Well here we are again we're back for another round for the summary project. This one will be covering a fair bit of ground this time. The Summary Project this time is one of the more extensive ones because I couldn't find a real good break in this to be honest. Most of the current arc was meant to bring back more singular episodic plots with an upgraded version of the Malice, the Animus. This also covers the Final Form Upgrades for Smash, Echo, and Assister alongside the introduction of two new recurring enemy Riders.

Kamen Rider Smash – Remaining Episode Plans

Episode 28 to 43: The Rider Advancement Arc


The Subspace Driver is fully completed, Sayomi being given the first of the two to test out on the field. She is asked to accompany the Black Knight to Altea on a mission. It turns out that Altea claimed custody of Corrin after she was captured during the siege of Subspace. The two are to retrieve Corrin before she can let out any crucial information.

Eiji and Byleth both return to Altea in order to check up on the situation there. Since Marth and Tiki had just returned and Altea now has a new target painted on its back. Due to Corrin being in their custody, she's more out in the open than if CORE had transferred her to the high security prison in Smash City. Eiji though is mostly annoyed by the trip in general due to Junmei accompanying them, thinking she's there because he's not enough.

Junmei however admittedly wanted to join on a whim, wanting to visit again since Altea was where she first became Kamen Rider Echo. She breaks off from the group almost immediately in order to catch up with others like Chrom and Robin. Eiji and Byleth meanwhile take to training while also being asked by Marth to try and see if they could get anything out of Corrin. The two comply and they find out that Corrin joined the Subspace Army because she feels the world needs a revolution, a change, and she can't do that by herself.

Eiji and Byleth both admit that while change is good, the Subspace Army's goals likely aren't. And while a change would come if the Subspace Army full took over, it wouldn't be a good one. As their conversations grow, Byleth manages to slowly convince Corrin that maybe joining up with them and fighting against the Subspace Army might be a better idea. They're interrupted however by the arrival of Sayomi who had entered the area without detection.

Junmei meanwhile is preoccupied with the Black Knight, the armored warrior taunts her by saying he's only here to pay her back for their very first encounter. This manages to tip of Junmei that something is wrong, going for Seraph of Duality to easily break past the Black knight.

Sayomi meanwhile transforms into Kamen Rider Glaive: Fallen Knight by using the Meta Knight Smash Token. Her superior sword skills alongside her power of Subspace allow her to easily tear through both Byleth and Eiji as their unable to put a proper dent in her. She frees Corrin and is ready to leave with her only for Junmei to interrupt. There's a brief fight between the two and despite Sayomi's Rider form they end up evenly matched.

Corrin interrupts the fight, siding with Sayomi and mentioning she's made her choice before leaving with the Subspace Commander. With Sayomi as a Kamen Rider now, Junmei is dreading the fact that Meijin is likely the next to transform.

Episode 28 - Kamen Rider Glaive, Fallen Knight Debut:

"I'm not sure how you got here, but we won't let you do as you please," Byleth said as she readied her blade.

"Yeah," Eiji called out as he readied his equipment, "Henshin!"


As the transformation kicked in Eiji got in a ready stance as he stood alongside his mentor, ready to face what Sayomi would throw at them. Of course his stance faltered when he saw what happened next.

Sayomi gave a smirk as she drew out a Subspace Driver, though this one was missing the central dome on it, instead having a Token Slot. She placed it near her waist, a silver strap forming and attaching it to her body.


Sayomi drew out her Meta Knight Smash Token before flicking it into the air. She caught it before slotting it into the Driver with a swipe.


A spectral version of Meta Knight soon appeared in front of her, it spreading its wings before flying around her, soon hovering at her back. Sayomi gave a grin and then pressed down on the top button.


Meta Knight soon slammed into Sayomi, the only visible part of its spectral appearance being its wings which grew further. They covered her entire body before spreading out and unleashing a bright purple energy.


As the energy faded Sayomi's full appearance could be seen. She had a deep blue colored bodysuit with gold trimming lining various portions of it. She held grey knight styled armor on her forearms, sides of her biceps, shoulders, chest, front of thighs and shins. The armor itself was lined with a dull maroon coloration. Her helmet was primarily deep blue colored, holding a dull grey mask at the front in a similar fashion to Meta Knight's but this one being more fit to a human's face and proportions. There was also a chip in the mask on the left eye. Underneath the masks visor were two yellow bug-like compound eyes that pierced through. Finally she held a dark grey cape with a red inside and gold detailing on the back.

Holding both hands forward she brought out a replica of Galaxia before gripping it tightly with both hands. It was exactly the same as the real Galaxia but instead of a red jewel, it held the Subspace Army's emblem on it.

"Kamen Rider Glaive… at your service," Sayomi spoke in a confident manner as she lowered her sword to her side, already watching as the Rider and Teacher both backed up in surprise.

Eiji could only stare, "Seriously?"

"Now then," Sayomi began to step forward, raising her sword as she slowly approached.

Byleth quickly extended her sword, lashing out and wrapping it around the dark rider's blade before pulling to keep her in one spot. She gave a smirk when she saw that her plan had worked, "Eiji now!"

"Right," Eiji quickly loaded in his personal Token into the Assist Buster before taking aim.



Sayomi could only give a chuckle as she stared where she was, watching the energy being charged before being launched towards her. She simply gripped her cape before holding it forward, the energy impacting against it and kicking up smoke.

"Did I hit her…?" Eiji trailed.

Byleth remained silent as she retracted her blade, wondering if it had even done any damage, "Wait for it…"

The smoke would soon clear to show Sayomi still standing, her cape having a few scuffs on it but nothing major as she flung it to the side.

"Nice try," The dark rider remarked as she soon brandished her sword before walking forward, "But not good enough."

"We'll see about that!" Eiji called out as he loaded in the Isabelle Token.


Eiji took aim and began pressing the trigger as fast as he could, barely letting energy charge up as he launched Lloid Rocket after Lloid Rocket at Sayomi.

Sayomi gave a laugh as she easily began batting them away, the rockets impacting all around and shaking the area. She closed in and slashed at Eiji who was forced to block with his weapon, "Not bad for an extremely limited system."

"Shut it…" Eiji gritted his teeth as he managed to force his weapon to move during the clash. Managing to take aim he gave a laugh as he unleashed a point blank blast of energy against Sayomi's helmet.

Sayomi gave a yell as she was forced to stagger back from the attack. Her armor was strong but specific hits against the head and face still hurt like hell.


Sayomi perked up at this, trying to regain her bearings as her vision was currently blurred from the attack. She could only see a white blur close in as energy shined brightly from one spot.


Eiji gave a yell, having tossed his weapon away as he closed in, utilizing his buckles finisher to gather energy in his right fist. Once he was close enough he slammed his fist directly against Sayomi's gut, giving a grin when he heard her yell and hunch over from it, sparks flying.

"Impossible…" Sayomi gave a light gasp before it suddenly turned into a giggle, "How is your punch this weak?!"

Eiji looked up in surprise, "Wha-"

Sparks suddenly flew from Eiji's suit as he was immediately slashed across the chest. He barely had a chance to react as Sayomi spun, slashing against him once more as he staggered back. Eiji fell to his knees in a daze, shocked from the amount of damage but also from how little he had done to hurt her.

Sayomi was ready to close in when a spear suddenly cut through, forcing her sword down to block it as she shifted her body. She gave a chuckle through closed teeth, "So the teacher is angry…"

"Don't mess with my student," Byleth gave a firm look as she held the Areadbhar spear, thrusting forward and managing to break past Sayomi's defense.

Sayomi quickly backed up before seeing the spear thrust towards her again, quickly wrapping her cape around her before reappearing a few feet away, "Scary…" She gave a chuckle, "But not like it matters, I'll slaughter you the both all the same."


As the war against the Subspace Army starts to escalate with the introduction of new Kamen Riders, research needs to be conducted. Palutena calls in Bayonetta to discuss Junmei's abilities of balance over Light and Dark. The two can't come up with a conclusion and decide to launch an investigation in trying to figure out where her powers came from. Their expedition eventually leads them to where Junmei was first found, diving deep into the ocean she was found in to find the shriveled corpses of Galeem and Dharkon. The two soon realize that just like how Kenshin was gifted with Tabuu's power, Junmei was given the remaining power from the corpses of the beings of light and dark.

Eiji in the meantime wants to grow stronger despite the setbacks, especially since there is no word yet on if he'll get a power boost. Junmei ends up sparring with him to help him grow in his skills and usage of his rider powers. During the training Eiji admits his frustrations and questions how Junmei can be alright with not even being able to beat fighters like Tabuu and Sayomi. Junmei mentions that she knows she'll be alright and that they'll win because they have each other to watch their backs if they're not strong enough. Not to mention the three Riders have each other to bounce off of in order to grow their skills and grow stronger. Eiji softens up a bit on his frustrations but still has doubts about his ability to keep up.

On the Subspace Side, Meijin halts production of his Subspace Driver in order to commission their lead Mii Scientist to create pseudo-drivers. This ends in the creation of the Malice Buckler, a device that utilizes Subspace Energy to create a stronger, more energy efficient and controllable form. The form surpasses the Malice in all aspects, the new transformation being dubbed the Animus.

Meijin confronts a former worker from Perfect Life, granting him the Captain Falcon Smash Token to allow him to become the Cobalt Falcon Animus. Cobalt Falcon manages to break into CORE's high security prison with ease, using his chance to free everyone that was imprisoned, Samurai Goroh, The Wario Brothers, even the former CEO of Perfect Life, Serlon who once held Link's Smash Token, and the grouping of Mii's that lead Royale Flush. Kenshin intervenes but is nearly beaten even while using Calamity Hero due to being unaware of the new type of monster. Cobalt Falcon however cockily lets his true nature as an Animus slip, this causing Kenshin to go all out with Subspace Inferno to defeat the Animus. Despite his victory however the prison break was successful as everyone had escaped.


While training continues with Junmei and Eiji, it's interrupted by Palutena who mentions she might have a way for Junmei to grow in power once more. Unaware of the current struggle that Eiji is going through she's unaware of current feelings and is surprised when he rushes off. Junmei explains Eiji's doubts and Palutena admits she does have an upgrade for Assister in the works. It's just the system itself is so different than the Token Driver system that they're having trouble and she didn't want to get Eiji's hopes up. Byleth mentions that she'll go talk to Eiji and that Junmei should concern herself with the new upgrade.

