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Author's note: This is just an intro for the first character. Try to guess whom!

~ The Golden Lion ~

As all fairy tales begin this way, so shall I begin MY fairy tale likewise.

Once upon a time.long ago, in a faraway fantasyland, there stood a great fortress where a beautiful palace stands. The castle's wall was snowy white with golden roofs and window-frames. Its gate was made of pure gold studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, jades, sapphires, topaz.*breath*, in short, all the treasures of the world. Its fortress was strong enough to withstand a huge army as well as weapons such as canon balls .etc. A moat surrounded the castle to prevent enemies from attacking and there was a huge drawbridge that connected the castle to the land.

This magnificent castle belonged to a king. NOW this king is not your ordinary old, fat fairy tale king. He is tall, dark complexion with a well- built, masculine body. No one in his kingdom could match his brutal strength and intelligent mind. His face is handsome with well-shaped jaws, full lips and beautiful honey-brown eyes. And like all kings, he has all the virtues of life, making him the most liked king in all the land. With his kingly air, everyone respected and honoured him. No one could turn away from him.

Except for one little miss-fit.*ladies and gents*.he has.RED hair! Yes indeed, that red hair spoils everything about him. With just one look at it, all the ladies flee from him and all the gentlemen dare not come near his presence. His red hair made him look fierce and cruel.scaring the daylights out of everyone. Because of it, this king surrounded himself with a mysterious aura and a hard cold barrier. He became aloof and quite for he never speaks to anyone except his counsellors. No one could touch him and they fear him because he knows no love.and no one loves him.

Until one day, as so happens, a fairy disguised as a poor, old widow came to the castle gate to beg for a bond. No her main objective was to see how badly damaged is this wonderful king. So she cried loudly, asking for a bond. At first, she was ignored, but after a while, the king sent his counsellors to send her away. But still she would not go and insisted that the king must do as she asked. At last, the king himself came out, for he could not stand her bragging, to settle the matter.

The fairy promised the king a single, beautiful, cherry blossom, no bigger than her palm, if he would kindly give her a bond. But the king laughed at her instead, and began to scorn her for disturbing him with simple matters. He pushed her away roughly, which caused her to fall. But she never touched the ground, for she revealed herself as a silver fairy the moment he pushed her.

The king saw this and immediately begged for mercy. This she did not listen, for in her heart she knew that he must learn his lesson the hard way. And so she castled a spell upon him and all his court. His castle magically lost its beauty, turning into an old, wrecked castle. His servants turned into tools furniture and culinary utensils, his counsellors turned into black crows and he.he turned into an enchanted golden lion with fiery red mane. Being a beast by day and a man by night, he resolved to roam the forest in the morning only to return to his castle at night to seek refuge from his humiliation.

The moat around the castle turned into a beautiful garden with 2 seasons. One side is summer and the other winter. On the summer side were many kinds of beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers, which are attractive to the eyes while on the winter side, were only icy cold cherry blossom trees. In the midst of it stood a beautiful pink cherry blossom tree, which was planted by the fairy using the cherry blossom the king refused. This was an enchanted tree with many small flowers. Each year a flower will fall, and by the time the last flower falls and the king has not found the love of his life, his enchantment will worsen and he will be destined to remain as a lion forever.

Over the years, tall shrubbery and thorns began to cover the enchanted castle. Grandfathers told stories to grandchildren about the golden lion and his castle. This rumour went on until the day when someone will break the spell of the beast and free it from its miseries.
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