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Chapter 11: A Friend In Need Part 2 And A Familiar Face

He saw it coming, he really did.

Having what could be considered years, hell decades upon decades of knowledge pertaining of war, death, destruction, fighting, how to tell when someone's lying, broken and fractured people, lively ones and the best and worst humanity has to offer. Really just about anything and everything about life in general had been crammed into Xero's head.

But he was still unsure of some things, still growing into he will become and while he had known what he wanted to become, his path was still a bit unclear to him. Discovering his father was not only alive, but Tony Stark one of THE smartest men on the planet and the hero Iron Man, made Xero wonder if being a hero ran in the family or something.

Perhaps it was simply fate itself.

Who knows.

Never the less, being the master of both powerful and weak Servants, many in which had lived and been through such tragedy's it made him wonder if humanity was even worth saving at times, during the Chaldea quest. But then again, he'd seen the sheer goodness in people, the beauty and compassion people have that only strengthen his resolve.

So yeah, needless to say the second he saw that soldier fire the weapon, Xero knew they were going to be flipped.

Despite what anyone would say, the second that man stepped out of the way, Xero knew something was going to blow up. One doesn't do something like that, standing right in the line of fire without having some sort of plan. Or just planning to blow something up, which he did. The question was, how big and how bad would it be?

The answer:

Big enough to wreck his ride and flip them over.

Not to mention it hurt like hell, as everyone agreed if all their groaning said it. Plus being turned upside down only made it that much worse. With all the blood rushing to you're head and what not. Never the less, despite being upside down, Xero could see the asshole that had tossed them over walking over towards them.

"Oh hell no."

Xero twisted his head and saw Saber Alter had been laying flat on her back, groaning and looking quite pissed.



The dark Saber looked at her master, as Xero growled"Get. Him."

"With pleasure master."

The dark Saber grinned, as her dark aura started to grow, a little more then eager to make that man pay for his transgression against them. Did that fool really believe he could do this and get away with it?

Hell no!

Even as their attacker got closer, he was completely unaware of what he's gotten himself into and what kind of monster he had unleashed. If he did, orders or not, the man would either pray to god or run for the hills.

Probably both.

May god have mercy on his soul, cause Artoria Saber Alter sure as hell won't.

Line Break

The Winter Soldier for some reason felt the back of his hair stand up, making him pause but only for a second. He had a mission to complete and that was to eliminate the Grimm Reaper, a man who had become a thorn in HYDRA's side for far too long. He'd not only undermined many of their operations, he had killed MANY of their people.

Be it intentional or not.

He'd also stopped many of their operations and while HYDRA would have take care of him long before he became such a problem, he'd also keep moving around. Never staying in one place too long, even SHIELD couldn't pinpoint him.

Till now.

What many didn't know(Correction nobody knew save for a select few) is that HYDRA had tipped off those gangsters to where the Grimm Reaper was, after he was admitted to the hospital. They really didn't expect them to win, given that Tony Stark and SHIELD's two best agents were with him at the time, but they most certainly didn't expect such a one-sided fight. Well they kinda did but the whole point wasn't really to get the boy killed but to study him. They expected to get data on him, something to give them an edge in fighting him when they finally locked horns once again.

But it was during the "Fight" did the hidden leaders of HYDRA learn a terrible truth, which lead them to their recent actions. The truth they learn was that Xero Stark needed to die.

Plain and simple.

It didn't help that his persona, The Grimm Reaper was a symbol.

A symbol of hope to all those, who have suffered under not just criminals, crime syndicates or even terrorists cells but the leaders of the world, who use their positions in politics to do whatever they. The Reaper targeted those who couldn't normally be touched by legal means, as they use said legal means to keep themselves untouchable meant nothing to him. He ripped and torn through those people, making examples out of them.

The symbol, the message the Reaper was sending to all was that, there is hope. It didn't matter who you are, what you are and how high up you are. If you abuse you're given power, to not only hurt innocent people but fill you're own pockets up, the Grimm Reaper would find you.

