Bruce woke early the next day. He was a bit unsure how this day was going to go, the first person they were going to tell. He was reasonably sure Clint wasn't going to accidentally on purpose shoot him or anything. He hadn't hurt Natasha in any way, thus giving Clint no reason to hurt him. Standing at the window he stared outside, lost in thought.

"Clint doesn't hate you. You know that. He'll probably buy you a beer and terrify you with baby stories. And he's got some terrifying ones." Natasha came up behind him, holding two mugs. "Don't let him tell you the one about Cooper and the croup. Or the time Lila needed stitches in her chin. Or Nathaniel bumping his head so many times it had a giant bruise and Laura refused to take him anywhere for fear someone would think he was abused." she handed him one of the mugs.

Bruce took it, staring slackjawed at her."Um. I don't think I know anything about babies."

"Mr Seven PhDs actually has something he doesn't know anything about?" Natasha seemed to be in a better mood this morning, which he was grateful for.

"None of them are about babies!" he pointed out.

She raised her mug in acknowledgement. "Like any of my training is?" she sighed. "Bruce, what the hell are we doing?"

"We are, we are grabbing a bit of normalcy for ourselves." he wasn't really sure either.

She nodded. "Yeah. Think we can do it?"

"Why not?" he didn't mention the fact the Hulk was still an issue, that they had no idea what or if the gamma radiation could do to Natasha or the baby, that they were still Avengers and he could see the headlines now - Black Widow + The Hulk = Baby! He winced inwardly. Once everything was a go, he was definitely having a chat with Pepper about the press. Their child was not fodder for the gossip rags.

"Before we go, you said you wanted to do another test." she said, taking another sip from her mug.

Bruce wasn't sure how she was going to take this next one. It wasn't difficult by any means but it would bring everything into reality for good. "Yeah. I, um, I thought it would be a good idea to do an ultrasound. It'd be good to have a better idea how far along you are, it's like getting a picture of the baby, you know, check things out."

"I know what an ultrasound is, Bruce, you don't need to explain it. You actually have one of those machines here? Why?" she was taking it in stride, better then he'd hoped.

"They have more uses then just for pregnant women. Besides, Tony, he likes to have all the toys, he never knows when he might want or need something." Bruce explained. "There's a catch though."

"Which is?" a bit of wariness was added to her tone.

"It's down in medical. I could bring it up to the labs but 1, it'd be hard to hide and 2, I have no reason to bring it up here. They'd ask questions."

Natasha nodded, slowly. The third catch he didn't mention was that there was no real way to hide themselves or what they were doing in the medical facility." But it needs done, doesn't it? "

" It would be a good idea. I mean, the other tests were positive, so it isn't for confirmation. We already know. It's up to you, but its the best way I know to judge how far along you are. I assume that's an important bit of information so Laura can plan the baby shower. " Natasha's eyes widened in absolute shock at that and she nearly spit her coffee out. Bruce laughed." You know she's going to, probably rope Wanda into it, too." he added.

She swallowed the coffee hard." Yeah, Laura will. I had to go to the one for Nathaniel. Please don't make me go to another. They're completely ridiculous. If they want to give gifts, fine, but no stupid party. "

" Normal people have baby showers. This is normal. We're doing the normal thing now. " Bruce said.

" You can keep saying that, doesn't make it true. "she pointed out. Glancing down at her watch, she spoke again," If we go down to medical now, Steve, Sam and Wanda should be outside running laps. Well, the guys will be, Wanda will be trying to get out of it. Vision likes to observe, so nobody should be anywhere near medical."

"Let's go down then. We should get the first official picture of the first official Avenger baby." Bruce was having fun with jokes, but he was secretly still worried. What could the Hulk or the gamma radiation he'd been exposed to do to a developing fetus? He really didn't know and he didn't like not knowing.

" You're lucky there's still coffee in this cup or else it'd be thrown at your head." Natasha answered, darkly.

Natasha had been right. Medical was deserted. "Hopefully, nobody will come in and ask why I've drawn the curtains." Bruce said, pulling the privacy curtains around a bed.

"They'd just assume we're playing doctor, I would think." Natasha throw a zinger at him. "Unless it's Vision. He has no concept of privacy."

Bruce stopped his preparations for a moment. "Technically, he's not human and doesn't understand the need for of privacy."

"He walks through walls. Or at least he did, until he tried it on Wanda and she reemed him good for it." That had been almost funny, to see the destabilized Vision being flung back through the wall after he'd startled Wanda one night.

"And being almost human, he's learned from that. He doesn't try to sneak up on people anymore, especially her." Bruce didn't think he'd try to sneak up on the little witch either. He hadn't quite forgotten what she'd done to him in South Africa. He finished plugging in the machine and turned it on. It was usually kept in a closet, not out on the floor as it wasn't generally needed. Mostly, the medical unit was used for stitches and concussions, nothing super serious. He supposed he should get some obesteric items ordered, he was sure Natasha had no intention of setting foot in a different doctor's door no matter how many NDAs were signed. "All right, up on the table." After a moment he turned around. Natasha was still standing in the corner. "Nat, it doesn't hurt. It'll be, like, ten minutes, and then we can go straight out to the farm if you want."

She came toward him, it was only a few steps, but she took her time. This was going to make it real and it terrified her, though Natasha Romanoff never admitted to being terrified to anyone ever. She'd been taught admitting fear was weakness in the Red Room and that lesson had never left her even after all the years she'd been out of there.

Bruce let her take her time. He was just terrified as she was, although, like her, he also wouldn't admit it. Curiosity was getting to him, however, and he wanted to know how far along she was, what sort of damage might the baby have if he could even tell this early, he was fairly certain she wasn't very far along since she didn't seem to be showing any.

Natasha sat on the paper covered table feeling very uncomfortable. "Actually, Nat, I'm going to need you to lie down, please." Bruce was taking a doctor's tone that she didn't appreciate but she kept her mouth shut and did as he asked.

He gelled the little wand and pressed it to her lower abdomen. An odd rushing sound came from the speaker and Bruce couldn't help but smile." You know what that is?" he asked her. She shook her head. "Baby's heartbeat. Sounds good." He hadn't had much obesteric practice in the past but he thought he was doing all right for now. They shared nervous smiles as he moved the little wand around. He was definitely going to have to do some brushing up on being an ultrasound technician he thought but didn't say. He hit the photo button a few times as he moved the wand, snapping the first official photos as he'd said earlier.

Studying the screen Bruce recalled his first and only time reading a pregnancy ultrasound and tried to remember what he'd been taught then. "Something wrong?" Natasha broke into his thoughts.

"Hmm? No, no, it looks fine. Really does. I was just trying to remember something. I'm thinking you're close to two months, which I guess would make sense." They'd been together longer then that but two months would work. "We're done here." He gave her the photos that had printed like old school Polaroids and a paper towel to clean the gel off herself.

She took the photos and simply stared at them a while.

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