[READ!!!! ] Well, here we are, my newest installment in my Bulma/Vegeta Saga, so to speak; the sequel to Falling For The Neighbor Boy. It seems readers have mixed feelings about how I ended my fic and that I'm doing a sequel. Well, I'd just like to say, for those of you who are negative, that if readers really were as dedicated to Bulma and Vegeta as I am, then they'd be thrilled to find there's a sequel; Kami knows I always hated it when fics ended, and I wished for a sequel. I only decided to make a sequel to the fic because that's what Bulma/Vegeta fans should want. And then to you lovely readers who want the sequel, I'm glad that you share the same feelings as me about the couple. Oh, I just love them! :D

One year later..


The rain seemed to be dying down now, the clouds parting, allowing some sun to shine through, and just in time for the next classes to begin. A sleek black convertible with green racing stripes pulled into the Inokuma University professors' parking lot, turning several of the passing students' heads. The driver's side door opened and a tall slender woman with aqua marine hair pulled back into a tight bun stepped out of the car, her black stilettos making a sharp sound when they hit the pavement. And several more students turned their heads, males of course, and practically drooled at a woman with more sex appeal than they'd ever wished to have seen. She reached back into the car and grabbed her little black purse and leather bound binder, then pressed a button to lock the doors with a beep. Her purse matched her outfit, as always, a black pinstriped number; mini skirt, jacket, and a black tank top with a generous amount of cleavage.

"Excuse me," she said as she approached a group of jocks who'd been starring her down since the moment her car door opened. "Can anyone point me in the direction of the Dean's office? I'm giving a lecture in Ms. Kanesaka's class." One boy, who hadn't taken his eyes off her chest, pointed to the left, a white brick building covered in ivy. She thanked them with a glamorous smile then turned and walked in the direction she'd been given, swaying her hips in the process. But she didn't get more than five feet before she stopped, look over her shoulder, and said, "By the way, what grade are you gentleman in? Will I be having you in my class today?" Juniors and seniors, and yes, some would be in her class later that day. "Oh, and just to let you know." She was turned back around to face them again, one hand resting comfortably on her hip. "I'm a freshman at the Nozara Science Institute, and a mother. It'll be a pleasure having you in my class." With that, she turned around and sauntered away, leaving the boys, who were at least two years her senior, in awe and disbelief. She loved doing that to gawking no-goods when she gave lectures at colleges.

The bell had rung and the students in Lecture Hall 401B were chatting away, out of their seats, as if they were high school students still. Typical of freshman, at any college. But, as soon as the lecturer walked in, the males in the class, and a few females, fell silent. They'd been expecting an old man with a mustache, Dr. Briefs of Capsule Corp., not a gorgeous aqua haired woman with super model qualifications. But little did they know, it was Dr. Briefs, or at least Dr. Briefs in training. She wasn't a doctor, yet.

"Good morning class," she said, none too thrilled to be teaching a freshman class first thing. She set her purse and binder on the desk, then hopped up on it herself, crossing her legs in the typical sexy substitute manner. "My name is Bulma Briefs. Call me Bulma, I don't want any of that Ms. Briefs bullshit, I'm the same age as all of you." A hand shot up almost instantly. "Yeah?" she groaned, not feeling much like conversing with the simpletons of the science world a.k.a. anyone who didn't attend her college.

"Our age?" asked a boy with shoulder length blonde hair and dull blue eyes. Obviously gay.

"Yes, are you hard of hearing? I'm a freshman at the Nozara Science Institute, your age."

"Why would they send a college freshman to teach other college freshman?" He was sure as hell getting on her nerves. Why did freshman seem so dumb?

"Because, I'm a genius. I was doing the same thing you are all doing now when I was seven, and doing far better at it. I'm only going to college for the degree and recognition. No more stupid questions." Everyone's eyes seemed to get just a little bit bigger at her last comment; they sure weren't expecting this when they were supposed to have a lecture. "Ok, I'm going to take attendance because Dean what's his face said I have to because this is a mandatory class, blah, blah, blah." She paused, then reached into the top drawer of the desk, where she was told a list of students would be, and pulled out a clipboard with a piece of blue paper on it. "Chie Abukara."


