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Chapter 54 -

"Come on," Harry said as he along with Natasha and Wanda got back to his apartment. Harry sat down on a sofa, Wanda sat on his left side while Natasha sat on his right. "god I am tired." Harry closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he wrapped an arm over Wanda's shoulders before doing the same with Natasha.

"I get that but...could we get to the explaining part please?" Natasha asked in a soft voice.

"If you feel up to it." Wanda added quickly.

"Fine," Harry sighed before he opened his eyes and began speaking. "well it started with a note I got from Dr Strange. I went by to his place when I ran into Thor, apparently he was here looking for his family, Loki included."

"Yeah, we were kind of shocked to find him coming back here." Natasha admitted.

"Oh don't worry," Harry said dismissively. "He is a good guy now."

"You do remember that he attacked New York?" Natasha raised an eyebrow.

"Considering that I nearly got stuck on the other side of an alien portal because of it, no I haven't forgot, but I do think that he is trying to change. Plus I think Thanos may have had a hand in why Loki did what he did, anyway I met with Thor and his family only for Odin to die."

"Loki told us he was dead."

"Sadly," Harry nodded. "honestly though his death was rather peaceful, in a way. But apparently Odin's death caused the failure of a spell or something like that, the end of the spell released something."

"Not something good I am guessing." Wanda commented.

"You guessed right," Harry replied. "a few seconds after Odin's death we all came face to face with Odin's secret daughter and Thor's half sister. Hela, the goddess of death."

"You are shitting me." Natasha looked at him with disbelief.

"Nope," Harry shook his head. "it's true, but really all she is is a powerful warrior and necromancer, she is not really connected to death like I am." Harry explained. "So after a failed attempt at resolving things with out violence, Thor threw his hammer at Hela but she caught it and then...she broke it."

"But I thought it was supposed to be unbreakable." Wanda frowned.

"It was supposed to be," Harry nodded. "but she did manage to break it. Me and Thor were still ready to fight but Loki called for the Bifrost to take us away, we were sucked into the Bifrost but Hela snuck in and knocked us out. Me, Thor and Loki ended up on an alien planet on the other side of the universe, imagine Asgard as the North pole and the planet we ended up on as the South pole.

We were captured by this asshole called the 'Grandmaster'. I fought an alien, a very powerful one, in a gladiator match before we were able to escape. The alien and me both understood that we were forced into the fight so we parted without hard feelings. We eventually escaped and got back to Asgard where me and Thor fought her off but we couldn't really win because it turned out that she drew her power from Asgard, meaning that as long as Asgard was around then she was undefeatable."

"That means...oh no." Natasha sighed when she realized what he was talking about.

"What are you..." Wanda paused as realization hit her as well. "...Harry did you destroy Asgard?" She gasped.

"No, don't be ridiculous. Surtur destroyed Asgard, I just watched. Surtur," Harry decided to quickly continue when both women glared at him. "was basically like this giant fire demon that was created after you combine his crown with this thing called the 'eternal flame'. Anyway, before either of you say anything, it was Thor's idea and we really didn't have a choice. I mean I was probably the only person there that she couldn't kill and I promise you it was not from a lack of trying."

"Okay," Wanda said as as Natasha rubbed her eyes. "what happened next?" She asked.

"Well we all planned to escape while Surtur was destroying Asgard but Hela decided that she did not like that part of the plan and attacked me. The others managed to escape on a spaceship while I was left behind fighting Hela, who was getting more than a little bit angry about how I wouldn't die, we ended up teleporting to hell or at least the Asgardian equivalent, also called 'Hel'. I fought her for a bit more before I killed her, then I was stuck in Hel. Hel was a cold wasteland with snow and ice everywhere, I mean everywhere, I promise you that even a racist would say it needs more colour. I wandered around Hel for a bit, I saw which way the dead were going and I went the opposite way, hoping that it would lead me to an exit or something like that.

I then came across this giant green troll that was called the 'Gatekeeper', I think it was his job to make sure things were really dead, I was not dead and that seemed to piss it off. I sort of had to kill that as well."

"I am sensing a theme here." Natasha said dryly.

"Ha ha," Harry responded with a fake laugh as he rolled his eyes. "now if I may continue, after I killed it I found myself teleported away and met a very interesting person."