Junmei ends up meeting with Palutena and Bayonetta, the two explaining to her that she's inherited the some of the remaining energies of Galeem and Dharkon. Both energies had ended up seeking out her body at once and both had ended up syncing and becoming balanced with one another. Thus it's why Junmei is able to transform compared to the others who use Tabuu's power to transform while Eiji uses an artificial system to transform. Junmei understands and chooses to go through with Palutena's plan to get stronger.

Eiji meanwhile gets confronted by Sayomi who ends up using Ike's Smash Token to form the Radiant Vanguard Malice to fight him with and mock him by not transforming and fighting herself. Eiji ends up not doing too well, nearly losing to the Malice as a result of his conflicting emotions. A mid-battle pep-talk from Byleth alongside Eiji confronting that he's selfish for thinking that he could escape his issues by going to another world and playing hero as a Kamen Rider. He tried so hard to be strong and to be the hero, when really, he just had to follow his heart and do good like he had always wanted to. With some quick advice from Byleth and the right weapons and skills from Kamen Rider Assister's catalog of fighters, Eiji is able to defeat the Radiant Vanguard. Sayomi chooses to leave when she notices that Junmei was oddly absent from the battle, having wanted to beat down Eiji to draw her out. Afterwards it is revealed to a surprised Eiji that he is indeed getting an upgrade. Despite this Eiji mentions he can hold out for now, having a new sense of resolve.


The plan is simple in obtaining Junmei's new power, and that is to create an enhanced Token via Doctor Mario in order to contain both the energies of Galeem and Dharkon. The next step comes in the form of Palutena and Bayonetta themselves, their affinities for light and darkness respectively coming into play. The two are to draw out any energy left from the submerged corpses of Galeem and Dharkon and transfer them directly into the blank Enhanced Smash Token.

Eiji and Byleth take part in the plan as well, the duo alongside Junmei standing guard in case the Subspace Army catches wind of it. They end up being right as Sayomi arrives by herself, transforming to try and disrupt the ritual with the three to use their teamwork and skills to barely keep her at bay. That is until Junmei realizes the transfer of light and darkness is having issues. Both powers are clashing and trying to force the other out of the Token. Junmei quickly breaks away to help stabilize the Smash Token while Eiji and Byleth fight to their limits to keep Sayomi back.

With Junmei's powers of balance she's able to stabilize energies and create the YinYang Dual Token. Using it she transforms into Kamen Rider Echo: Divine Duality. The form is special as its two forms in one. She can access Dharkon's power through the Yin Side/Formation, utilizing it for power and defensive capabilities. The Yang Side/Formation allows her to utilize Galeem's power for speed and long range attacks. Utilizing both of their specialties she's able to beat back Sayomi.

On Kenshin's side he ends up responding to a call of a disturbance only to suddenly be ganged up on by Bowser, Ganondorf and King K. Rool. The trio attacks him all at once with their attacks in order to try and gain data on his new form via orders from the now active Meta Ridley. Meta Ridley also crashes the fight to try and end Kenshin once and for all. Despite the terrible odds, Kenshin ends up using Subspace Inferno to slowly but surely whittle down their numbers, his power growing exponentially due to the prolonged fighting. After they retreat and Kenshin meets up with Samus, he admits that he's a bit surprised by the sudden bursts of powers he's been getting. He wonders if they'll just keep growing and growing until he gets too much. Samus however reassures him that CORE, Junmei, Eiji and the others have his back.

Episode 31 – Kamen Rider Echo, Divine Duality Debut:

Eiji and Byleth both gritted their teeth as they skidded back, Byleth using her sword to halt her movements while Eiji stomped against the ground. Despite their combined attempts they were unable to overtake Sayomi. The two glanced back, already at the edge of the landmass they were at. But they were also glancing back deeper towards the water where Palutena, Bayonetta and Junmei all were. They were wondering what was taking so long but quickly firmed up their stances as they stared down Sayomi.

"Now then, I can drown you or you can move side," Sayomi gave a hiss as she stepped forward.

Before anyone could say or do anything, they were interrupted by what happened next. A spiral of white and purple energy launched upwards into the sky before thinning out.

"What?" Sayomi asked.

"She did it," Eiji gave a chuckle.

"That she did," Byleth agreed.

"Like hell she did," Sayomi hissed out as she began to run forward only to quickly brace, and arrow shooting past Byleth and Eiji and striking against her. She gritted her teeth as she blocked the shot with ease and glared.

"You lose," Junmei called out as she landed between her two allies, feathers scattering as she began to stand straight. She was still in Seraph of Duality as she stared straight at Sayomi, "You can either leave now, or I'll make you leave."

"I won't let you get away with this," Sayomi called out, "Those powers are not for you to play around with."


"I could say the same," Junmei shot back as she drew out the Smash Token she stabilized, it being a larger Smash Token like Tabuu's but also fairly thick with a button like the Ninten-Trinity Token, but aside from the crystal rimming it was blank. It had what seemed like a screen in place of the usual image. "I was chosen by the two who sleep beneath this sea. Whether or not it was for any good intentions… I don't really care."

"You were chosen…?" Sayomi questioned before giving an almost enraged laugh, "Like hell you were!"

"Now let me show you," Junmei called out as she held the token, turning the crystal rimming as an image of Dharkon appeared before flashing into the katakana for 'dark' before tapping the button, "The ancient power that I'll bring into the modern era!"


Junmei slotted in the token before pressing down on both buttons of her Driver once more, the Pit and Dark Pit Smash Tokens pouring their energy into the Dual Token. Suddenly from Junmei's back, thorn-like tendrils emerged before wrapping around her, converting into purple energy as they constricted into a more humanoid shape.


The purple energy was unleashed as Junmei now stood in a radically different form. Her bodysuit had changed entirely, it being white in the center with the outer sides of her body, legs and arms being black. The armor held the same placements as before, chest, shoulder, forearm and shins but these were now more modernized and sleek, as if being high tech armor. The armoring itself was a dark purple with pink glowing lines running through it. She still had her twin coattail from her prior form but now it was pure black with a purple inside, various pink circuit lines patterning the outside. The helmet was now sharper and edged, it being a dark purple as well with various pink glowing lines running through it, her rounded compound eyes shining a bright white.


Junmei held up her left forearm, dark energy gathering before forming a small silver shield with gold lining that fit over her arm, inside the shield was a short sword that was sheathed.


Sayomi could only stare at her opponent as she took a step back, "This is…"

"Kamen Rider Echo, Divine Duality," Junmei called out as she held the shield forward, "I'm your opponent now."

Sayomi pressed down on the top button, grabbing her galaxia replica with both hands and raising it up before slashing downwards, energy gathering and being unleashed in an instant.


Junmei kept her arm raised as she took a step forward, the slash of energy crashing against her as smoke covered the impact zone.

"A shield won't help you!" Sayomi called out with a laugh, but that started to die down when she saw a purple energy being emitted from behind the smoke as it cleared. She could only stare in shock as the smoke fully cleared to reveal that Junmei had projected a large shield of energy from her small defensive tool.

"I'd say otherwise," Junmei answered with a light laugh before the projection dismissed itself. She then drew the sword from her shield before holding it forward, "Come at me."

"Why you…" Sayomi glared before charging forward.

Junmei immediately sheathed her sword again, noticing that her opponent had changed her plan of attack as a result.

Sayomi rushed in for a stab against Junmei's head, she expected Junmei to raise the shield to block the sword. That meant she could easily strike Junmei in the gut.

Junmei however ducked and launched forward to slip underneath the stab. As she did this she gripped her sword, unsheathing and slashing past Sayomi as a result. Sparks flew as she immediately spun, batting away a counter swing from Sayomi who had spun around. Junmei flicked her wrist as she quickly went for several quick slashes against the dark rider.

Sayomi gave a light gasp as she staggered back from the attacks. She gripped her chest tightly before gripping her cape and disappearing.


Junmei had pressed down on the button of the Dual Token before pressing down on it again, spinning around and slashing outwards.


Sayomi had attempted to strike at Junmei by warping behind her to strike, only to be on the receiving end of a wave of dark energy. She could only yell out as sparks flew, being thrown backwards by the attack.

"This power…" Sayomi gasped out.

"Incredible," Byleth managed to find her voice. She was in stunned silence alongside Eiji but could finally find her voice, "By utilizing the power of Darkness her defense and attack have gone up by insane amounts."

Eiji though couldn't help but chuckle a bit, "So this means we can win."

"I'm not done yet," Junmei called out as she turned the dial on her Dual Token, Galeem's image flashing before the katakana for 'Light' could be seen before tapping the button.


"Dual Change," Junme announced as she pressed down on the sides of her Driver yet again.


The pink glowing lines of her armor suddenly shined a bright blue coloration as her armor flashed from a dark purple to a golden coloration. The bodysuit remained the same but the twin coattail dissolved, instead a white two ended scarf was now wrapped around Junmei's neck. Her helmet remained the same for the most part as well, its main color switching to gold as the lines were now a glowing blue. Instead of white for her eyes however, the eyes were now a bright pink.


Sheathing her sword the edges of the shield soon unfolded, revealing the shield to also be a bow-like weapon with the pommel of the sword acting as the emitter.


"Don't think just because you have a new form that you can beat me!" Sayomi called out defiantly as she spread her cape out, wings forming before she launched upwards. She then gathered energy in her sword before sending several slashes of energy raining down.

Junmei however took aim and began firing singular arrows out at each of the slashes, the arrows piercing the slashes and detonating them in mid-air. A cloud of smoke formed between Sayomi and Junmei, it obscuring each of them from the other.

Sayomi was ready to rush in and strike through the smoke when suddenly something launched upwards through the smoke. Following it through the air her eyes widened behind her helmet as she saw Junmei in mid-air. The scarf that Junmei had held had turned into physical feather-like wings that allowed for flight.


"I'm ending this!" Sayomi declared as bright orange energy surrounded her, she launched upwards towards Junmei and began spinning rapidly, transforming into a drill of energy.


Junmei wasted no time as she tapped the button on the Dual Token twice, raising her left arm as energy gathered at the tip of her shield bow, "You're not winning today."


Junmei took aim, energy charging as she watched the drill come closer and closer. She then gave a yell before unleashing a powerful arrow of light downwards. The arrow however suddenly split into dozens before those split into hundreds, and those split further. Thousands of arrows soon rained down against Sayomi's attack.

Despite the barrage of arrows Sayomi's attack while slowed was undeterred. She'd just have to keep spinning and pushing forward and she'd hit Junmei regardless. That was what she thought before she started to slow in both her ascent and spin. She gave a light gasp as the arrows slowly but surely began to overwhelm her, piercing through and disrupting the energy drill as she gave a yell, sparks flying before she was covered in explosions.

