Chapter 1 -

"Sir" A woman's voice came over the communicator, the voice belonged to one Natasha Romanoff, a very stunning redhead who was also known as the Black Widow. One of the best spy's for S.H.E.I.L.D, which stood for the 'Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division'. She was currently standing in an hotel apartment of a small building that shield had rented out for her. She was on a mission, down the hall was the room her target was staying in. John Redwood, a very dangerous assassin and suspected enhanced individual. From what she knew about him, he could crush her with his bare hands if he ever managed to grab her "Redwood hasn't left his room in days, until today at least. About ten minutes ago I caught him as he picked up some mail, he's agreed to a dinner later on tonight"

"Good work" Replied a male's voice over the phone "is there anything else I should know?"

"Yes, I don't know how important it'll be but a new resident has moved into the room opposite me"

"Who?" The voice asked

"I talked with him for about two minutes" Natasha admitted "his name is Harry Black sir"

"Description" The man ordered

"Six foot tall, black messy hair, early twenties and British from the sound of his voice. He also has green eyes"

"Green eyes?" The voice repeated, slightly surprised

"Green sir" Natasha confirmed

"Unusual but not important" The voice said eventually "is he a problem?"

"No, not at the moment" Natasha replied "gave off the sense that he wanted to be left alone"

"In that case, leave him alone and focus on Redwood. I'll have our people run a background check on him and see if there's anything important, for now focus on your assignment"

"Yes sir" She nodded before cutting off her communication

Dinner did not go as Natasha had planned, very much not like how she planned. It had started normal, he had invited her into his apartment, they began eating, it was all going to plan when suddenly he revealed something that made her go pale white. It was just a lovely feeling to know that Redwood had enhanced hearing and heard her talk to shield, she made a note to tell them that when/if she got out of this alive.

Redwood had flipped the table and grabbed her with a speed that even surprised her, he tossed her across the room and she crashed against a wall before landing roughly on the floor. She groaned as he walked over, she was told to kill him if necessary and it looks like it was going to end up being necessary. Her hand reached into her handbag just as Redwood pulled out a knife, she grabbed the gun in her bag and was about to take it out. The door opened, Redwood and Natasha stopped and turned to see who had just entered the apartment.

There, standing in the doorway, was Harry Black. He was currently wearing black trainers and trousers, along with a grey shirt. His green eyes were much brighter at night, though his hair almost seemed to blend into the darkness. The three were still for several seconds, seconds before shit broke lose.

Redwood turned and looked like he was about to run and attack Harry, Natasha had managed to get her gun out but before she could fire she saw that Harry had already closed the distance between himself and Redwood. Redwood tried to stab him but Harry sidestepped and quickly got behind Redwood, Harry wrapped both of his arms around Redwood and tossed him backwards with a German suplex, causing Redwood to land on a small wooden coffee table which collapsed under his weight.

Harry kipped up to his feet, just as Redwood got to his, Redwood slashed at Harry multiple times but didn't manage to hit him. Harry, however managed to strike Redwood multiple times between his wild slashes. Harry kicked Redwood in the chest, causing him to fly back and crash against a wall. His strength and speed placed Natasha in disbelief, 'is he also an enhanced?' she wondered

Redwood threw the knife straight at Harry, Harry's eyes widened temporarily before he reached out and caught the knife, once again surprising both Redwood and Natasha. Redwood, enraged, roared and charged at Harry. Harry charged at him, and the two collided in the middle of the room, Harry had gotten the edge and Redwood was forced backwards and the two crashed through a window and flew out of it. This was followed by a loud crashing sound.

Natasha got up to her feet as fast as she could and ran to the window, she looked down and saw some broken scaffolidng. Under it was where she assumed Harry and Redwood were, she rushed out of the apartment, calling for back up as she did. Eventually she got to outside where they landed, so did a few other people. She wasn't suprised, Redwood and Harry had made quite a bit of noise during their fight.

