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Chapter 1

I died.

As simple as that. It wasn't an accident. Nor was I murdered. I was just unlucky. I had cancer. Lung cancer to be exact. The funny thing was, if you have that type of humor at least, that I had never smoked, ever. I had never tried and never intended to. But fate's a bitch, it seems.

So, I lived for three years on a constant pity party. My family suffered, my friends suffered, everyone that was relatively close to me entered a depressive mood with just seeing me. It was maddening, seriously. I was going to die anyway, wasn't that enough? Apparently not, I had to see the sadness and hurt in their expressions every single time. Don't get me wrong, at the start it was somewhat comforting that they cared so much. But as time passed it just made me sick. No pun intended.

So, I distracted myself. I dove face first into books after an aunt of mine bought one for me. And so, it started, my addiction to any type of entertainment. Months passed with my head buried in books, mostly fantasy but sometimes I chose something else just for a change.

After that came tv programs, from cartoons to normal series, films (or movies, whatever floats your boat) and even documentaries. After that I delved into anime after seeing Naruto. Naturally the next step was manga and their Korean and Chinese counterparts. As I kept going deeper and deeper, I ended up reading Light Novels. And I stayed between all those options until what was my last year of life started. That's when I took my last step into the abyss.

Fan Fiction.

Even I don't know how I ended up in that God forsaken place. But I did and I loved every second of that hell hole. Well… not every second. Some people have a couple of problems in the head. I mean, I get it, some people are into Harry x Draco. It's ok. I don't like it at all, but it's ok. However, when you realize that there're people that write Harry x Snape you understand that there's not something like too much for people. There's no limit for humanity's imagination, for good or bad. Bad in this case, if you asked me.

And like that in a couple of paragraphs I described what were my escape mechanisms. My only breath of air on the sea of pity that surrounded me. But I had a time limit and I reached it eventually. I was kind of sad that I wouldn't get to know how a lot of stories ended. As for everything else, well. Three years had made it so that I had tied all the knots. I had had long chats with every family member and friend that I could, more than once with most of them. Everything that had to be said was told.

People must have thought I was crazy with how calmly I took to my death. But really, what was I supposed to do? Cry to sleep every day and make things worse for everyone? Nu huh. There were better things to do with my time. Like watch videos of rats fighting for food with Linkin Park music. That was worth every second. I did cry myself to sleep the first month or so, I'll admit.

They could also have thought that because sometimes I chuckled to myself thinking that some ROB would take me to another world, preferably one from an anime or something. But alas, truck-kun didn't think I was worthy of being a chosen one apparently.

So, I died. There was nothing spectacular about it. There was no me seeing the light or feeling my soul leave my body. There was no doors of heaven or stairs to hell. Nothing. Everything just was and then everything just wasn't. Like when you fall asleep. You don't even notice that you do but you obviously do.

Except… I noticed. Because I was very much aware of the nothingness that surrounded me. It wasn't quite the darkness that was described sometimes. Or maybe it was. It was a bit confusing. It was dark, yes, but I saw… can you see without eyes? I didn't even know if I had eyes or not. I couldn't tell, really. Back to the point. It was like there were different colored lights everywhere, but when I tried to focus on one it was only darkness. All lights where dark in color, barely noticeable from the pitch-black background.

And like that time passed. Nothing happened. I could only do what I had done every time I was bored to death (pun intended). I started imagining what this or that story would continue as, or maybe thinking of an 'original' story of sorts. Obviously, none of them were truly original. It just ended up being a mish mash of ideas stolen from others and put together in something that felt awesome. And obviously, I was the main character. Because, I had to feel awesome somehow.

Eventually, I run out of ideas and stories. So, I just stared at the blackness and tried to see the lights. At some point I started to think those were other souls, but I could never confirm it. It was an interesting, if not disturbing, observation to do. Didn't really change anything for me anyway, so I pushed that out of my head, even though I didn't have one. And before you say it, yes, I felt pretty stupid making Brook jokes now and then. I did kind of understand why he did them though. It was a way to deal with it. You could either cry or laugh about it. I decided to laugh. Not sure I could cry anyway, as I didn't have eyes.

All this continued until a thought crossed my mind.

'Will I be here until my mind breaks and disappears?'

Even I couldn't take that in stride.

Time passed as that thought came back more and more.