"Who?" Wanda asked, not sure if she wanted to know.

"Death." Harry answered, he looked between both girls and tried not to laugh at their reactions. Wanda's mouth as open as she gaped at him, Natasha who had better control was still clearly shocked if the wide eyes and slight parting of her lips were any indication.

"As in actual death?!" Wanda blurted out.

"Yes, he is really a nice guy when you get to know him." Harry replied with a small shrug.

"Wait so death is male?" Natasha could not help but ask.

"Actually he does not really have a gender but he took a physical form to speak to me and the form he took was a male form so I am just going to refer to him as he." Harry explained. "In fact I just call him Stan."

"Stan?" Natasha repeated, not sure if she heard right.

"It's his name." Harry shrugged in a 'what do you want me to do about it?' way.

"What happened next?" Wanda asked. Harry then began explaining his conversation with Stan until the part where he walked into Fate's office.

"Hold up," Natasha raised a hand and signaled him to stop. "are you telling me you attacked 'Fate' of all people?" She said with pure disbelief.

"I hold a grudge." Harry replied. "And yes, the answer is yes."

"What the hell were you thinking?!" Wanda hissed. "Attacking Fate?!"

"I was thinking along the lines of should my axe go upwards or downwards." Harry replied. "Anyway, after my fun with Fate that's when things got really weird."

"How on Earth did it get weirder?" Wanda asked before she could stop herself.

Harry calmly walked out of Fate's office, ignoring the twitching body he had left on the floor. He had only taken a few steps when he looked up and froze as if he had just looked straight into the eyes of a basilisk, he gulped and his eyes widened just as his mouth fell slightly open. He looked at the blonde haired beauty standing in front of him, he could hardly believe it.

"D...Daphne?" Harry breathed out with disbelief.

"Harry." She smiled at him, as tears glided down her face. "It's me. It really is me."

"Daph I..." Harry moved forward and was close enough to hug her when she suddenly slapped him across the face. "O...kay..." A confused Harry turned back to look at her only to be slapped again.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Daphne suddenly demanded as she began hitting him repeatedly on his chest. "You were a handsome and rich guy who could have spent hundreds and hundreds of years with any women you wanted, doing whatever you wanted but you kept crying for me?! Why Harry?! Why did you put yourself through all that?! Do you have any idea what it was like watching you suffer?! Watching you refuse to move on! So many potential girls that could have made you happy and you rejected them all?! Why?!"

"Because they were not YOU!" Harry shouted as he grabbed her arms to stop her from hitting him and forcing her to look at him. "I gave you my heart Daph and you took it with you when you died!" Harry shouted, his eyes teary but he did not cry. "I...they were not you Daph." Harry said, his voice much softer. "I was not ready, you were not the only one who died that night, you were just the one that was taken away while I was the one who could do everything I wanted apart from join you."

He and Daphne stared at each other for several moments before they leaned in and hugged each other, Daphne cried into his shoulder as he did the same with hers. The two stood still, simply enjoying each others company, eventually they did finally let go but Daphne kept her hand in his.

"I...I have missed you Harry." Daphne admitted.

"Me too...I mean you...I...I missed you," Harry said before shaking his head to clear his thoughts. "I missed you Daph. But I am...I am with Natasha...and Wanda now."

"I know," Daphne said with a small smile. "I have been watching you Harry, actually glad that you got together with them."

"Really?" Harry asked with disbelief evident in his voice.

"Harry most blokes would have moved on after a couple of years, you moved on after more than a hundred. I was frankly glad you found something beyond a one night stand." Daphne admitted. "They have been good for you."

"I...I know." Harry smiled.

"You love them don't you?" Daphne asked.

"Yes...but I...I do love them, but that doesn't mean I don't love you."

"Harry, you have spent an entire lifetime wishing I was with you, you don't have to convince me." Daphne said as she gave him a teary smile. "I have many doubts about many things but your love is not one of them, Natasha and Wanda saw it as well, that's why they are willing to share you Harry. You love properly, you love truly, and you have plenty of love to give. I have been so proud of you Harry, I have watched all you have done, and I do not have words to express how proud I am of you.

But you were never properly happy, not until recently. You need to go back Harry." Daphne said suddenly.