Eventually parts of the scaffolding rose up, Natasha prepared to draw her gun, Harry's head came up. He shook it briefly before standing up, he leaned down and grabbed something with his right hand. Harry slowly walked out of the mess, dragging Redwood with him. It was at this point that Natasha had noticed that Redwood currently had a knife sticking out of his side. She also noticed that Harry had a tattoo on his right arm, one she hadn't seen before but that was likely because he was wearing a jacket and gloves when they first met. It was a black tattoo that was on his wrist, it was a triangle and resting in it was a circle along with a line that went through them both.

Harry dropped Redwood on the floor. He looked around at all the people staring at him.

"Are any of you going to call the police?" Harry eventually asked "Or do I have to do that as well?"

"Explain, now." Were the only words that came out of the mouth of Nick Fury, leader of shield and Natasha's boss. The man was quite an intimidating sight. Black skin, bald, all dressed in black with a big black trench coat and an eyepatch over his one eye. Nick Fury was often described as 'the spy', he was the leader of shield and was known for two things, not taking shit from anyone and a massive temper.

"Everything was going to plan" Natasha said "I was at dinner, we ate and talked for a bit. I tried to learn as much as possible about him and then he revealed something"

"What?" Fury asked

"He had enhanced hearing" Natasha answered, and Fury showed no sign of reacting apart from a temporary widening of the eyes...eye that lasted no longer than a second. "He had heard my conversation with you, he tossed the table away then tossed me across the room. I was about to get my gun out when the door opened which was surprising as I remembered it being locked, then Black stood in the door. After I drew my gun Harry and Redwood were already in combat and I couldn't risk shooting at Redwood without getting Black. And Black...sir he was winning"

"But Redwood has enhanced strength and speed" Nick frowned, while Redwood was no Captain America he was still not someone any ordinary civilian would be able to fight. Especially with someone as skilled as Redwood

"That's what makes it so surprising, I don't think Redwood even got a single hit in" Natasha replied "the two of them crashed through the window and a minute later Mr Black is dragging him out of some broken scaffolding. Redwood was also stabbed, he's injured but he'll live."

"So you think we're dealing with another enhanced?" Fury asked

"Looks like it" Natasha nodded

"Hmm" Fury thought for a few minutes, Natasha had no idea what was going in his head and nor would she bother attempting to guess. "Fine, he's seen you, does he know that you're an agent?"

"No sir" Natasha shook his head "as far as he is concerned, I am just the pretty lady across the hall"

"Good, try and talk with him and play the 'I'm thankful' card"

"Do you want me to seduce him?" Natasha asked

"How far you go is entirely up to you" Fury responded "I will be sending Barton to tail him, I want at least two pairs of eyes on him and I'll have our tech guys look into his history. We have yet to decide if he is friend or foe. Is there anything else we should know about him?"

"One thing sir" Natasha said "on his right arm, he has a black tattoo on his wrist. A triangle with a circle inside and a straight line going through both of them"

"Hmm, anything else of importance?"

"Yes, and I'm not sure of this but for a moment I thought his eyes flashed"

"You thought that the his eyes flashed?" Fury repeated, trying to make sure that he heard her right

"It may have been nothing, was probably shock but it was what I thought happened at the time. But right after he defeated Redwood, I thought they flashed brighter" Natasha answered "usually I wouldn't say anything but with this being an enhanced individual..."

"I understand" Fury cut her off, and he did. As an enhanced they had no idea what he was capable of and every little detail was important. This was true with any individual, but especially with any enhanced.

"Damn it" Harry said after he read the text message he had just received "didn't get the job. I'm the bloody master of death but I can't get a job at a fast food place" He sighed as he plopped down on the sofa. 'Yeah' he though 'lord forbid anything ever being easy for me'. His phone rang and Harry answered it "hello?"

"Hello, Mr Black?" A voice asked "This is Rebecca, from the..."

"Yes, yes I know." Harry said "You're the real estate agent, correct?"

"Yes" The voice said "we have a few properties available for you to check."

"Thank you, I am a bit busy today. Is tomorrow fine?" In truth Harry had nothing to do but he really couldn't be bothered today

"Yes, not a problem. Is tomorrow at one okay with you?"

