Chapter Three: First Contact

The Demon Sector, as translated from the original Zentradi, was a large sector of space that the Zentradi had been avoiding for millennia. This was thanks to Fold Space in the sector being damaged in some way, which prevented any Fold Travel and Fold Communications to the rest of the Galaxy. This was mainly thanks to the fierce fighting going on in the sector between the remaining forces of the Stellar Republic and the newly formed Supervision Army. During said fighting, the first Fold Bombs were used, which twisted and corrupted the local Fold Space.

However, some theories exist in some Academic circles that there is another major reason for the Zentradi to call this space Demon Sector. One such theory speculates that this sector sports a couple of the Protodeviln, which controlled the Supervision Army hidden away ready to restart the war. This theory is pretty much proved wrong during the days following the end of the Varuta War when records recovered from the planet Varuta explained the final days of the Civil War. A couple other theories have that there is some other alien race hiding in the sector which had fought against the Zentradi in the past. These theories are often scoffed at for the Zentradi had vast numbers of ships and troops therefore such an enemy would have to be vastly larger numbers then the Zentradi, which made no sense.

Then when the insectoid alien race known as the Vajra entered the scene in 2047, some theories were introduced saying that the Demon Sector sports the location of the Vajra Homeworld somewhere within its confines. This theory became ever more popular as the years went on as more and more information was discovered on the Vajra. Finally, when the Vajra War erupted in between the 55th Long Range Colonization Fleet, Macross Frontier, and the Vajra this theory was seriously considered as truth by many. However, it was finally debunked when the 55th Colonization Fleet managed to discover the Vajra Homeworld lightyears away from the Demon Sector closer to the Galactic Core. The following settlement of the Homeworld as the Nova Terra Colony and some inquiries through the Singer Ranka Lee to the Vajra remaining in this galaxy pretty much destroyed this theory forever. Though some interesting tidbits of the Demon Sector were revealed through this communication like that the Vajra avoid the Demon Sector themselves as the damaged Fold Space makes them feel uneasy. Especially when it cuts off Vajra from the Galaxy-Wide Fold Network they have due to the damaged Fold Space.

Whichever theory you believed, there is some reason why the Demon Sector is generally feared by the Zentradi. Was it simply due to what happened here in the last days of the Civil War, or was there some sort of alien race hiding away in the sector? Who knows?

- Taken from The Demon Sector: Fact or Fiction by Dennis Wickes, an article posted in The Grand Galaxy e-magazine


War Room
Battlestar Galactica
2.5 Hours After Contact

Over two hours after the first reconnaissance Raptor arrival at the fleet with the news of some sort of a strange phenomenon happening in the star system, they were scouting, which concerned many people throughout the Fleet. The following second Raptor forty minutes after the first and its gathered data sent a wave of shock and surprise throughout the fleet. It was for this reason that the War Room of the Battlestar Galactica was packed full with many officers of the military ships of the fleet and a few civilians from the rest of the fleet. At the main map table at the center of the room Admiral Adama stood with Senior Lieutenant Edmondson, Commander Ward of the Pegasus, Colonel Saul Tigh, Doctor Gaius Baltar, and Major Brian Carter as they waited for the pictures taken with the Camera mounted on Lieutenant's Raptor to be delivered. Till then Major Carter and Doctor Baltar were quietly questioning the young Raptor pilot about what she had seen while the Admiral was discussing something or another with the Commander along with Colonel Tigh. Finally, the armored hatch leading to the War Room slid open, and a technician carrying a pair of large envelopes entered the room, which brought a hush to the entire room. The technician then somehow managed to fight through the packed room to stand at the other side of the Map Table.

"Sirs, the pictures taken from the Camera Mount of Raptor 249," the man said with a salute placing the pair of envelopes on the table. The Admiral nodded at the young man as he returned the salute.

"Thank you, Specialist. You are dismissed," he said, which made the man nod, and with another salute, he once more fought through the packed room and out of the hatch. After several moments of staring at the pair of innocent-looking envelopes, the Admiral finally reached forward and opened the first one. He then took out several glossy pictures and spread them out across the map table. The second envelope was then opened, and a few more pictures joined the rest spread out across the table. It was then that the officers and such spread across the sides of the Map Table started to inspect them.

