Been obsessing over Tim and Raven lately. There are just a handful of stories on them online. Felt the need to pitch in and add to the list, hopefully create a stronger interest in the couple.

Indulge me. Couldn't help myself.


Tim watched her, intrigued by her silent movement around the Batcave. Her movements were graceful as she followed Bruce to the computer. She seemed calm, despite the rather ugly fight earlier. But despite her calm exterior, he could see she was on alert and slightly wary of her surroundings.

At the back of his head, Tim found the graceful sway of her movements captivating. Deadly, he reminded himself, but captivating.

Tim blinked and tried shaking his head a bit. Perhaps he hit his head too hard earlier. This was not the time to think of Raven as, well, captivating.

Tim had only met Raven a couple of times. The Titans were Dick's team and had their own missions to run. They were called in just a handful of times in the past for some overly complicated-end-of-the-world type of missions that required every super to assist the Justice League. She kept mostly to herself and the rest of the Titans at most occasions. He knew who she was though and what she was capable of – he read her file years ago. Tim had to admit that despite having read everything about her, it still felt like she was a mystery to him (hence, captivating). Now that she was here in the Batcave on her own, without the rest of the Titans, his curiosity in piqued. And true to his form, Tim always wanted to learn about new things.

As he watched Raven throw an amused smile at Bruce over her shoulder, he briefly wondered if everything he read and heard about her was true. She didn't look all too deadly and stoic and, err, gloomy half-demon (as Gar would put it). Raven made a face, ran her hand through her purple hair.

"Fuck," Raven breathed, her voice barely above a whisper but it carried through the cave.

Tim raised an eyebrow, curious. It wasn't everyday he'd hear her curse.

Raven shrugged, clucking her tongue and it seemed like she was exasperated. Cocking her hip to the side and rest her right hand on it, she used her other free hand to wave it at the huge computer screen in a dismissive motion.

"We should be done with the sweep and expulsion of all demons within a week or two," she said briefly throwing a look at Tim over her shoulder. She looked up at Batman, and frowned. "Sorry, I can't run purging sessions nightly, that takes too much out of me. We need to locate where the cult might summon some demons next and it might take some time,"

"There's a cult?" Tim asked.

Raven sent him a wry smile, almost apologetic. "There's a wanna-be Church of Trigon cult here. They're trying to summon Trigon,"

Tim looked alarmed.

"My father is gone, don't worry. We destroyed him six years ago. What they're unwittingly summoning are his offspring from his dimension," Raven supplied.

"So," Tim began, stepping up next to Bruce and looking at Raven curiously. "Your…"

Raven rolled her eyes. "Brothers," She sighed. "Unfortunately."

"We'll keep track of the cult's movements in Gotham so we can plan our attacks ahead. You can also prepare whatever is necessary to stop them from opening any other portals to their dimension," said Bruce, his eyes never leaving Raven as he spoke. "The cult is not a major threat to Gotham, as they appear to not really know what they are doing, but the demons they bring in cause a lot of damage and have hurt civilians. This needs to stop,"

Raven nodded. "Agreed." She looked around the massive Batcave and she eyed caped heroes curiously. "Dick said I could stay here while we work on this case?"

Out of nowhere, Alfred appeared, standing over them by the second floor landing of the Batcave. He offered Raven a small. "Master Dick has requested a room for you, Miss Raven. It's wonderful to see you again," Al offered.

Raven smiled, looking up at Alfred. "Thank you, Alfred,"

Bruce nodded, pulling off his cowl and sighed. "Perhaps we should call it a night," he began. He threw Raven a look that suspiciously looked grateful – a rare site. "Thank you for helping us,"

Raven offered him a crooked smile. "Always glad to get into a fight with my family," she shrugged.

After bidding everyone a good night (good morning? It was 3 am), she flew up to Alfred and the two disappeared out of the cave, murmuring amongst themselves.

Tim heard a soft chuckle through the hallway Raven and Alfred just disappeared through.

Tim tilted his head to the right and eyed the empty doorway curiously faintly wonder how interesting it would be to work with Raven for the next couple of days. It would always be interesting to know more of her — and add to her file, of course. Notes, Tim reminded himself. Notes.

Oh, boy.