While Joey is impatiently waiting for this date with the "woman" he met at the coffee shop he starts to get ready and plan for the date. As Joey was getting ready for his date he decided that he was going to take his date to an italian restaurant. As Pennywise was anticipating his moment with Joey It was trying to figure out its plan to start to affect Joey and present himself as his fear. Once Joey and the "woman" were together for their date Pennywise decided that he will start by drawing small hints of commitment and who he actually is. During their dinner the "woman" would mention how great it would be to continue their relationship and how she can actually see part of her life with Joey and during this Joey's eyes open wider with fear of how fast his date is moving into commitment. To add on to this during those moments as his eyes widen there are flashes of who this "woman" truly is which brings confusion to Joey's thoughts. Even though that had happened at the end of the night Joey was too nervous and uncomfortable by his conversation with his date that he didn't call her the next day. Now that Pennywise has at least made one of his victims react from their fear It has decided to move on to the next.

As Pennywise ended his first moment with Joey, he still hasn't decided on who will be the next but he has decided to go back to Central Perk and watch them again to figure out who will be next. As these Friends are being watched while Joey is telling them how his date went Pennywise is truly analyzing their movement and ways of being truly trying to make the right decision for his plan. As Joey is mentioning how his date is going he briefly and casually mentions how there were flashes where his date went from a woman to a clown, which brought some very weird looks in his direction from everyone he was with. All of them thought that it was just Joey being Joey and being rude about the woman's appearance during the date, so they really didn't think anything about it. When Pennywise saw their reactions to the story of the date and the flashes he knew he was still clear before they began to notice that he was real.

After listening to that conversation he decided to go after one that they would actually believe and pay attention to which would be Monica. Now having the next victim in mind the next step was building the plan in how he can appear to her without being too obvious. To learn more and to gain inspiration for his plan to go after Monica he decides to follow her and figure it out. As he observes her It discovers how he will do it and decides that tomorrow will be the day he strikes the fear out of Monica.

It's the day after Joey has talked about his day and Monica goes on with her day taking care of her twins. Part of her day is cleaning her house because the little mess of toys, laundry, and dishes is causing her stress, so sets the twins down in their cribs and starts to clean everything. As she makes the entire house spotless Pennywise is starting to prepare himself to go after Monica. After cleaning Monica takes the twins into their room for their nap and Pennywise makes his way in and as Monica comes back for a break the mess she cleaned up reappeared. That moment brought much confusion to her, but due to the lack of sleep she justs decides to clean it up again as she cleans everything the mess just continues to appear and as it continues to happen Monica begins to panic. During her panicking she noticed there was a red balloon toy that was moving towards a closet with cleaning supplies and as she opens the door and "BOO!" goes Pennywise. Monica freaks out a bit and closes the door and opens it and It is gone and so is the mess, but then she doesn't know what to do because she is still trying to process what is happening. Later, everyone goes over to Monica and Chandler's house for dinner and Monica goes on to tell them about what happened.

During the conversation, Monica mentions what happened but she blamed it on sleep deprivation and Joey mentioning his date and what happened during it so everybody brushed it off too. Throughout this night Pennywise is still keeping his eyes on this group of Friends waiting for his next victim. It begins to notice that he needs to haunt the rest of them on a quicker pace, so they start noticing that he is a real fear and that it can turn into chaos. Later on it's decided that Rachel and Ross are next on the list of haunting.

As the next day arises, Rachel and Ross are having a conversation while they are both getting ready for the day. Part of their conversation is their relationship and where its going since they just got back together a while ago. A concept that was brought up was that Ross doesn't want their relationship to end in divorce like his past ones have: Carol, Emily, and Rachel. The response that Rachel had said was that the future was never known and she wasn't sure and there could be a possibility for a divorce in the future. This brought concern towards Ross, but Rachel continued to mention how their feelings for each other can change as time goes on and they might decide to get divorced. While this conversation was occurring what Ross didn't notice was that Rachel had left the room and It had taken form as her and took her role in the conversation. Even though during this haunting It didn't turn into a clown he still placed fear in Ross's thoughts about there being a possibility of a fourth divorce.

As Rachel stepped out of the room without Ross noticing she had gone to go check up on Emma, her and Ross's daughter, to see how she had woken up from her nap. There were moments where Rachel would take a look at her daughter and hope and pray that she would not inherit her nose previous to her nose job. During this check up after Emma's nap Rachel took a more serious look at her nose and there were moments where she could see her old nose on her daughter's face. On the last look she took she knew that she saw her old nose and a red balloon fly past through the window of her daughter's room. Following the balloon she saw a clown figure in the building in front and once she looked again it was gone. Having seen this for herself and heard Joey's and Monica's stories about the same figure she started to think about how real this figure could be.