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Child of Silence

By Angelwings Sorrow

Chapter 42 "Are We Our Parents?"

"I can't believe that you snuck out in the middle of the night! You could have been kidnapped or kill!" Loki ranted before whirling on to his husband. "This is your fault! Lady Pepper is right you are a bad influence on our son!"

"Hey, I didn't tell him to walk to Queens at two in the morning to get attacked by Mandarin!" Tony held up his hands in defense. The two men had been left with the two boys after the Coulson's debriefing and Pepper's major yelling lecture to all of them.

"Are they always like this?" asked Harry's new friend who changed back into civilian clothes.

"Always. We're going waiting here a while until they remember we exist. Jarvis said your Aunt is on her way and is not too happy either. Does she know that your Spider man?"

"No, and I would like to keep it that way to keep her safe. Being a super hero comes with a lot of danger as you know with your folks being who they are, so I do my best to keep Spider-Man away from Aunt May. I don't know how I'm going to explain this."

"There is nothing to explain Peter Benjamin Parker you are grounded!" a voice coming out of the elevator.

"Aunt May! I…" Peter jumped and ran to the petite woman who was extremely mad and sparking off magic?

"Don't Aunt May, me. Agent Coulson told me everything. You were out there in the dead of night fighting bad guys! You could have been killed." As May's shouting increase so did the sparks until a bit of accidental magic went flying off her hand but Harry blocked it with his magic circle it before they had to replace the microwave again.

"Mrs. Parker, I think that you should calm down before your magic goes haywire again." Harry signed to the now blushing witch.

"What was that? What are you talking about? Magic isn't real." Peter looked around to everyone, but it seemed that they were not surprised by what just happened.

"Mrs. Parker, I believe it is time to tell your nephew the truth and register him with Gringotts." Loki stated as he summoned refreshments for all. Despite it being almost three in the morning they still had a lot to go over.

"I hadn't been to Gringotts since before we brought Peter home." May sighed sitting on the couch.

"Aunt May what's going on?"

"Peter did I ever tell you how I met your Uncle Ben?"

"You said you were on a school field trip."

"It was a trip to England for students who might want to do a four year exchange program. Your Uncle was a First generation Wizard and I am witch descended from one of the Founders of Hogwarts Helga Hufflepuff. My family came to America two generations ago and we attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry here in the US. Your Uncle was a year older and was in a different class then me, but we both signed up for the trip. My older brother also went on the trip and end up staying for the four year program to experience how our ancestors were educated. You Uncle Ben and I returned to the states and started a friendship. Eventually we dated then got married. We moved to Queens because you uncle wanted to be close to your parents he had always been close to your father. Even though he and you mom were non-magi we loved you all dearly, but when came to live with us we decided to live a total Magic-Free life only using magic when you were at school to prevent magic build up."

"So does that mean I'm magic too?" Peter asked. His mind was reeling from the information overload.

"I don't think so Peter. You never show any signs of having magic when you were little. So we believed that Ben was the only magical one in the Parker Family." May smiled sadly at the boy who she raised as a son.

"It's possible he has inactive magic Mrs. Parker." Loki said pouring her a cup of tea. "My husband has been analyzing your nephew's blood and we were trying to figure out how he survived a deadly bite from a radioactive spider. Magic would protect his internal organs and adapt his body to except the venom. There maybe magic in him, but give it another generation or two and you'll have another witch or wizard in the family."

"Radio-active Spider? Peter you were bitten by a radio-active Spider? When did that happen?" Now it was Peter who was on the hot seat.

"Well uh, I was on a school field trip and one of the scientists came running in and said that one of their experiments had escaped. Well it hitched a ride on my back pack and bit me. After that I discovered I had these powers and that I need to help people. Uncle Ben said 'With great power, comes great responsibility'. If I had been on patrol I could have saved Uncle Ben."

"Oh Peter, it wasn't a carjacking that killed Ben. It was a rouge wizard that was hunting witches and wizard who left the magical community. He was a ranting lunatic who was saying nonsense about us killing magic because we lived like non-magi people. The MCUSA covered the magic aspect of the crime and the US Auror Department eventually caught the Wizard and now he is serving life in Alcatraz Prison."

"I thought Alcatraz was a tourist spot in San Francisco?"

"The Non-Magi Prison is. The Non-Magi modeled it after the one built off the coast of Florida where our most dangerous prisoners are kept." May said glad Peter was taking all so well but she didn't know if she liked the idea of her nephew being a super hero.

"Now that you know of the Magical world young Peter; you will need to be register with the government to prevent your Aunt going to prison or losing her magic for breaking the Statue of Secrecy. But given your powers and crime fighting double life Jareth will have to put in paper work with the MCUSA to allow you to continue your duties under the Non-Magi but more in to partial Magi."

"Don't worry my godfather will work it out he's King of the Goblins and knows how to work the Magical system." Harry reassure the Parkers as his father made it sound complicated.

"We'll have to make an appointment with Gringotts but it's been years since I owned an owl. I guess I'll have to go in person." May agreed.

"No worries I'll send Nátt in the morning and we'll call you when the appointment is set." Harry offered.

"That sound good, I'm lucky I have tomorrow off, the hospital has been really busy lately. Come on Peter we got to get home and some sleep the goblins do not like tardiness."

"Yes Aunt May."