Soon enough out of the explosions a smoke trail fell downwards before smashing straight into the ground. Sayomi gave a groan as she managed to shakily sit up. Despite getting hit hard like that she had managed to tank two finishers without losing her transformation.

Junmei meanwhile lowered herself nearby, her wings returning to their scarf nature as she touched down. She stared down at her opponent, "Leave, now. You've lost."

"Don't get cocky just because you have that new power," Sayomi gave a light gasp as she lifted herself up, staggering slightly as she summoned a Subspace Portal behind her, "It just means we can't kill you as easily."

"Keep telling yourself that," Junmei answered before turning away, not bothering to watch her opponent retreat.

Sayomi could only click her tongue in annoyance as she walked into the Portal before it vanished.

"So," Junmei stopped before her allies, "How'd I do?"

"Very versatile, instead of mixing both elements together you've chosen to play to their strengths," Byleth mused.

"Not bad for your final form," Eiji remarked as he crossed his arms. "How does it feel?"

"Strange," Junmei admitted, "But it feels right."


On the Subspace Army side, Sayomi meets with Meijin as she recovers from her battle against Junmei. She mentions how the power of Galeem and Dharkon is out in the open and Junmei's gained a new form out of it. They need a change in plans as this power could become their undoing. Meijin reassures her that they will factor this new development into their plans, saying it only adds further to their original goal. Deciding to hand out more Malice Bucklers he gives them to two up and coming high ranking Mii's of the Subspace Army, asking the two to attract the Riders attention and then destroy them. While the first goes to Smash City with the Jigglypuff Token, the second goes to Kanto with the Ness Token.

The Mii using the Ness Token and Malice Buckler becomes the Psy Youth Animus, using its mind control powers to control dozens of weaker Pokemon to become new soldiers for the Subspace Army. Mewtwo arrives on the scene and manages to force Psy Youth to just barely back off. Recalling his prior attempt at fighting a psychic monster he chooses to call in Eiji to help him. Despite the two working together however, Eiji and Mewtwo are unable to defeat Psy Youth who keeps adding to his army.

Eiji decides to call in some help and asks for Kenshin's help since he figures that Junmei could use a break from the constant battles she's had. The duo of Smash and Assister tackle Psy Youth and his army with Mewtwo's help. Utilizing Thunder Shinobi, Ninten-Trinity and finally Subspace Inferno alongside Assister's wide range of abilities, they're able to put a stop to Psy Youth. After taking him under custody, Kenshin and Eiji choose to stay in Kanto to investigate why Psy Youth even targeted the area.


The Mii with the Jigglypuff Token and Malice Buckler, by utilizing both she becomes the Plump Songstress Animus. She is using her singing abilities to cause mass fainting in order to send in Primids to gain valuable supplies for the Subspace Army. With Junmei the only one in Smash City she goes to confront the Animus to defeat it. Junmei is unsure of how the mass fainting is occurring so she uses Seraph of Duality to figure the Animus out. Junmei also notices that the Plump Songstress has a rather big pride and ego to her. However it's soon shown that Kamen Riders are unable to resist Plump Songstresses singing voice. Before Junmei can even try anything she ends up passing out due to the singing of the Animus.

Cloud and Agent 3 come in for the save, the two quickly retreating with Junmei before they're both struck by the Animus' abilities. Once back at CORE the plan is to figure out how to get past the singing voice of the Animus. While the idea to use ear plugs or ear muffs at first is a suggestion, everyone figures it might not be enough. That is when Junmei gets the idea to fight music with music, the agents of CORE managing to get Agent 3 to pull some favors.

Eventually a concert is advertised despite the state of the city with the mass fainting. The Plump Songstress takes this as a challenge and crashes the indoor venue. To her surprise she was set up as CORE had gotten the assistance of the Squid Sisters via Agent 3. The duo use Spicy Calamari Inkantation to fill the room with enough music to counter the Plump Songstresses singing. Junmei takes Divine Duality form, using both Yin and Yang sides to the beat as she takes down the Plump Songstress. With the battle won and Samus receiving word of Psy Youth's capture, the hunter soon realizes something important. With Captain Falcon's, Ness' and Jiggylpuff's Smash Tokens now in their possession, they're only one Smash Token away from having a set of the original 12 Smashers.


Meijin's beginning to notice a pattern in all of Kenshin's battles, and that's that he grows in power each time he uses his newest form. Deciding to see if Kenshin has limits he sends another Mii with a Malice Buckler and the Olimar Token into Kanto. This one becomes the Astro Burgeon Animus. Kenshin takes the lead via Calamity Hero in the fight with Eiji providing backup. Kenshin then utilizes Subspace Inferno to defeat the Animus, but experiences a backfire when utilizing the forms abilities despite his power growing stronger. Kenshin's unsure of what's going on, wondering if his body can't handle the power boosts anymore. Kenshin decides to head back to Smash City to rest and get tested at CORE upon Eiji's suggestion.

Of course Eiji is soon informed that he needs to head to Hyrule near immediately due to a sudden attack being sprung again. While Ganondorf is responsible for the attack again he's chosen to take the more direct approach instead of simply leading, as he has Bowser and the Koopalings commanding both the Koopaling Army alongside his. Junmei is dispatched to help assist Eiji in defending Hyrule, the duo not wanting a repeat like with what happened previously. Though despite Junmei's assistance, the odds aren't looking too good. Thankfully however Palutena has an idea to even the odds as she had just completed Eiji's upgrade for Assister. With Pit on the way with the upgrade, the two Riders combine their forces with the various fighters and heroes of Hyrule to hold their ground.

Ganondorf however has his own tricks up his sleeve as he manages to break directly into Hyrule Castle. While he is confronted by Eiji, Link and Zelda, he sees no reason to be afraid. That is because of a new experimental crystal with the properties of a Smash Ball. However unlike a Smash Ball the effects of the Final Smash Crystal linger and allow further usage of a Final Smash's abilities. The Subspace Army had begun developing these for certain members of the army in order to boost their powers exponentially. Ganondorf reveals he has this Final Smash Crystal and uses it to assume his form of Ganon, the Demon King.


On Junmei's side of the invasion she receives help from the various heroes and warriors in the area. They take care of the army while she faces down Bowser, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. Needless to say she's a bit in over her head given the amount of numbers, utilizing Holy Protector, Seraph of Duality and finally Divine Duality in near rapid succession to keep par with all of them and defeat them one by one till only Bowser and Bowser Jr. are left. The father and son duo are unable to keep pace with Junmei's final form and are forced to start their retreat once they realize their forces are being repelled with just as much ease.

Byleth meanwhile had arrived from Altea, planning on helping Eiji and Junmei only to pause when she found something of interest. She had found Corrin in Hyrule however the dragon warrior had chosen not to participate in the invasion and had merely been watching. Byleth chooses to confront her, the two coming to a brief understanding as Corrin mentions she finally knows what path to take and leaves.

Eiji, Link and Zelda aren't fairing well against a supercharged and energized Ganon. The trio is nearly defeated before Pit manages to crash the battle to give Eiji his new form. He uses a special plate that replaces his Assist Smash Token and covers the front of his Assist Buckle known as the All-Star Adapter. Initiating the transformation he transforms into Kamen Rider Assister: All-Star Assist. Not only is Eiji able to copy abilities and weapons of Assist Trophy related Fighters now, those abilities are boosted beyond their prior limitations. He also gains the ability to summon the various Fighters as Assist Summons, projections that follow his commands and fight alongside him. Utilizing a variety of summons he brings out a Rathalos copy to help even the odds before dealing a finishing blow to Ganon. The attack manages to force Ganon back into Ganondorf who retreats shortly after he realizes the invasion was countered.

Meijin and Sayomi discuss their current options as now Assister has grown stronger as well. The fact that he was able to handily take down Ganon like that is proof of his threat to them. Meijin mentions they need to strike at the most troublesome first, which in this case is Smash. Sayomi questions how they'd even do that but Meijin explains that they may need to call on an old friend of sorts.

Episode 35 – Kamen Rider Assister, All Star Assist Debut:

Eiji could only stare up at the sight before him, Ganon, the Demon King. He admittedly wasn't expecting this and needless to say he could tell Zelda and Link weren't either. The three of them were basically rats back into a corner in the throne room as the gigantic beast towered above him. Not only was Ganondorf permanently in his Final Smash state, but he was also more energized than previously.

More importantly though his main question was how they were even going to win. They had been fighting for a few minutes already and had yet to land any real blows against it. Because as it stood, there was no one to help them at the moment.

"Coming through…!"

From one of the higher windows, a bright flash of light crashed through and curved, soon slamming straight between Ganon and his opposition. Ganon hissed out as several arrows of light were launched at its eyes, forcing it to take a few steps back.

Eiji could only stare in surprise as he saw Pit kneeling on the ground before them, "Pit!"

"Glad you could make it," Link gave a chuckle.

"How was my landing that time?" Pit asked with a chuckle as he flicked his nose.

"Stuck the landing, gave us some good distance from pig face, and you're just in time," Eiji gave a chuckle as he listed them off before walking over, "When's the rest of the cavalry arriving?"

"You my friend are the cavalry," Pit explained as he soon held up an oval metal plate that held a port in the back to attach it to the Token Slot of the Assist Buckle. The plate itself was large enough to cover the entirety of the Buckle. On the front of it held the silhouette a figure with crossed arms, standing over a broken Assist Trophy case with silhouettes of varying shapes and sizes all emerging from behind the lone figure.

"So it's finally done," Eiji gave a grin behind his helmet before giving a nod. He removed his Assist Trophy Smash Token before slotting the plate into place.


Eiji readied himself as dozens of Assist Trophy cases began manifesting all around the throne room, all of them shining a bright rainbow of colors from the inside as they began to shake.

Ganon saw this and rushed forward, wanting to intercept Eiji before he could transform. It raised its arms to block arrows and spells from Link, Pit and Zelda.

"Assist-Up…" Eiji trailed as he hit the button of his Driver to initiate the transformation.


The Assist Trophy cases suddenly broke as bright rainbow spheres of energy shot upwards. The resulting unleashing of energy from all around forced Ganon to stagger back slightly, especially when some of the rainbow spheres slammed into it to force it back. All of the energy spheres spiraled around before slamming straight into Eiji's armor, covering him in an aurora of colors. His armor began to shift and grow in shape before the aurora shattered.


