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Chapter 1


Twelve-year-old Rin Okumura was busy with a huge project that he'd been working on for the past twenty minutes. He had been creating what would be (in his opinion) the world's greatest banana split. He'd split the banana in half, one for each side of the biggest bowl he could find in the Southern Cross Boys' Monastery. One giant scoop of each flavor of ice cream in the freezer (pistachio, cookies and cream, caramel fudge brownie, vanilla, cookie dough, and strawberry), chocolate syrup, a six-inch pile of whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles. Rin was currently on a footstool, dangling a maraschino cherry over his frozen dairy masterpiece. He had to place it on top perfectly, otherwise the cherry would be off and it wouldn't look right. Almost there…


Rin jumped, dropping the cherry, which landed near the bottom of the whipped cream. A tick mark appeared on his head, frustrated that something interrupted his work and he was unable to use magic to fix it. Rin might seem like an ordinary boy, but he was actually a wizard who went to a magic school in Europe. Unfortunately, since he was underage, he was forbidden by law from using his magic outside of school until he was seventeen (not that it would do much good since his magic would most likely melt his banana split).

Rin hopped off his footstool to investigate the source of the noise that interrupted his work. It came from the kitchen window. He looked out and saw what looked like an old feather duster lying on the ground.

"Yukio! Check out what crashed into the kitchen window!" Rin called out to his twin brother.

A boy with brown hair, teal eyes with glasses, and moles on his face entered the kitchen, a manga comic book in his hands.

"What is it?" asked Rin's twin brother Yukio.

"I don't know," said Rin. "It looks like something a pillow threw up."

"I'll go see what it is. Put that banana split in the freezer before it melts," Yukio instructed.

As Rin put his ruined masterpiece away, his brother went outside to retrieve the feathery creature. When he came back in, he held it up in one hand. It was clear now that it was a really old owl.

Rin scrunched up his face at the bird. "Is it dead?" he asked.

Yukio shook his head no. "It's still breathing, barely," he said with uncertainty. "It's also carrying a letter, so it must have been from one of our friends from Hogwarts."

Rin's eyes widened at the thought of one of their friends from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry writing to them. He had wanted to write to them throughout the summer but had no idea where Tokyo's version of Diagon Alley was located. He felt bad for not looking for it, but Tokyo was the largest city in the world. One could easily get lost if they didn't know where they were going.

"Who's it from?" Rin asked eagerly. "One of your Ravenclaw friends? Harry, Ron, or Hermione?"

"I doubt it's from Harry since his owl Hedwig is a snowy owl," Yukio said as he detached the letter from the comatose owl's leg. He opened the letter and read it. "It's Ron's family owl, Errol. Ron's inviting us to come visit this summer."

"Lemme see!" Rin cried as he snatched the letter from his brother's hands. He recognized Ron Weasley's scrawl along with the occasional inkblots that dotted the parchment:

Hey Rin and Yukio!

How is your summer so far? Sorry about Errol, our owl. He's ancient and it wouldn't be the first time he's collapsed during a delivery. I wanted to use Percy's owl Hermes but he's been holed up in his room all summer and refuses to share him.

Anyway, things back in Europe have been alright. Things are pretty boring at my house. Do you two still want to come over? My mum actually wants your dad to come too. I asked Mum how she knew your dad, but all she said was that she met him through my late uncles.

Let me know if you can come over.


P.S. I know this is a long shot, but have either of you been in contact with Harry? I swear, I've written to him five times and I've gotten no reply. Hermione can't reach him either. Maybe his Muggle relatives won't let him answer…

Rin looked at his brother, eyes sparkling at the thought of returning to the wizarding world. Yukio, while excited, looked at the owl, Errol, sleeping on the table.

"Even if Dad says yes, we can't use Ron's owl. Look at him," he said.

Rin looked at the snoozing owl and nodded. "Yeah, if we used him now, I doubt he'd make it out of the city limits," he agreed.


