Fujin sat picking at her breakfast this early morning. She'd gotten almost no sleep last night and doubted she would get anymore tonight. She'd been up tossing and turning, worrying about the dreaded First Day of School. Yes, a few weeks had passed and the new year started tomorrow. The new students were already settled in their rooms and awaited the next day with anticipation and excitement. Fujin just hoped she would live to see next week. On top of that already large stress was the news that the new wing that was meant to house Garden staff was not open yet, so no double with Quistis, not for sometime anyway. True, Fujin had been nervous about her new living arrangements, but that didn't mean she didn't want to move in with Quistis. She sighed; it only gave her more to think about.

Across from her Quistis frowned and leaned forward in her seat. "You okay? You haven't touched your food." Fujin remained silent and half-heartedly shoved a forkful of eggs in her mouth. "Still nervous about tomorrow?" Fujin nodded and took a sip of water from her glass. "Oh don't be." Quistis gave a reassuring smile. "Everyone knows you'll do fine. Anyway, today is a relax day. Use it to go over what you plan to do, and how you're going to whip those newbies into shape." Quistis gestured wildly with her fork causing a bit of sausage to go flying toward the oncoming Zell's face.

"Hey!" Zell yelled as he artfully dodged the airborne sausage. "What's with the flying bratwurst? I only wanna join you two for breakfast!"

"Sorry Zell." Quistis apologized as Fujin doubled up in laughter. "I was only trying to make Fujin feel better."

Zell set down his breakfast tray which, despite it being so early in the morning, was overflowing with hotdogs. "Well can it not involve chucking sausage at my head?" plopped down and began to stuff hotdogs into his mouth.

"Guess we can accommodate you there." Quistis chuckled and resumed eating. "How's Lor?"

"Oh she's cool!" Zell replied smiling as he bit into another hotdog. "She's got the day off from the library today. So we're gettin' together once more before the year starts."

"That's nice."

"Meah, wor gefing rol 'lose." His mouth was completely full.

"How can you eat hotdogs so early in the morning?" Quistis asked, as she valiantly tried to ignore the way Zell gorged himself on hotdogs.

He paused once to take a big gulp of orange juice. "Hey Garden hotdogs are the closest thing to heaven we've got! They give ya tons of energy!"

"TOO MUCH." Fujin commented with a disgusted look on her face.

"Mwa?" Zell questioned, mouth full of chewed up hotdog.


Zell just looked confused and shrugged it of figuring that he would have understood if it mattered.

Quistis just shook her head. "Anyway, Fujin you've no need be nervous. All you have to do is establish the fact that you are the teacher and they are the students and you are there to teach them the skills they'll need in the field."

Fujin just stared at Quistis. "What?" She said.

"You just gotta show 'em who's boss!" Zell said shoving the last hotdog into his mouth.


"Just use those skills you learned in the Disciplinary Committee."

"SKILLS?" Fujin looked around in mock confusion "LEARNED SKILLS?" she grinned.

"Well you damned well made my life hell back then, don't tell me you didn't learn at least one useful thing."

"LEARNED MIDDLE NAME." She grinned devilishly.

"Oh no! Don't you dare!" Zell warned.

Fujin chuckled evily "OKAY ZELL ALEXANDER DINCHT."

"AWWW MAN! Can I help it if my mom likes the GF so much?" Zell buried his face in his hands.

"Well," Quistis said between chuckles. "You have to admit it is an odd middle name, especially because your mother is obsessed with him."

"Not obsessed," Zell protested "just really interested."

"YEAH OKAY." Fujin smirked

"Bah! I'm outta here." Zell got up from the table. "See you two at the staff meeting." He deposited his tray on the growing stack next to the garbage can and exited the cafeteria.

"Oh I completely forgot about the staff meeting!" Quistis groaned. "I'd been hoping we'd spend the afternoon together, just the two of us." Fujin smiled sadly, she'd been hoping for the same thing. "Now we'll have to listen to Headmaster Cid lecture us the whole time."

"MEET LATER?" Fujin arched an eyebrow.



"Sounds good." Quistis smiled and stood up from the table. "I'll see you at the staff meeting. Consider yourself lucky that you don't have to stay for the whole thing."

Fujin chuckled, indeed glad that she did not have to suffer through one of Cid's excruciating lectures. "LOVE YOU."

"Love you too." Quistis winked and turned to leave.

