Holy Grail

By Gorolock and RC 691

Author's note: this is a joint fanfic by us.

Vandread: Chapter 1




Hibiki sat beside Gascogne, playing poker with her. Yeah, he knew he stood absolutely no chance against her, but ever since the defeat of Harvest, life seemed...boring. Why did he ever accept that Talark mission? All they did to him was either help in manual labor or sign paper work. Boring! He'd rather fight Harvest again. Good thing Dita had always been with him during that time.

Dita yawned as she spectated their card game. Although the red-haired dread pilot was indeed watching them with that ever-smiling face of hers, deep inside even she could no longer withstand her true feelings.

The red haired girl sat by daydreaming of possible what-ifs and other such fantastic stuff simple-minded people like her dream of...but no one would dare call her simple-minded outright, most definitely not Hibiki.

Gascogne cleared her throat, breaking Dita's daydreams. The dark-haired woman noticed that the time limit was nearly up.

"Boy, the time is almost over. Show me your cards." Gascogne insisted. "And don't be a weasel this time, ok?" she said with a smirk.

"All right. Four Jacks." Hibiki proclaimed, slamming his cards on the table.

"Four kings." Gascogne countered with a smirk as she revealed her cards.

Hibiki's pride went down to an all-time low as he moaned in his now 0-20 losing streak. "Aaaarrrgghhh, I lost again!"

"When was the last time you didn't? Your face tells everything I need to know."

Hibiki sighed in despair. He was never going to win. To lose to a girl...ack! How he hated to lose! He saves 2 planets from Earth...and he can't win card games? Pathetic. But things like this were the ones that kept Hibiki Tokai, First Generation vanguard pilot...interesting.

"Cheer up, Mister Alien. Two more weeks and you'll get her." Dita tried to console him.

"Shut up, UFO gal. This is a man's game." Hibiki bellowed.

Gascogne shook her head in pity. What an idiot. Must he be this idiotic to learn Dita's true value to him? Hibiki was a most interesting person, indeed.

"O-okay, Mr. Alien." Dita passively said. "Dita is sorry that-"

"Leave me alone."

Dita nodded sadly, but a tear that threatened to fall down her cheek was softly wiped clean.

"Sorry about that," Hibiki wooed to her, which made her smile in her hapiness. "I guess I kinda got carried away."

Gascogne smiled at his act. Interesting boy.

Suddenly the ship was rocked by enemy fire. The card game timer became ballistic because of this, and had hit Hibiki in the head, toppling him over his seat.

"What the heck was that?" Hibiki complained as he massaged his anime- exaggerated bump.

"We are under attack." Gascogne observed. "Question is, who...or what?"

"All Dread pilots report to the hangar immediately." BC's voice boomed through the intercom in the ship.

"That's me." Hibiki exclaimed, running out of the room.

"I'm going with you." Dita called back as she chased after him.

Hibiki and Dita went to the hangar and manned their Vanguard and Dread along with the other Dread pilots to engage a fight with...surviving Harvest cruiser ships?!

Jura shrieked at the mere sight. "AHHH! Weren't they destroyed during that final battle? I had my nails done so beautiful, isn't that right, Barnette?"

Barnette just sighed as she contacted Meia. "How could they have survived? Why did they attack us, Meia? How did they find us?"

"Simple. They didn't find us. We run into them by accident. These are probably stragglers. We'll finish them off." She then reverted back to her old calculated fighting mood. "All units, deploy now! Formation type M59- Alpha! Jura and co., defend the ship! Dita, Gascogne and co., assume support functions! Everyone else, follow my lead!"

The Dreads found themselves a hard time. The cruisers were heavy-types in both offensive and defensive stats. Meia noticed that the majority of the enemy's light craft and the Vandread copycats were focusing their attack on the Nirvana, preventing Bart from firing the main weapon. What they needed was a swift distraction.

"Hibiki, let's unite so that we can serve as a decoy for Bart to fire!"

"Roger that!"

Hibiki quickly complied. Moments later, Vandread Meia was able to ease the Dread squadrons' work. By using its incredible speed, Meia and Hibiki had been able to distract the light craft enemies and heavy artillery. Bart saw the given oppurtunity and fired at the heavy cruisers.

At the same moment, Dread squadrons plus Vandread Meia were able to repel the escaping enemy cruisers. Once the coast was clear Hibiki unmerged from Meia to unite with Dita to have some more firepower.

"Hibiki, I want you to unite with Dita! The mother ship's hull is strong, and we need a breakthrough!"

Hibiki followed her instructions, and Hibiki and Dita formed into Vandread Dita. After getting a clear shot, Hibiki and Dita fired the Vandread Dita's powerful twin buster cannon. Out went the mother ship's hull as it exploded. A small rectangular object was yanked out of the ship's hole by space's vacuum.

Vandread Dita and Bart then fired their respective weapons again, and the crippled ship was soon no more as it blew up.

Whatever remained of the battlecruisers were forced to retreat to the pirates' relief.

"What was that thing that came out of the ship before it exploded?" Hibiki asked as he noticed the peculiar cargo.

"I'm not sure but Dita thinks that it's a container." Dita guessed.

"But what does it contain?" Jura questioned.

"It could be a trap." Barnette suggested hotly. "You can't trust Harvest about anything."

"Still, we can't leave it behind. I highly doubt that this is a trap, anway. Let's retrieve that unidentified object and see what is in it." Meia said.

"Aye, sir." They replied.

Hibiki's vandread picked the human-sized container and followed the Dreads to Nirvana.

As soon as they brought the container to the ship, they were unable to open the container's lid so they had Parfeit de-encrypt the locking codes until she finally unlocked the lid but they were surprised to see a lot of cups inside the container.

Some cups were made of platinum, gold, silver, or bronze and encrusted with or without jewels. Others were made of marble, clay, stone, obsidian or wood. And a message pad lay on top of the pile in the container.

"What does this pad say?" Meia asked.

"This says.only one of them is the one and only Holy Grail. Deliver the Holy Grail to our farthest colony. It will bring salvation to whoever possesses the Holy Grail. It mustn't fall in human hands. Keep it out of their hands at all costs" Parfeit recited all the lines on the pad.

"If Harvest was after this," Hibiki said anxiously, "We've got a problem."

...to be continued...