[You have been chosen]

I would have jumped in surprise as that message appeared in front of me, but… well, you know the drill. I stared at the square that contained the words for a minute or two, although, for all I know it could have been hours or days. It looked just like an open scroll would and had the words written in black.

After that analysis was done the darkness that had surrounded me for who knows how long started to change. Little by little it changed to a blinding white that ate everything else. Soon, there was only white.

And when the white disappeared, I woke up.


"Wake up, Eiji!" I felt something hit my head and I instantly sat straight on reflex. What greeted me was the sight of a classroom with the teacher looking thoroughly pissed at me and the rest of the class snickering and giggling.

"Eh? Huh?" I said intelligently and everyone started laughing as the teacher's eye twitched. What on earth? I blinked.

"I'll let it slide because it's your first time. Just don't turn into a Naruto." I heard a shout of protest at that but the teacher turned around to continue the class. I didn't hear a word of what he said. I was still sitting there, stunned.

What the hell was happening? My hands balled into fists. I felt my fingers, all of them. My palms. I felt myself resting against the wood of the chair. My arms on the desk. I was seeing things. All this was a bit too much for my stimuli deprived person. How long had it been since I had merely breathed? My eyes widened.

I was breathing. And it wasn't any type of breathing. I was breathing well. It had been so, so long since I had been able to breath without difficulties. It was like the cancer… was gone. My thoughts seemed to freeze at that thought and it held the full focus of my mind for what seemed like hours, though, it couldn't be.

Still relishing in the fact that I could feel, see, smell, I thought about the situation. I was in a class. A class that I had never attended. I had never been to a classroom like this. And I was pretty sure I had never had a classmate named… Naruto…

'Oh, no. Oh, HELL NO!' And surely enough, as I turned to the side, I saw a short scrawny boy with tanned skin and spiky yellow-blond hair. I gulped. 'Oh… come the fuck on, couldn't it be something fun like Pokemon instead of freaking Naruto where everybody and their mother can kill people with three hand signs at the very least?' That's what a part of my mind complained about.

The rest of it was just trying to wrap itself around the situation. Of course, I had read reincarnation stories and the like. A quarter of the fanfictions were like that for crying out loud. It didn't make it any easier to process though. I mean, who in their right mind truly believed they would get reincarnated and in a… 'fictional'… story at that. What the actual fuck?

As my mind felt like shutting down it drifted off back to the class. It was being given by none other than Iruka, I realized. He seemed to be introducing subjects that would be seeing at a later date. It seemed like the kind of thing to do in the first day. At that my eyes darted around the class searching for the 'main cast'. Everyone was there. From I-totally-don't-brood-to-look-cool Sasuke to I'm-not-creepy-at-all Shino. They all seemed a bit different than canon. Was I in an earlier year than canon? Or was it just the start of canon's last year of the Academy? I distractedly wondered.

"Now class," Iruka started after finishing what felt like a first class of introductions. "We'll go outside for the physical training."

"Hell yeah!" Shouted the excited pair of Naruto and Kiba. I numbly walked with everyone else. Fortunately for me, nobody seemed to take notice that I didn't seem to know how to walk for a couple of seconds. It felt really strange to do so after so long. It was like that moment in which you take a pen after not writing all summer and suddenly you feel like you don't even know how to use it. I was disturbing to realize that I had forgotten how to walk. How long had it truly been…?

Soon enough we were standing in a large open area. It seemed to have a path that we would probably use to run, an open space that probably was used for spars or normal physical conditioning, a little further away, outside the running course, was what seemed like a place for target practice and then there was the monstrosity that was the obstacle course in the middle. It looked like something that would get people killed. Knowing the shinobi world. It was a possibility.

"We'll start with some laps around the training area." Iruka said and I took solace in the fact that I wasn't the only one to sigh in relief. Most of the civilian (or at least not main cast people) had done so. "Don't worry, you won't be doing the obstacle course until next year." There were more sighs at that and even some complains from Kiba. Meanwhile, I was just frowning in thought. So, it seemed that I was at least a year early, maybe more. I had never been good at reading people's ages. "What are you waiting for? Start running!"

And start we did. After a few awkward seconds, I had to do conscious effort to not laugh like a madman. It was exhilarating, the feeling of rush that came from running. After so long barely able to move and then the void… it felt so freeing. So, I ran. And then I continued running. Even when my legs felt like they were going to die I continued running. My lungs weren't stopping me. They were working to their full capacity, but they weren't stopping me, and that was even more sweet.