"Yes, that is brilliant, thank you very much"

"Okay, that's lovely. Goodbye sir"

"Bye" Harry said as he ended the call. He tossed the phone, not really caring where it landed. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, his left hand had almost subconsciously gone to his right and began rubbing the tattoo on his wrist.

He knew that his life was going to get much tougher, he should have left it alone...but he couldn't. As soon as he arrived here, he saw that man and his instincts flared, telling him of the danger and of the challenge. He had put a listening charm on the guy, why take chances? He was in his hotel room, doing nothing and then he heard the man attacking the woman. Jessie, that's what she called herself when he asked, like normal he went head first into danger without thinking.

No, not normal actually, he hadn't done that in a long, long time. Either way he did, the next thing you know he found himself being interrogated by the police. A few spells and everything was fixed, but he knew that this wouldn't be the end of it. Nothing was ever this simple. One big lesson that Harry learned over the years was that taking out one enemy, just meant there was room for more. Now he was likely on somebody's radar, not something he wanted. Hopefully he could keep his head down and this would all blowver, unlikely but this was the best idea he could think of at the moment.

Harry, having nothing better to do, decided to go for a walk. He changed into some black trainers, blue jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. He went out and just began walking, taking in the sights as he did. This was definitely different, so many people yet not a single one was interested in him. Well, a few looked interested but they were mostly females.

Harry's instincts flared up again, he narrowed his eyes, something was happening. He looked around as much as he could without turning his head too much, he couldn't find anything suspicious. As he walked he even looked at any reflective surfaces he walked past and still couldn't find anything. Was he wrong? No. His instincts were the one thing he could trust. Harry stopped and let out a little magic, nothing big but just enough to map what was going on. It was a useful ability, though it meant that Harry had to stay completely still if he wanted to use it.

After a few seconds Harry realised what caused his discomfort, there was a man watching him from the top of a building. He seemed to be keeping his distance, but that doesn't mean that Harry was going to let his guard down. A few seconds later he noticed something else, the woman he saved, Jessie, was a little ways behind him and currently walking towards him. Harry continued his walking and was hoping to create some distance.

"Hey" A voice called out, Harry ignored it, pretending to not hear it "hey" The voice was a lot closer and he knew he couldn't ignore it now. He stopped and turned, in front of him was Jessie

"Oh, hey Jessie" Harry said, acting surprised

"Hi" Jessie smiled "what are you doing? Going to work?"

"Nah, just going for a walk, looking around the area and all" Harry answered honestly

"Oh, well I actually do have to go to work. Do you want to walk together?"

"Sure" Harry nodded, not really able to think of a reason to refuse without arousing suspicion "so, how are you?" He asked as they began walking

"I'm good, thanks to you" She said "it was really brave of you, I thought that guy was going to kill me"

"Don't worry about it, I just did what anyone would do" Harry replied

"Are you kidding me?" Jessie gave him a look that emphasised what she had just said "Harry, not many people would be willing to jump headfirst at a guy with a knife just to protect some girl they don't even know. I know a few who would like to think that they would, but unless they're trained they usually panic and freeze. At least that's what my dad used to tell me, he served in the army for a while"

"Hmm" Harry said, not quite knowing how to respond "well, either way you're welcome. What did the police say?"

"They questioned me for a while before they let me go, said they might get in contact with me later but for now I'm free to go."

"Same" Harry nodded "so what do you do for work?"

"I just work in an It Department" 'Jessie' answered, in truth Natasha had spent a good while making up her persona and that even included looking up local buildings and building a fake ID that would allow her to enter there. Natasha had gone by many names over the years, Jessie was one of her less creative ones but it works. "How about you?"

"As of the moment...unemployed" Harry admitted "I am looking for a job though, probably not in an IT department though. I find that stuff boring personally"

"What sort of job are you thinking off?"

