Donna walked into the Foreman's kitchen and found Kitty looking at her brand new oven with a smile. Donna cleared her throat to get Kitty's attention. She turned around and smiled at Donna.

"Donna, what can I do for you?" Kitty asked.

"Mrs. Foreman, you're a nurse, so you must have seen people that have been in bad accidents, right?"

"Not often but I have had a few. Why?"

"Have they ever shown signs of PTSD?" She asked.

"Donna, did the accident do something?" Kitty asked in her best motherly tone.

"I had this dream last night, the guy that abducted me."

Donna's Dream:

Donna was outside on a nice sunny day. She was smiling and happy and heard Eric calling her name. She turned around and the sky turned stormy and Eric was on the ground, blood falling coming out of a large wound on his back. A man wearing Eric's mask (When Donna is explaining this to Kitty, she just said the Vigilante's mask) put his foot on Eric's body. He placed a gun against Eric's head and pulled the trigger.

"NNNOOOOO!" Donna started to cry.

The man took off the mask and was revealed to be James. He looked at Donna and pointed the gun at her.

"So long, darling." He said.

He pulled the trigger and that's when Donna woke up breathing heavily and sweating.

Real Time:

"Well, that is certainly a bad sign." Kitty said.

"What should I do?" Donna asked.

"Well, what you should do is surround yourself with you feel close to. People that you know will help you through this." Kitty said.

"Thank, Mrs. Foreman. Do you know where Eric is?"

"I believe him and Steven are in the basement."

The Basement:

As Donna was upstairs talking to Kitty, Eric was downstairs talking to Hyde. Hyde just got a letter from Jackie and could only stare at it after reading. Eric had the TV on and was watching the news.

"We are saddened to inform you that the young waitress injured in the recent attack has passed away. The doctors said they tried everything they could but, in the end, her injuries were too severe."

Eric turned off the TV and looked at Hyde. Eric has never seen this side of Hyde before. He looked truly sad.

"Hyde, are you okay?" Eric asked.

"It's Jackie, I miss her, man." Hyde said.

He got up and went into his room. Eric heard the door open and Donna came down. He just looked at Hyde's room.


A doctor covered the corpse of the young waitress and walked to a phone. He looked around to make sure he was alone. The phone was picked up and they started talking.

"Test #7 was a failure, however her body stayed alive for two days before the serum killed her." The doctor said.

"We're getting closer, but we must hurry. We're running out of time. All of the papers for the serum were destroyed, if we don't get this soon everything I've worked on will be for nothing!" The man said.

"If I may, why is this so important to you?" The doctor asked.

"Do you have any kids, Doctor?" The man asked.

"My wife is seven months pregnant." He said.

"When you become a father, you will understand that you're willing to do anything to protect your child." The man said.

A/N: So, looks like the Doctor is the one that caused the waitress to die, doing Human testing on patient's in comas. Some people are probably wondering about Jackie, in this world she has really only been gone for about a week, but will be coming back soon. I can't say much but something has to happen to a certain Zen master first. Also, anyone wondering about the Foreman's new tax bracket their net worth is around (In today's money) 20 million.