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Author's Notes: I'll soon be free from THIS particular fic. Why? Because it's already the ending. You can't expect a "never-ending story"! Unless you count on your imagination and the movie "Never-ending Story". Ja! Enjoy while you still want to!

~ It's all coming back to me now! ~

Kaede reached the West Beach in time to witness the most gruesome battle he has ever seen. There in front of him was a gigantic silvery-green dragon battling the golden lion. Each had terrible and deep scars upon their bodies and blood was oozing out all over the place. It has very heart- breaking to watch even by a brave man and Kaede couldn't stand there still and watch it all happening. He quickly rush over to the right side of the beach, counted the eleventh rod, broke it, and immediately slay the dragon with it. Both dragon and lion return to their human form and Kaede was so happy that he forgotten the wind's last advice.

Seeing his opportunity, the dragon prince swept the lion king off his feet and took him away to his own kingdom far beyond the horizon. Once again, our unfortunate traveller was forsaken. Tears welled up in his eyes and knees feebly gave way. After 7 years he had finally caught up with his beloved yet somehow faith had intervene once again. But his heart kept urging him on to find his king, and so with what little hope left in his heart, he gather himself up proceeded on towards the horizon.

"I'll find. If my heart says so, then I will!"

On and on he travelled stopping only to rest until he came to a large city where it seems to be celebrating something. Putting on a disguise as a peasant, he entered the city and began asking the people around the city.

"What is this celebration that you are preparing?" he asked purposefully.

"Why, it is soon to be the wedding day of our prince, Prince Sendoh of Grokenstein, and it will be a 7 days celebration. It seems that he has chosen a MAN to be his future companion. We had never known that he a is gay but at least he has never been THIS happy since the day his mother left him."

An electric spark shot up within him as he heard the news. Could it be my Hanamichi? Could he be here? Without further ado, he went straight up to the castle and asked for admittance, but the guards will not let him in. Desperate but still in his right mind, he went to the back off the castle and began to think of a way to get inside of the castle. While he was thinking, the sun reached to its highest peak of the day and shone brightly down upon his back. Then suddenly, the thought came into his head and he immediately pulled out the golden casket that the sun had given to him in times of trouble. He opened it and out from it came a brood of beautiful, golden chicks (a dozen of them), which immediately seek refuge under the old hen's protective wings. This made a wondrous sight and with this in mind, Kaede drove the brood towards the castle, stopping below the prince's chamber window and began playing with them.

Soon, Prince Sendoh noticed the golden brood and his heart wanted it for himself. He ordered the guards to lead them into the castle. With high hopes, Kaede purposefully walked up to the prince.

"What do you want if I wish to buy this golden brood of yours?"

"They are sold not for gold and silver, but for flesh and blood."

"Strange answer from a stranger. What do you mean by that?"

"I wish to meet with the groom."

"What a strange answer from a peasant like you! But no matter, I do want this golden brood. You have my words. You shall meet the groom tonight in his chamber."

So that night, the chamberlain led Kaede to the groom's bedchamber. Little did he know that the prince had ordered the chamberlain to give a sleeping draught to the groom so that he will be fast asleep by the time Kaede arrives. Within the chamber, Kaede saw his sleeping lover and rushed towards the bed.

"Oh, my love. Why have you forsaken me? Do you not remember me? Oh, if only you knew that I had travelled all this way, following you for 7 years, how your heart might break!"

But his words went pass Hanamichi like a murmur in the wind.

"Do you not hear me, my love?"

And indeed, he didn't hear him. So Kaede had no other choice but to give up the golden brood in vain. His heart felt like breaking but his mind wondered at another idea. His hands automatically reached into his pocket and pulled out the silver egg that the moon gave him. He broke it and from within it, pulled out a beautiful, silver robe, more dazzling than the moon itself and far more glittering than the stars or brighter than the sun too. This he pulled it on and tried his luck once more at the castle.

Prince Sendoh was pleased with the robe and asked for the price, as usual.

"What shall be the price again, stranger?"

"Not gold or silver, but flesh and blood. Let me see the groom again tonight."

"Very well," replied the prince, thinking that he can trick Kaede again.

So again Kaede was led to the groom's chamber. But this time Hanamichi was wide awake, for he had asked the chamberlain why he had heard the wind sigh so and the chamberlain reviled everything and what he had done. So Hanamichi took care not to drink a single drop of the drink and waited for Kaede.

Their eyes met, and a suddenly spark flew between them. Memories of the past came streaming back into Hanamichi's head and something within him made him remember the person now standing in front of him.


"You remembered!"

"Yes.yes. I remember! It's all coming back to me now.'

"Oh, I'm so glad my love."

"It is because of you, Kaede, that I now remember. Thank you."

Hanamichi was about to hug Kaede when suddenly the door burst open and Prince Sendoh entered the chamber.

"You can never trust anyone nowadays," he sighed. "I imprisoned that lousy chamberlain of mine for eternity. That should do the trick. Now, where was I up to?"

Sendoh smirked his evil smile as he unsheathes his sword. "You shall not have him, peasant. He is MINE!"

"You're wrong. He doesn't belong to you. He belongs to ME!"

At that moment, Kaede too unsheathed his own sword. Both men posed readily for battle, but what looked to be a bloody battle turned out to be a deadly quarrel. Both men ended up bickering at each other and arguing as to whom Hanamichi belonged to. This, unfortunately, was giving poor Hanamichi a bad headache.

"I won't belong to anybody unless someone can break the last curse of mine!" shouted Hanamichi.

"And which is?" answered both men, excitedly.

"It is to kiss me!"

"Oh, that's easy!" said Sendoh, and he hurriedly rush up to Hanamichi to give him his curing kiss.

Unfortunately for him, you know what happened. Hanamichi instantly changed into a hideous beast and was about to rip Sendoh into shreds when Kaede intervened by going in between them and using a shield to defend himself, knocked Hanamichi down with one kick. Taking his opportunity, Kaede leaned forward and immediately kissed Hanamichi lightly on the lips.

The enchantments were broken. His castle shone brightly from under overgrown trees. His subjects turned back into their true form and he became his true self once more.

"I knew it had to be you, Kaede," said Hanamichi and he kissed him passionately.

Poor Sendoh looked upon the happy couple with sadness and jealousy in his heart. Yet what could he do, for Hanamichi had chosen Kaede instead of him. So what did he do? Simple, he pouted his mouth and let tears stain his cheeks while saying:

"Why doesn't anyone like me around here? Am I really that naughty?"

His voice was so pitiful and childish that it moved Hanamichi's heart. Though he couldn't forgive this man for what he had done, but he was an emotional person and his heart always gets the better of him. What could he do to help this person? Kaede, on the other hand, was beginning to feel jealous when Hanamichi averted his attention away from him.

So what did Hanamichi do? Simple, he married both of them, to make everyone happy. At first, Kaede and Sendoh didn't like the idea, but once Hanamichi had pursued them; they fell in the everyday routine of making Hanamichi happy. Well, you can say that everyone lived happily ever after!


Author's note: If it is too short, than use your own imagination. Sayonara!