Wolf Boy

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Part One

They say we live in the moment, that the past is always gone, and each day is a stepping stone into a future we can only dream of.

Bella's dreams had been filled with nightmares for too long-she was afraid of the future because it meant letting go of the past-and him. She looked out of the window into the dark night only to find a sea of white. The unseasonable snow had covered everything in a matter of hours. The snow rested upon the windowsill, upon the rooftops of the distant houses, and the branches of the tall trees which stretched up to the starry sky.

The scene in front of her looked like an unfinished painting. So much of the canvas was so perfectly white, as if waiting for the artists hand to return. The air was of course cold, but Bella expected the same dampness that comes before the rain. Her breath fogged the window pane and she was forced to use the sleeve of her dressing gown to clear it.

Somewhere out in that white canvas of snow, a lone wolf boy was keeping watch.

Bella opened the window and leaned out, gasping as the sudden chill made goose pimples rise on her skin. Breath pale against the numbing air, she blinked thoughtfully as the frigid air patiently kissed her face, captivated by the soft , dusty illusions of light that sat heavy on her eyelashes.

"Jake!" She whisper yelled out into the dark. "Come inside!"

Seconds later, Jacob appeared, standing underneath the opened window. The snow was falling again, clumps of wet flakes drifting windlessly down, the air moist, the ground mushy underfoot. His perfect tan skin seemed to glow in the subdued light, highlighting his perfectly sculpted body. He wore low slung denim shorts, his feet bare.

"I'm coming up." He called back to her as he took a few long strides and leapt, reaching out with one hand to capture the lowest branch of the tree that grew outside her window.

With quiet grace, so unusual in a boy his size, he climbed the tree effortlessly, using the myriad branches for leverage. A minute later he was standing in her room-a living, breathing testament to human beauty.

Bella blushed as she tried not to show how much that human beauty affected her. Why did he have to be so freaking gorgeous? She was supposed to be dead inside-but since he had come into her life she couldn't stop her traitorous heart skipping a steady beat.

"It's cold out." She mumbled to cover her embarrassment.

"I don't feel the cold." Jacob boasted, wearing his usual confident smirk. His dark eyes were glittering with amusement as he looked at her.

"Whatever." Bella gave him a drop dead look as his smile turned into a cocky grin.

Jacob chuckled and she glared at him again.

"You could always go back outside." She muttered with a defeated sigh. How did he always manage to get under her skin so easily?

Charlie had no idea that Jacob slept in her room every night, if he did Bella knew he would go crazy. Charlie had always been overprotective, had gotten even more so since he-Bella winced as she tried not to think Edward's name-left her. She knew that if he ever did come back (which was never going to happen) Charlie would be waiting with his gun ready and loaded.

Jacob was very protective of her, too. Even though lately their friendship had come under increasing strain due to his unrequited feelings for her. Feelings he often struggled to hide every time they spent any prolonged amount of time together. The first night he had been outside watching over the house she'd had one of her worst nightmares. Unable to stay detached when he heard her screaming in fear, he had snuck into her room after Charlie had gone back to bed after another failed attempt to comfort her, and ended up falling asleep with her in her bed with his strong arms wrapped around her.

After the first time, he had snuck back into her room the following night after hearing her crying and they had ended up falling asleep again. After two weeks it just became a regular thing. It wasn't something they ever talked about, unlike tonight she normally left her window unlocked and he let himself in.

Jacob still got great fun out of teasing her and annoying the life out of her when they were awake, but he was always there when she needed him. Sometimes she felt like he had too distinct personalities. By day he would annoy her, constantly trying to push the boundaries of their carefully negotiated friendship, which would leave her annoyed and angry all at the same time. By night he would turn into the sweetest boy in the world and would cuddle her, making her feel safe and protected.

Silently, Bella lay down and waited for him to join her. Seconds later she felt the bed dip and she lifted her head so he could put one of his arms under her neck. He pressed his hot chest right up against her back and wrapped his other arm around her. She heard him sigh as she wriggled closer to him.

"What's wrong?" She whispered, pulling his arms tighter around her and pressing her face into his arm, smelling his beautiful smell that was like nothing else in the world.

"Nothing, Bells." Jacob mumbled against the back of her head.

"Okay. Goodnight, Jake."

"Goodnight, Bells." Jacob replied, kissing the back of her head.

Bella woke at five o'clock as usual to the alarm going off; she silenced it and tried, unsuccessfully, to move away from Jacob. She had her head on his chest. He had his hand on her knee, pinning her leg there, and his other arm wrapped tightly around her waist. As she tried to move, he tightened his hold, mumbling something about chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

She moved her arm and tapped him lightly on the stomach. "It's time to get up." "She mumbled, tapping his stomach harder when he didn't budge.