"I don't know, maybe teacher? I've taught people before, I mean I was fifteen at the time but it counts. But at this point I would take nearly anything, I am so bored"

"Bored huh?" She raised an eyebrow

"Yeah, need something to do or I'll go crazy" Harry said, he made sure to not forget about the man on the rooftop but he also noticed that there was something off with Jessie. He met her eyes and quickly read her mind, he didn't make a habit of doing this as he himself had bad experiences with people reading minds without permission. He looked and read as much as possible before retreating out of her mind. 'Natasha, huh' He mentally grinned 'and that makes the roof man Clint Barton. Shield huh? Interesting, maybe my life won't be completely boring.' "Where is your work place anyway?" Harry asked

"Just two blocks away" Jessie/Natasha answered

"Well, here's where we part then because I'm going right here. Heard that there was a park that way and I want to check it out"

"Okay, see you" She waved and walked away.

Harry gave her a small smile as she left, he turned and began making his way towards the park. Clint Barton was still following him. Harry removed his phone and began dialling a number.

"Hello?" The voice said from the phone

"Um...hi, this is Rebecca right? It's me, Mr Harry Black, we talked about meeting tomorrow to look at houses" Harry said into the phone

"Ah, yes, this is Rebecca. How can I help you?"

"Yeah, look I'm sorry but I have to cancel the appointment for tomorrow. Something's just happened and so I have to put my house searching on hold for a while, I'm sorry"

"Oh, that's a shame. I hope, nothing serious has happened?"

"Nothing I can't handle, in the future I might end up calling you again but for now I'll be fine. Thank you"

"Very well" The voice let out a small sigh "but if you need anything then feel free to call"

"Thank you" Harry said as he turned the phone off, house hunting would have to wait. He was not going to waste all of his money just so shield could spy on him at a different location.

Harry kept walking, until he got in the park, he found a nice tree to hide behind. He cast a few wandless notice me not charms and hid behind the tree before he apparated back to his apartment. He sighed and rubbed a hand through his hair as he sat down and debated what to do.

Should he stay in this place instead of getting another? If he did then they would just try and spy on him here, he could put up a Fidelius charm but then he'd feel bad for essentially robbing the place from the muggles. if he did that here. If he did it on a property he brought then that could end up causing more questions as they'll know at least the general area where he lives. Could he live life on the run? Yes, easily in fact. It wouldn't be the first time he ran from the government, probably not even the last. Where would he live? Easy, he could make a home with nearly anything and an enlargement charm.

He could probably take any old suitcase and make himself a travelling home, that's not a problem. Job? No, not a problem either, his money would never run out. Why wouldn't it? Simple really. Harry, unlike other wizards and witches, possessed some level of imagination and common sense. Simply take a note or coin and use a duplication spell, it could easily take him from tens to hundreds. In truth, Harry could probably make money in lots of ways.

As the master of death, he possessed the elder wand, which had actually accepted him as it's master, unlike the others who had held it in the past. After becoming the master of death, the hallows fused with his body. This resulted in several benefits. The first was naturally an increase in magical power and Harry was already pretty powerful. The second was the fact the Harry no longer needed a wand, he could use wandless magic with the same level of difficulty as walking. The third was the fact that the invisibility cloak allowed him to truly become invisible whenever he wanted, it also meant he didn't need to buy clothes as the cloak transformed for him and that helped a save a lot of money.

The resurrection stone was interesting, yes he had the power to pull someone back from the dead but the problem with that was he had to sacrifice another life to do so. At first he experimented with trying to bring a dead fly back to life, when he did so it ended up killing a nearby plant. From what Harry could tell, this was because death doesn't care who it takes, a life for a life. And he didn't want to do it again on the off chance an innocent child happens to walk by when he tries it out. With that being said, it does have it's benefits.

The stone made sure that his body would constantly heal and added to Harry's already impressive ability to heal, and whatever it would heal it would make stronger. Harry never actually tested this ability out as he was in no hurry to break any of his joints or limbs or any other part of him but he knew that he could do it, the knowledge was in his head. Speaking of, the wand also decided to give him the knowledge of all wizards that have previously held the wand, not all their knowledge but just any knowledge that the wand thought that Harry would like or need.

Harry's conjurations and transfigurations could easily be permanent, he just needed one chair and he could easily turn it into a pile of money or even simpler, he could just create money from his wand or create gold and sell it. Regular wizard could make temporary gold but never permanent, well except for Nicholas Flamel but he had a philosopher's stone.

