Brightest Doom

Chapter 18

By : BigToFu

Karen Starr

Power Girl

Even as she ignored the sonic boom that followed behind her, Karen couldn't help the heat that she felt from her ears. She stopped her flight halfway to her home somewhere over the countryside. Hovering, she looked at her hand and could still feel the warmth there from his touch, the skin contact, and the unwavering strength within that grip. She felt it but why did she run away? She shouldn't have run away.

How many countless hours had she stayed awake thinking about someone being able to feel her touch: someone being able to actually reciprocate her feelings and not actually die in the attempt. She had wanted and waited for that for so long, yet she ran away. Frustration ran through her system as she hovered there. The communications device in her ear beeped, but she ignored it.

The earpiece beeped once, twice, three times more before she finally let out a huff and tapped it twice.

"Power Girl."

"You did not check-in after taking down the Brain and Mallah. Also, the Watch Tower Clock you heading southwest at Mach three, is everything alright?"

Her fingers clenched into a fist, her cheeks red as a little frustration leaked through. Rao, it had been so long since she had a proper man to put her through the paces. There was a double beep in her ear once more.

Her hand flew upwards, two fingers pressed to the earbud. "Yes, Power Girl is still here. The Brain was dealt with and I remember something important, that's why I was moving so swiftly."

"I will let Batman know, he picked you up on one of his satellites."

With a grumble, she tapped her earpiece, turning it off before pulling out and crushing it. Stupid Batman and his tracking, letting out a huff she threw away the broken parts. As she watched the broken pieces fall to the earth below her, Power Girl realized that she would have to fill out paperwork to get another one.

Stupid fragile technology. With a growl, she landed with a hard three-point stance perfectly throwing up clouds of dust into the air. With a huff, her bangs were blown out of her vision, but instead of getting out of the small creator that she had made. She sat down on the lip of the small mound of earth to think things over.

Her face cracked into a smile as red and black flashed through her mind with the call of dommy mommy.

No, she was Power Girl, she should have stood her ground, looked him in the eyes, and staked her claim on him. Her brows furrowed before she growled and twisted around before flying back to where she had come from.

Fine! Since he wanted to get into her leotard so bad, then he better not regret it. She had come to a decision and was going to show Doom what a Kryptonian mating press was. Honestly, she wondered if his dick would break first or his pelvis. Right now she didn't even care, he was offering and she was going to accept if he didn't die then good for him, but even better for her if he could rock her world.

But if he does die, then she really hopes Ivy wouldn't have any hard feelings. She of course wasn't going to tell them, but once that video got circulated she might have watched them once or twice.

Urgh, they don't know how lucky they had it. There were so many lonely women within the League that couldn't even have a decent time and the trio had a special dick on tap. Before she knew it, she was on her feet with a growl, a hard stomp shot her up into the sky.

Putting her hearing and sight to the test, Power Girl located Doom right where she left him with the trio. Evening out her brows, she steeled her will and pushed forward. The air snapped and quaked around her, but she pushed through it.

Her hair whipped around her head as she performed a perfect swan dive, transition into a flip, then landed with a beautiful textbook three-point landing. This time her landing location didn't even create or kick up dust.

Power Girl heard a squeal accompanied by happy claps.

"Ohh gosh, my dommy mommy came back."

Her face heated up in a blush, but she forced through it as she zoomed over to Doom as he relaxed into his seat. Her X-ray could see through his clothing, sculpted abs, shit, his boxers were made out of some special lining and she couldn't see through it.

The heat upon her cheeks intensified, but she pushed through it. With her head held high, she spoke. "I thought over your offer."

Doom gave her a lazy smile that made her nipples threaten to poke through another one of her leotards.

"Well, of course, but that was when I was offering," Doom replied, a teasing smile on his lips. The way his eyes flicked to her nipples told her more than enough.

With a flick of her hand, her cape was sent to bellow behind her, and she ignored Harley as she got caught up within it. Putting her fist on her hips, Power Girl pushed her chest out. "And what is being offered now?"

Doom picked up his lemonade and gave it a sip before turning to the lady that was a lovely shade of green at his side. "Not sure, you would have to ask Pamela."