And end you.

No matter how far you go, no matter where you hide, he'll find you. Once the Reaper decide you will die, that was it, it wasn't opinion or even a threat but a simple fact.

Opinion's can change, facts however can't.

No "If's" or "But's" about it.

He couldn't be reasoned with, he couldn't be controlled, he couldn't be bribed and he most certainly couldn't be intimidated. With his true identity hidden, they couldn't find anyone close to him and use them against him. They could only use the common folk and even then, he always seemed to find a way to both save them AND kill the bad guy.

Hope was a dangerous thing, this HYDRA knew very well. Captain America became the hope of not only the America's but all those who fought against the Nazi's and HYDRA itself. This meant just about everyone in the world, allowing the Captain and his newly made Allies of Crypto and Orthopox to lead the Allies Resistance against HYDRA and "Defeat" them.

Hope was dangerous and even a tiny shred remaining, will spark into a raging fire. Which is why, HYDRA has decide to take a more...subtle approach.

The war taught them much and knew that certain actions and deals needed to be made, before they could bring a new world order. They also learned that certain people needed to be taken care of, to ensure no one could or even dare challenge them ever again.

In other words, no more Crypto's or Captain America's.

If someone couldn't be controlled in any sense, then they had to be killed. But confirming that the Grimm Reaper IS Tony Stark's son, someone who COULD become a threat to HYDRA if he put his mind to it, only raised Xero's threat level.

His..."Allies" also didn't help that fact either.

In fact, they had only reinforced HYDRA's belief that Xero had to die. He was getting far too powerful and needed to be brought to heel or killed. Since it's obvious, he would not submit, he was targeted for termination. Honestly he was only one level below Bruce Banner, simply because it's widely believed that nothing could kill the Hulk.

But the Grimm Reaper?

He can bleed that was proven and if it bleeds, then it can die.

So needed to die right now, before he got the chance to recover and became too much of a threat that HYDRA couldn't stop or defeat. They couldn't get to him while he was in Stark Tower, as that draw far too much attention. It raise too many questions and worse case scenario, Nick Fury would start snooping around and discover HYDRA has been growing with SHIELD itself. The Reaper has already killed more then a few of their agents within SHIELD and Nick was already watching everyone more closely.

If Fury discovered STRIKE were in fact HYDRA or god forbid, discovered Pierce was one of HYDRA's hidden leaders, everything would fall apart. They'd been growing for seventy years and if they're discovered now, all their plans would go down the drain. Everything hinged on staying hidden long enough, so when they were ready to strike no one would be able to stop them.

They've worked too hard and too long to let some fool go and ruin everything now. Which is why they sent him, The Fist Of HYDRA, to ensure he died this day. The Grimm Reaper was an unwanted thorn in their side and needed to be rid of him, before he caused anymore damage!

The fact he was Tony Stark's son only made it more imperative he'd be dealt with. It was no secret that Tony had surpassed his father, Howard in terms of smarts at age fifteen and was one of THE smartest men in the world. The only ones that could rival him were Bruce Banner, Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom but that was just splitting hairs. Zola's Algorithm had predicted that if Tony Stark ever had a child, then that child WILL surpass even him. Ergo, that child WOULD become a major threat to HYDRA and therefore, MUST be eliminated.

The fact they'd be eliminating Stark and Potts was just a bonus. But they were of secondary concern as Xero was the main target.

So when he got closer to the upside limo and ripped the door off with his metal arm, he expected a lot of things. He half as expected for the target himself to come out guns blazing, as Xero wasn't the type to go down without a fight. Win or lose, he'd give it his all and if he was going to go down, he'd take as many as he could with him.

So yes, the Winter Soldier expected many things form his target.


What he DIDN'T expect, was an armored fist to clock him square in the face and send him a good couple of feet back. Despite the rigorous training he'd received in order to remove any threat to HYDRA, the Winter Soldier could honestly say, that hurt like hell. No, as a matter of fact it was only BECAUSE of his rigorous and hellish training did Solider flip himself mid-air and land, his metal arm digging into the concrete ground stopping him.

