If forced to make a list of all the most improbable things that had ever happened around him, being snatched out of Moon-Cell and turned into an 'actual' sword might just make it into the Nameless Archer's top ten. Slightly more unlikely then becoming the Servant of a rogue NPC, but definitely not on the level of anything that the Phantasmal Carnival had thrown at him.

Not to say any of those things were unpleasant, just… you know… unlikely.

Saber Lion had been absolutely adorable, and Archer had grown fond of Hakuno over those eight weeks they had spent together. It had been after he had pushed himself to his limit, disobeying Moon-Cell's orders to win the AI girl her freedom that he had felt himself pulled out of the Moon-Cell and the world in general and into an entirely different world.

He would wonder what had the kind of power needed to reach into Moon-Cell and steal a Servant off of its deathbed, but his new ability, [Appraisal], gave him a damn good hint. Looking into his own [Perimeters] Archer saw an unfamiliar trait that seemed to explain everything.

[Blessings of the Chaos Goddess – Shit happens. Survive and grow strong.]

Well, at least this Goddess has a sense of humor, if that message and her turning him into a literal sword was anything to go by.

If there was any consolation to be had, it would be that he was at least a rather good-looking sword, if nothing else. As a broadsword, with a wide shiny blade and a silver cross guard decorated with the visage of a wolf, Archer wouldn't have looked out of place among some of the Noble Phantasms that he had seen. The [Self-Repair] ability seemed to keep him looking as though he had just been freshly polished.

Pity his blade wasn't all that great. Without magical enhancements it was hardly on the level of a grunt weapon. Even if reinforced to its peak, it would barely even compare to the level of a low end of E rank Noble Phantasms, and 200 units of mana was not even half as much as a good magus would have. It was a far cry from the 15000 units he would have had if he was still a Servant.

Name: Nameless

Wielder Registrant: None

Race: Intelligent Weapon | Heroic Spirit

Attack:132 Mana: 200/200 Durability:100/100 Mana Channel: A


Appraisal: Lv6, Self-Repair, Self-Evolving (Rank 1 | Magic Stone Value 0/100 | Memory 10), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Wielder Status ↑ Low, Wielder Recovery ↑ Low, Skill Sharing, Magician.

Unique Skills:

Blessings of the Chaos Goddess

Extra Skills:

Principle of an Element LvEX (Sword), Weapon Control, Independent Action, Clairvoyance, Eye of the Mind (False).

Set Skills:


Stored Skills:


So no shit there he was, a magic sword stuck in a stone pedestal in the middle of a garden in some ruins, waiting for someone to come and pull him from the stone so that he could make them king or something. Honestly, if a petite blonde girl turns up, Archer wasn't sure if he would ever stop laughing. Though if they are going to turn up, he hopes that they will at least hurry it up. As it turned out, there wasn't much for a sword to do when they were waiting to be pulled out of the stone.

Sighing with boredom, he triggered his telekinesis, grabbed a nearby rock and chunked it, watching it skip across the ground.

Mana: 199/200.

Then he traced a regular sword and shot it at the rock.

Mana: 195/200.

He had been sitting in that bit of stone floor for just a day and had taken the liberty to play around with a few things, just to kill time. Telekinesis was interesting, but costly, draining 1 unit of mana every second. Tracing a single ordinary weapon cost 4 units, which was inline with what he was used to. But rather than a low-level Noble Phantasm costing around 20 units to create, it cost much much more.

As it turned out, being in a world where the legends that act as a base for the Noble Phantasm's power don't exist, Archer had to not only trick the world into believing the sword was really there, but he also had to force it to accept the legend was real as well. Tracing an E rank Noble Phantasm from his old world cost more mana than he had at the moment. He wasn't sure how much it would take, but he ballparked it to being somewhere around 500 units. Same went for any ordinary magic weapon that used religions symbols from his old world.

If he wanted a supply of easy to make magic weapons, he would need to start over from the ground up and copy weapons from this world, create original weapons of his own, or find a way of cheating this world's system even more.

Mana: 196/200… Mana: 197/200… Mana: 198/200.

