest. The Mii gasped out as his eyes glowed a bright purple, hunching over as dark energy began to wrap around him. "My work here is done." The man said before waltzing off.

"Ugh… what happened?" The Brawler finally gained some sense of direction and removed himself from the trash can, but he suddenly gave a light gasp at the sight before him.

"So do we have a Smash Token tracker yet?" Kenshin asked as he and Captain Falcon stood at Samus' sides while she was typing away at the main computer.

"Not yet, but we're hoping once we get more that we can actually get a good tracker going," Captain Falcon admitted.

"If an unknown human took that token, we have to assume he can utilize its powers without a device like you can," Samus explained as she began running a scan of the city, wanting to see if a disturbance had been caused. A red orb appeared at a section of the city, the area zooming in to reveal there was supposedly an attack happening on the city streets.

"Can we get a camera feed going?" Kenshin asked as he saw Samus working on zooming in on the area.

"Working on it," Samus said as she finished linking up to one of the cameras they had set up in the area. The video feed cut in slowly as it showed the view of a street from a taller building. Various Mii Gunners ran into view, firing at an unknown target only for a strange egg-shaped projectile to come into view. The egg was an explosive that hit near them and sent them all sprawling across the ground.

Soon enough a strange humanoid walked into view; it was nearly as tall as a human and had white pale skin with green scale armor covering most of its body. Only small cracks of white made their way through between the armor. Its feet and hands were gold and had three fingers and toe each, the nails being razor sharp. A scale textured spine protruded from its back that lead to a long segmented tail, the spine being orange in color. It also had a tyrannosaurus shaped head, the head being green with piercing yellow eyes and orange markings on its face.

"What am I even looking at?" Captain Falcon questioned as he tried to take in the creature's appearance. "Hey seriously Samus, just what kind of freak is that?"

"Samus, you okay?" Kenshin asked, noticing she was still silent.

"That's… Yoshi," Samus said slowly as the two stared at her. "Or rather, what I can only assume, something with Yoshi's powers." She added as she grabbed a copy of the live feed and hit the rewind function to go back a few seconds. She found the point where the projectile entered the feed, pausing while zooming and enhancing the image. The projectile was soon revealed to be a white and green spotted egg made of energy. "Definitely, whoever got a hold of the Yoshi Token must have corrupted it in some way to access its power."

"Well that definitely matches up to Cloud and Snake reporting the stolen Token," Captain Falcon mused. "If we call Fox or Falco up maybe they can take it out without getting too close."

"There's no need to get them involved." Samus said almost immediately as she realized that this was their chance, or rather Kenshins chance. "Falcon I need you to get there as fast as possible in the Blue Falcon, take along Kenshin as well. We're finally deploying our hero."

"Excuse me?!" Kenshin called out in surprise, not expecting the sudden turn of events. He was good at practice yeah, but a full-fledged field run seemed like a leap.

"Huh, that's a brilliant idea… it's time for the kid to get some publicity," Captain Falcon stroked his chin as he thought about this. "Plus he can finally have something that isn't Sandbag to test his suit on."

"Exactly," Samus said as she turned to face the teen. "You have the equipment to fight, and something tells me the only way to get that Yoshi Token back is by using your new power."

"I feel like we're taking a bit of a bigger leap here… like aren't I just a rookie?" Kenshin asked. "We have plenty of other members you know."

"Listen, I'll be there in case things get too bad," Captain Falcon put an arm around Kenshin's shoulders. "You can count on the great Captain Falcon to have your back and cheer you on. Besides you managed to flip me after a full force Falcon Punch! If anyone can take this thing down it's you."

Samus cleared her throat a bit. "Adding a bit of importance to this, we can't risk the loss of a Smash Token alongside innocents being in danger. We've discussed in the past that you're linked to Origin Impact alongside the Smash Tokens. I'm not guaranteeing answers, but if you help us collect them using your powers then you'll at least be progressing towards something than just sitting here stalled and waiting for something to hit you."