But his face still hurt like hell and why did he feel some sort of liquid was running down his forehead?




Silently feeling his forehead, the soldier looked at his hand and sure enough, he saw blood. The man clenched his fist and then he felt it, a wave of dread and terror fill his being. A feeling that all hope should be abandoned and there was nothing he could do but lay down and die. But why? What was causing him to feel such dread and hopelessness?

"You dare to attack my master, fool?"

Looking up, the soldier saw what was causing him to feel such terror. A pale woman, with ghastly, dark armor and a purple aura emitting around her body,"I have never met a person more foolish before, prepare to die."

The woman raised her black and red sword, which seemed to expanded her dark aura more as she raised it, so it was held up high. The woman was obviously reading to strike when help arrived.




Much to the Soldier's surprise and secret terror, despite getting clear/direct hits on her the woman didn't even budge. No holes, no blood, no nothing as if they were firing nothing at all. No that was wrong as he could see the bullets being destroyed as soon as they hit the woman's armor or rather her dark aura which they then turn to dust. Not that it mattered, as more and more "Cop" cars came as they all aimed at the woman but it was futile. As the woman didn't even seem to care, she was being shot at.

If nothing else, she looked more annoyed at their attempts to harm her.


The woman muttered to herself and with a swift motion of her sword.



Behind his mask, the Soldier's eyes widen in shock, as with a simple wave of her sword, the woman delivered a powerful strike. One that cleaved the cars and agents alike, apart. Living the streets running red with blood, as guts and flesh littered the streets, making more people who were stupidly watching it all, to run like hell. The ones who survived, all took cover behind the destroyed cars and anything they could use as cover, but still fired at the dark woman.

"What the hell is she?!"

One of them yelled, as he fired his gun. There was no answer, as none of the HYDRA agents had no idea what she was. Even as the woman stood still letting the bullets hit her, without making a move to defend herself, they had no effect on her. Despite this, the agents still keep up their attacks, trying and failing to find someway to defeat and or kill her. All they knew is that the armored woman stood between them and their target. Thus, this woman had to die as she was an ally to said target and therefore she was a threat and enemy to HYDRA.

And all threats must be eliminated.

Forgoing his gun, the Winter Soldier rushed her and threw a left hay maker at her.


Soldier felt his entire body vibrate, trying to use his metal arm to ensure maxim damage. Or tried to, as the woman merely raised her armored arm and blocked his attack with ease. Without missing a beat, the armored woman quickly grabbed his arm, her slim fingers denting his metal arm and raised her foot.



The soldier sled back, his flesh hand covering his lower abdomen as he felt blood at his lips. Jesus Christ, what the hell was she and how can she hit or rather kick so hard?!

"Saber, keep us covered!"

The target's voice rang out, making Soldier clench his hands. Damnit, he was right there and they couldn't even see him because of the armored blond. Silently, Solider motioned for one of his men to go for them, while the rest distracted the blonde. The agents nodded and began to move when.


Before anyone could even blink, the armored blonde was upon the Winter Soldier, gripping him by his collar and with a small heave.


Slammed the man into the ground, face first. She heard him groan in pain, but paid no mind, as she advanced on the fools who were moving to try and attack her master form the rear.


With inhuman speed, the blonde made quick work of many agents in a signal slash. Cutting and tearing through the HYDRA agents, through body armor, guns, everything crumbled and broke under Excalibur Morgan's dark blade. Some of the fake cops, realizing their guns aren't working, went for their combat knife's in hops of killing the blonde woman.

It was in vain however.

With practiced ease and perfectly timed strikes, the blonde cut off the agents hands, then their arms and ultimately disembodied them form the waist down. All in a single stroke. The HYDRA agents never stood a chance, even with the Winter Soldier, their best asset they had no hope of defeating the dark Saber.

