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A Brand new story for you all, an avengers x fate crossover. Okay so as some of you have seen, iv'e deleted a few of my stories, many being my reboot's. I won't lie, i thought i had solid story lines for them but as time went on by, i didn't. I don't known why but after thinking, thinking and thinking so more, i just didn't have all my little duckligs in a row and rather then make all you all wait for nothing, i decide to just simply say "Fuck it I'm done". Now do note, i haven't given up on them just simply pushed them aside as later projects till i get my current ones done. It's getting closer to the holidays so ya know, i'm going to be a busy little bee. But once again, my kingdom hearts/rwby crossover is getting a redo and it going to be renamed "The Grey Keyblade Master" Till then, this new story should be of some entertainment to ya all, as it will be expanding on more then just the Avengers. So as always i don't own Marvel or Rwby.

So please, read, review and "What the fuc-BOOM"

Prologue: Magi


Magi are humans that use magecraft (or even true magic, though all magic users seem to use magecraft too).

Magic...a power known only through myths, legends and stories too many. The very concept itself now a days is believed to be nothing more then a child's fantasy and in some case's, bullshit.

Magi otherwise known as:

Witch's, mages, sorcerer's, devil descendants, freaks of nature, monsters in human skin, false gods, i could go on but i think you get the point.

People fear what they don't understand and that fear turns to hate and rage. The ability to wield and control magic back in the days of old was rare and as a result to those who showed to have this gift, were hunted down and burned at the stake for their gifts. While it's true, blood is required to pass along certain gifts, which are commonly known as bloodlines, magic is different.

Magic is a tricky and mysterious force that not even those who have become and are renowned as master's of the mystic arts have not fully understood why few gain this ability and many others do not. Nor why they themselves were both gifted and cursed with the powers of magecraft. But that doesn't mean they haven't understood the basic principal's and understanding in how to use it and what fuels it.


It is the essence of magic, the energy that fuels magic and it is highly volatile and dangerous if handle poorly. As is Magecraft as well and because of this, Mgai have a saying among themselves:

We walk with death.

Using any spell's, rune's, ritual's, any type of magic, if a single word, hair, hell even a damned toe is out of place, could cost the caster their life. No Magi has ever died of natural cause's as they either die form a backfiring spell or another Magi.

Because of Magi are very paranoid people and can be very vicious people as well and quite frankly out right very twisted people. Doctor Victor Frankenstein being a prim example. He was a Magi trying to create his own version of Eve, so he can be the Adam to create the prefect human being. But she did not meet his expectations and he tried to throw her away. This lead to a chain of events that would lead to the poor creature to burn herself to death, unable to bare the thought of being alone in a cold and very cruel world.

Magi are sadly some of the absolute worst people that has ever graced the planet. That is not to say that all Magi are just down right evil people and terrible people, as some can be very good and honest people. Just as those who aren't Magi aren't all evil.

Anyone be they human, Magi or otherwise has the capacity to be good or evil.

But once again as humanity evolved and grew, becoming more and more advanced, magic and the art of magecraft were forgotten by humanity but not by history.. Save for a few.

Now as humanity heads into a new era, heroes and villains rise and technology is at an all time high, history will teach all those who have forgotten the swift and terrible art of magecraft.

And Tony Stark, a man of logic and master of the digital was about to get quiet a shock at what he once believed to be a myth.

Starting with his own son.


Okay so this one was an interesting speech and a lot more explanation made here. I'll tell you it's been a trying day and before i go out and try to fix my front porch i give you all this new story.

Devil out.