"Give me a second," Kenshin said as he slipped out of Captain Falcon's grip before rushing out of the room. Samus and Captain Falcon both stared at each other before the door to the computer room opened up not even two minutes later. Kenshin was currently slipping on a red leather jacket and fingerless black gloves. "Sorry, had to get the rest of the outfit on alongside my gear. So how soon are we leaving?"

"Right now," Captain Falcon smiled as he and Kenshin exited the room and made their way for the hanger.

Samus looked back at the live footage she was receiving, "To think it's already begun, let's hope those memories we dug out of the kid to make the equipment will do the trick. I suppose it's time for him to show me what he can really do."

The Yoshi powered monster walked forward, a path of destruction left in its wake as it showed no signs of slowing down. A fair amount of Mii's all formed into a line to create a blockade, sending missiles at the monster. They all made contact as an explosion occurred, engulfing it in flames.

"We did it!" One Mii cheered before suddenly a large energy egg was launched at them, the projectile landing in front of the brigade of Mii Gunners. As it impacted against the ground an explosion occurred which sent them all flying backwards.

"Not so fast lizard head!" A voice called out as a blue ball slammed into the monsters shoulder before bouncing off. Suddenly defying the laws of physics it homed in on the gut, slamming into that and staggering the creature even further. It bounced off yet again from the slam before suddenly homing in on the head, slamming it hard and sending the creature tumbling backwards as a result. "Honestly, never thought someone would be so stupid to try an attack like this, or ugly," The ball commented as it uncurled and landed, revealing the well known Sonic the Hedgehog.

The monster gave a groan before suddenly launching out of its prone position and back onto its feet. It gave a roar as it began to launch energized egg after egg at the hedgehog from its mouth. It was unable to make progress though due to Sonic zipping around everywhere.

"Sonics the name speeds my game!" Sonic called out as he landed further away. "But considering you aren't talkative I doubt you'd even remember it."

"Of course you're the first one here," Suddenly a missile was shot at the monsters feet causing a small explosion to confuse it. Snake was the perpetrator with Cloud nearby, gripping his sword and at the ready.

"Oh Snake, Cloud!" Sonic gave a wave before crossing his arms. "I guess we can share this freak between the three of us. Need to hurry before the Witch shows up to steal our fun."

"We're not exactly here because this is fun," Cloud remarked as he readied his sword, he was surprised when he saw Snake hold up a hand. "What are you-?"

"The cavalry has arrived," Snake said, having a finger to his ear as he was on his codec.

The monster roared as it erupted from the smoke, looking between all potential targets before setting its sights on Snake. Suddenly however the Blue Falcon slid into view, the hatch opening up as Kenshin hopped out.

"Next time we take the Falcon Flyer, your fast but jeez it was cramped!" Kenshin called out as he stretched his back slightly.

"Sorry, just give him hell kid," Captain Falcon gave a peace sign before closing the hatch and speeding off.

"And I've got an audience too," Kenshin trailed as he looked around him; at the very least there were two familiar faces. It was Sonic though that he was a tad worried about, alongside the Mii Gunner's once they woke up. He cracked his neck before looking over at the monster before reaching into his coat and taking out a thick off-white, maroon and gold accented oval buckle. It had three circular slots on it, the center holding a Token that was integrated into it already, it having the kanji for Smash on it. He placed it on his waist as a black belt strap formed around his waist, locking the buckle to his person.


"Let's get this show on the road, Mario, Luigi," Kenshin took out two Smash Token's containing Mario and Luigi's appearance. He then slotted Mario into the slot on his right while Luigi was slotted in on his left. He then pressed down on the left and right buttons that were on the top. "Henshin!"


Energy sparked from the Tokens before shooting out to his sides, transparent versions of Mario and Luigi forming before they formed into fiery wisps of energy that circled around Kenshin, spreading and wrapping his body in red and green flames.