The moment I came back to my senses I noticed that the only ones that were running close to me were Naruto, Kiba and Sasuke, all of them ahead of me. I didn't have any delusions about being at their level though. The only way I could keep up with them was because I had been ignoring my body. Soon enough I fell behind and all the clan heirs and Sakura passed me by. I didn't mind. I was still better than the rest.

"Good job everyone. Especially you, Eiji." Iruka said looking at me. I looked at him strangely, that wasn't my name. Then I remembered that he had called me that before too. "I know you fell behind in the later part but you did pretty well at the start." He commented, probably misunderstanding my expression. I didn't reply.

"Maybe we can still make a shinobi out of you, loser." Kiba said mockingly. I continued my silence as Iruka chided Kiba. There was a simple reason for my silence.

A scroll just like the ones I had seen in the void appeared in front of me. There, floating steadily in the air in front of my face. Just like the others it had a message in black. The message though, left me speechless.

[New Skill Acquired: Running Lvl 1]

'Holy sh-'

"Now, let's move on to physical conditioning." Iruka said cheerfully while the civilian students whined and groaned. I followed him to the clear area with my legs screaming at me for more rest. I didn't pay them any mind though. My focus was fully on the apparently invisible (as nobody commented on it) scroll that continued to float in front of my face.

'Could you disappear? It would get awkward rea-' As soon as I had thought the word disappear, it did. That was a relief. I didn't trust my chances of doing so verbally or tapping the scroll without being noticed when I was surrounded by ninjas and ninjas in training. After that is when my mind started freaking out. And that just made me freak out even more.

'Skills.' I thought and what greeted me was a scroll with the title Skills and the only thing beneath it was Running. My heart started hammering against my chest and my ears seemed to close themselves as everything went silent and I was drowned by my thoughts. 'Nononono, Perks.' Same thing, just that this one was empty besides the title.

Now, you may want to know the reason for my freak out. It was simple. There was no sign of me having Gamer's Mind, or Body for that matter.


[Eiji Satou

Title: Academy Student

Energy Points: 100/100

Chakra Points: 50/50

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Constitution: 5

Chakra: 5

Chakra control: E]

'No HP… No intelligence or wisdom for that matter.' I thought numbly to myself.

"Let's start with some push-ups, shall we?" Iruka said, blissfully unaware of my internal struggle. I did so together with everyone else. My mind wasn't on the training though. I was looking straight at my status screen. It told me so much and so little at the same time.

There were no Health Points and I didn't seem to have Gamer's Body. That meant that I wouldn't be able to pull a bullshit move like getting pierced right through the heart and live because the attack hadn't taken all my HP.

I also didn't have the Intelligence and Wisdom stats. That meant that I couldn't force myself to be smarter or have better memory through stat points.

Which brings us to the third thing, I didn't have Stat Points nor a Level. So, I wouldn't be able to become stronger by farming Quests (if they existed at all) and killing things. Although that last one didn't sound so good knowing that I didn't have Gamer's Mind to keep me sane.

With a sigh I closed the screen and followed Iruka's instructions through the physical conditioning. As we finished it, I received another notification.

[New Skill Acquired: Physical Conditioning Lvl 1]

I resisted the urge to sigh.

"Now, it's lunch break." There were cheers and sighs in relief at that. "I'll see you all in an hour at the classroom."

At that moment I went and sat in a shadow. I needed to think.

'So, summary. I am in the Naruto world. I have a name that isn't mine and I have a really nerfed version of the Gamer. Is that all? Am I forgetting something?... Right, Inventory.' At that I received yet another disappointment.

The screen showed me at the top and what I was wearing. I had a pair of dark brown shorts, a white t-shirt with the Konoha symbol in black in the middle and a pair of 'shinobi' sandals in black. The shocking thing was my face. I looked like fucking Shisui! Or maybe a son of Kurenai would be more precise. I wasn't sure. I had short and messy pitch-black hair and red eyes so it could go either way with one having the Sharingan and the other natural red eyes. I doubted I was related to either though, the surname didn't match and there was no mention of Eiji in canon… although this could be an AU…

The disappointing part though, was that I only had five spaces in the inventory. I spent all of a second lamenting that fact before I desperately tried to expand the screen to see if there was more. There wasn't. 'I wonder if it works with one of my stats?' I thought dejectedly. In my mind, it was too much coincidence that I had five inventory spaces and all my stats were five.