So Harry really had nothing to worry about, the only thing Harry didn't know was if he should do it or not? On one hand he could just keep pretending to be a normal guy, he could do it until they hopefully lose interest. On the other hand they think that he is an 'enhanced' and are likely to never stop searching for him, also he has nothing to do. That was one way he was truly screwed over.

After all of his experiences Harry realised one thing, he needed action. Not action like with women, though he wouldn't object to that, he was a fighter and a survivor, but he was also a weapon. As of the moment, he was a weapon that no longer had anything to aim itself at. He sat still for several minutes before he had finally decided.

"Sir" The voice of Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye spoke from Nick Fury's phone "Natasha had informed me that the target has returned his key and left, I went to follow him but then he turned into an alley and I lost track of him"

"You...what?" Fury's said in a very dangerous whisper

"It was like he vanished sir" Barton replied "earlier I was tailing him when he walked into a park and he vanished again. I had circled back in case he returned home and then I saw him leave, he turned into the nearest alley and then he was gone."

"So either you've gotten very incompetent or Harry has some tricks that we don't know about" Fury said as he ended the call. He turned to Agent Coulson and Agent Hill, his right hand man and woman. Two agents that he trusted with his life. Hill was dressed in the classic skin-tight blue uniform that the other agents wore while Coulson had opted to wear a suit. "It appears that we may have a new enhanced to deal with" He said as he pulled up all the information they have on Harry up on a screen, Hill and Coulson quickly began reading it.

"T...that's impossible" Coulson whispered to himself as he saw the picture of Harry

"What's impossible?" Fury frowned

"J...just one sec" Coulson said before running out of the room

"What's up with him?" Hill asked

"Maybe he needs the toilet" Fury said sarcastically, a few minutes later Coulson quickly returned and brought a card with him

"What's that?" Hill asked

"One of my Captain America trading cards" Coulson answered

"Do I look like I care?" Fury raised an eyebrow and briefly wondered if the job had suddenly gotten too much for Coulson

"Just look at it" Coulson handed it to Fury "but be careful with it" He added, worrying for the safety of his card

Fury scowled at him for a second before looking at the card, his eyes...his eye widened as he struggled to take in what he saw. There was a picture of Captain America, standing next to someone who looks suspiciously like Harry. Green eyes, black raven coloured hair and even the same exact facial structure. His eye scanned the picture, almost like he expected it to come to life. He scanned down, he looked at the man's wrist and saw a tattoo that looked suspiciously like what Romanoff had described.

"That's not possible" Fury eventually said

"That guy's name was supposedly 'The Magician'" Coulson said, entering his 'fan-boy' mode "It was rumoured that he never missed a shot, he could do trick shots with nearly anything and was supposedly the one who taught Captain America how to do trick shots with his shield. He and the Captain served in several missions together, according to the stories he showed up one day, served a few missions then he left and nobody knew what happened to him."

"What was his name?" Hill asked

"He used to go by the name of James Evans" Coulson answered "it seems to me that this Harry could be his son or grandchild"

"A grandchild who looks exactly the same with a matching tattoo?" Fury interrupted

"But sir, surely it's just a coincidence" Hill said

"Maybe, maybe it is" Fury replied "either way, I don't like it and I want to learn more about him" Fury was about to go on when his communicator rang, he picked it up and answered it.

"Sir" A voice spoke "we've discovered a problem sir"

"What problem?"

"Harry Black sir, you requested information regarding him "we have none"

"What do you mean you have none?" Fury asked slowly, not confused, just bordering on pissed off

"No birth records, internet history or anything like that. The only thing we could find was a picture of him at an airport in England from a year ago and several pictures of him across various countries. The only real piece of information we have was that he had recently been in contact with a real estate agent and a job agency. That's all sir"

Fury turned off his communicator, his mind was running fast, incredibly fast. An enhanced that not only managed to beat Redwood with ease, but also escape Barton twice and either looks exactly like an old world war hero or is an old war hero. Yep...the world had just got a whole lot more complicated.

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