The various photos showed a variety of different subjects, including a good shot of the sizeable sphere-like phenomenon that suddenly appeared with the ships. Another shot showed the sphere shrinking and blackened outlines of ships starting to emerge from the sphere. Other pictures where zoomed-in shots of the different ships and wrecks that appeared from the sphere. One of these pictures was being inspected by Major Carter which showed a large ship split into two halves. Another showing what looked to be some sort of small warship was being looked at by Doctor Baltar. While Colonel Tigh was looking at a picture showing some kind of damaged fighter floating in space while another picture showed a similar fighter out on patrol around the fleet. One final picture was being inspected by the stone-like face of the Admiral which showed a pair of what looked like humans with their arms wrapped around one another floating in space clearly dead from exposure.

"I just can't believe this," the voice of one of the officers mentioned with a shake of their head as they stared down at the various pictures. This started a variety of different similar reactions from the rest of the room. This went on for several minutes before the Admiral finally looked up from staring at that one picture.

"That's enough," he said with a frown, and the various officers started to quiet down. The Admiral then sighed and removed his glasses from his face to rub his face. He then turned to look over at the officers and such gathered around the map table.

"Your reactions Major?" the Admiral first asked the engineer with a wave at the pictures still spread out across the table. The Major sighed as he looked up from another image showing a second large ship that was circular in nature.

"Well, sir first I believe this is some sort of Colonization Fleet. For these two ships looked to be some sort of Colony Ships," the Major mentioned tapping the two pictures he had been inspecting with a long finger. He frowned as he stared down at the two pictures.

"They are quite different from any proposed Colony Ship Design that came from either the Colonial Fleet's own Department of Shipbuilding and Design or a Civilian Agency. For one, these ships appear to have actual real-life cities at their core. Something no one in S&D ever even imagined doing with any of their own designs. This leads me to believe that they are more than just a simple Colonization Fleets but are actual colonies themselves with all that entails," the Major explained with a shake of his head while Doctor Baltar looked up from his own perusal of another picture showing a different, more slightly larger warship, to look over at the man with a frown.

"If I remember right Major, there was a design from Caprican Aerospace Design Company that had a civilian ship with a city at its core just like these ones. They were modified from the Cloud Series Space Liners that they already had been building for several years," the Doctor mentioned with had the Major nodding his head at the civilian.

"Yes, Doctor, that's true, but that wasn't really a colony ship but a sort of mobile vacation spot that moved in between the colonies sporting casinos, hotels, and other sorts of things such a place would need. In fact, I think the Star Cloud that my team managed to get working was, in fact, the prototype for that design. The Cloud Nine was also supposed to be converted to a similar design if I remember right," the Major explained as he stares back down at the images of the two colony ship designs.

"No. I would call these ships, not Colony Ships really, but City Ships which can operate as Colony Ships are basically mobile colonies," the Major continued on making the Doctor nod in some agreement as he too looked down at the pictures of the colony ships.

"What I am wondering is what type of weapon can slice through a ship like that for it clearly did not end up that way through other means," the gruff voice of Colonel Tigh mentioned making the other officers nod in some agreement of the Colonel. Doctor Baltar hummed in some thought before picking up one of the pictures, which showed a zoomed-in view of a wreck of a large warship of some sort.

"Even though these pictures really don't show all that much. I do believe that these weapons are not kinetics as we would know them as but maybe something else entirely," the Doctor mentioned tapping his finger on the large turret on the front deck of the ship.

"What do you think it would be then, Doctor?" the Admiral asked with a frown staring over at him, making the man hum in some thought before looking back at the older man.

"I read the report you forwarded to me about that alien fighter a team found in that debris field a few systems back. Thanks to that report, mostly the fighter's main weapon, I think this weapon is sort of particle beam weapon," the man reported making a few gasps of surprise from the gathered officer while a few others scoffed in some disbelieve.

"That seems to be a good guess, Doctor," the Admiral mentioned with a nod of his head at the man before staring at the other gathered officers, mostly those who had scoffed at the Doctor's suggestion.

"You need all to remember that ever since we entered this sector of space, we have started to find stuff that we cannot explain with our current understanding. That includes planets that have bombed with some sort of largescale weapon leaving behind wastelands, planets that have been all-out destroyed by a weapon of unbelievable power, and various wrecks of old ships in numerous ancient battlefields," the Admiral mentioned looking over at the officers seeming a few flinch at his stare while others nodded in agreement at his gentle rebuke. With a nod he turned to around at the gathered senior officers to see if they had anything else to say about the pictures, which he soon noticed the frown on the face of Commander Ward as he stared down at one of the photos.