The regeneration of Mana seemed to be about 1 unit every minute, and he had nothing better to do then just watch it slowly recharge. It had been three whole days since he had first woken up as a sword. While life as an agent of Moon-Cell was hell, it hadn't prepared Archer to deal with long periods of boredom.

Finally, the nearby bushes started to wrestle, gaining Archer's attention. He wondered if whatever poor fool that the Goddess of Chaos had set up to be his wielder had finally shown up. However, he was surprised when rather than a naive youth who was about to start on an epic quest to save the land, because aren't they always, two dozen humanoid monsters with warty green skin appeared, wearing loincloths and bone helmets. The largest of these creatures stood at around six feet tall, while the rest were only around four and a half.

Goblin King Lv.21

Race: Goblin (Evil Being)

HP: 87, MP: 26, STR: 47, END: 39

AGI: 26, INT: 17, MGC: 16, DEX: 29


Coercion: Lv1, Sword Techniques: Lv2, Sword Arts: Lv4, Leadership: Lv4, Raise Morale: Lv3, Shield Arts: Lv2, Provocation: Lv1, Throwing: Lv1, Ambition: Lv1, Energy Manipulation.


Broken Crude-Iron Long Sword, Cracked Crude-Iron Armor, Leather Shield, Leather Loincloth.

Well it was a King, if not the kind he was expecting. His hat was off to the Goddess of Chaos for subverting his expectations a little.

Not that the creature was going to be able to pull him out of the stone. After all, he was a magic sword, so there was no way that it could…

The Goblin King tossed its broken long sword to the side and grabbed on to Archer's hilt and easily pulled him up out of the stone base. The former servant was so shocked that he didn't know what to do.

"Ah… with this magic sword, I unite the neighboring tribes. I raise up stamped of thousands of Goblins!" The Goblin King shouted to his men and he waved Archer around above his head, much to the delight of the other goblins. "We push down into the valley and take the human villages! We kill and slaughter, steal their weapons and rape their women! We drain their blood into the soil and give homage to our Evil God!"

[...Oh hell no!] Archer growled, using telepathy to rip himself from the goblin's hands before pumping 50 units of mana into sharpening his blade, driving it down into the creature's head and splitting him in two down the middle from the top if his head down into the center of his chest.

Before any of the other goblins had time to react, 23 blades appeared out of thin air and flew straight through their heads, instantly killing them.

[God. I feel so violated.] Archer said, the warmth of the goblin's slimy hands still clinging to his hilt. He would have shivered if that was even feasibly possible. [At least I'm out of that stupid rock now.]

As he mentally adjusted himself to what had just happened, he noticed his blade glow as a foreign mana flowed into him. There had been some kind of stone within the Goblin King's body, and his blade and sliced right into it.

Self-Evolving (Rank 1 | Magic Stone Value 3/100 | Memory 10)

New Skills Unlocked:

Coercion: Lv1, Sword Techniques: Lv1, Sword Arts: Lv1, Leadership: Lv1, Raise Morale: Lv1, Shield Arts: Lv1, Provocation: Lv1, Throwing: Lv1, Ambition: Lv1, Energy Manipulation.

Information seeped into Archer's consciousness. Knowledge about how to use these 'skills', which he seemed to have learned by absorbing the mana inside of the crystal that had been in the Goblin King's chest.

[Curious.] Archer thought, glancing around at the other bodies. He wondered if there were more of these crystals and if he could absorb more of these 'skills'. Nothing he had gotten was useful so far, as Archer's own knowledge of weapons and tactics far exceeded what was provided by the skills, but it was something that peaked his curiosity. He also wanted to know what this [Self-Evolving] thing was about.

So as his mana recharged and he could make short trips with his telekinesis, he went to the individual goblins, stabbing them through the chests and harvesting their mana crystals, getting himself such invaluable skills as [Digging], [Dismantling] and [Climbing] and slowly increasing the magic stone meter of his own. He was laughing at the absurdity of the useless skills that couldn't even match up to his own knowledge, when he stabbed into one goblin that was holding a staff and immediately stopped laughing.

New Skills Unlocked:

Fire Magic: Lv1, MGC ↑ Low, Magic Manipulation.

…In this world, he had just learned fire magic.