She shifted her head to the side and gave a slight dip of acknowledgment, "Well, we can let you take our hubby here on a ride for the night, but what's in it for us?"

"Ahh, what?" Power Girl squawked awkwardly.

"Yeah, you gotta pay the toll if you wanna ride the pole." Harley chirped as she finally got untangled from the cape.

With a huff, she rolled her eyes at that. "And what's the toll?"

"Ohh chin up dear, we don't extort cuties like yourself." Pamela returned with a roll of her own eyes.

Harley kicked the rock at her feet as she spoke, "Ohh man, I wanted to get her to queen me."

With that statement, Power Girl noticed the pink that came over Pamela's face and the leer that Doom shot Harley.

"The price dear, is breakfast, we gather at seven sharp, then lunch is at eleven then dinner at six.," Pamela said as she got up from her chair.

"Ohhh, ohhh, what about game night, hubby is making me my own skate rink." Harley piped up once more as she twisted from the handstand into a cartwheel.

"What about me having a say in this matter?" Doom asked with a sigh.

Pamela gave him a smile as she stood from her chair beckoning him to follow her. Power Girl watched as Pamela fixed the front of his shirt, picked up a few specks of lint then threw those away. Then she watched as Pamela gave Doom a deep kiss before turning him towards her. With a smack on his ass, Pamela pushed Doom forwards.

"The poor dear is pent up, make sure she enjoys her afternoon and don't forget to cuddle," Pamela said with such security that Power Girl would have been fooled if she didn't notice the blatant undercurrent in those words. Like she wasn't able to take him away from them and once he was finished, he wouldn't want to stay with her. That kiss alone and then the side-eye that she received said it all. Power Girl was no competition at all.

Now, that ground her gears, she was Power Girl damit and she was formidable within the bed and outside of it! He was going to learn that today.

With speeds breaking the sound barrier, Power Girl picked Doom up beneath his armpits, then took off towards her Franch home retreat in the mountainside.

They landed with a thud upon the balcony of her home, the doors didn't last as her foot kicked it off the hinges and she noticed the glow that shifted everything away from the bed. Then as they stepped inside, she noticed the doors fixing themselves. With a raised brow she turned to Doom and all he did was shrug in return.

"Kryptonian or not, I wouldn't want you to catch a chill," Doom replied as he stepped closer. But that was as far as he got before she was on him. A growl escaped her lips as her own smashed into his, tasting him, feeling him upon her while idly noting that not only did his skull not fracture, but none of his teeth were knocked loose.

All of her pent-up sexual frustration started to bubble forth as she then tried to rip his clothes from his body. The fact that they were able to resist her strength didn't even register as his hand came to rest on her own.

His movements were gentle compared to hers as she was honestly expressing a little impatience in her movements. Then his shirt was off and her fingers were in contact with flesh and muscle that didn't bruise beneath her touch. Her left arm moved and that was all it took before she pressed her bare chest up against his. The erection that poked her belly button sent a shiver up her spine.

A tug changed their positions to him being held up above her with his beautiful erection in her face nearly poking her nose. She gave his erection light fluttering kisses and licks to prepare him before both of her hands went to his thigh, then his entire erection went down her throat barely brushing against her tonsils.

Power Girl throated him, once, twice, and then a third time before he fired off a massive load straight into her waiting stomach. Her lower lips clenched reflexively, but she didn't care. She had gotten his edge off and had a micro orgasm from it, but she was far from satisfied.

With a light toss, Doom was thrown to the bed before she mounted him. Her nipples dragged painfully across his chest sending pleasure through her body causing her to drip from her lower lips across his body as she dragged her pussy upwards towards his face.

She allowed him a brief moment to play with what she had to admit was one of her winning features before holding both of his hands in one of hers. Then she dragged her pussy across his chest, up his neck, and then right onto his waiting lips and tongue.

"Ohh yeah, eat this pusssy."

Nothing broke as she rode his face with abandon, well, the bed gave out, then the headboard did, but not Doom's neck. Grinning down at him over her breast, Karen used her other hand to grip Doom's head. Then she held him in place as she ground her snatch against his mouth. Pleasure ran through her as his tongue went in and out, circled around before his lips locked onto her clitoris.