"Commander Ward? You have something to say?" the Admiral asked the younger man who blinked up at him for a moment before nodding and placing the picture down on the map table before taking a deep breath.

"Whoever these guys happen to be Admiral, they are apparently familiar with whoever built some of the wrecked ships we have seen in a few systems," the man mentioned nodding down to the picture he had been studying.

"Does that ship look familiar to you, Admiral?" the man continued sliding the picture over to the Admiral to inspect. The Admiral looked at the Commander with a frown before looking down at the picture for a moment seeing some sort of alien-looking ship that really did not look like a human, or at least a human from the Twelve Colonies, designed it. After a moment of studying the ship he then got what the Commander was trying to convey.

"It looks quite similar to the shipwreck that was nearby the fighter we recovered," the Admiral mentioned with a thoughtful look on his face. The Commander nodded at him before taking back the picture to pass it along with the other officers at the table.

"It is more than just similar, sir. It is almost a dead ringer for that ship if the projections, made by Major Carter's Engineers, were correct," the Commander replied, nodding to the engineer who after looking down at the passed picture, making him look up in some shock. Like a few other different wrecked ships that more intact then the others, his engineers had made projections of what they had looked like undamaged. This ship really did almost look exactly like the projection of that ship.

"There a few additions to the ship's hull, and sports a vastly different paint scheme but it is pretty much of the same class as that alien ship Admiral," the Major reported with a shake of his head passing the picture over to one of the observing officers, one who had been reasonable for the mentioned projections. The woman blanched in shock at the picture and passed it back to her commander. The Admiral nodded at this before, looking over the rest of the senior officers gathered.

"Then we have this picture of look to be human bodies spilling out of the cut-in-half colony ship," the Admiral mentioned tapping the picture he had been inspecting earlier before passing it onto the other officers who looked shaken at what was displayed on it. For many, it was not the first time they had seen human bodies floating dead in space, but that was from their own ships, not some sort of alien colony ship.

"You think these people are from Earth, then Admiral?" Doctor Baltar asked with a frown leaning against the map table, staring at the old Admiral who stared right back at the other man with an almost hostile glare on his face.

"For without one of these bodies to personally inspect, I can't say if they are actually human," the man continued with a shake of his head. The Admiral only nodded at this before looking over the rest of his officers, seeing them look a bit shaken about all of this though there was a sense of hope among them all.

"Honestly, Doctor, while I hope these people are from Earth, but I am not going to make a decision solely on that hope. No. These people, whoever they happen to be sport some unknown technology that will allow us to further stay ahead of the Cylons," the Admiral mentioned with a nod to the Doctor who only nodded back while the other officers stared at the Admiral in some shock.

"You don't attend to attack these people do you, sir?" Major Carter asked after several moments of silence along the gathered officers. A few gasps from the rest of the officers while Colonel Tigh and Commander Wade turned to glare at the man while the Admiral only chuckled at the question.

"No, Major, I don't indeed to attack them at all. Especially since we really don't know all that much about them. It would be folly to attack them to try to steal these new technologies from them," the Admiral mentioned with a shake of his head.

"Besides the President would have my head if I gave that order," he continued on a moment later, making more than one officer snort in some amusement at that statement for the President would really be upset with the Admiral if he ended up doing that.

"No, the only thing I am planning on doing is sending a ship to their location. Ask if they require any assistance and maybe get to know them better, which may get us at least some of these new technologies in the deal. However, if they tell us to get lost then we will inform them about the Cylons, then move on and ignore them for we really cannot afford to have another enemy out there," the Admiral mentioned looking over the gathered officers seeing the majority of them nodding in some understanding at this statement. Though one of the officers was frowning and shaking his head at this statement.

"And if they are actually the Thirteenth Tribe?" this officer suddenly asked out loud, making the Admiral look down at him with a frown his own at the man's tone.

"Then we celebrate and ask them if they can take us to Earth. If they still tell us to get lost or something like that, then we will try to find Earth by ourselves with what we already have," he answered, making the other senior officers nod in agreement with the old Admiral. However, one officer could only shake his head once more at this with an offended look on his face.

"They are the Thirteenth Tribe! They should help us, or if they don't, then we should make them for that is our right as fellow Tribes of Kobol," the man mentioned with a superior look on his face. The other officers looked at him in some shock while the Admiral only calmly raised an eyebrow at the man before shaking his head sadly at the man.

