AN: I'm planning to do a series of Naruto one-shots, each one where he has a different specialization as a shinobi. There's a poll up now that I'll have up for maybe 3 or 4 days before I take it down to let everyone get the chance to vote on it.

AN2: Since a lot of people seem to still be confused about Naruto's bloodline limit, what it can do, what it can't, and the side effects.

It makes him fully immune to genjutsu while he has a high resistance to ninjutsu and medical jutsu. Seals placed on him or that he tries using get 'eaten' but that's based on use. A constantly active seal will be eaten quickly while one that has to be triggered gets worn down bit by bit so he can get a couple uses out of it. The Reaper Death Seal is an exception as it's the power of the Shinigami itself. Any seals that last would need to be specifically designed and tailored to Naruto just to filter out the corrosive nature of his chakra.

He cannot use elemental ninjutsu, medical jutsu, or genjutsu (which includes the Henge).

What Naruto CAN still do are jutsu that don't require elemental natures (he can do shunshin, kawirami, rasengan, Uzumaki Chakra chains, etc.), killing intent, and he can do Chakra enhancement to his strength and speed as well as wall walking and water walking.

Naruto doesn't destroy everything he touches as he has to CHANNEL the dark chakra into something to degrade its own chakra, nor are his bodily fluids toxic. I'm undecided on how this would affect summoning. And his sword is fine as it's just Chakra conductive metal, so he channels his dark chakra into it like someone channeling an elemental chakra release into a weapon.

Yes, there will be unique shit he can do with his Dark Chakra. He has a limited number of things he can do that already exist meaning he gets to experiment.

AN3: Still undecided on Gaara's pairing so all suggestions besides slash or harem will be listened to and considered.

Gift of the Demon


"Kakashi, you're back early." The Hokage noted with a frown as Kakashi entered the man's office.

"Yes, there was a development on my mission…and one of my genin might have ruined any chance we have at good trade relations with Wave." Kakashi scowled, still hating the trio of idiots and assholes he was forced to train.

"What sort of development?" Sarutobi pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a stiff breath as the aging Hokage worked to control his temper, "I hope it's good news?"

"Well…it's news." Kakashi shook his head, "I believe I've found Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga."

"What?!" the old man up shot up so fast his chair went flying into the wall, "Where are they?" at Kakashi's wince, Sarutobi narrowed his eyes "You did bring them back to the village of course Kakashi?"

"They don't use their old last names anymore." Kakashi gulped at the hints of angry Killing Intent coming from the Hokage, the energy making his still healing injuries ache "They're part of a Kumo genin team along with a boy named Gaara, taught by Yugito Nii who also adopted Hinata. Naruto and the Gaara kid have the last name of the Raikage's adopted brother Killer B."

"They told me they didn't know anything about the two when they went missing." Sarutobi sat back down, steepling his finger with an iron gaze.

"Then they either lied or found them afterwards." Kakashi shook his head, not pointing out to the currently very upset Hokage that telling Kumo about it might have tipped them off into looking for, and keeping, the two "I'm not sure about the Gaara kid though as he looks nothing like Killer B."

"Gaara, Gaara, Gaara." Sarutobi frowned, seemingly trying to place the name before his eyes widened "Raza's youngest son was named Gaara. The kid apparently died a few weeks after Naruto went missing…around the same time Kumo apparently went to Suna to seek a non-aggression treaty."

"They've also hired Zabuza Momochi." Kakashi figured best to unload all the bad news now, "The Kumo group came to wave wanting to hire him for something apparently. They also took out the Corporate Tycoon Gato while there since he was oppressing Wave Country and killing its civilians on random whims. Kumo used that as an opening to begin negotiating a trade deal with Wave when Sasuke tried attacking them, after they were confirmed to be real Kumo shinobi, while Sakura screamed at the client about how he shouldn't trade with another village besides Konoha. We got run out of town without the pay." He set a scroll on the desk containing the full accounting of what happened, having had Sai transcribe it for him on the way back, minus the parts about Naruto and Hinata he didn't want the kid being aware of.

"This needs to be discussed with the top Jonin and Shinobi council." Sarutobi went to a perch in the office, sending out a messenger Hawk to fly around the village, "You were the only Jonin Sensei to be out of the village as of today so I'm calling them in now to discuss the upcoming Chuunin exams, those I need to talk to can stay afterwards without too much suspicion in the village."

"Hai, Hokage-Sama." Kakashi nodded, using his crutches as he moved to the back of the room, part of him wondering if the Hokage actually called the Chuunin exam meeting now to prevent him from being late to the damn thing. The other village Jonin soon began pouring into the room, each of them having open reactions of shock to see Kakashi already there, much to his annoyance. It was made worse when he saw money start to change hands as bets were apparently being won over this. The meeting began once Iruka arrived, being the head instructor for the academy as well as acting as the Hokage's assistant when it came to handing out missions.