Shiro walked into the house after blessing a homeowner's new home and saw Rin and Yukio run up to him. Both of them were talking at the same time. He didn't understand what exactly they were saying but he was pretty sure he heard "owl" and "Ron" in all of that racket.

"Boys! BOYS!" Shiro yelled. "One at a time! What's going on?"

"Our friend from Hogwarts, Ron, invited us to his house," said Rin.

"But we can't answer him because the owl he used looks like it's practically dead," Yukio added.

Shiro raised his eyebrows. "Ron? You mean Ron Weasley, your red-haired friend?" he asked for clarity. Both boys nodded and Shiro smiled. "Well, by all means! We can go visit him and his family until school starts. But why can't you use his owl? What happened to him?"

"I think the flight wore him out, but Ron said that he does that a lot," said Rin.

"He's a really old owl," Yukio added. Rin held up the bird, still fast asleep, by its leg.

Shiro gripped his chin in thought. "Well, this presents a problem," he muttered. He then studied the owl dangling in Rin's hand. "You sure he's not dead?"

"He's still breathing," Rin assured.

"Let's let him rest for a few days before you write back," Shiro suggested.


Dear Ron,

Rin and I are happy to come stay with you and your family for the rest of the summer. Dad says that he'll come too.

Tokyo's been pretty quiet too. It would help if we knew where Japan's version of Diagon Alley was located, then we could write back to you more often.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Your owl looked half-dead when he arrived.


P.S. No, neither of us have heard from Harry all summer. I understand that none of you are able to write to us. Japan is pretty far from England, after all.


They waited a week for Errol to recover. He slept in a tree in the backyard. Tadashi Misumi, one of the monastery's priests, kept the owl well fed and cared for thanks to the bird feeders and bird bath he always tended to. When it was time for Errol to send his mail to Ron, however, he refused to leave.

"Come on, Errol! You've gotta send Yukio's letter to Ron," Rin pleaded to the old bird. Errol, who was munching on a dead rat that he brought back for lunch, gave Rin a deadpanned look before returning to his meal.

A tick mark appeared on Rin's head. "I'm gonna tell Ron about this if you don't do it," he threatened. Errol turned his back on Rin and raised his tail feathers, as if to say "Go away!"

Rin gave the bird a dark look. "My cat Kuro can eat birds bigger than you."

Errol jumped in fright and grabbed the envelope from Rin's hand and flew away. Rin gave himself a satisfied smile. He knew that Kuro was a cat sithe, but he didn't know the extent of the demonic cat's abilities.


It had been three weeks since Errol's visit. Rin and Yukio knew that the owl's flight back would take awhile, but they were getting worried that he never made it. Shiro told them to be patient since Errol was old and probably had to stop often to rest.

The twins entered their house, one afternoon, covered in dirt, grime, and blood. Reiji Shiratori and his gang once again got into a fight with Rin and Yukio. The bullies ambushed them while they were walking home from the movie theater. Both the twins and the bullies suffered injuries, the worst being two bloody noses and a busted lip.

"Just goes to show how much of a jerkwad Reiji can be," Rin said, plugging his nose to stop the bleeding.

"I think stepping on my glasses was his lowest moment," Yukio said, holding said pair of glasses with cracked lenses.

"Why do you think I punched him in the gut?" Rin replied. He then spat something out of his mouth. "What do you know? Another tooth gone."

"One more to go," said Yukio. "I wonder if there's a spell that can straighten your teeth. That could save us lots of money on braces."


Rin and Yukio ran into the living room and saw a huge cloud of dust and soot coming out of their fireplace.

"What the hell was that?" Rin asked.

"Hello?" Yukio called out nervously.

Another crash followed, making another dust cloud. The carpet in the living room was going to need to be shampooed at this rate.

Shiro ran into the living room. "What in God's name is going on?" he asked in alarm.

Coughing could be heard from the fireplace. "Hello? Is this Southern Cross Boys' Monastery?" a voice called out.