"Didn't you just hear me? I said we won't be attacking them, for we cannot afford to make another enemy for our people. Hence, even if they are the Thirteenth Tribe and refuse to accept our help then I am not going to force them," the Admiral replied, staring down at the man with an almost disappointed look on his weathered face. The officer looking disgruntled could only stare at the Admiral before scoffing and retreating. That done, the Admiral once more looked over the officers before looking over at Doctor Baltar.

"However, nothing is going to happen till the Doctor, and I brief the President on this, for she may just decide to do anything about this," the Admiral mentioned with a nod to the Doctor.

"Till then, you are all dismissed," the man directed with a nod to the door. The gathered officers then start to trickle out of the hatch while the Admiral gathered up the pictures and placed them back in their envelopes before handing them over to the Doctor.

"Doctor, a Raptor should already be waiting on the hangar deck to take us to the Colonial One to inform the President. I shall be right behind you after I discuss something with Colonel Tigh," the Admiral mentioned making the younger man nod taking the envelopes and moving towards the hatch. The Admiral meanwhile turned to stare at the patiently waiting Colonel.

"I want you to keep an eye on those officers. We cannot afford to have someone to disturb anything about these newcomers," he directed his old friend with a frown.

"Aye, sir. I shall take care of it," the man mentioned before ducking out of the hatchway leaving the Admiral alone in the War Room for a moment before he sighed and followed behind the Colonel. He really hoped something good came out of any meeting with these newcomers for he really did not want to find out what else they had to fight their enemies with and he took a brief moment to remember some of the ravaged worlds they had passed over the past couple months making him shiver slightly. Sighing once more the Admiral could only hope and pray as he started to head for the ship's hangar deck. He had a Raptor to catch and a President to brief about all of this.


Command Bridge

City Ship Island Mayan

Nine Hours After Arrival

On the bridge of the City Ship Island Mayan things had changed drastically in the twelve hours since their arrival in this unknown solar system. For one, there were a few more officers on duty at the bridge stations having been either found alive onboard the doomed Megaroad-07 or been transferred from one of the other intact ships in the fleet. Another change was that there was a lot of activity as one the City Ship was surrounded by the remaining warships of the Colony Fleet's escort fleet along with a few squadrons of variable fighters on patrol and second the retrieval operation of the civilian shelters on the larger colony ship was well underway. Not to mention some needed clean-up of the gathered debris and such from all the destroyed or heavily damaged ships. Already several of the large civilian shelters had been recovered from the intact portions of the Megaroad-07 and the civilians found within getting back onto their feet in the city ship's own residence section with the support of the remaining government agencies of the Colony Fleet's government.

Elsewhere the Fleet Support Ship Anaheim had undocked from the larger form of the City Ship and was in the thick of the recovery operation. To many observers, Anaheim bore substantial similarity with the Guantanamo Class Escort Carrier, just sporting a nose like extension that covered the front of the ship. It also sported a pair of exterior docking bays on either side of the ship where the carrier's flight bays where once and on the bottom of the ship a sizeable extendable scaffold was mounted. Now two of the damaged Northampton Class Frigates were secure in the exterior docking bays on either side of the ship while the similar-sized Habitation Ship Bay of Storms was docked in the scaffold. Buzzing all around the Support Ship were several small work shuttles and worker pods recovering the scattered pieces of debris, which include half-destroyed variable fighters. Currently, several work shuttles and pods were picking through the half-destroyed hulk of the Factory Ship.

On the overbridge of the City Ship, Captain Marcus Rush was the center of all this activity directing everything going on in the pitiful remnant of the Seventh Long Range Colonization Fleet. After finding out that his family was safe and secure on the city-ship after being retrieved from a shelter the man had thrown himself into his work. He kind of blamed himself for what had happened to the fleet, for it had been his plan that saw them being not only frozen in time for two years, but dragged into a portion of space that was pretty much a dead zone not allowing them to communicate for help or to send a ship to get help. Hence, he had been in the thick of things ever since their arrival in this solar system and getting his people back on track. He was now supervising the ongoing salvage of the Factory Ship. He hoped that they could find some intact pieces of equipment.

Behind him, the hatchway slid open to let in a feminine figure in a pilot suit complete with a helmet that they removed as they stepped through the hatch letting long azure hair fall down their back. The revealed face was young and pretty which was spoiled by an unpleased expression on her face as she stared at the back of Captain Rush who was busy inspecting a few holographic screens in front of him.