The glow faded to reveal Kenshin's transformed state; he wore a dark purple bodysuit with thick white lines running along the sides of his body, arms, and legs. He had matte-red armor that covered his chest, and back. The shoulders, forearms, and shins also had matte-red armor. The armor held various flame shaped indention's that were colored bright green. His knees, elbows, as well as the back of his hands and fingers were covered in white plated armor.

The helmet was rounded and a matte-red with bright green colored indention's as well. The face held a flat silver mouthpiece with large bright blue compound patterned eyes. On top of the forehead between the eyes was an upside down yellow pentagon jewel with two thin fins sticking out from it. Finishing off the transformation was a bright yellow scarf that was wrapped around the neck.

Sonic, Cloud and Snake all stared in surprise, the latter two had heard about Kenshin utilizing his power in new ways but they never expected that this was his way. Sonic was in complete surprise at the change of attire as well, especially since it was using Mario and Luigi as a design basis.

Kenshin slowly raised up his right hand, red and green fire spiraling around each other in a sphere formation before he crushed it. Smoke exited his fist as he held it up. "The names Smash… Kamen Rider Smash!" He swung his right arm to the side, releasing his fist and spreading his hand out.

"Not too shabby," Sonic gave a few claps at Kenshin's pose. In his opinion it could use a bit more work but for what seemed to be a first outing, he was mostly impressed. "But can you really beat this thing?"

"Just watch me blue blur. Here we go!" Kenshin called out as he rushed forward, jumping high with relative ease and kicking into the monster. The kick released a small amount of fire as well, forcing the creature back by the attack. "Yeah… I've got this!" He said as his confidence began to rise, rushing to try and tackle the monster to the ground.

The creature let out a roar, suddenly spinning around and whipping its tail out, slamming the Rider onto the ground. Kenshin gave a yelp as he landed on his side before rolling onto his back and holding his arms up, blocking against another tail strike that was meant for his chest.

"He's got this he says…" Snake muttered while rolling his eyes, still seeing Kenshin as a bit of a newbie.

"The kid has guts though to step up to big, tall and ugly," Sonic pointed out. "Plus I'm sure we haven't seen anything yet with that crazy armor."

Kenshin rolled away from the monster as he gathered fire in his hands, forming fireballs before throwing them at the creature. The creature rushed forward to try and ram into Kenshin, running through the fire and taking damage at the same time. Kenshin jumped up while spreading his legs, using his hands to bounce off the creatures head in order to leap over it.

Once on the other side he turned and quickly grabbed onto the tail, pulling on it to try and bring the creature to the ground. Despite this the creature tried to pull back, the two in a tug of war match in trying to get the other to fall to the ground. After lighting his hands on fire to damage the tail he managed to get the stronger pull in, forcing the monster to the ground.

"Perfect!" Kenshin called out as he flipped into the air, launching a few fireballs at the creatures back while it was down. Sparks flew from the creatures back as Kenshin landed, the creature slowly getting up as it shook off the pain.

However instead of getting on its hind legs it stayed on all fours, gathering energy in its mouth. Kenshin noticed this and gathered fire in his hands, putting more focus on charging each up at the same time. The creature launched an energy egg at the Rider who launched one of the balls at it, the two attacks colliding and making smoke.

The creature's head perked up as it fully stood up, wondering if it had gotten its target. It was then that the second fireball struck it in its gut. The creature gave a squeal of pain as its stomach sparked, soon falling over onto its back in pain.

Kenshin noticed that the creature was weakened and wondered if he could get one big burst of energy from activating the tokens again. He knew that it had allowed him to transform. It was a risk, even if it wasn't tested if he tried it again…


Green energy gathered in the Riders legs as he crouched down, jumping up as he launched himself high into the air. He then aimed both of his feet downwards as red fire formed on the soles of his armored feet. Giving a yell as the creature slowly managed to get up before it looked upwards at Kenshin who suddenly slammed straight into its chest, performing a ground pound kick and slamming it against the ground as a fiery explosion engulfed them.

"Jeez could that kid have been anymore flashier?" Snake growled out as he covered is eyes with his arms from the explosion.