Eiji's bodysuit was now bronze in colorations, the tubes that ran along his biceps, sides of his stomach and thighs were now holding a light blue glow. His chest remained similar though the Smash Symbol was no longer ingrained on it, instead a more popped out bronze emblem of it was now in its place alongside having a high popped collar. The shoulders, forearms and shins all now held glowing blue crystal-like additions embedded in them. Alongside that his armor now had gold detailing along the edges with a light blue colored coattail with a bronze inside.

His helmet also changed slightly, having lost the Smash Symbols on the sides, merely having headphone-like pieces with points sticking out from behind now. Instead his forehead now was molded to resemble a captain's cap with a bronze Smash Symbol. He still held the layered bronze crusher-jaw with two bright crystal-like bug eyes that lit up in bright blue. And now there were various grooves that held running light blue glowing lines.

"Just what is this supposed to be?" Link asked.

"It's an upgrade but I'm not sure how he can go beyond his current skills," Zelda mused.

"I guess you could call him the Captain of Assist Characters," Pit remarked.

"A lot of blue this time, I like it," Eiji admitted as he looked himself over before gripping his fists, while there was a significant power boost he was already getting a heads up display on his HUD, "So this is it huh… let's try this out!"

The blue portions of the armor began to shine brightly alongside the eyes of the suit, and soon enough various data projections appeared before him. Of course it wasn't random data as the projections contained various profile shot portraits of fighters and inhabitants whose powers Eiji was able to call upon originally.

"We'll start with this," Eiji quickly pressed on the image that held a Thwomp.


The announcement echoed out as Ganon roared, finally having enough of this and rushing forward. That was until a Thwomp suddenly materialized above its head, slamming down against it and forcing it to fall to the ground on its stomach.

"Now let's see you handle this!" Eiji then pressed on another portrait.


The polygon styled head soon appeared, hovering behind Eiji before blowing out and unleashing various polygon panels from his mouth.

Ganon roared as it rose, slashing forward with its swords and cutting through several panels only to get struck by the remainder of them.

Eiji drew out his Assist Buster as the data displays around him vanished, he then slotted in his Assist Trophy Token.


"Let's see how you like me being able to spam this now!" Eiji called out as he took aim.


Eiji began sending out powered up blasts from his weapon at Ganon, making sure to take aim as he managed to hit several spots despite the Demon King blocking a few. He then decided to switch things up, bringing back the displays and pressing on two at once. "Now then, Summoning is probably the biggest advantage this form has… however…"



Eiji grabbed the weapon before resting it on his shoulder, his body beginning to spark as it was filled with a bright blue aura of electricity. In a burst of speed he began to circle Ganon, going slow enough to where the Demon King caught sight and tried to stab at him. Eiji jumped up, hopping onto the weapon and speeding up Ganon's arm. Once he was close he slammed his Magnus Club straight into Ganon's face.

The enlarged boar monster gave a groan as it staggered backwards, falling to one knee as it dropped one of its weapons to hold its face.

"I can mix and match the different functions, like this…" Eiji said as he went for two more panels.


Eiji held his fingers forward before snapping, "Chaos Control!"

Soon enough a red distortion formed around Ganon, severely limiting its movement as it began to slow to a crawl.


Dark Samus was soon brought out and took aim, forming several energy spheres packed with phazon. Soon enough the phazon spheres began to move forward before speeding towards Ganon, homing in and striking it heavily.

As the effect of Chaos Control wore off, Ganon fell to a knee as it was surprised by how heavily damaged it was getting. It began to wonder if Eiji's new form also enhanced the abilities of those summoned since it was sure that it had enough power to decimate hundreds of fighters.


Eiji wasted no time, a burst of wind occurring as a Rathalos appeared behind him, flapping its wings as it began to rise as high as it could in the throne room. The Rathalos gathered flames within its maw before unleashing several fireballs against Ganon, the fire raging and burning the Demon Kings body.

"We're ending this," Eiji quickly pressed down on the side button of his Driver, the Rathalos disappearing while he jumped up high into the air.


For the finisher, Eiji summoned several sword wielders to aid him, those being Samurai Goroh, Lyn, Gray Fox, Takamaru and Zero. The summoned copies soon launched downwards, all slashing past Ganon in various spots. Eiji meanwhile kicked forward, his coattail flowing as he slammed his foot directly into Ganon's chest.


Eiji gave a yell as he pushed his kick further, kicking past Ganon as the Demon King could only yell out, the attacks littering its body with explosions. Eiji rose and gave a spin before turning towards where the explosions began to die down, "Not bad for a new debut."


Kenshin finds out via testing that his constant power boosts from Subspace Inferno are causing too rapid of a growth. The resulting is that Kenshin's body can't handle the current power, and despite his body being able to adapt, it's starting to fall behind. This is the cause behind the backfire he's been feeling with his prior fight in Subspace Inferno. Samus orders Kenshin that he is to only use Subspace Inferno if she approves it and to rest so that his body can have the time it needs to adjust to the rapid growth in power.

After their success in Hyrule, Eiji and Junmei head to Smash City to get Eiji situated and signed up with CORE in order to have all three Riders together. Samus also agreed to have CORE house Eiji instead of him wandering around since she figures that Eiji and Junmei with their new forms can help pick up the slack when it comes to Kenshin needing to rest. Of course they need to do so immediately, a Mii had been utilizing a Malice Buckler and Palutena Token to become the Gigant Goddess Animus. Using her powers as the Gigant Goddess she had managed to amass a cult within the city. Eiji and Junmei put a stop to this plot, the duo utilizing All-Star Assist and Divine Duality to defeat the Animus despite its high power output.

Of course the Gigant Goddess was merely a distraction as a new case has finally come to light after several days of investigating. Older Token Wielders have been targeted alongside various objects and buildings being destroyed. Kenshin is deployed to investigate and runs into the Animus wielding Kirby's Smash Token. The Animus, Copystar, has managed to utilize Kirby's abilities to absorb other Tokens, those being of Falco, Wii Fit Trainer, and Sheik. Its agility, speed and strength are enhanced to very high levels, so much so that Kenshin barely gets a chance to work his way up from Platform Blazer. The resulting clash ends up forcing him out of his transformation, losing most of his Tokens to Copystar, the only ones left being Ninten-Trinity and Tabuu. Before Copystar can take the Smash Tokens, Sayomi shows up and blocks his advances.

To his and everyone's surprise, Sayomi she transforms into Glaive and easily fighting against Copystar. This confuses everyone including the Animus as it was Sayomi who had asked him to confront the Kamen Rider and take his Tokens. Sayomi mentions that he doesn't realize what her true plan was, as she cuts out the Wii Fit, Falco and Sheik Tokens before taking all of Kenshin's Tokens aside from Link, Ganondorf, and Chrom. She then forces Copystar to absorb the Tokens before she unleashes her own corruptive Subspace energy into the Animus.

An unprecedented event occurs as Copystar suddenly ejects its current host as the Tokens it absorbed begin unleashing a strange energy. The strange energy is extracted before the Tokens themselves are all ejected except for Kirby's. Copystar itself soon begins to take a new shape, it forming into the familiar shape of Hajime, the first of the three Subspace Commanders to die and the one who became Vile Smash Omega. Everyone watching, even Hajime is bewildered by this sudden turn of events. Though Sayomi mentions how her mission is complete, grabbing Hajime and leaving with him.


Meijin welcomes a skeptical Hajime back into their ranks, mentioning that he was simply doing what Tabuu had ordered at the time to hide his betrayal. Meijin and Sayomi gift Hajime a modified prototype of the Malice Buckler, the Token Buckler. They also scan his body and create a new artificial Smash Token, the Metal Mario Bros. Smash Token. Of course this isn't the only equipment ready as the second and final Subspace Driver is fully completed.

Samus meanwhile gets a bit of an idea on how to control Kenshin's rising power after looking back on the current situation. How most of the Animus candidates have been utilizing the remaining Tokens of the first Twelve Smashers. She asks CORE to start putting calls in as she needs a bit of a reunion with her old colleagues. Of course this is interrupted when a Mii is forced to use the Joker Smash Token and the Malce, Masquerade Lupin is brought out. Eiji and Junmei head to confront the Malice and easily take care of him in their base forms via some teamwork. The two however are caught off guard by Meijin who arrives and wants to test out his Subspace Driver.

Meijin initiates his transformation with the Bowser Smash Token, transforming into Kamen Rider Zone: Subspace Conqueror. Eiji and Junmei immediately enter All-Star Assist and Divine Duality to confront Meijin. Samus however is worried given this form feels a very foreboding compared to Sayomi's.

Kenshin is sent out to go help his friend and sister out, and is also allowed to go all out if necessary. Of course he ends up interrupted by Hajime who utilizes his new equipment to transform into a metallic copy of Kamen Rider Smash's Platform Blazer form. This metallic form being known as Kamen Rider Metal, and thanks to the presence of Kirby's Token within Hajime, it has the ability to adapt if the situation calls for it. Despite Hajime being overwhelmed at first he manages to adapt, forcing Kenshin to slowly but surely run through all his forms. Platform Blazer, Thunder Shinobi, Lylat Outlaw, Calmaity Hero, and even Ninten-Trinity are adapted to and slowly pushed back.

Cloud and Snake quickly interfere in the fight once CORE realizes what's going on. The two manage to distract Hajime long enough for Kenshin to take off. By the time Kenshin arrives he finds that both Eiji and Junmei were starting to get pushed back Meijin who was barely breaking a sweat. Risking it he immediately goes into Subspace Inferno and delivers an instant finisher to force Meijin back for the time being.

Meijin is happy with the results of his transformation as well as what he's seeing with the heroes. So he retreats with Sayomi forcing Hajime to retreat as well. Despite getting out relatively unharmed, it's still a considerable loss as Hajime now has a stronger form that previously and Meijin can match both Echo's and Assister's Final Forms together. There needs to be a tie breaker, otherwise the Subspace Army will be able to overwhelm everyone.

Episode 37 – Kamen Rider Zone, Subspace Conqueror Debut:

"I swear," Eiji gave a groan as he stared at the Mii sprawled on the floor, "I didn't think he's give us the runaround. We're on what, the fourth floor?"

"Well he was based on Joker," Junmei admitted as she turned, staring at the back of the hallway they were in and noticing a window at the very end, "Likely he was trying to get up high enough before making his escape."

"Why here though?" Eiji asked.

"It's simple," A voice called out, Eiji and Junmei fully turning towards the window as the space began to warp. Soon enough a Subspace Portal opened up with Meijin walking out with a few claps, "He was simply setting the stage."

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Eiji questioned.

"You wanted to draw us out huh?" Junmei asked, already figuring it out, "Let me guess, you want to test our forms, just like how you were fine with my brother facing you alone."