"Just raise your hand," she grunted, then continued. "Itsuko Akera. Fumiki Akita. Wazuka Amori. Shiba Bando. Mio Chishu. Akio Daishi. Eiichi Genda. Anzai Hayami. Maiko Hishida. Arata Honami. Damn there are a lot of you." She glanced over the list; about fifty students. Oh hell. "Ryushi Ibi. Ok, just last names, I'm getting bored..Ibuka. Ichiro. Ihara. Iida. Ikoma. Imaizumi. Imoo. Ina. Jippensha. Jukodo. Kada. Kagawa. Kaibara. Kase. Katsu. Katsura. Kotoku. Kyubei. Maeno. Marugo. Masoni. Minabuchi. Miura. Nagai. Nakae. Noda. Nogi. Noro. Nosaka. Numata. Obuchi. Ogura. Ohka. Oichi. Okita. Okura. Ota. Otomo." And then she fell silent. There were many more names on the list, three times as many as she'd said. But it was the name that was next that she couldn't believe. No, it can't be possible. There's no way.

"Bulma," came a feminine voice. A student. "Are you alright?"

She nodded, but didn't speak. How could this be? There had to be some kind of a mistake.

"He's not here," a different girl said, knowing who the next name on the list was.

"Who?" Bulma asked foolishly, glancing up at the owner of the voice; short spiky black hair, long bangs covering her brown eyes, light skin, lip ring.

"Vegeta Ouji," the girl answered, just as foolishly. "He said, 'I'm not going to some lame-ass lecture to sleep when I can sleep in my own bed.'" She mocked his voice perfectly, arrogance and all. She knew him, or had at least spoken to him once.

"It's uh..It's a mandatory class," was all she could think to say, and the girl stood and walked towards the door without another word. "Where are you going?" she asked, her authority kicking in.

"To get him. The Dean's just itching for an excuse to kick him out of school," she replied, turning to face her.

"Why would he listen to you? He doesn't listen to anyone." The words escaped her mouth before she could stop herself.

"Because I'm his girlfriend, but that's hardly any of your business Ms. Briefs. And how do you know anything about him?"

"We went to school together. Go get him."

"You know him?"

"I said go get him, you're wasting time."

Ten minutes later the girl returned, just as Bulma was proving a point that the class seemed to be in the dark about. Vegeta wasn't with her.

"He's coming," she said, as if reading Bulma's mind, then took a seat.

"Kin Takeda, can you tell me why the scientific public had such difficulty accepting Dr. Ueda's theory?" She continued her lecture as if she hadn't been interrupted, thus retaining her cool, calm composure.

"Beca-" But before she could finish, Vegeta walked into the room, clad in only a pair of black pajama bottoms. He had his classic frown of his face, his arms crossed, as he sauntered into the lecture hall.

"I was enjoying a nice nap before someone demanded my presence in-" The words suddenly stopped, as if his brain just shut off completely. "Bulma?"

She nodded, refusing to talk to him. And after what he'd done, who could blame her?

"How the hell are you the lecture teacher?"

She shrugged her shoulders, then pointed in the direction of the other students, indicating that he needed to take his seat.

"Still silent?" he asked, almost innocently, as he heeded to her demand and took a seat beside his girlfriend. Girlfriend, how could he possibly have a girlfriend? So he really was over her, wasn't he? It hadn't been Arisa like everyone kept telling her, it was him, and he didn't love her and he was still the father of her child and he was still a jerk and a low life. "I guess so."

"Umm..Uhh..Kin, as you were s-saying." A girl with long brown hair and a plain face droned on, using big words to impress her, and generally letting her know that she was the star student of the class. She took so long that Bulma ended up starring off into space, tapping her pencil on her knee, and completely missing when the student stopped talking to tell her if she was correct or not. When she finally glanced at the class again, the girl was sitting and everyone else was quiet. Her eyes locked with Vegeta's for several seconds, and during that time a million and one thoughts raced through her head; she should yell at him, she should talk to him, she should call on him for the next question, she should ignore him completely, never look at him again, no, that wouldn't work, she should not be looking at him right now, or near him, or at his girlfriend, she should-

"Bulma," the girl said, catching her attention. She blinked her eyes a few times, then looked over at her.


"Am I right?"


"Ueda's theory?"

"What-Yes, yes you're right. Thank you." She was about to ask her what she'd said, but then decided against it, not wanting the class to catch on to the fact that she'd been dazed out, though she knew Vegeta knew, that he'd been starring at her ever since the moment he walked into the room and he didn't care that his girlfriend knew it.