Still with my mood down I summoned my Status screen once more. It was so plain and empty that it hurt to look at. I tried to see if I could get more information on everything. Nothing worked. It was a good thing that everything seemed to be pretty self-explanatory.

Wondering if the title did anything, I had an idea. 'Titles'.

[Academy Student: Improves the rate at which your stats and skills increase by 5%]

'Underwhelming, but useful all the same.' I decided to see my Skills next.

[Running (Active) – Lvl 1

When used increases the speed of the user while running by 10%.

Consumption 10 Energy Points per second.]

[Physical Conditioning (Passive) – Lvl 1

Improves the rate at which your Strength and Constitution increase during training by 5%.]

I did a doubletake at the cost of Running. What the hell was up with that overly high cost? I would get tired of running after 10 seconds. What the fuck? Re-reading the skill several times I came to a conclusion. The skill wouldn't apply every time I ran. It was actually a boost to be applied on top of my normal running as it said that it increased my speed when I activated it and while running. I hoped I was right.

As I felt myself get hungry, I sighed. No cheat of not needing to eat for me. I probably needed to sleep too.

Standing up, I checked my inventory again. This time I ignored the disappointment of the five spaces and checked its actual content. One of the spaces was occupied by what seemed to be some kind of notebook. Taking it out was dangerous. You couldn't know when you were being spied on while inside a NinjaVillage. The mere thought was surreal though.

I made my way back to the classroom and to what seemed to be my seat, at least for the day. I had… my? Backpack there, it was a simple beige color, and I decided to use it. Taking a moment to check it, I only had a notebook and pencil case. The notebook was blank. Probably for the Academy. With that out of the way, I decided to take out the other notebook from the inventory while my hands where inside the backpack.

Taking a look at it, I didn't have much problem guessing what it was. It was the diary of the real Eiji Satou. I felt my blood run cold.

It seemed to have started last year. First year of actual Ninja Academy, he said. He explained that before that they had pretty much the same education as the other kids. Last year they had started being taught the shinobi rules, the ranks, missions, etc. It was a How to be a Ninja for Dummies without being taught any actual Jutsu be it nin, gen, tai, or any other.

I also learned that he was an orphan, his parents died during the Kyuubi Attack. When he was around a month old or so. From there we lived in the same orphanage as Naruto until we both started the Academy. How did I know that? It was mentioned how the matron told the other kids to stay away from the blonde because he was dangerous. I didn't take kindly to that. The original Eiji though, seemed to take her word for it.

Anyway, as we entered the Academy, we were given a place to stay at and a stipend to live with. It was a program available for all orphans apparently. It was a bit shitty, I thought, that the best option for orphans was to be a shinobi. It was practically forcing us to be ninjas. But considering a lot of the things that happened in this world, it wasn't too bad. At least it wasn't the only option we had.

When I had a pretty good idea of what my situation was, I decided to think. The first thought was: Did I actually want to be a ninja? Sure, everyone wanted to be one while watching Naruto. But once you seriously thought about it. This world was plagued with death and worse. They were 'ninja' not 'superheroes' as they made you believe. They were assassins, thieves and spies. If there was a shitty job to be done, it would probably end up in the mission hub of a Ninja village.

It wasn't the type of life I wanted to live. Not at all.

Despite that though, I had to be a ninja. Why? Simple. As someone that had watched the show and read the manga, even if I wasn't as big a fan as others and had forgotten lots of things, I knew things. Things like the Sound/Sand invasion, like Pain's Assault, like the Fourth Shinobi War.

No, I refused to die as a mere civilian would in any of those scenarios. I would have the power to defend myself. Even if I didn't reach Madara and Hashirama's absurd power levels, anything would be better than nothing. I would stay as far away from the void that was death for as long as possible.

So, I would be a ninja.

With that decided, I took the diary and started reading again. During the whole thing, I couldn't help but wonder, had I taken over the body of Eiji? But I didn't dwell on that for long. I hadn't chosen this. I hadn't done anything. I was just dead and then I wasn't. If someone was responsible for this. It wasn't me.

But I felt guilty. So, I made a vow. I would follow Eiji's goal. It seemed pretty reasonable too, so that helped.