"What?! But Daphne I am finally back! We can finally talk and..."

"Harry," Daphne interrupted. "I love you and I want nothing more than to spend time with you, you missed me but remember that I missed you too, but if you stay here then you will not want to leave. You are fighting for more than just yourself now Harry."

"Wanda and Natasha." Harry said, realizing what she meant.

"Hey." Daphne said in a soft voice as she placed her hands on his face as his naturally went to her waist. "I understand Harry," She said, tears pouring out from both of their faces. "I want you to stay here, I really do. Social barriers did not stop our love, war did not stop our love, dying was not enough to stop our love, if that doesn't teach you anything then you are thicker than I thought. I love you, I always love you. Don't doubt that."

"I won't." Harry said, his voice barely above a whisper.

"With me or without me, our love is still real, still unbreakable."

"Unbreakable." Harry repeated, with a small smile. "I suppose...I suppose I am just glad that I could talk to you one more time. I...I have always been scared, what would you think if I moved on? What if I wasn't happy if I moved on? What if you hated me for moving on? I am glad you're not mad at me."

"No, I am not. I am glad about one thing though." Daphne smiled.

"What is that supposed to be?"

"This is not the last time we will see each other." She grinned before she pulled him into a searing kiss.

"She kissed you huh?" Natasha said as she looked at him with a blank look.

"Was that all she did?" Wanda asked with the same look.

"Yes, I promise that all we did was kiss but in my defense I went from fighting the goddess of death to meeting my dead ex-fiancée and..."

"Harry, it's fine." Natasha interrupted with a smile as Wanda giggled. "What happens in the land of the dead stays in the land of the dead."

"What? Really? You two aren't mad?" Harry said with disbelief.

"If it was anyone other than Daphne then I promise you that you would be in a lot of pain." Wanda smiled despite the warning tone used in her voice.

"Oh that goes without saying," Natasha smirked. "now what happened next?"

"Oh can I tell the rest?" A voice asked. Harry, Natasha and Wanda jumped to their feet and were ready to start blasting when Harry stopped himself and quickly put a hand on Wanda's arm and Natasha's shoulder to signal them both to stop. "Don't do that again." Harry said to the newcomer before he began speaking to Natasha and Wanda. "Nat, Wanda, meet Stan...AKA 'Death'." Harry said as he gestured to Stan before he sat back down, he gently grabbed Wanda and Natasha by their waists and pulled them down so they were sat next to him.

"Wait...this is 'Death'?" Natasha said in a disbelieving voice as she gestured to Stan who was still wearing his suit.

"What?" Stan said defensively as he kicked a leg out and allowed himself to fall backwards, a chair formed out of his shadow and caught him before he could fall onto the floor. "You were expecting something different? Perhaps a dark robe and a scythe?" Stan asked with a knowing smile, Natasha blushed ever so slightly as the corners of her lips curved upwards, it was barely noticeable but everyone in the room noticed. "It is alright, everyone thinks that for some reason, honestly I dress up one Halloween and it sticks around for longer than I could ever wanted. Anyway I will quickly explain then give you all my goodbyes before I leave."

"Before you do," Harry interrupted. "what about Tony and the others?" Harry asked.

"All brought back safely and currently getting some rest." Stan answered before he began speaking to Natasha and Wanda. "Now Harry over here is my master but it is clear that he does not enjoy his immortality, I have wanted to take it away from him for a while but I could not just take it away because there is absolutely no point in having a master if you can take your masters power away whenever you want. Fate also blocked me repeatedly on it, bitch did not want me disrupting her plans.

I was talking with Miss Greengrass, a lovely conversationalist by the way, she suggested a rather brilliant idea. As 'Death' I am capable of making deals, I don't really know how I did not think of this earlier but I had the idea where I could give Harry what he wanted while also giving myself something that I want. First we need Fate out of the way so she would not interfere, nice job by the way." Stan grinned at Harry.

"It was my genuine pleasure." Harry smirked.

"I am sure," Stan chuckled before he continued speaking. "anyway the deal was simple. Firstly Harry would defeat Thanos so he doesn't go through his stupid 'kill half of the universe' crap and cause me a headache plus Harry would give me most of the infinity stones."

"Most?" Wanda asked, picking up on his choice of words and narrowly beating out Natasha who also noticed how he phrased it.