She glanced down at her open binder that lay next to her on the desk; there was still a lot of material she needed to go over before the end of class. Oh hell, how was she going to get through a whole week of lectures with Vegeta as her student!? How could she not have remembered that he went to this school? She'd be kicking herself for this for months. She couldn't even look at him without getting mad or upset, let alone talk to him. Ever since graduation day she hadn't said a single word to him, though they had seen each other, several times, in regards to their son, she never opened her mouth to him. This was the first time in almost a year that he'd even heard her voice, which was probably why he was listening so intently; Goku had said, some time ago, that he'd been talking to Vegeta and that he'd said he only wanted to hear her voice again, a reason why Bulma held even tighter to her no talking policy. And now he'd gotten what he wanted without any breath of a fight on her part, she'd just continued talking to the class as if he weren't there, though she did keep glancing over at him, startling herself when he'd be starring right back.

For the rest of the class period she simply talked, addressing the entire class as a whole, and trying her damnedest to not glance over at the area where Vegeta was seated, his horrendous little girlfriend's arm draped over his shoulder, an act that he'd, several times, tried to stop. By the time the period was over, Bulma had been from one side of the room to the other, not feeling comfortable on the desk anymore, though she continually sat back there, with her legs crossed, several times, but then went back to pacing and talking and so on and so on. She knew everyone could sense her sudden tension, though she figured most were too dense from still being in high school mode to notice it.

"Ok, I'll be here for the rest of the week, and tomorrow Professor Saya Mitsui will be joining the discussion and I'll be aiding her in a presentation she's been working on and has presented at conventions all over the world and at my school. So, if you miss tomorrow's class, then, well, you're screwed." And just as she finished her sentenced, a bell rang, and all the students grabbed their things and exited the lecture hall. Bulma sighed with relief and turned to sort out her things, not noticing the girl that was now standing behind her.

"Did you date him?"

She turned around; it was Vegeta's girlfriend. She didn't respond though, just continued with what she was doing; she needed to get ready for the next class.

"Did you date him?" she repeated, stepping around in front of her, her hands on her hips; she looked pissed.

"I knew him," Bulma finally answered, tapping several papers on the desk to neaten them, then set them back down.

"That's not what I asked. I saw the way he was looking at you. Did you date him?"

"That's hardly any of your business. Ask him yourself."

"He won't tell me, he just keeps saying, 'I knew her, that's all you need to know.'"

"Well then there you have it, that is all you need to know. I'll see you tomorrow in class."

"Drop the superior act, you're not older than me, you're not even a teacher. Did you date my boyfriend in high school? It's a simple question, I'm sure your huge head can handle it." Bulma suppressed the urge to punch her in the face; that would definitely not be good for her career.

"I don't need to tell a tra-I don't need to tell you anything. I'm not obligated to tell you, or anyone else, about my personal life. So stop trying to squeeze it out of me." She paused a moment, then added something that she couldn't stop herself from saying and knew damn well that she shouldn't. "Try and fuck it out of Vegeta, that might work. That seems to be his weak point."

"That's not a very nice thing to say Ms. Briefs," came a masculine voice from outside the doorway. A few seconds later Vegeta came waltzing in, his classic smirk on his face, though anyone who knew him, and wasn't mad at him, could see the hurt behind his eyes. The comment, he couldn't have stopped himself from saying even if he'd wanted to, it was in his nature to counter attacks on him. "I don't talk about you that way."

"I thought you were going back to bed," the girl said angrily, crossing her arms over her chest; she'd been with him awhile, Bulma could tell. But she could also see that there was no feeling between them, on either of their parts, it was simply a pairing because they were both well known misfits in the school and naturally magnetized toward each other. But she really didn't know the half of it, and really didn't care for that matter. What Vegeta did now was none of her business, whether she wanted to know or not; she'd never ask anything to anyone about him.

"I was," he said simply, then turned his attention back to Bulma. "What'll happened if I ask you a question tomorrow in class-and yes I am coming tomorrow, and the rest of the week-what will you do?" He eyed her up and down, noting that she was wearing her hair differently than he'd seen it lately. The last few times he saw her she wore her hair down and it looked slightly mussed or unkempt, like she didn't care about her appearance when it came to him, which was probably true. "Just as I thought, you're still silent. But you can't be silent forever, and you know that." He put his arm around his girlfriend, whose name kept escaping Bulma, and pulled her close. "You're going to have to hear my side of the story sooner or later, whether you like it or not. I AM going to tell you."