Fujin was silent as she watched Quistis drop her tray off and leave the cafeteria. Despite Quistis' attempt to make her feel better Fujin was still extremely nervous. It touched her that everyone thought she would do a good job, but something still gnawed at her when she thought about leading the class.

The solitary warrior sighed and finished her breakfast. She wiped her mouth and was about to leave the table when she felt intense eyes upon her back. Fujin straightened and whirled around to face whoever was standing behind her. She started when she met Edea's eyes. Truthfully, Edea was the one person who made Fujin nervous. During the wars, when she and Seifer had followed the possessed woman, Fujin had always found it difficult to be around the powerful woman and her piercing eyes. She always felt that Edea had the ability to see right into her heart. Of course Edea had been trying her hardest to make up for what she had caused during the wars. She'd felt as thought she had wronged her children the most and still worked to make everything right again. Fujin was grateful for the attempt, but still the woman made her nervous.

Edea smiled. "Hello Fujin."

"EDEA." Fujin said simply and moved to put away her breakfast tray.

"Oh please don't leave Fujin." Edea touched the woman's arm lightly to stop her. "I wanted to speak with you."

Fujin tilted her head to one side then settled her weight. "SPEAK."

"Let's sit shall we?" Edea seated herself without waiting for a reply.

"STAFF MEETING SOON." Fujin sat and looked impatient.

"I know, I just wanted to have a small talk with you."

"WHAT." She just wanted to leave, those eyes were so intense.

Edea shook her head patiently. "I know you've become uncomfortable around me since the wars Fujin, but please let me speak with you." Fujin looked startled but said nothing. "Don't be so surprised. I know all my children well, and it saddens me to know that I have alienated one of them."

Fujin ran a hand through her hair. "NOT A... ALIENATED."

"I have made you uncomfortable around me. I cannot have one of my precious children uncomfortable around me."

"ABOUT YOU?" Fujin frowned.

"No, I thought you might say that. It's about you, Fujin. It's about how you feel and about you being able to come to me about it. It's about the feelings locked inside of you."


"Oh really, then what is there?" Edea questioned, amusement some how written on her serious face.

"MUSCLES AND BLACK STUFF." Fujin's face was stone still, not a trace of humor to be found. Still Edea chuckled lightly at the answer. "WHAT? IS TRUE." Fujin stated.

"So you've developed a sense of humor have you?" Edea smiled and put cradled her head in an upturned palm.

For once Fujin managed a smile. "QUISTIS BROUGHT OUT."

"Ahhh, yes. I'm happy you two found each other by the way. I know you each had to go through a lot before you could see properly." Edea's voice grew quiet.

Fujin nodded as unwanted memories flowed through her mind.

"Don't feel bad dear Fujin, it was not my intention to upset you. I came to you to tell you that I have something of yours."

"SOMETHING?" Something, perhaps the way Edea's voice sounded caused Fujin's stomach to feel dark and heavy.

"Yes, a box of your memories."

Fujin's face was unreadable as she processed what was just said. "MEMORIES?"

"Yes, you had it when you came to me. I was told that you had been staying with friends of the family when you were taken from them and put in my care."


"They were abusive, I doubt you would remember much from then because of GF usage. Regardless, I believe it is time for me to return the box of memories to you. They are yours after all." Fujin looked doubtful, she wasn't sure she wanted to remember anything from back then. "You must take the box Fujin. You must gain your memories back. You are the last of my children I have come to. I've hesitated only because I felt it would do more harm than good to the life you've made for yourself."

Fujin frowned and the dark feeling grew stronger. "THEN DON'T WANT BOX."

Edea sighed and gently took the troubled woman's hand. Fujin didn't pull away, the contact made her feel better. "Being bonded with Ultimicia for so long has granted me the ability to see through the fog of the future. Not well mind you, but what I see it fairly accurate. Your future is split. You can go one way or the other, and you will have to make the choice soon."


"Yes, I'm not sure of what that choice is, except that it will change your life. You'll need the box to help you make that choice." Fujin's brow knitted together as she thought.

Edea stood up from the table her hand still clasping Fujin's own. "You must go or you'll be late to the meeting." Fujin rose at this, but seemed to be lost in thought. "Come to me after the meeting and I'll deliver the box to you, understand?" Fujin looked into Edea's eyes and nodded. The mysterious woman gave Fujin a warm smile and left quietly.