"No," Meiji said as he put his hands in his pockets.

"No?" Junmei asked.

"Okay, stop being cryptic," Eiji clicked his tongue in annoyance, "What's your deal?"

"Fine then I'll save the suspense," He said as he drew out his own Subspace Driver and placed it on his waist. "I want to test something… but not you."


"Oh hell," Junmei narrowed her eyes, "This isn't looking good."

"You saying that after managing to get on par with Glaive is a bit concerning," Eiji admitted with a slight nervous chuckle.

"That's because Meijin is deceptively powerful," Junmei answered, remembering what her brother had mentioned of his confrontation in Subspace. "We need to go all out from the start."

"I hope you do," Meijin answered as he slotted the Bowser Smash Token into his Driver, "Henshin!"


Lava began to rapidly form in a pool behind Meijin before a figure launched out of it, that being a magma version of Bowser. The magma began to drip off to reveal a Bowser that was nothing but bones, Dry Bowser. Soon enough the bones broke away from each other before spiraling around Meijin who became bathed in a bright blue light. The bones soon began slamming into him and forming various armor points as the light faded.


Meijin's Rider Form was a lot different than one would expect for utilizing Bowser as a base, the bodysuit while having a scaled pattern to it, was in a shiny dark blue. Over the chest, stomach, shoulders, biceps, forearms, shins and thighs, various bulky and thick off-white bone-shaped armoring could be seen.

The back held a turtle shell-like plate that didn't seem to have any spikes on it like Bowser normally would have. The helmet was also different, it being segmented all around with the front faceplate being draconic in shape. Two narrow but bright green compound eyes peered through. On the forehead was a fire crest with the back of the helmet having the base of a topknot, orange flame-like hair dropping from it and reaching the bottom of his neck.

"Different, but I suppose that just goes to show my power," Meijin remarked as he flexed his fingers and looked over his armor briefly.

"Eiji… let's go," Junmei said as she readied her transformation.

"Right," Eiji called out.






Echo Divine Duality Yin Side and Assister All-Star Assist stood beside each other, the two readying themselves before giving a yell and charging forward.

Meijin gave a yell as his hands shined a bright red, soon crouching and slamming them into the floor. It wasn't long before the floor of the hallway they were on shined a bright red before exploding and crumbling.

Junmei and Eiji both yelled out as they were caught in the blast and fell as a result of losing the ground beneath them. The two could only gasp as they felt their backs slam against the floor of the lower floor that had managed to remain mostly intact. Well aside from the fact that there was no ground separating the fourth and third floors anymore.

"What the hell was that?" Eiji coughed out.

"I'm not sure…" Junmei admitted as she forced herself to stand. Her eyes widened as she quickly charged forward, raising her shield and blocking a punch from Meijin who had ran straight for them. She gritted her teeth as she took a step back, surprised by his strength. Reaching forward she withdrew the sword from her shield and slashed against Meijin's gut, sparks flying but not doing much in regards to a reaction.

"Please do better than that," Meijin answered with a chuckle as he kept pushing his singular fist against the shield.


Suddenly slamming through one of the doors in the hallway from behind Meijin was a projection of Knuckles the Echidna. The Echidna launched forward and sent a few punches against Meijin's back, though these did next to nothing in regards to damage.

Meijin chuckled, withdrawing his fist and turning as he stared down the Echidna who looked ready to fight, "Very well-"

He cut himself off when he saw that Knuckles soon began to vanish, which was odd since he didn't do any damage to the summon. That was until he realized what this meant, quickly turning back towards where Junmei and Eiji were.


"Catching me off guard won't change the fact that I can tank this!" Meijin gave a hearty laugh.

"We'll see about that," Eiji called out as he was in front of Junmei with Dark Samus, the dark hunter charging up a hefty amount of Phazon in her arm cannon.

Dark Samus said nothing as it unleashed its Phazon Laser against Meijin. The Dark Rider began laughing as he crossed his arms and braced against the attack. Despite this, the Phazon Laser wasn't meant to do any real damage, the real reason it was used was because of the tremendous amount of force it exerted. The force was strong enough to lift Meijin off of his feet and sending him flying backwards.

"You're using the force of-!" Meijin was cut off as he was slammed through the window of the floor they were on, being launched outside by creating a massive hole. Meijin laughed a bit as he was thrown out, "Trying to gain more space huh?!"



Both Junmei and Phosphora flew out of the hole that was made, the two striking past Meijin and flying behind him.


Eiji took aim and sent a powered up blast of energy directly at Meijin while both Junmei and Phosphora aimed before launching an arrow of light and a bolt of lightning straight at Meijin's back.

The trio of attacks hit their marks causing a large explosion before Meijin fell out of it while covered in smoke. It didn't take long before the Dark Rider slammed straight into the ground.

Phosphora was dismissed as Junmei lowered herself while Eiji jumped out of the hole to land as well, the two on opposite sides of where Meijin landed. They aimed their weapons and began to slowly approach before they both got chills. Suddenly the smoke that covered Meijin was blown away by an invisible force, Meijin slowly but surely rising from it with nary a scratch on him.

Junmei lowered her weapon slightly, "You've got to be…"

"Oh come on!" Eiji called out as he took a step forward in shock before taking aim again.

"While Sayomi and I are equals in regards to leadership well… let's just say I was the one who showed more promise and potential," Meijin answered as he dusted himself off.

"I knew it…" Junmei hissed lightly.

"Now then, let's keep going shall we?" Meijin asked as he looked back and forth, gathering fiery energy within his hands before slamming them into the ground. Soon enough bright fiery spots began to form all around the area, pillars of fire erupting from them with several of them erupting near Junmei and Eiji. Both Riders winced as they held their arms up, while they weren't hit, the intensity of the heat was instantly getting to them.

Episode 37 – Kamen Rider Metal Debut:

Kenshin gritted his teeth as he rode through the streets of Smash City, with the Machine Islander it would be easy to catch up to his Sister and Eiji in time. Well that was if there wasn't someone in the way, the Rider quickly swerving and skidding to a stop.

"Oh you've got to be…" Kenshin trailed as he took his helmet off, dismounting his bike.

Before him stood Hajime who had a new look to him now, the man had opted for a new style since his revival. He was wearing black jeans with matching boots alongside being shirtless, only having a long black jacket that was open over his body. In the center of his chest was the Kirby Smash Token, embedded into his body. His hands were still bandaged and he had some around his neck, but surprisingly the only part of his head that was bandaged was his mouth, it creating a guard of sorts. His eyes were in full view, a bright yellow as he held spiked black hair.

"You like the new look?" Hajime asked.

"I could care less," Kenshin answered, "I don't have time for you."

"Oh but I have time for you," Hajime answered as he took out his Token Buckler, placing it on his waist. He then drew out the Metal Mario Bros. Token before slotting it in.


Liquid silver metal began to spew out as Hajime was engulfed in it, the metal transforming his body into a copy of Smash's Platform Blazer base form. There were a few differences and while the armor remained the same shape, the bodysuit was now grey with the armor having a silver shine to it now. The eyes as well were a bright red.

"Kamen Rider… Metal," Hajime announced as he cracked his neck.

"And I have officially been bootlegged…" Kenshin trailed. "Okay fine, you asked for it, Henshin!"


Kenshin ran forward before taking a leap, jumping towards Hajime and punching forward. To his surprise, Hajime took the punch, staggering back from it. Deciding to keep going he rushed forward only to spin and perform a kick to send Hajime staggering back further.

"Come on," Hajime patted his armor as if the only thing causing him to stagger was the force behind the attacks, "Keep going!"

"That armor is sturdy but it's nothing compared to a real Rider System," Kenshin called out as he leapt forward with a punch.

Both Riders closed in before slamming their fists against each other, trying to push forward as sparks flew all around then. To Kenshin's surprise, Hajime had grabbed his hand before reeling him in. He didn't have a chance to react as he was struck directly in the gut by Hajime's boot. Coughing out he tried to stagger back only to have his head grabbed with two hands, his face meeting Hajime's knee as it was smashed into it.

Hajime laughed out as he pushed Kenshin backwards, stretching as if he was just getting warmed up, "Are you really underestimating me?"

Kenshin coughed out as he staggered back to get his bearings, "Oh not in the slightest, if you're good in the strength department then…" He gathered flames in his hands before launching several fireballs forward.

Hajime however leapt upwards into the air before kicking downwards, his boot lighting on fire via silver flames as his drop speed sped up. He then aimed and kicked towards Kenshin only to slam into the ground as his target had dodged by jumping back.

"This agility…!" Kenshin gasped as he managed to find his footing after jumping, he quickly began to change Tokens, "Looks like I've got no choice then."


"That won't help you!" Hajime gave a yell as he leapt forward at high speeds, trying to grab at Kenshin only to grasp at yellow sparks. He quickly turned only to receive several electrified kicks to the chest, Kenshin having reappeared in Thunder Shinobi to catch him off guard.

Kenshin went for rapid bicycle kicks before twisting his body and going for a spinning kick to finish off his onslaught, managing to force his opponent back.

"Two can play at that game," Hajime spread his arms out, the plates on the backs of his hands growing out and becoming blade-like as he disappeared in a slash.

Kenshin's eyes widened as he barely turned in time, drawing his sword and bracing with both hands as he blocked Hajime's next assault. The metallic Rider had disappeared and reappeared behind him to attack. Kenshin gritted his teeth as Hajime pushed further and further, staggering backwards from the surprise attack.

"No matter what you throw at me, you will not defeat me," Hajime answered as his body gave off a faint pink glow.

"We'll see about that!" Kenshin called out as he slotted in a new set of Tokens.


Kenshin immediately drew his two pistols out, aiming and firing at Hajime. He kept firing and firing despite his opponent using his bladed hands to deflect the shots. Kenshin knew that there had to be a limit to how much he could block and switched up his shots steadily and subtly.

Hajime continued to slash to cut through the shots before wincing, several of the shots slowly starting to pierce through his offensive defense. And soon enough he felt himself start to be overwhelmed by Kenshin's energy shots. He gave a light chuckle however as his arms began to shift further, the metal bending and conforming to new shapes, creating cannon-like protrusions that covered his hands.

"Wait, what?" Kenshin took a step back.

"Take this!" Hajime called out as he took aim before launching two silver fireballs out of his arm cannons. The two fireballs split into dozens of smaller fireballs before splitting further. The fireballs all homed in as they launched towards Kenshin.

Kenshin took aim and began firing at the fireballs to disperse them before they could reach him. When he realized they were getting too close he held his arms close, his reflectors forming as he braced against the remaining onslaught.