It seemed the others realized this, as they made to make a run for it. Turning around, the agents tried to make a break for it, when a blue wall appeared before them, cutting off their escape.

"And just where are you going?"

The agents turned around to see a hooded woman, with her hands glowing with a blue aura, showing she was the one who created the barrier. The smile she was giving them was anything but friendly,"You were so desperate to get our attention, you've got it now. But now you want to run away? Oh my, that just won't do."

The agents raised their guns to fire, even as the woman smiled darkly.

This was going to be fun.

Line Break

"Jesus, they're not messing around."

Pepper said, as she and the everyone else watched Artoria and Medea tear the HYDRA agents apart, like they were nothing. Which compared to a Servant, they weren't. At the moment Pepper, Tony, Happy, Boudica, Fou, Gudako and Xero watched his two Servants tear the HYDRA agents apart.

Not that they knew, they were HYDRA, Xero just assumed they were assholes with a grudge and guns.

Lot's and lots of guns.

Never the less, Xero narrowed his eyes at the fallen Soldier, slowly getting back up. The Grimm Reaper suddenly spoke,"Him. That's him."

Everyone just looked at Xero in confusion.

"Him who? What are you talking about kiddo?"

Xero said nothing, as he jumped over the broken car and summoned his Scythe,"Rider, get them out of here. I'm going to help Caster and Saber, maybe figure out who's targeting us."

"But, Onii-chan-"


The redhead nodded, as she cut off Gudako. While the other redhead shot the older one a look of betrayal, Tony and Pepper looked shocked and a little panicked.

"Hey wait a moment! You're just going to let him fight, alone?!"

Tony all but yelled, as the great queen nodded.

"Master's got this. Saber can take care of the shooters, as can Caster. That man with the metal arm been beaten pretty bad and is more then likely on his last legs. It's honestly amazing he can still keep going, as many if not anyone can take such punishing attacks form an Altered Servant, even though it was just a few punch's. So his next move, is more then likely to retreat and fight another day. He knows he can't win and the fact he can't get to his target, means he's going to try and wait for a more favorable situation to arise. Master won't let him get away, we need to know who were dealing with so we can be properly prepared for the next time they strike."

"Next time?"

Pepper asked, looking at the redhead,"Are you sure? This looks like it's some desperate and quite frankly, sloppy assassination attempt. So, aren't you overthinking this a bit?"

"Normally you'd be right. However, did you notice a few odd things?"

The three adults looked at the woman in confusion, as Gudako, whom had Fou on her shoulder looked disturbed. It was as if some horrible realization washed over her. But it was Happy who spoke up,"Other then the cops, who weren't really the cops attacking us, no."

"Well, did anyone notice how they were no people driving our way, during our little chase? How everything seemed to be empty and clear, with no one other then a few bystanders on the street?"

Her questioned was met with silence, as everyone looked at her with shocked expressions. They hadn't thought about it at the time, but it IS strange now that they think about. Seeing she had their full attention, Rider pressed on,"Also with this much commotion, wouldn't the REAL cops shown up or at the very least, someone to call them?"

Once again, everyone stayed silent. As Boudica's points painted a very, VERY terrifying picture and no one wanted to admit.

"We're not dealing with some common thugs or some desperate fools, wanting to kill my master."

The redhead said, with a grim look,"These guys...they're good, smart, well funded and organized. Whoever these people are, they know what they're doing and have very deep pockets, seeing as they don't care to spare so many men and even going so far as to get real deal police police cursors. Not to mention quite a bit of heavy firepower, whoever were dealing with...it's someone who knows what their doing."

"Not good."

Gudako said, with a worried expression as she looked around trying to see if anymore enemies would pop out.




All they're eyes went to see Xero, fighting the Winter Soldier with his Scythe. Despite the wounds he had gotten earlier, the Soldier was holding his own against the younger Stark. Even if it was obvious the Soldier was fighting Xero off, desperately trying to find a way out, it was still impressive given the state he was in. He had forsaken his goggles and was now only wearing a half face mask, which showed the large bloody cut on his forehead. Along with many other cuts and wounds on his body.