"I don't know, I dig his style," Sonic said as he saw the Rider walk out of the flames. "He's totally unharmed despite being in the center of it too."

"It's just like my Limit Breaks," Cloud mused as he figured the K.O. Finisher was Kenshin charging all his power into his next attack.

"Well that's that I suppose," Kenshin dusted off his hands, a bit of relief as the situation went better than he thought it would. He turned to see a charred over version of the creature before its body turned completely black. A white orb shot out and landed in his hand, the light fading and revealing a purified Yoshi Smash Token. However due to the token no longer being inside the body, it turned to black dust. The dust dispersed to reveal the Gunner Mii that the bandaged man had targeted earlier. The three fighters and rider stepped back in surprise at the sudden development.

"There was a Mii inside that monster?" Snake questioned.

"I think that Mii was the monster, not sure how it got like that though… unless it has to do with the little trinket our armored friend just claimed," Sonic mused.

"Just what did I get myself into?" Kenshin gave a groan before Cloud suddenly pulled up on his motorcycle. "Oh?"

"Hurry up and hop on, we're done here," Cloud said as he shifted forward to let Kenshin sit comfortably.

"Wait what about the Mii though? Shouldn't we stick around to ask what happened?" Kenshin wondered, though the thought of leaving immediately sounded tempting.

"With the commotion that was made there's going to be a lot of people here in no time flat, you got what you came here for," Cloud reminded. "Besides we can call him in to ask questions later."

"Fair point," Kenshin agreed before dismissing his transformation and pocketing his gear and newly acquired Token. Once he got on the Fenrir with Cloud taking off nearly immediately and heading out of sight.

"Suppose we should make like them and scram too," Sonic mentioned before heading off. "Don't want to be given the bill for all this destruction after all."

Snake just gave a scoff before heading off himself and finding a good spot before hiding in a cardboard box. It wasn't long before Mii's began to flock around to try and figure out what had just happened.

On one of the rooftops however the bandaged man had been watching the fight unbeknownst to all of the parties involved. "So the boy is a Kamen Rider now… interesting. But is his power the real deal? I think he deserves another test." He gave a whistle before turning and heading off, a small chuckle escaping his lips as Kenshin's transformation just made things a lot more exciting.

"President Dedede," Isabelle called out as she entered the office of Smash City's President. "Our shared feed with CORE has produced something you might want to look at."

"Really now, I was wondering if anything worthwhile was going to happen with that group outside tests," King Dedede said as Isabelle came over and placed a tablet on his desk. It was a playback of Kamen Rider Smash fighting against the Yoshi inspired monster. King Dedede immediately held the tablet against his eyes, forgetting the zoom in function of the playback. "What in Master Hand's name is this supposed to be?"

"Samus should have those answers for you, she was accessing the feed before the fight started," Isabelle replied. "I've already sent a team to do cleanup and get to work on clearing the area out. Shall I arrange a vehicle?"

"That would be appreciated, I wanted to check up on Samus regardless," King Dedede said as he placed the tablet down before heading off. "Keep up the good work." He gave a wave as Isabelle gave a bow. Dedede soon made it to an elevator, planning on using that to get to the parking garage. "Now to see what all this fuss is about, better have a good explanation for me Samus Aran…"

To Be Continued…

Samus: The wheels of fate are starting to turn now with your choice. Whether you stop or go faster is all up to you. There's no turning back now!

[Next Time – Highway of Memories]

Smash Token Ownership:

Kenshin – Mario/Luigi/Yoshi

Author Notes:

1. Decided to switch from capsules to tokens this time, these are inspired after R/B Crystals in terms of appearance but are treated more like coins. I figured these would work better plus tokens in general fit a gaming theme more. It's also why the Driver is partially based off of the R/B Gyro.

2. I've also decided to streamline things a bit, which is why we've got our first transformation in this chapter compared to Chapter 2 of the previous story. Needless to say things regarding how stuff works has been shifted around and changed. So don't expect the exact same story beats that were hinted at but expect similar ones to be touched on. So I do hope you all enjoy.