Doom did something beneath her that sent his tongue to vibrate as he then pushed it deeper within her. Her body locked up, her thighs came together with speed and force as a massive orgasm shot through her system. The grip that she had on his head loosened as she fell backward on the ruined bed, her legs going at an awkward angle.

Huffing to catch her breath, panic shot through her before she sat up only to find that there were no blood, brains, or viscera painting the walls. But what she did find was a smiling man with his face half wet from her joists.

Eyes wide, she returned his smile before realizing that something important was poking her in the side. Turning to look, Karen found Doom's amazing erection waving at her, before she remembered what she had wanted to try, and since he did survive this far, why the hell not?

It was time for him to experience the Kryptonian mating press. She gave the tip of his dick a kiss as he rolled his eyes. Then she was moving at speeds far greater than what he would be able to respond to, with an ankle in each hand. Her smile was predatory as she looked down at him beneath her. Lining up his shaft with her snatch, she lowered her weight down slowly.

His thick head pressed into her lower lips sending a spark of pleasure through her, but she held it at bay to look Doom in the eye. She allowed the tip to come in just a little, savoring the look on his face as she kept the pace. Slow up and downs, slow up and downs, before she went for more, allowing him in deeper.

She could hear the slish slish sounds as her pussy juice ran down his dick and onto his stomach before pooling around his abdominals. Her nipple was tweaked causing her to lose concentration bottoming out as his fat cock head smashed into her cervix. Her legs trembled, but she ignored it by biting her bottom lip.

He won't break, he won't break she kept repeating in her head as she picked up the pace. "

You like it yeah, this fucking Kryptonian pussy, yeah." Leaning forward, she stole his lips. "I know you like it, how my tight fucking Kryptonian pussy is gobbling up this fat fucking dick."

His kiss was hard and hungry as he played with her nipples from his position.

"Come for mommy, fill me up with that thick fucking jizz," She growled biting his lower lip. She felt his dick twitch before heat bloomed in her lower belly as jets of jizz flooded her system. Pleasure shot through her and she had to let go of his ankle as she came the hardest that she could ever remember.

Laying there panting on his chest, Power Girl gave him small love bites upon his pecs as the edge had finally abated from her sexual drought.

Things changed when a hand gripped her hair pulling her head back. A green glow at the edge of her vision made her eyes go wide before they both levitated up into the air.

A growl escaped Doom's lips as a delightful shiver of pleasure ran through her body. One hand went to her hip, traced over her thigh, then lifted her leg positioning it over his shoulder. The fire of defiance within his eyes spoke to her just as his next actions did. With a hip thrust, she found her back landing on the bed beneath them with Doom taking position on top.

Her eyes fluttered as pleasure ran through her, then realization struck her as her mind caught up with the situation. Doom had never flagged at all, not only was he still rock hard, but he was still buried deep within her. The twitching of his member felt delightful within her, then he rolled his hips before slowly pulling out, holding it, then thrusted back in.

The force of it surprised her enough to knock the wind from her lungs, Ohh did she feel that one, then the next and the next as Doom picked up the pace. Her lips parted, but even then her breath was stolen with a kiss.

She then felt her breast palmed, her nipples rolled between fingers before giving a light tug that combined with her accumulating pleasure sending her over the edge. For the briefest of moments her eyes glaze, then Doom was on her again attacking her weak points, doubling, then tripling her pleasure.

Spots shot across her vision and she remembered her head lulling to the side a bit before their positions changed once more. Adrenaline shot through her as she hit another peak, Doom let out a chuckle and she looked at him before checking the general direction he was looking.

Right there on the ceiling was a hole singed around the edges. She gave him an impish grin which he returned with his own.




With a leg thrown over his lower body, she nipped at his collarbone, "Karen, my name is Karen, not Power Girl." She repeated for him to hear.

She noticed how he stilled for a moment before also returning the favor.

"Vincent Doom at your service." He chuckled within her embrace, her head on his chest.

Planting a kiss onto his chest, she ignored the crashing sounds that came from deeper within her home. "Ohh and what a service it was, I really needed that." She replied easily with a murmur.