"Marcus," she called out softly, making the man jolt in some surprise at her voice. He turned away from the holograph screen with a surprised expression on his face.

"Komilia, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with the kids?" he asked, confusedly staring at her and raising an eyebrow in some surprise at her getup.

"The kids are fine they are with your sister in the Island Mayan General Hospital," the woman, Komilia Rush, wife to the Captain, replied with a shake of head sending her hair flying a bit, which made her sigh for really need to get it trimmed. Marcus sighed at this thanking once more for the idea of making the Hospitals on the Megaroad-07 being able to be fully sealed making them into their own large survival shelters. It was thanks to that upgrade that allowed his sister Marlene to live through the destruction of the Colony Ship. It also allowed much of the trained medical personnel to be kept alive along with their patients of which had been transferred over to the Island Mayan General Hospital.

"Can I ask why you are in a flight suit, my dear?" he asked her after making the woman snort and come up alongside him to stare down at the busy officers spread throughout the bridge.

"An officer asked for volunteers who had flight experience to help in the search and rescue operation. I left the kids with your sister and volunteered," she replied, making her husband sigh and shake his head. He knew that someone was going around asking for volunteers, but he did not know that his wife had volunteered, but he wasn't all that surprised. She would have wanted to help somehow for that is what she happened to be. Though he briefly wondered why no one had told him that his wife had volunteered for flight duty, then again, he had passed on the reasonability for the Search and Rescue Operation to Lieutenant Commander Granger.

"I take it they shoved you into a fighter then instead of a shuttle or pod?" Marcus mentioned, which made his wife snort and nod at him. Marcus could only chuckle at this, for it did make sense for she was a Jenius after all. She was literally born to fly a Valkyrie after all.

"Yeah. They managed to recover a couple of the old Thunderbolts from the Big Seven's storage hangars," she replied before shaking her head and staring over at her husband.

"That said, I was teamed up with another pilot, and the latest news from the recovery operation had the woman head here. I just went with her," she explained, making Marcus blink in some surprise at this for he hadn't heard anything significant about the recovery operation onboard the Megaroad-07 then again he hadn't really been paying all that much attention to it after the salvage operation started on the Factory Ship.

"Oh?" he said, but before his wife could say anything in reply the door slid open once more to let in another flight suited feminine figure into the bridge. With a sigh the figure removed her helmet and shook out her blond hair. Marcus blinked in some surprise, for he quickly recognized her as Katrina Anne Darlian, the current personal aide to President Roger Herman, daughter of previous President Michael Darlian and fighter ace pilot Sabrina Darlian. Marcus also knew she had become a close friend to his wife after being held in Fold Stasis for twenty years saw many of her older friends now older and with families of their own or had passed away during that time. It was thanks to Komilia that Katrina's interest in flying was reignited which saw her taking out her mother's old VF-9 Cutlass when she wanted.

"Captain Rush, with the confirmed death of President Herman and his Cabinet, it now falls onto me to step in as acting president till the people can fully elect myself or another into office," the woman said making Marcus stare at her in some surprise before straightening to attention and saluting her. He really shouldn't have been surprised at this, for she was one of the only figures in the Herman Administration to be confirmed alive right now. Therefore, it fell onto her shoulders to reform the government.

"Madam President, what are your orders?" he asked her with a nod of his head. She smirked slightly at him before turning to look at Komilia which made his stomach clench tightly for the two women had something planned, and he was not going to like it; he was sure.

"Yes, Captain. From what I understand you have been on duty for almost twelve hours, therefore, I think you need to spend some time with your family while I take over here," she said to him making him sigh but before he could protest he saw the glint in the eyes of his wife making him flinch slightly. He was however surprised by Katrina leaning forward to stare at him.

"Captain, from what I understand, you are the most senior surviving military officer I have left right now. Therefore, I need you rested and relaxed, allowing you an easier time to advise me in these trying times," the young woman outright whispered to him, making Marcus sigh at this, knowing she was entirely correct.

"Understood Madam President," he replied to her with a short bow before turning to see about letting the rest of the officers know what was going on when the officer now in charge of the operations station suddenly jerked in some surprise drawing the attention of Marcus and a few other nearby officers. The man leaned forward and entered a few commands into his station before looking up, unintentionally meeting the eyes of Marcus.