"Maybe we should help him."

Tony said, as he was already moving to help when a new voice spoke.


In a flash of gold light, a new man appeared, holding out a gold spear, wrapped in a purple cloth,"Let me, Mr. Stark. You don't have you're armor on and as such, you'd be more of a liability."

Tony looked to see a very handsome man that had tan skin quirky long hair combed backward in a rough fashion that has a strand hanging down his face. He wears a dark teal outfit that looked like a dark skin tight bodysuit. He was a head taller then Tony, with a lean built and amber colored eyes.

"Lancer, Onii-chan can handle himself, i just need you to keep anyone else off his back."

"Understood, Mistress."

Without missing a beat, the Lancer jumped in to help the dark Saber and Caster finish off what's left of the HYDRA agents. However before more could be said, a loud "Clung" was heard and a black face mask dropped by Happy's feet. When Soldier looked back, after being hit in the face by Xero's handle forcing his mask off. However at that moment both Xero and Gudako gasped in pure shock. Without the mask or goggles, the Soldier was revealed to be a middle aged man, with shoulder length black/brown hair, brown hair and tan skin.

He had a five-o-clock shadow of a beard and a small scar on above his left eye. Despite looking older and having longer hair, Xero and Gudako knew who this was anywhere and were shocked. After all, this man was suppose to be dead.

"B-Bucky? How...how are you alive?"

Xero asked in pure shock. He was so shocked, he failed to see the now named Bucky reach for his belt, even as he looked just as confused as Xero,"Who's Bucky?"

Before he could answer, Soldier threw a small canister at him. Xero, acting out of pure pure instinct, quickly swung his scythe at it, cutting it in half.


Releasing the gas within, which in turn covered the entire arena in smoke. Xero had to cover his face, to shield his eyes form the harmful smoke and coughed as it entered his lungs. He cracked one eye open, trying to see where his once thought dead friend was, but he already vanished into the smoke.


"He's getting away!"

Saber Alter yelled, already swinging her sword to create a strong enough wind gust to clear the smoke. However, when the smoke cleared, Soldier aka Bucky was long gone.

All the Servants groaned at this, seeing as they let him slip through their fingers but Xero just stared at the spot where his old friend once was. His mind working a mile miles a minute trying and failing to wrap around one simple fact:

James Buchanan Barnes was alive.

An Hour Later

"This doesn't make any sense, Bucky fell to his death! I saw him fall!"

After dealing with the rest of the fake cops, the group returned to Stark Tower. Xero, at the moment, was pacing in the penthouse creating his own personal walkway within the carpet. The Servants had returned to their cards, though Mash, Olga and Jeanne had reappeared when they heard that Bucky was alive and their master...wasn't handling it well.

Meanwhile Gudako and Eddie were sitting on the coach with Pepper. Fou was sitting on Tony's shoulder, as the older Stark was trying and failing to come his son down and make sense of the situation.

"Look kiddio, i don't even know what's going on but-"

Tony tried to clam his son down, but Xero was in no mood to listen. Even as he continued pace back and fourth. Just then he stopped and wiped around to face Eddie, his long hair nearly hitting Tony in the face, as he looked at the former reporter,"Eddie, i don't suppose you found anything out, did you?"

"Sorry Zee, but we didn't. Though the last one we fought, had said something strange."

Everyone perked up, as Olga said,"What did he say? Something like 'Only god deserves to have this power' or something along those lines."

The white haired woman sighed, as she remember how some of their more religious enemies sported off crap like that. Even if they weren't as dangerous as some of the old Mage's Association enforcer's or even enforcer's form certain Church's that hunt and kill Magi's, they were still annoying. However Eddie's answer made both Master's and Servants freeze.

"No, he said 'Cut off one head and two more shall take it's place. Hail HYDRA.' Then he took some sort of suicide pill and killed himself before we could question him more."