An explosion occurred after enough fireballs hit, Kenshin giving a yell as he was sent tumbling backwards.

"Don't be shy, use the form that you killed me with," Hajime gave a light chuckle as he waltzed forward, "I know you want to."



Kenshin assumed his strongest basic form, drawing out both blades of Calamity Hero and combining them together after initiating the finisher. He raised his sword upwards before slashing downwards, unleashing a bright wave of energy towards Hajime.

Hajime yelled out as the energy crashed against his body, an explosion occurring as it was a direct hit.

"Did…" Kenshin trailed.

"No," Hajime said as he walked out of the explosion, his armor scarred and torn in places only for it to shift and restore itself, "No you didn't. That was what did me in last time?"

"Oh you've got to be…" Kenshin trailed as he drew out the Ninten-Trinity Smash Token. He was taking a risk using this one since Hajime seemed to be able to counter all of his other forms. But it was either keep fighting in Calamity Hero and lose, or use Subspace Inferno which he wasn't allowed to use at the moment.


Samus manages to gather all twelve original Smashers at CORE, explaining to those who have yet to properly meet Kenshin about his time as Kamen Rider Smash. Her plan is simple as the twelve of them are going to pour their power into two blank Tokens to create a new form for Kenshin. Samus herself also had a weapon commissioned and ready for use as well.

Of course Hajime doesn't want to give up so easily when it comes to getting revenge on Kenshin. He finally had the power to defeat who he considers a defective Subspace Warrior. In order to force his enemy out of hiding he attacks CORE directly, planning on breaking into the base to force them to confront him. However he chooses to be tactful about this approach, creating a pair of new Malice out of the Bayonetta and Pokemon Trainer Tokens he was gifted by Meijin and Sayomi. Using Bayonetta's he creates the Wicked Witch while Pokemon Trainer's forms the MonsTrainer.

Junmei and Eiji are the first to head out however the two end up facing the Malice's, and even utilizing their stronger forms in Divine Duality and All-Star Assist, the two are having issues. Wicked Witch was picked as a counter to Junmei for its dark based abilities while MonsTrainer can summon monster familiars to match Eiji's summoning. Hajime also tags in and out of both fights, forcing both Riders into standstills against their opponents.

Kenshin is forced to confront Hajime despite everyone's warnings and immediately goes into Subspace Inferno, fighting through the pain of the backfire to try and defeat Hajime. To everyone's surprise despite the power increases from Subspace Inferno, Hajime is able to adapt and evolve to match them with ease in his new Rider form. Hajime also activates another ability of the Kirby Smash Token within him, using it to absorb Kenshin within him after catching him off guard. Hajime's form changes from that of a metallic copy of Platform Blazer to one of Subspace Inferno. Hajime mentions he's effectively won and chooses to leave, utilizing his new found power to start destroying Smash City with his pair of Malices. Eiji and Junmei are called in by Samus to retreat while CORE sends in all their members to try and keep damage and casualties to a minimum.


Despite it taking a fair amount of time, Samus alongside the other Smashers of the Original Twelve created two new Smash Tokens. These Tokens are labeled Smash Origin Alpha and Beta. The plan originally was to utilize both the Tokens and the blank Smash Calibur sword to absorb and stabilize the excess Subspace power from Kenshin in order to complete the process and keep his body from breaking down from the backfire. The plan now is to utilize the power of the remaining Original Twelve Smash Tokens they have alongside Origin Alpha and Origin Beta to resonate with the others inside Hajime.

Of course the plan is easier said than done as Hajime shows no signs of slowing down with his destructive power increasing. And any attempts to try and capture him prove pointless when he has his two Malice Bodyguards protecting him. Eiji and Junmei are up to bat alongside Samus and Captain Falcon. The group of four using different tactics to get past the Malice's by swapping their counters. Eiji and Captain Falcon fight against the Wicked Witch while Junmei and Samus fight against MonsTrainer. Despite Hajime's attempts to interfere, he's interrupted by anyone who's left standing, thus allowing the Malice's to be defeated.

Eiji and Junmei then fight against Hajime, and while losing at first, the two manage to strike against the Dark Rider hard enough to get Kenshin to react. By having all Twelve Origin Tokens resonate both outside and inside Hajime, alongside the Smash Origin Token Set, the two Riders are able to use the Smash Calibur blade to cut Kenshin out of the Dark Rider.

Kenshin is freed and thanks everyone for fighting to save him before utilizing the new gear to transform into his Final Form. Utilizing both the Tokens and the weapon to absorb the excess Subspace Energy within him and stabilize his growing abilities he completes the Smash Calibur and transforms into Kamen Rider Smash: Veteran of Smash. The Smash Calibur allows him to three different finishers based on sets of four characters. There is Power Veteran (Samus, Donkey Kong, Jigglypuff, Yoshi), Speed Vetaran (Fox, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Luigi), and Element Veteran (Mario, Link, Ness, Kirby). Alongside these he is also able to call on the powers of the individual Smashers at will for boosted normal attacks.

Utilizing his various booster abilities alongside the various Veteran Finishers he uses it to outpace Hajime. By utilizing different combinations of moves between the twelve sets of abilities he has access to he is able to blindside Hajime's adapting abilities. While Hajime grows more enraged, Kenshin can't help but feel pity, realizing that Hajime just like before was being used by Meijin and Sayomi. Deciding to end this fight he defeats Hajime by utilizing the final finisher of the Smash Calibur, All Veteran.

Utilizing his latent Subspace abilities after the battle, Kenshin produces a purifying wave of sorts to cleanse all the Tokens in the area of Hajime's influence. He had realized that the only reason Hajime was able to come back was because pieces of his mind were attached to the various Smash Tokens. Thus they needed to simply resonate with each other in an appropriate spot to reform Hajime. He also does this to make sure that Meijin and Sayomi can no longer take advantage of Hajime.

The two Subspace Commanders however are severely annoyed, the two realizing Kenshin's gained a new versatile and powerful form. But also the creation and activation of this form has allowed him to overcome the backfire that Subspace Inferno placed on him. Deciding that a change of pace is necessary the two head back to base to rethink their next move.

Episode 39 – Kamen Rider Smash Veteran of Smash Debut:

Hajime gave a gasp as he held his chest, his arms soon spreading out as green, red, and blue currents of electricity began to run through his body. "Why… why can't I move?" He questioned before giving a frustrated yell, "You damn guinea pig!"

"Oh shut up!" Kenshin's voice could be heard echoing from Hajime's body, "Hey guys! You managed to wake me up but I'm still having a bit of trouble! I need some help here!"

"Let's get him back," Samus said, taking the blank Smash Calibur blade from the back of her suit and holding it forward.

Eiji and Junmei both looked at each other before giving a nod, the duo taking the weapon in both of their hands. The two then yelled out, gripping the weapon tightly as they both rushed forward in tandem before slashing downwards. The two managed to dig the weapon into Hajime's metallic form, before stabbing straight into him, a bright pink glow coming from the wound as the blade went in deeper.

Soon enough an armored hand managed to burst out of the cut, enlarging the wound slightly. The further it reached out the more it could be seen that the armor belonged to Subspace Inferno.

"I'll keep up the pressure!" Eiji called out as he pushed forward, "Get your brother!"

"Right," Junmei gave a nod as she let go of the weapon before reaching for the hand, grabbing both it and his wrist as she gave a yell and pulled.

Eiji began to slice further in with the weapon before pulling out just as Junmei did, sparks of pink flying everywhere as Kenshin was pulled out of Hajime. The sudden removal of Kenshin however had also caused a small explosive burst to occur, sending the Riders away from the metallic doppelganger.

Eiji and Junmei staggered back, Eiji holding onto the Smash Calibur in one hand as he helped brace Kenshin. Junmei meanwhile used both of her hands to hold onto Kenshin, managing to keep him standing.

"Jeez, another rescue huh," Kenshin coughed out a bit with a laugh as he dismissed his transformation, he gave a grin, "Am I really that helpless?"

"More like lazy," Junmei remarked, "You wouldn't wake up soon enough so we had to force you awake."

"I didn't mind it too much though," Eiji hummed, "After all, I got to be the star."

"Very funny you two," Kenshin chuckled as he fully stood up, "It's good to be back."

"And we're glad to have you back," Samus answered as she walked over before holding out the two new Smash Tokens, "But we've still got an issue."

"Damn you, damn you all…!" Hajime gave a yell as his wound managed to close up, his energy beginning to spike as a visible pink aura surrounded his body. Despite this he still remained in his metallic Subspace Inferno copied state, "How dare you take away the power that should be mine!"

"Just because you beat me doesn't mean you get to use the power I earned for stupid destruction," Kenshin answered as he took the Smash Tokens from Samus before grabbing the Smash Calibur after Eiji presented it to him. "I know what you really want, you want freedom, the ability to choose and not be hurt by those above you. So you think that power is your only option, growing stronger, crushing those in your path… well I'm about to show you what I believe power is!"

"What you believe power is?" Hajime questioned before laughing, "You can't beat me! You know that right? I'll just adapt and evolve because in your little escape, you still didn't take the Kirby Token with you!"

"Then I'll surpass your evolution," Kenshin said as he stabbed the Smash Calibur into the ground in front of him. He then slotted in the Smash Origin Tokens, Alpha and Beta, "By going back to the beginning."

"Going back… to the beginning?" Hajime questioned.

Kenshin crossed his arms before lowering them forward, his aura beginning to grow wildly due to how much it had grown. He then reeled his hands back before hitting both buttons on his Driver. In that instant his wild aura began to suddenly poor into both Smash Tokens, and when those had enough the aura began to poor straight into the Smash Calibur.



Soon enough spectral versions of the Original Twelve Smash Fighter encircled Kenshin, all of them circling inwards and overlapping on the Riders body.


The light began to peel away to reveal Kenshin's new form, having a light blue bodysuit reminiscent of Tabuu's coloration. Covering his chest, shoulders, forearms, shins, and thighs were sleek silver armor pieces. Engraved onto the armoring in blue were the symbols of the Smashers utilized in this new form.

Emblazoned on the chest was Mario and Luigi's symbol of the Mushroom. The left shoulder held a Pokeball symbol for Pikachu and Jigglypuff, the right shoulder held a Triforce symbol for Link. The right forearm held an Egg symbol for Yoshi while the left forearm held the Great Fox's logo as a symbol. The right thigh held a Star symbol for Kirby while the left thigh held a Screwattack symbol for Samus. On the left shin was DK for Donkey Kong while an Earth symbol was used for Ness on the right shin. And finally on the back was Captain Falcon's symbol.

