China Aster

"I must say it is strange to see you here, Lucifer. In so many years no less." A voice stated monotone when a loud burst of colorful flames, screams, and the lighting tapping of a cane filled the void. Shadows curling about the fainted bares of a study room with books, simple furniture, and lighting flicking wildly by the new arrival.

"Yes, I would say the same." Lucifer echoed stepping out a bright burning hellfire portal and standing before the other being in a void of nothing, wide smile with pointed teeth spoke in calmness once doing a glance of them. "I see Limbo is lively as ever or this your private chambers?"

"Coy and yes in a way. How can I help you, Lucifer? I know that this surprise visit isn't for your own amusement. Should I be worry of your calm demeter?"

"Maybe. Though, admit you're happy to see me. That could cheer me up." Lucifer stated smugly with a loose airy laugh.

"Hardly, but I know you well enough to ware me out to prove me wrong."

"Another time."

"How is the family?"

"Never been better. Lilith still wished you came to the ceremony, the flowers you sent though. Still have them after so long. Not even into ash."

"I would hope not, I work hard to keep what's in my garden in spades. Still... if I have a moment to pass the watcher, I'll send fresh ones."

A light laugh broke through his tight smile, before saying. "No doubt she'll love it. My thanks."

"It's nothing. How about your daughter, little Charlotte?"

"You've been in your tower for far too long, Hesediel. My daughter isn't so little anymore and too good for her own sake."

"Don't be rude. Sounds like you did well as a father. Be proud."

"Never said I wasn't... I... I just..."

The bright lean being turned to face the demon, face devoted of emotion compare to the tones within his voice. Placing books on the low desk between them. Hesediel wave his hand and soft music played.

"Feeling better?"

"You always know when to be too good as well. Much, my thanks again."

"Comes with the practice, you weren't the most easy partner to work with."

Lucifer could feel his smile grow and could only tease in return. "But, we made do up to the end. Though thinking you would be here, unheard of."

"A price to pay for but I haven't any regret. It would go against everything I have done for myself and others here. Just taking it day by day. Even if a little mischief ruffles my feathers."

Lucifer gave a chuckle before stepping closer, being within arms distance of the other. Who in return never moved an inch and awaited for the other to speak. In that notion it made Lucifer smile stretch farther while twiddling his apple cane. Though for a moment neither spoke, the other stood without question, though the look of worry wasn't hard to miss. Not the worry of fear for one's life but worry of an old friend. Lucifer could feel his tainted soul oddly relax well.


A slight twitch was given off from the holy being. Weak but spoke volumes of the offsetting tone of the demon. Hesediel reached out from beneath heavy robes to lay a comforting hand on the other's shoulder.


Hearing his name spoken, snapped him out of whatever deep haze he found himself in.

"You okay?"

"Yes." Lucifer answered simply, patting the hand off him in kind, straighten himself before saying. "You have patience and care. Always had then and now. For that, I ask if you could bare a favor for me. Even after so long, I just don't know who else to ask that it won't end in, very temping bloodshed. And as much as this ills me. P-please."

The other didn't say a word at first, having a calm look of thinking. Though deep down, having the other denied was unlikely.

"If it was any other demon or angel, I would decline-"

"Polity and bluntly, I remember."

"Yes. Good. So what do you need in this favor of yours?"

"Let us get settle and I'll tell you all. Though, I think one thing is clear."


"Those robes are going to have to go." Lucifer started, removing the hood all the same despite the askew reach for it, adding. "Purple is your color though, I can make it work. Maybe a trim too."

"How lovely." The reply came dryly that made the demon happy to hear an old familiar voice that deep yet fragile as thin China after what felt like a millennia and pi.