Hello my lovely readers! Saphira coming to you with a brand new story. This is based off of my OC that i wrote a One-Shot on. If anyone would like to read it, feel free to. So without further aideu, enjoy the story! :-D

Chapter 1: Memories and Arrival.

"Sister...i feel so cold." A little girl said. Struggling to take air into her bleeding lungs.

"I know and i am so sorry. It's all my fault you got hurt." An older voice said, belonging to a 15 year old girl.

"But i swear i'm gonna fix it. I'm so sorry my little Christmas. I'm sorry i won't be there to help you through life, but i promise i'll watch over you." The girl said as she placed her left hand on her sister's forehead and her right hand over the bleeding hole in her sister's chest.

"Sister, you don't mean..."

"Miraculous healing SACREFICE!!!"

"Sister no!"

"No!!" A young teenage girl starlted awake in her private jet seat. Her emerald green eyes looking around widely. Before she remembered where she was and settled back down.

"Mistress, are you okay?" A small white being asked. The being was small, being around 10 centimeters (or 4 inches) in height, with a large head and tiny body. It had arms and legs, but it lack fingers and toes yet was still able to lift things. The being also had bright white wings and a white feathery tail. Along with three white feathers on it's forehead.

"I'm fine, Bai. And how many times must i tell you to call me Noelle, not Mistress?" The girl, now known as Noelle asked. A smile grazing her face as her emerald green eyes sparkled with happiness.

"More times then i can count Mistress Noelle." The small being, now known as Bai said with a smile. Before a frown replaced the smiling face.

"It was the memory again, wasn't it?" Bai asked. Causing the smile to fall from her mistress's face as she grasped her locket. Before holding it up to her face.

The locket had a bail between the locket and chain that was closed while the top part that opened was dome shaped and a little smaller than the base.The connecting arms between the upper part and the body had a beautiful arch and the gemstone between the bail and the connecting arms was a beautiful blue faceted auamarine stone. Finally in the back of the locket, three waves could be seen carved into the back.

But it wasn't just an ordinary locket. It was a Miraculous that only bonded with females of her bloodline. Tracing all the way back to her distant ancestors in China. Noelle opened it and stared at the picture inside.

The picture was of a family protrait that was taken 10 years ago. A japanese man stood beside a caucassion woman with bright blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Infront of the woman was a teenage girl of 15. She had pale skin, long wavvy black hair and hetrochromatic eyes. One being brown and the other being emerald green. She was also wearing the same locket that Noelle now wore today. A little girl stood besides the teenage girl. The little girl was almost like a mini version of the mother, from her pale skin to her curly wavvy blonde hair to her emerald green eyes.

The teenage girl in the picture was Noelle's older sister. 'She would have been 25 years old soon. Had i not made the mistake of following her.' Noelle thought to herself as she closed the locket.

"Mistress, you mustn't blame yourself. You're sister wouldn't want you to dwell on the past." Bai said gently.

"I know but if i hadn't followed her, then we'd still be a family." Noelle said with tears streaming down her face. They looked out the window and saw ladybug and Chat Noir fighting what looked to be a girl in a fox costume.

Noelle knew the girl in the fox costume was a fake as she could not sense a miraculous from the girl as she could with Ladybug and Chat Noir.

"Should we help them when we land, Mistress?" Bai asked.

"No. They have it covered. Besides it'll look too suspicious if a new miraculous holder shows up when i arrive in the city." Noelle said as she fasten her seatbelt for them to land.

"I'll see you soon cousin."

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