Hiya, folks! Knock, knock! Anyone still with me? Well, if you are, thanks for hanging around. RL has been killing me the last 5 years, figuratively and literally, but if there's one thing I know; the writing community never fails to get you going. So here I am, back again. I'm determined to finish this and two other stories that will post soon. Originally, I was going to wait until next week when I finished my IT Bootcamp but I was itching to get back into things so you get it early! Yay! As of right now, a post will be every Tuesday but that could change so make sure to add me to your alerts to stay in the loop. Also, I've created a FB page! So join me there for teasers, discussions, naughtiness, and fun times. Search Reader4Lyfe and you'll find me. This story is close to me for many reasons, one being I'm a shy introvert who is slowly losing her hearing and teaching myself sign language. I can read lips but that was just something I picked up over the years. I've dealt with many forms of trauma over the years so some of this comes from personal experience. This story may have triggers and you will be warned but if it doesn't suit you, don't read it. Glad to have you on this road with me. It'll be a rocky one, but I promise, everyone gets a HEA.

Also, I did previously post this story but decided to take it down and revamp it some. You may recognize some old stuff but notice the new. Shout out to LyricalKris, manicalmuse, PearlyFox, and Christi Whitson for being my inspiration to get back to writing. These are some awesome ladies with awesome groups. Check out their fanfics and fb groups.

Anyways, enjoy, friends.


I knew that the minute I stepped inside that shop my life was going to change. Whether or not it was going to be a good or bad remains to be seen. One thing I did know was that if I didn't go in, well, I'd be stuck with this pain for the rest of my life, which is one lifetime too long.

Pull yourself together, Bella, you can do this.

I straightened my shoulders and set my jaw. Looking up at the sign, I took a deep breath in then blew out and reached for the door.

Today was going to make me or break me.

I just hoped I made it because if I broke, I'm not sure I'd be able to put myself back together again.

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