"Captain! I am detecting a single large ship that just appeared about six kilometers from the fleet," the young officer reported making Marcus look at him in some surprise. It also drew the attention of the rest of the bridge crew.

"And we did not detect any sort of Fold Signature Lieutenant?" he asked him with a frown while the new President and his wife looked on with their own surprise.

"Negative Captain! It just appeared," the officer returned, making Marcus hum in some thought looking up at the holographic screens which now showed the unknown ship.

"Interesting. What can you say about it right now, Lieutenant?" he inquired of the officer who leaned forward and started to look at a few readings from his station.

"First of all, sir, it isn't using any sort of Reaction-Based Power Source, but what looks to be a series of advanced Fusion Reactors. Secondly, it is around fourteen hundred meters in length and five hundred in width. It also sports some sort of pods that are along its sides. I am guessing they are some sort detached flight bays. That said, I can't detect anything like a Fold Drive or any other notable source of FTL," the man reported making Marcus eye the displayed ship in some interest, but before he could inquire any further Lieutenant Valerie at Communications looked up in some surprise of her own.

"Sir! I am now detecting a signal from that ship. They are trying to communicate with us," the woman reported making Marcus now look quite interested in what was going on while the two women at his side exchanged looks.

"Can you play it, Lieutenant?" Marcus asked the communication which only nodded up at him, and after a moment, a burst static sounded through the speakers throughout the bridge before finally a voice could be heard speaking.

"Attention Unknown Ships! This is the Battlestar Galactica representing the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and its people. We have noticed that you are in some sort of distress, and we are standing by to render any assistance you may require," the voice could hear saying in some sort of alien language.

"Sounds similar to Zentradi," an officer mused from another was about to say something in response before stopping and turning to look at Katrina, which drew the attention of the rest of the bridge to the young woman.

"Madam President, your thoughts on this?" he asked her, and a few gasps of surprise emerged from the officers spread across the bridge. They had been busy with their duties to have heard her earlier after she entered the bridge. A few of the officers stood from their stations and saluted her, making her nod at them before turning her attention to Marcus.

"Well, I do believe we have a First Contact Situation," was she could say really to that.


Post Chapter Notes

This chapter was pretty much fighting me for a bit; therefore it got delayed longer as I tried to get it to work. Sigh. This was mostly the start of the middle of the first scene and the start of the second scene. Not to mention, I kind of went through a couple different versions of the President, and since she is going to be one of the main characters into the next couple chapters, I needed to get her right. I then finally ended up making the President a sort of blend of Relena Peacecraft from Gundam W and a couple of different other characters. One such aspect is Padme Amidala from Star Wars, which I think makes her a bit cooler in that she can pilot a fighter if required. Also, apparently, I kind of goofed last chapter when I was describing the remainder of the Seventh Colony Fleet. A couple ships were based on captured Zentradi Picket Ships while others were based on the Oberth Class. This is featured at the end of the first scene where the Colonials notice it bears a similarity to a wrecked ship they had seen before in another debris field. I have changed it in the last chapter. Therefore, you can go reread it if you wish.

Speaking of ships, I finally got around to fully explaining what type of ship the Anaheim happens to be after mentioning over the past couple of chapters. It is a variant of the Guantanamo Class Carrier, which converts it into a Fleet Tender and Support Ship for the military ships of the fleet. It removes much of its capacity to carry fighters and replaces with needed equipment to keep the Defense Fleet running more smoothly. Just imagine a Guantanamo Class ship with a pair of exterior docking bays on either side of the ship where the carrier decks are and a large foldable scaffold on the bottom. This design is a retread of an earlier idea I had for the factory ship from Lucky Miracle just modified a bit to serve as a Fleet Tender.

Anyways. An exciting chapter all around. This is the start of the First Contact between the Macross people and the Colonials. I originally wanted this chapter to cover the First Contact itself, but the chapter kind of was getting a bit long, and if I kept it going, then this chapter would be the longest chapter of the entire series so far. So, I stopped it here for now. Not to mention, after the first contact, the first part, or cour, of this story is finished which means I can put my full attention onto finish Meeting. Also, I think this First Contact is going to be quite different from that of Lucky Miracle since it is a bit grander with two almost equal fleets meeting for the first time. One thing to mention here. I initially want to see about having the communication hail from the Galactica be in full-on zentradi language text, but I don't think FFN will support it, therefore, just put it in italics like I did for Lucky Miracle.

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