"I will leave the stone in Vision's head and the one in Miss Romanoff," Stan said as he gestured to Natasha, "though I will take Vision's stone if he is ever destroyed beyond repairing and I will take the reality stone when Miss Romanoff passes on to the next life. I have them," Stan said as he tapped his chest pocket. "I plan to lock them each away in separate locations where nobody can get to them." Stan added. "As Mr Potter, or Mr Black if he prefers, has completed his end of the deal, I will complete mine." Stan waved his hand and Harry's body glowed briefly before it stopped.

"What happened?" Wanda asked quickly.

"Mr Potter is mortal." Stan said with a smile as both girls gasped and instantly looked towards Harry who had a bright smile on his face as tears dripped down his face.

"Thank you," Harry continued smiling as he wiped away the tears. "thank you."

"No, thank you, this is the least I could do for you." Stan smiled before he stood up. "Now remember, just because you can die now does not mean you should do it quickly, you still have your healing factor and will be able to heal from everything you were able to heal before, but you won't die until..." Stan paused and looked at a watch on his wrist. "...I can't really tell you but far enough away for you to enjoy a brilliant life with Miss Maximoff and Miss Romanoff. Farewell, it'll be a while before we see each other again. Goodbye." Stan waved before he disappeared.

Once he was gone both girls looked towards Harry who was still smiling as tears of joy poured down his face.

"Harry?" Natasha whispered after a long pause where nobody spoke.

"Are you alright?" Wanda asked in a concerned voice.

"I am not cursed anymore," Harry whispered, "and now I have you both." Harry said before he pulled the two into a powerful hug. "How can I not be happy?" He laughed.

"We are happy for you Harry." Wanda whispered.

"What do you want to do now?" Natasha asked once they let go.

"I know exactly what I am going to do," Harry said after a moment, his smile got bigger as he stood up and pulled Wanda and Natasha to their feet.

"What?" Wanda asked before Harry started pulling them towards the bedroom.

"Today is one of the best days of my life and I want to end it on a fucking threesome." Harry said as the trio entered the bedroom. Natasha and Wanda exchanged a look before smiling and deciding to make the end of this day a perfect end for Harry.

"Are you sure you want to retire?" Fury asked, hoping that he would change his mind. He was currently in a meeting with both Natasha and Harry. "You are not just the leader of the Avengers but you are also one of the best to ever work with Shield, so are you Miss Romanoff."

"I know but...I...I am finally done." Harry said. "I have spent my whole life fighting, we have spent our whole lives fighting," Harry added as he wrapped an arm around Natasha's waist. "We have both talked about it, and we have decided that it's finally time to stop. We have done enough, now it's time for us to enjoy our lives."

"Miss Romanoff?" Fury looked at Natasha.

"I agree," Natasha nodded. "we have both done enough, we want to spend the rest of our lives simply in each other's company. If there is ever an emergency where you need us then we will come, but we are not wanting to continue as we already have."

"Shall I assume that Miss Maximoff is leaving the Avengers?" Fury sighed.

"Yes," Harry smiled despite trying not to. "like we said if Shield or the Avengers desperately need us then we will come, but until then we just want to enjoy life." Harry said.

"I...suppose I understand that." Fury said eventually after a short while, he stood up and the other two stood up as well. "You two were two of my best, I hope you both remember that. I wish you would stay full time but I understand. You have both done more than I can possibly thank you for, you both might not have started out as heroes but now I cannot see you as anything but heroes." Fury extended his hand, Natasha shook it first then Harry shook it, both knowing that this was probably the closest that they would get to a hug as far as Fury was concerned. "Thank you both for all you have done, I hope you enjoy your lives, just remember that there is always a place open for you both here."

"Thank you." Natasha said as Harry nodded.

"I know we didn't start off on the best of terms, but now I don't have the words to describe how much respect I have for you." Harry admitted. "I wish you all the best of luck."

"Thank you." Fury replied, smiling slightly. Harry and Natasha nodded before they turned and walked out of his office. Fury sighed before he sat down, he looked at the door where Natasha and Harry had left. Yes he was sad that they had left but quite frankly...if there was anyone who deserved happiness, it was them. "Best of luck." Fury whispered out loud.

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