"So you two did date?" the girl cut in, shrugging Vegeta's arm off her shoulder and glaring at him.

"Is that a problem?" Vegeta asked, narrowing his eyes at her. It was clear now that there was absolutely no chemistry between them; it was purely social and probably physical as well, but Bulma didn't even want to think about thinking about something like that. She hadn't been with anyone else since him, sexually that is. She'd gone on several dates, blind ones too, even went on a few dates with 17, but it was far too weird for her and she had to let him done gently. At the moment, however, she herself had a boyfriend, though they'd only been dating a short while and hadn't done more than kiss; Rikyu, Yamcha's oldest younger brother, a senior in high school now. That had sure been a weird development. They'd gone on a double date together, each having different dates, blind dates, and their dates ended up hitting it off immediately, which lead Bulma and Rikyu to end up talking the whole time and then danced and he drove her home, because they'd gone together to meet their dates, and she, surprisingly, kissed him. That was about three months ago, and since then he'd really begun to grow on her, he was such a great guy, which she already knew, and he was great with Trunks. Who knew, maybe he'd be Trunks' step dad someday. Which Vegeta would definitely object to, but it was her decision who she was with, not his, he had his chance with her and he blew it. She didn't even think he knew about her and Rikyu, but that didn't matter, it was her life, and as far as she was concerned, he wasn't a part of it.

"Did it happen?"

"Yes it did, is that a problem?"

"Why would you date someone like her? Were you into brains or something?"

"That's none of your business." He turned and started for the door. "Are you coming?" She shook her head no, still glaring at him. "Fine..I'll see you tomorrow Bulma."

"Jerk," she muttered under her breath, going back to her papers to finish what she'd started. His girlfriend simply turned up her nose at her and stomped out of the room, obviously furious about what had just happened, even though nothing really had.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, except for the fact that most of the class had their eyes on her chest or ass the whole time; it was an all right day. She learned to ignore it by the third class.

"That was a great lecture." One of the students, a girl, had come up to her after class while she'd been packing her things to head home.

"Well thank you. But I'm not done yet, I'll be here for the rest of the week."

"I know, I can't wait. Science is my passion. Are you going to talk about how your father developed the capsules and was able to send solid objects anywhere within seconds? I've always been fascinated by it and wanted to learn all about it, even if I do use those things everyday."

"Well, that's not really on my agenda, but I could try and squeeze it in. And if not, Friday we can schedule a dinner date (No, not a date date, it's just term. Sickos!) and discuss it."

"Are you serious?" she all but squeaked.

"Of course. But I must be going now. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Right, thank you again. Bye."


She sighed deeply, gathering her things and headed out the door. In the halls many of the students she'd had during the day starred her down as she walked by. She'd smile at them or say hello, but would continue walking; she was beat and wanted nothing more than to go home and see her son.

By the time she made outside, it was late, and she realized that she hadn't had a chance to eat anything since breakfast and was starving. She'd pick up a sandwich or something at the store on the way home, or maybe she'd just cook something quick at home and have Rikyu over for a little while. She suddenly missed him. When was the last time she'd talked to him? Friday? Wow, had she really been that busy all weekend? She shook her head solemnly, she was letting her "work" come first, something she had promised herself would never happen in a relationship. She'd make it up to him.

"Bulma." A masculine voice caught her completely off guard. She stopped and looked in the direction it had come from.

"Rikyu!" she cried, running over to him and, inevitably, her son, who was in his arms. "And my baby." She kissed her son on the top of his head, then kissed Rikyu on the lips and swung her arm around his waist. "How'd you know what time I was going to be done?"

"I didn't," he replied, starting to walk towards the parking lot. "Me and Trunks took a bus to the park that's only a few blocks from here and hung out there for a few hours."

"Oh you're so great!" She kissed him again, this time on the cheek. They got into the car, Trunks strapped in his car seat in the back, and pulled out of the parking lot. But little did any of them know, Vegeta had witnessed the whole thing and was none too thrilled, to say the least.


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