Wrapping around his neck was a white scarf that flowed downwards, having blue circuit patterns running through it. Kenshin's helmet was fairly rounded in shape, it being the same silver of the armor he wore. It held a light blue silver mouth plate, two bright green compound eyes peering forward. The sides of the helmet had headphone-like attachments that held points aiming backwards. On the base of the attachments was the Smash Symbol, shining a bright blue. Finally the forehead gem was that of a small Smash Symbol, a bright blue glow emanating from it.


Kenshin grabbed the blank sword, it shifting shape as it became a long sword with what looked to be a revolver chamber in the center at the base of the blade. The chamber itself held four sides that were all different colors, red, blue, green and white. The blade itself was silver in coloration, the various symbols of the Smashers all engraved into it while the edges held a clear sheen to them. The hilt itself was fairly standard, black with blue markings, a Smash Token slot near the end of the hilt and a trigger, likely to initiate attacks.


"This is the power, of those who believe in me," Kenshin answered as he lowered his weapon.

Hajime gave a yell, creating liquid metal and sharpening it into a blade, rushing forward and slashing several times at his opponent. Sparks flew but Kenshin didn't even seem to budge at Hajime's attacks. The metal Rider gave a light gasp as he was grabbed by the arm and forced to take a few steps back at his opponents push, "How?"

"I just told you," Kenshin answered before shoving Hajime away, "Well okay, maybe that's not the specifics of how this form works, but it's the thought that counts."

"I'll explain it then," Samus answered, "We knew that just making a new weapon and Tokens at this point were impossible. At least without Kenshin as a base, so instead we used the Tokens and Weapon as a base, and used Kenshin's overflowing power to fully empower them. Creating both the Tokens and Weapon not only synchronize them well, but allowed Kenshin's backfire from using Subspace Inferno to stabilize."

Hajime didn't seem to let this information sink in too deeply as he rushed forward to slash again.

"Meaning I'm even better than ever," Kenshin called out as he blocked Hajime's makeshift weapon with his Smash Calibur. He then forced the weapon away before slashing against Hajime's several times.

Hajime gave a gasp as he staggered back before gathering silver fire in his hands. He combined them together to form a larger flame before launching a silver fireball out at Kenshin.

Kenshin meanwhile spun the chamber on his sword, the lights on it flashing a bright blue.


Holding up his weapon the symbols for Pikachu, Fox, Captain Falcon and Luigi all lit up on his sword and his body.

He gained a blue glow around him as yellow electricity formed at his feet, crouching forward he launched directly at the fireball, a reflector forming as he rammed through the attack and dispersed it like nothing.

Hajime braced for impact against the incoming Rider, only to suddenly stare in surprise as Kenshin launched into the air right before reaching him. He quickly turned around to try and see if Kenshin was about to strike from behind only to hear a yell. He looked upwards as his eyes widened behind his helmet.

Kenshin had used Luigi's high jumping skills to leap straight up, dropping down at a rapid pace as his left leg caught on fire. He then slammed his leg down onto Hajime, a fiery falcon bursting from the attack as he had utilized the Captain's signature Falcon Kick.


Hajime gasped out as he was slammed into the ground via the kick, creating a small crater that kicked up debris.

"Nice!" Eiji called out with a laugh, "He can combine his abilities together just like me!"

"Not only that but they're categorized with complementing fighters," Junmei noted. "Not bad for a Final Form."

Kenshin leapt away, cracking his neck, "Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way, I'm willing to give you a chance."

"Like hell we're doing this the easy way!" Hajime yelled out as his eyes shined brightly, a pink glow surrounding him as he sped towards Kenshin.


Spinning the chamber, this time Yoshi, Jigglypuff, Samus and Donkey Kong's symbols lit up on both the armor and the sword.

Kenshin immediately crouched as Hajime sped towards him, an energy projection of Yoshi's egg forming around him as it protected him from Hajime's fast punch. The egg became a solid projection, obscuring Kenshin's form as the egg began to spin rapidly, utilizing Jigglypuff's rollout, the attack breaking past Hajime's punch and digging into his body as it sent him flying.

Hajime gave a gasp as he was thrown backwards only to feel his leg get caught, he looked to see that Kenshin had formed a grapple beam from the Smash Calibur. He gave a yell as he was reeled in, the grapple beam disappearing.

Kenshin spun around, gripping his weapon with both hands as he turned and slashed against Hajime's gut, utilizing Donkey Kong's superior strength to send the metal Rider tumbling straight against the ground.


Hajime gave a gasp as he tried to pick himself up, his armor sparking as he was unable to fully deal with the sudden power increase. He slowly but surely picked himself up, "Then, I'll just grow my strength!"

"Here's the thing," Kenshin said as the Mushroom Symbol lit up, he then leapt forward in a burst of red, utilizing Mario's jumping ability. However Captain Falcon's symbol shined after that, Kenshin delivering a Falcon Punch to Hajime's face. "I can utilize abilities separate of these combinations!"

Hajime gritted his teeth as he held his helmet while staggering back, "What?!"

"I'll keep switching my abilities up, coming up with new combinations," Kenshin spoke up, "To where I'll continue to outpace you no matter what you do. And even the Veteran Slashes only borrow the broadest sense of the powers for me to use all at once, meaning I can pull off any kind of combo I wish. You won't be outpacing me anymore."

"How… how dare you!" Hajime yelled out as his aura began to spike wildly, "I'll destroy you where you stand you guinea pig!"

"Honestly… I pity you," Kenshin admitted as he lowered his blade, "I get it, you had a hard life, and so you thought working with Tabuu might help. But after being betrayed by both of your allies… you should have tried to live your own life after you revived. But instead you clung to them for their help and kept thinking of petty revenge against me. I'm not the one who turned your body into a destructive monster with no way to go back… that was Meijin."

"Shut up," Hajime stomped the ground, "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" He gave a yell as he sped towards Kenshin at high speeds, reeling his fist back before punching forward.

Kenshin gritted his teeth as he braced with the Smash Calibur, calling upon Donkey Kong's strength to keep him from flying backwards. Instead he dug his feet into the ground as Hajime managed to push him back a bit.

"I'm not done yet!" Hajime yelled out as he launched into the air with a jump, soon holding the palms of his hands downwards as he unleashed dozens of fireballs down upon the Kamen Rider.

Kenshin however didn't do much, raising his weapon and pointing the tip upwards as he accessed Fox's abilities. He brought out a Reflector that began protecting him against the rain of fireballs. He then slotted the Mario Smash Token as he kept the barrier going.

Hajime began to pant as he began to float downwards, utilizing the Kirby Token to help slow his descent. He stared at the smoke cover that he had provided Kenshin, trying to see if he had completely defeated him.


A crescent wave of fire shot out of the smoke and slammed into Hajime, engulfing him as it soon resulted in an explosion. The metallic copied Rider could only fall downwards and slam onto the ground. He coughed out as he tried to regain his bearings.

"It's time we end this," Kenshin said as he began spinning the barrel of his sword before raising it high.


Twelve symbols appeared behind him, all of them being the insignias of the Smashers the form utilized. They all soon formed over the blade of the Smash Calibur, bathing it in a bright white. Kenshin gave a yell as he swung his sword downwards, unleashing a beam of energy that hurtled straight towards Hajime.

Hajime gave a yell as his body began to grow, his armor growing sturdier and spikier as he crossed his arms. He braced against the attack, giving a yell as he continued to stand his ground despite the onslaught of the never-ending beam. That was until he began cracking and chipping, soon wincing as he could feel the beam penetrating his armor.


Hajime could only yell out as he spread his arms out in defeat, his armor being burned away as his armor was also burned away, his body dissolving. The Token Buckler and Metal Mario Token's dissolved as well, while the Kirby Token was purified by the endeavor.

Kenshin lowered his sword as the light died down, staring down at the Kirby Smash Token that was all that was left of Hajime's body.

"Rest in peace…"


It's been a week since the Hajime incident and the debut of Veteran of Smash. Sayomi and Meijin choose to gather and spread out the remaining Malice Bucklers and Smash Tokens in their possession to various troubled citizens of the different kingdoms. While the two expected some pushback from the lead scientist behind the devices, Doktor, he ends up being fine with it as he feels it will allow him to take the next step. The two then turn control of the Subspace Army to Meta Ridley before they decidedly choose to vanish. The two know where the powers of Light and Darkness are held thanks to Junmei utilizing those same powers for an upgrade item. Now the two need as low of a profile as possible to search for the 'Core of the World'.

As things turn to normal, new more mundane problems start to rise as a result. Eiji being housed at CORE and being a member has caused their normal spending budget to dry up. Surprisingly at the top of the list are the three Kamen Riders for various expenses such as pleasure, food, etc. With not much work on budging King Dedede for funding, the trio needs to make a living via some odd jobs to boost up their spending budget for the remaining month while also figuring out how best to plan out their budget.

Kenshin ends up breaking off in secret from the odd job hunt after it wears thin on him, instead choosing to go for a strange rumor. A strange monstrous like creature has been stealing hordes of money from various people in the city. Checking it out he manages to find a Mii using the Malice Buckler and Wario Token to become the Greedy Butterball Animus. Despite a lengthy chase via bikes, Kenshin manages to use Veteran of Smash's swarm of abilities to take care of the Animus with ease. He then finds out the Animus was a meek money collector for various apartments in the city, having a hard time getting the money from unruly clients. Kenshin has the Mii return the money but mentions that he'll put in a word to King Dedede and to go to him if the issue persists. But despite his act of heroism his friend and sister manage to drag him back into finding odd jobs.


A new Animus known as the Stained Calamari appears as a result of the Inkling Token. The Stained Calamari seems to have a vendetta against Inklings as it's only them that are attacked. Agent 3 and Eiji are on the case as both Kenshin and Junmei are busy dealing with recapturing the Wario Brothers. Despite Eiji and Agent 3's teamwork they're unable to catch the Stained Calamari due to it only being the two of them. Without much in the way of backup thanks to the other two Riders being busy, Eiji figures they'll just make backup of their own. Utilizing All-Star Assist's summoning function the two are able to corner and trap Stained Calamari before defeating it. The Animus ends up being an Inkling with self-esteem issues due to always losing to others in tournaments. Meijin had approached him with the tools necessary to become the only Inkling. He wanted to take out all the Inklings out of anger so that he could be the only one left and thus be the best. Eiji and Agent 3 give the Inkling a bit of a pep talk and mention about how becoming an Animus was the wrong way to go about things. The Inkling ends up in trouble due to the damage he caused, but Eiji mentions he'll try and make sure the punishment isn't too harsh.