"Alright everyone, the time has come for the Chuunin exams to occur in Konoha once again and I need to know which teams are going to be entered." Sarutobi looked about the various Jonin senseis as he called them forward one by one to say whether or not their students would be nominated. Nearly every team in Konoha was actually being put forward, even the other rooky Genin, before Kakashi was called forward.

"Team seven…are not recommended." Kakashi spoke seriously, his ever present Icha Icha book even kept tucked away as he spoke "They aren't ready, none of them are."

"But Kakashi, you have the last Uchiha!" one of the newer Jonin protested slack jawed, some of the Jonin and Chuunin without teams having come to the meeting to watch.

"I'm well aware of what Genin were placed on my team." Kakashi turned to the man coolly "But the fact remains that they aren't ready."

"The council will not stand for this." That same mouthy Jonin glared, the imbecile apparently being one of the ones that's obsessed with the villages great 'Last Uchiha'.

"Then they can sit for all I care." Kakashi was so not in the mood for this "But I stand by my decision and if they want, I'll happily explain it to them. As it is though, as their sensei I can in no way give my approval for them being entered into the Chuunin exams at this point in time."


"Well done team Nii." A nodded to them pleased as Zabuza and Haku walked off to go do the standard questioning process done for foreign shinobi being admitted to the Kumo forces, "Well done indeed. Now, I've spoken to all the other Jonin senseis and their teams about the upcoming Chuunin exams in Konoha but yours." A gave them a very serious expression, "I know for a fact that Suna will be sending a few teams to this one so the choice belongs to all of you if your teams wants to enter with those two villages having an obvious presence."

"They're likely to figure it out anyway." Yugito-Sensei shook her head, "We ran into Sharingan Kakashi and his own team on the mission and I can tell he recognized the kids, or their names at least. It won't take long for them to figure out the truth. I feel it best that my team enter, getting notoriety in the Shinobi world and amongst the clients that would be at the exams would only be further protection for them. But more than that, my students are ready sir. I'd happily have any one of them watch my back any day." Naruto beamed at the woman's words, Hinata squeezing his hand gleefully as they waited for their Kage's response.

"…Very well." A nodded, "Team Nii. You and team B will be going to Konahagakure to represent our village in the Chuunin exams. I expect all of you to make it back alive and as Chuunin, are we clear?"

"Yes sir!" Naruto and his teammates saluted as one, eager and willing to prove their home's strength.

"Very good. You all leave three days from now so gather what you need first." A told them seriously before smiling good naturedly "And don't forget to check in with your friends around the village before you go. The Gold and Silver Brothers will throw a hissy fit if they don't get one last spar in before you're off and I'm positive those Ramen Chef's Kojiro san brought back from Konoha would stage a coup if they didn't get to see you brats. You all are dismissed."

"HELL YEAH!" Naruto crowed the moment they exited the Kage tower, throwing his head back laughing while pointedly ignoring the irritated voice of Kurama telling him to turn down the volume.

"This is going to be amazing Naruto-Kun!" Hinata laughed as she hugged him, her pearlescent eyes sparkling eagerly.

"I agree." Gaara smiled as he lay lazily on a bed of sand, letting his jutsu carry him around.

"We already ran into our past but…are you ready to see yours again?" Naruto asked his brother concerned.

"Nobody back in Suna cared about me Naruto." Gaara's eyes hardened, showing a shadow of the distrustful and angry child he'd been when they'd first met all those years ago "Not my 'father' who sent those assassins after me day after day. Not my 'siblings' who only saw me as a monster. No, nobody cared until our dad came and took me away from there. The day he faked my death was the first time I got to live."

"Having a better seal and getting Shukaku some therapy probably helped too." Hinata quipped, trying, and succeeding, in lightening the tense mood.

"Anyway, let's hit the town guys." Naruto grinned, pulling his girlfriend and his brother close, "We've got to enjoy Kumo while we can before we have to go slum it in the Leaf.

AN: Some of you might be confused at mentioning the Gold and Silver brothers here so let me explain. I first found them mentioned in a fanfiction here on the site and looked them up on the wiki since I didn't get to that part of the show. I found their story awesome and believed they were just non-aging much like Kakazu, not realizing they'd died during one of the earlier wars and were only in that climax war due to being revived (I literally only found out the day I was writing this). But, I feel surviving for two weeks in Kurama's stomach, gaining bijuu/Jinchuriki level reserves and Jinchuriki powers is a reasonable basis for them having stopped aging. They can still be killed they just won't die from old age. Plus, I doubt it would change the third war situation as Konoha won that with pretty much Minato and they still had plenty of other S and A ranked shinobi at the time.