He had been told of his parents. His mother had been a Chunin while his father had been a Tokubetsu Jonin specialized in Taijutsu. Eiji's goal had been to reach further than both of them had. His thought process was that had they not been killed they would have both reached Jonin level. As such, he would make it for both of them as well as himself. He also thought that they would be proud of him if he followed their steps.

It was a goal I could get behind anyway, as it aligned with my own of getting enough power to survive this crazy world. So, I was on the path to Jonin level from now on.

There wasn't much more in the diary, sadly. Even though it was a diary, Eiji seemed to write only when something out of the ordinary happened or when he thought about something he thought diary worthy. As such, it gave me a good idea of the important stuff but it still felt a bit dull written like that. I couldn't help but wonder, was all this made up by whoever had put me in here in the first place?

I shook my head. There was no way for me to know. Sighing once more, I made a summary of the important stuff in the blank pages of the diary, leaving it separated from Eiji's original stuff. I was glad I could kind of guess where he lived by bits of information spread over several entries. He seemed to live in the same building as Naruto. And despite what a lot of fanfics said, it didn't sound so bad a building. Several others that were part of the orphan shinobi program lived there too.

With everything noted down, I put the diary back into the inventory, making sure to do so from inside the backpack for good measure. Then I sighed and checked my pockets. I had money, thank God… er, Kami? Those things would be confusing for a while. Anyway, with the reassurance that I had money I stood up and made my way outside to buy food. It was lunch break after a-

"Where are you going, Eiji?" I heard Iruka's voice from behind me. I turned around with a confused expression. "We are about to start classes again." My despair must have showed because he started chuckling as he made his way back inside the classroom.

Fuming, I went after him. As I sat down and the rest of the class made their way inside, I sighed. 'Maybe Naruto can show me where Ichiraku is, after classes.' I thought idly. Then my thoughts froze.

What was I going to do in the friendships department? Befriending Naruto out of the blue would be suspicious at best. The Hokage would surely keep an eye on me if I got close to him without reason. And he would be the least of my worries. What would Danzo do if I got close to the Jinchuriki? There were a ton of people that could cause trouble for me if I befriended Naruto, I thought as I looked at the blonde.

He seemed to be fine anyway, this didn't seem to be one of those worlds where he was constantly attacked and shunned. Look at that goofy grin as he blatantly ignores Iruka's lecture. He was fine…

That's what I wanted to think. But he wasn't, I knew. I had Eiji's note on how kids were told to stay away from Naruto. That was all the proof I needed. Maybe he wasn't physically attacked, but there was some resentment directed at him, at the very least. The problem was, was I brave enough to do something about it?... I was disgusted at the fact that I didn't know.

Trying to keep my thoughts away I turned them to the others. Sasuke would be difficult. The only thing he respected and wanted was power. And I wasn't sure of the first part. It was pretty obvious that we were post massacre just by looking at him. Befriending him while I was a weakling was out of the question. And I kind of disliked him, so there's that.

Ino and Sakura were out too. From what I knew, they wouldn't take kindly to some random guy approaching them. Ino seemed to tolerate Chouji and Shikamaru because she probably knew they would end up as a next generation of Ino-Shika-Cho or because their parents were the previous one. I didn't have that benefit. And I refused to be treated like another Naruto by Sakura. Nope.

I wouldn't go anywhere near Kiba until I could kick his ass. I was sure if I did, he would just put me down while boosting his own ego. He looked the type. And that mixed with the fact that he was as knuckleheaded as Naruto, I would end up killing him if I ever got strong enough.

Shikamaru… would be a difficult one. He was sure to notice something was amiss, he was scary smart after all. I would have to be careful when around him specially, there was no need to add a friendship to the mix. At least not until I had a better grasp of everything in this world that I would have to know. Choji was out because being near him meant being near Shikamaru.

Shino was creepy, yes, but he wasn't too bad. He could probably use a friend as much as Naruto. His clan was sure to face some scorn. He was pretty smart himself if I recalled correctly but not overly so. He would probably not notice anything wrong if I was careful.

Hinata was extremely shy, but she wasn't too bad either. Actually, she would probably make a great friend. I couldn't think of anything bad about her, personally at least. Her extreme shyness wasn't a real problem unless you were Naruto.