Jacob groaned in annoyance and tightened his grip, pulling Bella with him as he rolled onto his back so that she ended up completely on top of him. She could feel his morning erection pressing between her legs. She gasped at the feel of it, it was strange but actually felt nice. God, what was wrong with her? It was all Jacob's fault! She tried to wriggle free, but it just made them rub together in places she would rather not think about right now. Her body started to tingle.

"Damn, Jake, wake up!" Bella hissed in his ear.

Jacob's eyes snapped open and looked at her shocked. "Wow, this is a first!"

His expression soon changed to his trademark smirk, which Bella was very tempted to slap right off his face.

"Let go of me, for goodness sake." Bella muttered irritably as he raised his hands in the air in a surrender fashion. She quickly rolled off of him. "It's gone five o'clock, Charlie will be up soon." She frowned at him, trying to cover up how flustered he was making her feel.

Jacob sighed and rolled onto his side, straight off the bed and onto his feet. Bella envied him his dexterity. "Don't be mad at me, Bells. I didn't know I did that. I'm sorry."

"Whatever." Bella mumbled as she settled back into the warm spot he had left behind.

"I'll see you later." Jacob shot her an amused smile before climbing out of the window.

Bella overslept and blamed Jacob for the fact that she had forgotten to reset her alarm. She had a hasty shower and ran down the stairs, her brown hair damp because she didn't have time to dry it because the stupid boy had distracted her so much. She pulled it back into a messy bun. Today she had thrown on her favourite dark blue skinny jeans with a white t-shirt, black hoodie and black converse.

Bella caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. Damn, she looked a mess! She was still wearing an annoyed scowl when she came across Charlie leaning against the kitchen counter eating a bowl of her cornflakes. Every freaking morning her father poured out her favourite cereal before ending up eating it himself.

"Are you okay, Bells. You look a bit harassed." Charlie said warily as he gave up the half eaten bowl and passed it to her.

Bella snatched it out of his hands, grabbed a new spoon and began to shovel the rest into her mouth. "I overslept." She complained with her mouth full of cornflakes.

"That's a shame." Charlie mumbled. "I made you some coffee."

Bella reached for the mug only to find it empty. She glared at her father while he smiled sheepishly in response.

"Whoops, I must have drunk it by mistake. Well, I'm off. See you later, kiddo." Charlie escaped before she could unleash hell on him for drinking her precious coffee, too.

Another crappy day at school passed much to Bella's relief. She walked over to her truck with Mike Newton jabbering away in her ear about some football match. She tuned him out as she hurriedly increased her pace in a bid for freedom. She concentrated all her attention on putting one foot in front of the other in case she suffered the ultimate humiliation and tripped over on the tarmac. Stupid clumsy gene!

"What's going on there?"

Mike's curious question made her raise her head to find him pointing in the direction of her truck. To Bella's dismay she found the old red Chevy swamped by people-girls in particular.


As she drew closer to the horde she found the reason for the old truck's sudden popularity. Jacob Black was holding court in the middle of the groups of girls shamelessly trying to throw themselves at him.

"Stupid wolf boy and his stupid muscles!" Bella muttered through clenched teeth as she cringed, trying to avoid the crowds of desperate girls vying for her best friend's attention. One girl elbowed her on purpose, and when Bella looked up she noticed Lauren, dressed in a tiny skirt that looked more like a belt. "Holy crow, Lauren, did you know you left your skirt at home?" She asked with mock horror. It was freezing out!

Lauren scowled at her as Bella heard Jacob laughing behind her.

"You know that the emo look doesn't work for you, right?" Lauren spat back cattily.

Bella gave Lauren the finger as she shoved her way through the last of the throng and finally reached the safety of her truck and a smirking Jacob. "Couldn't you have worn a shirt or something?" She complained, feeling annoyed.

"It's too hot." Jacob laughed at her irritated expression, before he lowered his voice, leaning close and whispering close to her ear. "Speaking of hot..."

"Oh, shut up!" Bella felt the familiar tell tale blush coat her cheeks at his stupid compliment. She elbowed him in the side to give her room to climb into the cab of the truck. Sliding across the bench seat, she waited impatiently for Jacob to settle in beside her before switching on the engine.

With many envious female eyes still eye shagging Jake and wearing dreamy expressions, Bella revved the engine, forcing his admirers to scatter.

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