Courage approached the garage and parked outside. He walked inside and up to Mr. Mouse. Mr. Mouse was a friend of his, and now could help him with his plan.

He proposed the idea of outfitting the truck for the Twisted Metal contest.

"Ah yes. Twisted Metal. I've heard of that contest. Tried it out once myself. Didn't get far. Got to watch out for the bosses." Mr. Mouse said, looking over the truck.

"Bosses?" Courage asked looking up from the blueprints he had drawn earlier.

"Yeah. If you make it all the way, you have to face three bosses before your wish is granted. You fight Manslaughter, Warhawk, and some mysterious dude in a tanker truck. He's the most dangerous one of all." Mr. Mouse said, counting on his fingers as he spoke the names.

Courage wondered about all this going on so fast, then realized he had to focus on the task at hand.

After an hour of work, the truck was now outfitted with bulletproof paneling and glass, as well as a small machine gun that launched doggie bones at high speeds. The bed now housed a crane-like arm with a small metal ball on the end of a cable.

"Now, I think you stand a chance, just be careful and watch your back!" Mr. Mouse said, patting Courage on the shoulders. "Don't see it as a contest, see it as a fight for survival!"

"Thanks Mr. Mouse!" Courage said, shaking hands. He hopped in the truck and drove off. Mr. Mouse waved after him, a smile of satisfaction on his face.

Courage arrived in the heat of the battle. The cars were slamming against each other, and missiles, bullets, and other things were flying around the field. Yet none hit their intended targets.

Sweet Tooth had transformed his ice cream truck into its robot form and was destroying the competitors with relative ease.

Courage entered the fray and began firing doggy bones through the windshields of several cars. They swerved and hit each other, leading them to fight amongst themselves.

Courage swung the truck sideways, swinging the ball into the side of Sweet Tooth, ony to be sliced by several pizza saws from Pizza Boy.

Mike and Stu were piloting their stolen monster truck into a cluster of fighting drivers. Enforcer, the cop car, was speeding along and blasting opponents.

It was a long battle and Courage was left standing. (YAY!)

Courage remembered the bosses.

Manslaughter drove up. A huge dump truck with nuclear missiles on the sides and Black behind the wheel.