Shiro slowly walked in front of the twins, in case this person was a threat. "Yes. Who's there?"

"Rin? Yukio?" a familiar voice called out.

"Ron?" the twins called out. The dust cloud cleared up. Sure enough, a boy Rin and Yukio's age became visible. He had red hair, freckles, tall, and lanky. This was Ron Weasley, one of Rin and Yukio's first friends at Hogwarts.

Alongside Ron was a tall, thin man who was balding but still had enough hair for Shiro and the twins to see that he had the same shade of red as Ron.

Ron's face brightened at the sight of his two friends. "'Bout time I saw you two. I wrote back to you guys two weeks ago and you never responded," he said.

Shiro held up a sleeping Errol, a letter attached to his leg. "We just got your letter," he said. "Literally crashed into my study window a minute ago." Ron frowned in annoyance as he approached the priest and took the owl.

"Bloody hell, Errol," Ron grumbled.

Ron's father brushed himself off as best he could before he greeted everyone. "I apologize for dropping in so suddenly," he greeted cheerfully. "Our owl is not used to flying such long distances."

Shiro smiled. "No worries. The carpet needed to be cleaned anyway."

Ron's father approached Shiro and shook his hand. "It's been too long, Shiro Fujimoto. Haven't seen you since Fred and George were toddlers," he said.

"You're a machine, Arthur Weasley! Seven kids! How did you do it?" Shiro asked with a smirk on his face.

Ron's father, Arthur, turned bright red. "Just lucky, I guess," he mumbled.

Shiro laughed out loud. "I'm just messing with you, Arthur. No harm done!"

Arthur then took a moment to look around the room. "Is this where you live, Shiro? I thought a monastery was a home for priests and other people of your profession."

As the adults talked, Rin and Yukio took the time to catch up with Ron.

"What's with our dads?" asked Rin. "Do they know each other?"

"I thought Dad just knew your mom," Yukio added. "I didn't know he knew your dad too."

"Yeah, when I got home after the year ended, Mum told Dad that she'd met your dad and they both got excited," Ron explained. "I asked them how they knew him, and they said that he'd helped the wizarding world fight demons."

"Dad's gonna have to tell us more about his days in the wizarding world," Yukio told Rin.

"How did your dad know about our world anyway?" asked Ron.

"He was checking out an abandoned warehouse when two wizards and a witch showed up and were attacked by ghoul demons," Rin answered.

Ron then got a good look at the twins. "Speaking of attacked, what happened to you two? You're a mess," he observed.

Yukio started straightening himself out. "We were ambushed by local bullies," he simply explained.

"Happens to us a lot," Rin added.

"You more than me," Yukio said to his brother who glared back at him.

Ron saw Yukio's broken glasses in his hands and turned to his father. "Dad, can you fix Yukio's glasses?" he asked.

The two adults turned in the children's direction. Arthur smiled and took out his wand. "Certainly. May I see them?" he asked. Yukio handed the man his glasses. Arthur tapped them with his wand. "Oculus Reparo," he recited. Just like that, the cracks on the lenses slowly vanished until they were no more. Yukio put his glasses back on and saw that they were as good as new.


Arthur smiled. "You're very welcome…?"

"Oh! I'm Yukio Okumura and this is my twin brother, Rin."

Rin smiled. "Hi!"

"A pleasure to meet you both. I'm Arthur Weasley, Ron's father," he greeted, shaking both their hands.

"Nice to meet you too," said Yukio.

The man nodded. "Well since we're here, do you still wish to come visit us?" Arthur suggested. "The letter we wrote said that we'd pick you lot up today, but if you still need time…"

Rin and Yukio looked at Shiro.

"Can we go now, Dad?" Rin pleaded.

"Please?" Yukio added.

Shiro smiled. "Alright. You two can go. I'll come along later. I need to let the others know where we'll be for the next few weeks."

"Yes!" All three boys cheered, pumping their fists.

"Follow us, Ron. You can help us pack," said Yukio.

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