Mitchell got into the car, and the family soon set off for the mystical place known as Pizza Hut.

"Bye, Mitchell!" called Mindy & Lillian. "Bye Lillian!" called Mitchell. "NOT bye, Mindy..." he said under his breath.

Not even a single nanosecond passed before Mitchell was bored. "I'M BORED!11111111111111111111" he yelled obviously.

"WELL, HOW ABOUT SOME TUNES?" said Dude. "No, it's fine-" but it was too late. Dude was already blasting such classics as the Nick India Dab, Bitch Lasagna, Blue Da Bee, Darude - Sandstorm, Megalovania, The Gummy Bear Song, Baby Shark, the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song, and God knows what else.

Abcde horribly sang along to the songs, to the point where she broke the car windows with her blood-curdling singing. "Nice goin', mom..." said Mitchell sarcastically. "Thank you!" said Abcde, who clearly does not understand sarcasm.