Edited and Reuploaded: This PM/RP fanfiction had been a collaboration in late 2012 between myself and Vanitas' Queen21. I took everything off of my old account a while ago and recently decided to update and reupload again thanks to their enthusiastic urging not too long ago. I HOPE YOU ENJOY.

For the better half of half a dozen hours, Vanitas had been running all throughout the halls of the castle within The World That Never Was, dodging and evading Ventus as often as he could while he was stuck in another insane sugar high from those damned drugged sweets that Axel continued to give him. He hadn't actually found solid evidence that they WERE drugged, but his better half never became like that after a bag of normal sweets.

Having to slow down from over-exhaustion, Vanitas ducked into the lounge room, panting and sweating from his constant efforts in avoiding the blonde. He was dead tired and needed the break; he knew that the lounge actually had decent enough hiding places, at least-.

"Vanitas?" perking up at hearing his name, the ravenette glanced upwards on the far right of the room, golden eyes landing on a very familiar face who happened to be sitting atop a pretty tall ladder. Quirking a brow, he noticed the end of a sort of frilly, green Christmas decoration in the lilac haired girls' hand, a pin in the other.

"Hey, Sarafina. How's it goin'?" he greeted breathlessly, somewhat hunched over with his hands resting against his upper thighs. He gave her his patented smirk, too out of breath to put in the effort to make it real so it was rather weak.

"Pretty good, considering," she responded, pinning the end of the decoration in before straightening up, "Decorating is taking forever and Christmas is only the day after tomorrow, we might not finish," she shrugged, her hands now resting on her hips as she eyed her handiwork and then glanced towards him. He had to admit that she did a lot more work when it came to yearly events such as Christmas and Easter, and even birthdays.

Though he claimed Halloween along with that silver-haired friend of Sora's. He and Riku were Gods of that season.

"Maybe we get everyone else to help out," Vanitas shrugged with his suggestion. He found it pretty odd that she'd been doing it herself up until then. He'd have thought that everyone would be excited to decorate with her, "How come the others aren't here?" he frowned, arms crossing over his chest.

"Well, it was meant to be a surprise," she deadpanned, sighing softly as she leaned forward against the ladder, an elbow resting against the step with her hand cradling her cheek, "But it's taking too long-,"

"Vanitas!" his eyes grew wide with instant anxiety as the yell cut off the rest of Sara's sentence. A shudder shook his spine, the golden-eyed boy glancing around to the corridor.

"What was that? Sounded like Ventu-," she'd inquired, turning back to Vanitas, only... her gaze landed on a dust shaped variation of the dark soul, some of the dust leading up the hallway in the direction he'd been running before showing up in the lounge room.

Seconds later, her attention was drawn to a blonde-haired Keybearer stopping short of the entrance to the room, almost as pant-y as Vanitas had been. A smile graced his lips as he glanced up towards the ladder, their eyes locking.

"Hey," Ventus grinned widely, taking a few steps towards the ladder, "D'you know where Vanitas went?" with a questioning brow quirking high on her forehead, Sarafina gradually lifted her arm towards the direction Vanitas had bolted, following the dust trail that he'd left behind.

"Thank you!" the hyperactive blonde beamed before swiftly turning about and darting off in the direction she'd motioned to, her brows knitting with complete bemusement. She had no idea what'd happened but at least she could see why Vanitas had been so breathless earlier. Even she had to admit that Ventus was incredibly fast.

Humming to herself and supplying her own theories, she'd almost missed the fiery redhead that strode within view in the hallway, catching her attention and giving her the thought to ask.

"Axel!" she called out, the Organization member stopping short and glancing around until his eyes fell to her as she descended the ladder, "What's going on?" Sara questioned, narrowing the distance between them quickly so that they wouldn't have to yell all that much.

"I gave Ventus some candy and may have told the mini-Roxas that Vanitas had the rest," he smirked mischievously, having apparently been scheming, probably out of boredom. She watched as the redhead turned away, his pace faster than before as he left the area in order to catch up with the two.

Having left Sarafina to her thoughts, she crossed her arms over her chest, her hip cocking, "Didn't know Ven could get that hyper..." she trailed off, blinking flatly at the thought that Ventus could be that easily wound up for other peoples enjoyment. And Vanitas obviously had to be the victim in this situation, "Guess I should save Vanitas," she sighed exasperatedly, shaking her head.

Giving the lounge one last glance, feeling proud of her handiwork, Sara sauntered out of the room and made her way towards the castle kitchen, hoping to have something or ingredients to make something that would take Ventus' attention away from Vanitas. She knew that the boy had a major sweet tooth and the attention span of a gnat when doing anything that wasn't training.

"What to make," she muttered to herself, descending the stairs to the lower level where she knew the kitchen happened to be, "What to make," the girl wondered as she opened the door to the room. By her logic, whatever Axel liked, the kid loved, so if she made something that Axel loved then Ventus would adore it. Her home-made cookies, then.

"Sarafina," she flinched, surprised by the person already inside the room, "Why are you here?" the much larger man greeted in his own way, the girl attempting to compose herself and calm her beating heart. She hadn't been expecting anyone to be in the kitchen this early in the morning. Talk about jumpscare.

"Xaldin," she greeted calmly, having finally relaxed for the moment, "I'm trying to save Vanitas from a candy-crazed Ven," she informed simply as she went about retrieving the needed ingredients for her home-made cookies.

"I doubt much would calm that boy down after having been given sugar," much less after having been given sugar by AXEL of all people. His sugar could be considered CONCENTRATED, "Might I suggest a food laced with a sleep potion?" the Organization member smirked devilishly, as if scheming along with the pyromaniac.

"Alright, do you have a sleep potion?" Sarafina questioned pointedly, half-heartedly hoping that he did while hoping that he'd actually been joking. Though knowing Xaldin...

"In fact, I do," of course. Without much being said after his affirmation, she went about getting started on the cookie making, starting off by washing down her place at the counter and then washing her hands.