Gudako looked wide eyed at Eddie and all but yelled,"Eddie! Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure?"

The redhead got right up in Eddie's face, making the older man tilt his head back with wide eyes. But he nodded never the less, while ignoring how Xero's curly hair shadow his eyes,"Positive."


Pepper asked, with a confused expression,"Aren't they the secret Nazi research division? The ones form WW2 and shouldn't have they die with the Red Skull?"

"They did."

Jeanne snapped a little, seeing as HYDRA was a sore spot for them all. Seeing Pepper flinch at her tone, the Holy Saint gained an apologetic look and said,"Sorry but you're right. They SUPPOSE to have died with Red Skull but it looks like they're back. Someway, somehow they're not only alive but well funded."

"But how is that possible?"

Olga asked, as she had come to the same thought with a concerned look. If HYDRA really was alive, then it make sense they'd target her master.

"But that doesn't make any sense."

The one star Caster class Servant thought to herself, putting her hand on her chin,"Master has always covered his tracks in the past. Sure a one or two slip us here and there, but no one would believe that a sixteen almost seventeen year old boy was alive over eighty years ago. Even more so it wasn't Xero that helped take down HYDRA it was Crypto, so why are they targeting him now?"

Her eyes narrowed in thought,"Wait a minute. Could it be possible that some of those crime rings and organizations could have been funded by HYDRA? Or could they have been secretly been HYDRA themselves? If so, it make sense why they're targeting master now. It's cause he's been screwing with their operations and we never stay in one place too long, so maybe this was the only chance they had to try and attack us now."

"It doesn't matter."

Everyone looked to Xero, who still had his eyes shadowed. His voice snapped Olga out of her thoughts, as she looked to her master, who spoke again,"HYDRA, Mafia, Yakuza, MRD, or just plain terrorist it doesn't matter who it is. All we known is that not only tried to kill us all, but they've gone and brainwashed a good man. That isn't something i'm going to let slide."


Tony asked with a raised eyebrow,"Kid-Xero i hate to say it but maybe you're old friend just gone-"

"He wouldn't!"

Xero snapped at Tony, his eyes still hidden but Tony could feel the glare his son was giving him, at his suggestion that Barnes had gone to the darkside,"I know Bucky. He wouldn't do this, not willingly anyway. I don't know how they're doing this but i'm going to find Bucky and rescue him."

"...What about the ones, who got to him?"

Gudako asked, feeling fear starting to grow in her heart. She could feel her Onii-chan's aura growing darker and darker and it was scaring the poor girl.

"Once i rescue Bucky, i am going to find all those who did this to him and i am going to kill them. Kill every single last one of them."

Everyone shivered at his dark tone but Tony brushed it off, having to ask a more serious question,"Not that i can't get behind that idea kiddo. Cause if anyone did that to my Rhodey, i'd feel a little pissed too but this kind of backing, it looks like they might be funded by either military leaders or politician."

"What about it?"

Tony starched the back of his head, feeling a tab bit nervous at having Xero's full attention on him,"Well...you said you wanted to kill them all right? Again, i get it and i'm all for it, but what about them? They're protected by powerful people and-"

"Then i'll kill them too."

Xero snapped again, turning on his heel to step out of the penthouse, while speaking,"They knew what they were doing and i don't give a damn who they are. They're all going to fall to my blade. But first i have to rescue Bucky."

"Wait, hold on a second."

Tony said, as he quickly stepped in front of his son, placing his hands on his shoulders,"Why are you talking like you're going to fight him alone?"

"Cause i am. This was my fault and now i have to fix it."

"Wait, you think i'm just going to let you go alone?! You're crazy if you think i'll let you go alone!"

"You'd just get in the way!"

Xero snapped again, glaring at Tony with shadowed eyes,"What'll be different this time?"

"Cause this time, i won't be wearing a silk shirt and dress shoes."

Tony said, not releasing his son and not backing down form his angry glare,"I can help you kiddo, let me help you."