Meanwhile Junmei and Kenshin are currently bickering over each other as they chase down the Wario Brothers in a bike chase across the city. The two end up nearly crashing a few times as a result before they eventually manage to come together to work as a team. The two manage to put a stop to the vehicular escapades of Wario and despite Wario using a Final Smash Crystal to enter his Wario Man state permanently, Veteran of Smash alongside Divine Duality are enough to beat both Wario and Waluigi before they're locked up yet again.


Eiji can't help but feel a bit lonely at the moment, sort of realizing that transferring all of a sudden meant leaving his teacher Byleth behind. Junmei encourages him to go to Altea to have a bit of a reunion and catch up. Samus also allows this since Subspace Army activity has been sporadic and low as of late. Not to mention keeping an eye on Altea would probably be a good thing.

The Black Knight meanwhile is getting restless in the Subspace Army's lack of any real action. Corrin warns him that things will go awry if he goes now. She also warns him that she'll make sure the others know so that no help is given to him for his rash actions. The Black Knight scoffs this idea off, wondering where this backbone of hers came from. And so he chooses to go to Altea anyway. He meets up with a new Animus, a soldier Mii who believes the current system isn't working. The Animus uses Roy's Token to become the Blaze Lion.

Junmei and Eiji arrive in Altea and meet up with Chrom and Byleth who are teaching various soldiers that plan on going on to work in guarding the main castle. To everyone's surprise the Black Knight attacks with Blaze Lion. But to everyone's further surprise, as the fight begins to draw out further, various traps of sorts are activated against the Black Knight and Animus. It's to the point where normal Assister and Echo Seraph of Duality are able to defeat and apprehend both the Mii and the Black Knight.

As a result of the Black Knight's failure, Corrin is promoted to his place and due to her work she's been accomplishing in recruitment she's been elevated to a higher position near instantly. Unbeknownst to the Subspace Army however Corrin has remained in contact with Byleth, the two having conspired to set the Black Knight up for failure all for Corrin to rise up the ranks in the Subspace Army. With her now at one of the highest positions available, she's able to move forward with the next phase of her plan.


The last Animus to be created is one of a disgruntled citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, figuring it would be better if Bowser took over. He utilizes Bowser Jr.'s Token to become the Trickster Turtle. This Animus' skill set allows him to split his form into a multitude of Shadow Mario's to cause enough chaos to weaken the Mushroom Kingdom's defenses.

Kenshin manages to arrive in the thick of the chaos, having wanted to take a page out of Eiji and Junmei's book by heading to the Mushroom Kingdom for a break after they came back from Altea. To his surprise even Mario and Luigi are having trouble against the Shadow Mario's. Utilizing Thunder Shinobi's cloning abilities he's able to reveal the Shadow Mario's as the Trickster Turtle Animus. Of course this all ends up as a distraction as the Koopaling's had chosen to try their own method of attack to impress the Subspace Army. They had managed to kidnap Peach in the chaos and plan to take her back to the Subspace Army's new headquarters.

Mario and Luigi tell Kenshin that they'll hold off the Animus so that he can get Peach back. Kenshin utilizes Subspace Inferno to follow after them before transforming into Veteran of Smash to deal with all the Koopalings at once. Despite the rough odds, and Trickster Turtles appearance after escaping from Mario and Luigi, Kenshin is able to slowly beat them back before defeating them one by one. He also has Mario and Luigi to thank, the two having attacked specific spots to leave visible weak points for Kenshin to exploit.

With the Koopalings and Animus defeated the day is saved by Kenshin and the Mario Brothers. After the Koopaling's and Mii are all taken care of, Kenshin decides to take a break and reflect on how far he's come alongside Peach, Mario and Luigi mentioning the same to him.

Meanwhile Doktor manages to obtain the remainder of the data from the Animus' that were unleashed and issues his resignation to the Subspace Army before taking his leave. Meanwhile a Mii is seen bringing living commodities and supplies to an old house hidden in the space between kingdoms. There he meets with a human woman who is finished working on a project thanks to his help. She then reveals she has a Smash Token and uses it with a strange device to transform into a Rider-like hero.

Episode 43 – The Ages-Fighter is born:

Whistling, that was what this lone Mii was doing as he drove along the countryside in an old farm truck. He was fairly average too, and didn't seem to stand out too much from the other Mii's. He had spiked green hair, blue eyes, a white shirt and blue pants, nothing too notable. In fact the most he had on him was an Ancient Sword, likely an heirloom. On the seat next to him was a small box that was strapped in via a seatbelt. Strapped to the back of the farm truck were also various boxes and crates.

He was currently making his way between the various Kingdom's, having a destination despite seemingly straying off the standard path. He was making his way to a mostly forested area, there having been enough a path for cars to drive through despite the rugged landscape. Eventually he began to slow down when he approached what looked to be a small shack tucked snugly towards the deeper end of the forest. While it wasn't the biggest or best in structure, it wasn't abandoned as it still looked fairly new and maintained despite its appearance.

Parking the Mii cleared his throat a bit before grabbing the box from his seat, exiting the vehicle and heading to the door. He walked over and knocked on the door before waiting for a bit.

From the door came a surprising discovery, at least to anyone other than the Mii visiting. The one who had answered was actually a human woman who seemed to be in her early 30's or so with bright green eyes, long brown hair and gold rimmed oval glasses. She was currently wearing brown boots with black jeans, a plain maroon t-shirt and a white lab coat, which was currently just hanging by her shoulders.

The woman gave a smile, "Oh Sadao, back for the usual drop off?"

"Yep," Sadao gave a salute before presenting the box, "But I did grab what you asked for Ms. Sazama."

"Given all the trouble you've gone through just for me you can call me Eri," Eri answered as she took the box before looking inside it and smiled, "This is just what I need!"

"So does that mean…" Sadao had a glint in his eye as he began to grow excited.

"Yep, come on!" Eri called out as she hurried inside, revealing a fairly small and modest living arrangement. The only thing that was sectioned off was the bathroom while the rest was all in one singular room, kitchen, dining table, bed, even a workbench. Eri hurried over to the workbench and began to work on putting the objects in the box to use. They were very specific and rare parts that she was carefully but masterfully attaching to a device that lay in front of her.

"Want a status report?" Sadao asked.

"That would be nice," Eri admitted, "Last you told me was that the Kingdom's were being attacked and that there was a counterattack launched to stop the Subspace Army."

"Yeah, things went well after that but it was crazy, all these super powerful monsters started showing up," Sadao explained, "Even a few evil Kamen Riders."

"Evil Kamen Riders huh…" Eri muttered as she continued working on the device.

"Yeah, but Kamen Rider's Smash, Echo and Assister still have pulled through," Sadao answered, "They've all gotten stronger and cooler forms from what I've been hearing."

"That's good, they're growing then," Eri gave a soft smile as she heard this. "Is that all?"

"Yeah, aside from more of those super powered monsters, the Subspace Army's been growing quieter," Sadao mentioned.

"I see," Eri said before putting the finishing touches on the device, "There we go."

"It's done?" Sadao asked.

"Oh yeah, it should be," Eri soon held up the device, it being a gold ring that held a black handle with a yellow trigger at the bottom, in the center of the ring was a black circular Smash Token slot. Around the ring aside from where the handle was, there were white spikes curving back with blue tips, "Looks like the Ages Circular is finished."

"Already naming it huh?" Sadao raised an eyebrow with an amused smirk.

"What can I say, I need to make sure these things have a certain style to them," Eri said before taking a deep breath and walking towards the door, she stepped outside before walking away from her house, her Mii companion right behind her.

"We should be good here," Sadao mentioned.

"Then let's begin," Eri said as she drew out Sonic's Smash Token, loading it in place.


Eri then held her device forward, keeping it horizontally leveled before turning it vertically. She raised it high up into the air before pressing the trigger, "Speed Up!"


Blue energy erupted from the device as she slashed downwards, the energy engulfing her before dying down. Eri was now fully transformed though her transformation was odd to say the least.

She seemed to have a white bodysuit on though that could barely be seen as she had tan bandages wrapping all around and covering most of it up. Her armor was also formed oddly, being simple plates that held red straps that kept them stuck to her body. The armoring was located on her chest, forearms, backs of he hands, and shins. She of course had a red belt strap around her waist with a gold buckle in the center, though it was little more than decoration. He helmet was fairly simplistic, being blue and segmented, with the back of the helmet curving into spikes. It had a silver mouth guard with a black visor covering two narrow green compound eyes.

She flexed her fingers slightly as she looked herself over, in awe that she managed to get it to work. She turned before slicing at a tree with her device, creating a clean cut that traveled somewhat deep but not too deep. But this action revealed her device to be a handheld saw/chakram styled weapon.

"Not bad," Sadao remarked as he walked over, "So what's your name?"

"I do need a name huh," Eri said as she put a hand to her chin in thought, "Hmm… well I'm not much of a Rider in this form but… how about Ages-Fighter?"

"The name of your device and a warrior styled title… yeah that works," Sadao gave a nod. "Especially given how different you look."

"Then I'll be the Ages-Fighter," Eri gave a nod as she walked over while dismissing her transformation, "I should probably practice but I also don't want to keep you long so we should probably bring down the supplies you have for me."

"Sounds good to me," Sadao said as he began to follow.

Whew, this was a hefty chapter, having four New Debuts in regards to Kamen Rider's Glaive, Zone, and our Pseudo Rider, Metal. Then of course while not being a Rider it still was a debut of sorts even if it's a teaser, with the Rider-Like character Ages-Fighter. Meanwhile we had three Final Form debuts for our three main Riders, Divine Duality (Which is technically two in one), All-Star Assist, and Veteran of Smash.

I would have ended at the final form introduction for Smash, however the next chapter would have been short as it would have only been four episodes. None of them have any real debuts aside from the tease at the end of 43. And I tend to mostly prioritize debuts specifically for this project. But it would have only been the four mainly because of the teaser I put at the end of 43's summary. This is because I had also planned a "movie" chapter to be made between 43 and 44. It would end up being a special chapter like how I did the crossover with Decade. Not to mention because of the extensive summary in that, it will be taking a full chapter to itself.

The next Chapter Summary is going to be possibly my longest one since I already had an extensive write up guide for the movie plot. Because of course just for you all, I am going to also probably include one-shot skits in it as well for certain scenes. But I do hope you enjoyed this chunk of episodes of what would have happened had I continued writing. And with that, I'll see you guys next time.