"Yes well, it is my duty to please that booty." Doom growled, nipping her ear while a hand palms her ass.

Sighing in contentment, she realized that she really should keep him, those girls truly didn't know what they had. She purred content as his hands ran small circles over her lower back.

After a little bit of silence and light dozing, they started round five before they got into a little bit of pillow talk. She was able to get out of him some of the escapades that he was thinking about trying in the future. While he was able to get out of her the amount of failed attempts at sex she had over the years.

Really it all couldn't be called failed attempts if the dicks broke since they just weren't up to the task of tapping booty as fine as hers. Then there were her attempts at dating the fairer sex and even female tongues not being able to scratch that itch.

They then transitioned to talking briefly about business, he caught onto her keen advice and insights into not only the stock markets, but also the latest within the technological world. She of course didn't give it away that she was the CEO of Star Industries.

Things then shifted to how he wanted to help the world and how he found it funny that in his efforts to do it legally he had basically evicted Superman of all people from the North Pole. He found it funny since that was all Luther had to do if he wanted to get underneath the skin of the man of steel. It wasn't like Superman ever fought back within courts even if he could get any legal team he ever wanted on the basis of his name and established history.

He marveled her with how fixing the North Pole was the first step in stabilizing the earth's weather patterns before he and Ivy could start on fixing the rain forest and the African plains and dearest. Honestly, she was not jealous at all, and she did not make any mental notes to have her company look into marketing so a tidy profit could be made before being put into jobs within those regions.

At this point she was sitting in his lap slowly grinding her hips when they heard footsteps walking through the rubble of her house. She could see the possessive gleam in his eyes as he then turned towards the approaching sound with a scowl on his features.


The lights from the Watchtower's teleporter systems vanished and Barbra was treated with fallen trees and the site of a few landslides along the countryside. It was one thing seeing it and being briefed on the situation, but it was another thing seeing it in person. It was times like these that she just couldn't get used to being a hero.

Lucky for her, today she was on the team being sent to investigate the epicenter along with Diana and Martian Man-Hunter. Superman was dealing with his own issues in Metropolis, some super robot or another so he wasn't on call for the situation in France.

Looking at the readings, Batgirl gave the signal to Martian Man-Hunter that the broken down house was the cause of the quakes hitting Paris and the surrounding areas. Diana smiled at her before preparing for battle.

"With a surface scan, I can feel two minds within the home. One is particularly powerful while the other feels familiar." Martian Man-Hunter said with a hand to his brow, eyes glowing as he used his telepathic gifts.

Diana gave him a grim nod before pulling out her lasso of truth. "Let us be on our way to find out the truth of such destruction."

With a shared nod, they moved in slowly but steadily exploring the home. She couldn't help but shake her head at the broken walls, the cracked foundations, the sheer distraction of the place.

Then she heard it and what she discovered may have had her drooling from both sets of lips.

"By the Gods…" Barbra heard Wonder Woman gasp causing her to run over in support. She found Wonder Woman standing in a doorway to a room, Martian Man-Hunter hovering at her shoulder, his body coming back into phase with the material world.

"Ohh, it's only them." A male voice said with complete nonchalance with the matter.

"Why are you in my home, Wonder Woman?" Asked a voice that was clearly female and Barbra was certain of that voice. They had talked a few hours ago in the Watch Towers cafeteria before a call came in.

Stepping over what was clearly a broken banister, Barbra got into a better position so that she could see for herself what was happening. What she found set her heart to flutter and a tingle as a reminder from when he smacked her ass.

Abbas, strong muscular thighs ripple beneath ebony skin, then a massive member between his legs before her eyes traveled upwards. The smirk he gave her said more than enough as he sent her a wink before his focus shifted.

"Power Girl, might I ask who is your companion?" Wonder Woman asked with a look that clearly screamed examination and interest to Barbra.

Before Vincent could answer because that was clearly Vincent nude, how could she forget the contours of that body. She watched that video more than enough to recognize him, but wait, why is he here and why is she naked.

Then Barbra's eyes shot wide, "You've got to be shitting me. How are you alive?"

Vincent turned to her and smiled. "Doom is the only mortal man of flesh capable of surviving such delightful endeavors."

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