"I don't need you're goddamn help!"

"Yes, you do! Two heads are better then one and since it's my head, it's like four heads!"

"This doesn't concern you!"

Xero yelled, his body starting to shake in anger, as everyone wisely stayed silent. Letting the son and father yell at each other, knowing that getting between the two, would be the same as getting between two angered lions. It won't end well.

"The hell it doesn't! You're the kid and i'm the dad. I'm putting my foot down and saying you AREN'T facing some super assassin by you're self!"

"Iv'e dealt with people like this before! I also have Servants that'll protect me, i HAVE to do this!"


Tony yelled, as he just couldn't understand why his kid felt like he had to face his old friend on his own,"Why the hell do YOU have to fight him?! Hell, why are you so adamant at fighting him?!"


Xero finally screamed out, his hair had finally moved and showed Tony his eyes and face. His entire face was red form either anger or sadness, Tony couldn't tell. Despite his face being completely red, there were tears streaming down Xero's now red rimmed eyes, shocking everyone. Tony most of all, even as Xero slowly crumbled and fell to his knee's, placing a hand over his face.

"I can't, hiccup, fail him again. Hiccup,i already failed and hiccup lost enough friends as it is. I hiccup can't fail anyone else hiccup again."

At this point, Xero was crying fully unable to keep his emotions in check. Torn between rage and sadness with the revelation of Bucky being alive along with the recent events of his mother, it finally become too much for the Mazoku to handle anymore.

Everyone could only stare at the younger Stark in shock, as he broke down. Tony, who honestly had no idea what he was doing, sunk to his own knees and wrapped his son in his embrace. Xero only tried to fight him for a few seconds, before he leaned in and was now crying into his father's chest. Running his hand through his son's long hair, Tony spoke with his voice cracking a bit.

"Look Xero, i don't know what's going on. I don't have any details on how you know Barnes or what you're relationship with him is and i honestly don't care. You're my son and i don't care what i have to do, just let me help you. Let me help my son, please."

Even though he didn't say anything, Tony felt Xero nod against his chest, as his tears finally went dry. Nobody made a sound, as they let the father/son just work out together.

"Well, i got to be honest, this isn't what i was expecting to see today."

A new voice broke the comfortable silence, as everyone looked up to see Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton and agent Phil Coulson. It was Fury who had spoken and he spoke again,"For the record, i'd expected someone with the Grimm Reaper's reputation to be a bit...older."

Despite his little breakdown, Xero couldn't help but snark back at the director of SHIELD.

"Nick Fury...you're shorter then i expected."


Anyone catch what i did? I made another reference but it's up to you all, to figure out what it is!

So Future Chapter time!

Also, some people might have wondered what'll happen after the Battle Of New York, namely how some people will react to Xero, Gudako and their Servants, so i'll be cutting to the end of the battle.

Also this will contain spoilers as well, so you've been warned!

Avengers Arc: War Of Worlds Climax

"We have to go."

All the Avengers looked confused, as She-Hulk asked Xero,"Go? Go where, we just saved the city and the world."

"Doesn't matter."

Gudako said, as she leaned on Leonidas for support,"Were magically. We have magic and were guilty of just having that alone. They are no laws protecting our kind and it doesn't matter if we saved the world. They'll just make some bullshit story up and have us enemies of the world in no time. That's how they do it."

"Now hold on a second."

Spider-Woman said, holding her hands up to stop Xero, Gudako, Asia and Ursula form leaving too quickly,"SHIELD won't do that too you. Hell, Fury even made it a point to me, to make sure no one would try anything against you four."

"Do you honestly think anyone will care?"

The normally kind and bubbly blonde girl said, as she helped her sensei up,"I have no doubt the higher ups will try to capture us. That bastard Ross is probably already planning to have us kidnapped."

The Avengers all looked shocked at the healer's words. As much as they wanted to say she was wrong, that sounds exactly like something Ross would do and is probably already having his own personal squad ready.


Devil out!