But first I would have to know this world. I would need a week or so to get used to Konoha. Making a map would surely help in that regard. I would have to follow Naruto around to know some places. I knew what apartment of the building I lived in due to the diary but I didn't know where the building actually was. After I got that I would have to explore the city to know where to buy stuff and all that. It would be a busy week for me.

While I thought all this, Iruka had been explaining the uses of Shurikenjutsu. It didn't mean only Shuriken though, as some may believe, it also included Kunai and Senbon. I barely listened though. Everything was pretty simple so far. Kunai can be used both as ranged and melee weapons. Shuriken are good only in range but they are easier and lighter. Senbon are the most difficult but the most useful and dangerous if used right. After that I tuned him out a bit, only keeping an ear open just in case.

I would need to write down everything that I could when I arrived at the apartment that night. I needed to save as much information as I could. Even if this was an AU of some sort, or if my mere presence changed everything. Some information could be useful. I couldn't turn down anything in my situation.

I couldn't plan much more than that. Get to know Konoha and the Naruto world. Get stronger in order to survive future attacks/wars. Simple but effective. Or at least I hoped so.

"Let's go to the practice targets to start with your Shurikenjutsu practice." And it had arrived at last. The moment I dreaded. I was sure I couldn't hit a target with a Kunai, a Shuriken or Kami forbid, a Senbon, to save my life. That wasn't even counting that I was still getting used to actually having a body again. This was going to be embarrassing.

As it turned out, everyone sucked. Well, everyone that wasn't in the main cast. Naruto sucked too, but he didn't have anyone to teach him. He would get there. As would I, if I got my way. 'After all,' I thought while grinning. 'Nerfed or not, the Gamer ability is the Gamer ability.' And to prove that point there was a screen in front of me.

[New Skill Acquired: Shurikenjutsu

New Skill Tree Branch Unlocked: Shuriken Throwing (Passive) – Lvl 1

New Skill Tree Branch Unlocked: Kunai Throwing (Passive) – Lvl 1

New Skill Tree Branch Unlocked: Senbon Throwing (Passive) – Lvl 1]

That had been a pleasant surprise. What wasn't so pleasant was the meagre 10% chance of hitting the target that each of them gave me with their respective weapons. And that was on a stationary target. The fact that the other students sucked too would help me in that regard. If all students could do this kind of things already it would have been bad for me. That would have been enough to rise some flags that I didn't want appearing anytime soon.

Back to the skills though, the Skill Tree thing had been a surprise. Once I opened the skills screen everything made a little more sense. Instead of as a list, skills appeared according to their skill trees extending to the right. I only had to think about a particular skill and it would show me the details. So far, the only one with more than one branch or branches at all was Shurikenjutsu. It was good to know that things like that could happen though.

"Eiji, your turn again." Iruka said, his tone showing no mockery whatsoever to the previous student lack of skill or mine for that matter. Taking a deep breath in, and relishing in how amazing it felt to be able to do so again, I stepped forward to embarrass myself once again. Even with that, I tried to follow the technique the clan heirs had used. I tried to follow Iruka's instructions. And I tried my best.

I had read about that in certain Gamer fanfics. The fact that some became so overconfident in the system that they forgot that it was a real world where they lived. I couldn't let that happen to me. Because my world was less game than most of those. If I made a mistake, I could get myself killed pretty quickly. That wouldn't happen. I was alive again. I wouldn't throw my life out the window.

I looked at my results. Three shuriken and one kunai were embedded in the targets. Not anywhere near the specific spots we were supposed to aim for. But I had hit the targets and four times out of twenty. That was better than the games percentage. As for senbon, we wouldn't be using them for practice in the academy until later and even then, we had to specifically ask for it.

I walked back to the class swelling in pride. Excitement rushed through my veins. Everything had been wonderful since I appeared here. Even the annoying nerfed Game and the, I hope the Nara don't give me a strike, troublesome situation were awesome. It felt so amazing to be and feel alive again. I couldn't wait for my turn again. I would beat the percentage again, I was sure of it.

And I did it. When my turn came, two shuriken and two kunai hit the target. One shuriken even came close to one of the circles on the target. I went back to the group while someone else took their turn. I wasn't paying attention to the others though. I was thinking to myself.

[Shuriken Throwing has gone up a level.]

And as that new notification appeared in front of me, I came up with my nindo.

Live life to the fullest.

[} Chapter End {]

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