Courage was sitting in his home, happily playing with his yo-yo. He was bored, and wanted a change of pace to spice things up. Nothing bad.

But then again, something bad ALWAYS happens in Nowhere, Kansas.

Tonight is no exception! For tonight, this desolate area, and the nearby city will witness the greatest spectacle of carnage the world has ever seen. A legendary tourney where winners are granted their dreams, and losers die.

A world controlled by one man, with a twisted mind and demonic connections.

But Courage didn't know of this coming. He was oblivious to the fact he will witness the smashing, thrashing, and madness.

The blood, the chrome, the gas, oil, sweat, tears. The smells that overload all senses and induce adrenalin to make you do things you never saw yourself doing. Never thought of doing.

For in this contest, there are no rules. No worries, no laws. Just pure chaos.

Twisted Metal had found a place for it's eleventh annual running. And Courage was haphazardly in the middle. No one from Nowhere would enter, but there are rumors that there are going to be a lot of participators. At least 40 people had entered. All setting out to get their wish granted by the mystery man who ran the show.

A low humming noise caught Courage's attention. He looked out the window, figuring it was just an airplane or something.

It was nothing, just a blimp. A low flying blimp that seemed a little too close for comfort. Courage's internal alarm, his sixth sense, was screaming at him, telling him that this blimp was an ominous forthcoming to something horrible.

Inside this blimp, a man sat in shadow. A small globe in front of him. He began to talk.

[Most of this story will be from his POV until changed]

I had chosen Nowhere, Kansas as the spot for my event. This desolate area was the perfect spot with plenty of room to roam and destroy. This place had no residents that I could see, and the only thing in the way was an abandoned, ramshackle house. The condition of it showed years of abuse, meaning that nobody lived here.

Sure this whole event is just a dream. Or is it? Your wish comes true, or dose it really? The violence doesn't happen, or dose it?

There is a fine line between reality and fantasy. Once that line is crossed, there is no turning back. We all may be dreaming this contest, but we at least get what we want. Only in our dreams are we granted what we want. But like reality, here too you have to work for what you want.

So many people want me to grant their wishes. It would be too difficult to do everyone, and not very sportsman-like to play favorites. So I created this contest to see if they deserved their wish. Sure I attract some people who want to take me down, but they never do.

They have to be careful what they wish for. Sure, they get what they want in the end, but at what price? What cost of others or themselves to fulfill their fantasy?

My contest will once again decide who gets their wish granted this night. All of the entrants are from the past contests, but as I said before, being a dream they wouldn't remember any of what happened before. It would be as if this was their first time. And they always have a new wish to grant. Some have the same wishes as well, because they never got to make it reality.

Of course, only one other person knows the truth. The whole illusion of this contest. He has been in all of them from the start, and always wanted to take me down. I hope he doesn't come here for this one.

If he dose, I will be ready.

[end POV]

Courage stared up at the blimp. It seemed there was lights on the side, like a message board. It lit up, startling Courage. He stood there reading it.


"Twisted Metal?" Courage asked himself, starching his head. "Isn't that the contest where all those people try to kill each other in bloody car combat? OH NO!" Courage screamed. Of all things to be in the middle of, this had to be the worst.

Even being stuck underground with Reginald Baggs would be better than this. Muriel would be in serious trouble if those psychopaths destroyed the house.

He yanked his ears as he tried to think. Thoughts of smoldering metal, screams of anguish, and Muriel getting hit with stray ammunition, or whatever they use for weapons, surged through his mind, making planning more difficult.

{begin POV]

I saw a dog running around. Apparently this ramshackle house is populated. Meaning that this would prove ample entertainment. Would they struggle to survive, or just give in and die? Surely they wouldn't enter! Of all people, they have nothing to wish for!

I, Calypso, shall make this tourney worth wile! If they refuse to enter, I don't care! They are nothing to me!

[end POV]

Courage watched the blimp float off. He heard echoes of revving engines carried by the chilly winds that sent shivers up Courage's spine. He felt Goosebumps under his fur, and swore his knees were knocking. It had become unnaturally cold, making his sixth sense scream at him again. Chilly winds are a foretelling of things to come.

He stopped shivering long enough to catch a scent. Diesel fuel. Someone was burning the midnight oil, and it wouldn't be long.

Courage went back into the house. The sun had began to set, and he felt tired. Boredom takes a lot out of you. You feel all that is left to do is sleep. But still.....

Courage glanced over his shoulder one last time, at the orange sky over the silhouette of the city. It looked so peaceful. So surreal. The smell was gone, carried away by the increasing winds. A storm was on the horizon, Courage thought, looking up at some slight gray clouds.

He signed and went back inside, waiting to see what tomorrow brings.