"Oh one more thing before you guys head out. Lokes and I want you to join us sometime this week for dinner so we can get to know you better. Shield and I have an offer to make the Friendly Neighbor hood Spider-man." Tony jumped in before their guest made their leave.

"That sounds lovely. I'll check our schedules and call you. Let's go Peter-Pie."

"Aunt May, I'm sixteen! I'm not a little kid." Peter whined as he followed his Aunt to the elevator.

"I guess it doesn't matter who you are or how old, Family will always embarrass you no matter what." Harry signed. When he turned back to his parents they were staring at him looking non-too happy with him. "Oh right I'm still in trouble."

"You bet your ass you are, Hare-Bear. Now do you mind telling us what was going on in that head of yours? We know you are a lot smarter than to take foolish risks." Tony stated crossing his arms trying not to give in to those sad emerald eyes.

Harry sighed and disengaged his gloves and opened his locket to the mind stone. "I'm sorry I worried you both but I am not sorry I left for a walk. I love you both but you were smothering me with your constant hovering and making sure I was with in eye sight at all times. I needed a break from every one and I needed to breathe. The tower was changing from my home to my prison and I didn't want to see the first home I every truly knew to become a place that I would hate. Your right Dad I am smart enough to know the dangers of leaving the tower. I did not leave unarmed. I redesigned some Avenger armor to fit me and work with my fighting style also with a way to communicate should I need help which I did use to call Uncle Nick. I also know that Mandarin is looking for me so I had reversal darts on me which I used tonight with Peter's help. Jarvis was another form of back up. If I call for my suit or Shadow flew off to my aid he was to wake you both and let you know I needed help."

"Jarvis was in on this? You got your brother to lie for you? Jarvis explain yourself young man." Tony demanded from the AI's closest camera.

"It's true I knew of Master Haraldr's plans to go out and before I let him leave with out your notice I would go over his safety protocols and made sure he had the best ways to protect himself when disconnected from the tower. I was un-nerved by his leaving but I was more displeased with your parenting in making my brother dislike our home." Harry barely contained the wince at use of his formal name. it seems that Jarvis was still mad at him.

"Rebellious, all of our kids are rebellious!" Tony threw his hands up in defeat.

"Haraldr you are the House Champion and an adult by Asgardian law, but you are still a child of Midgard law. If you must leave the house from time to time you must have someone with you. As you have proven tonight you can not be alone when being confront by an enemy. I am sorry you felt the need to go behind our back for freedom but you put yourself at great risk. You should have come to us and we could have discussed this with us." Loki stated calmly burring hurt deep down. He felt like he was standing up to Odin again when he was just a child be disciplined for leaving his royal studies to wander the forest and practice his magic. Only now the roles were reversed, because he was the father and it was his son leaving the safety of their home to be himself and have his own freedom. Maybe he should be a bit more understanding of why Odin did the things he did when raising him and Thor. But that is a matter for another time right now he had a frustrated Demi-God son and an Upset ex-mortal husband to deal with.

"Would you have been this reasonable if I asked to go for a walk with out you?"

"Hell no! You just got better after being stabbed Harry! We almost lost our son! So excuse us if we want to make sure you stay alive!" Tony whirled on his son.

"I know I was Stabbed! I thaws there it happened to me! But I can't keep reliving the moment I need to move on and so should you! Until you can do that we have nothing more to say!"

"Now wait Haraldr," but Loki was too late. Harry opened a portal beneath his feet and vanished, from sight. "Jarvis is Haraldr still in the tower?"

"Yes Prince Loki. He landed in his room on Thor's floor and has sealed himself inside."

"Thank you, let me know if that changes. Anthony what were thinking yelling at him like that?"

"I was thinking that our son did something incredibly stupid tonight and it scared the shit out of me! I was thinking that he could have been taken I wouldn't have been there to protect him. Now I'm thinking I turned in to Howard and I just chased my son away from me." The genius' rant lost its steam and not he sat on the couch deflated and defeated.

"I am question myself as well, wondering if I am turning into Odin." The Chaos sat next to his husband just as depressed over the revelations. "But what ever our short coming or father issues we have, my sister was correct. We can not wrap him in wool and prevent him from living his life."

"I know and don't tell her I agree with her. I will deny you sex for a month if you do."

"Oh Please Anthony you can go one night without sex. Anyways I believe we should go to bed and try to talk to Haraldr in the morning when we all have calmer heads. Then I think I shall call on my parents and apologize for a few things I did when I was Haraldr's age."

"Ouch, hit you that hard did it? Well I guess I'll call Rhodey, since I gave him hell when I was kid at MIT and he was my babysitter/roommate. Shit, is sucks when we turn in to our parents."

"Yes it does. Come on to bed. Gringotts openes in four hours and I need to owl Jareth." Loki sighed pulling his lover to his feet, then pushed him in the direction of their bedroom. It had been a long night and it was going to be an early Morning they need all the rest they could get.


"Draco come sit by me." Narcissa called to her son. She had been sitting in the garden waiting for Draco to take his morning exercise so they could talk away from the Manor.

"Mother, it is unusual to see you out here in the harsh morning light." Draco sat beside the delicate witch.

"Yes but I need to speak with you. This coming year is going to be difficult and I worry over your safety."

"I know but please do not send Dobby to watch over me. He nearly killed me last year trying to save me."

"No, I won't send Dobby." Narcissa laughed seeing the panic over the excitable elf cross her son's face. "Instead there is someone I want you to meet. He is someone I trust with my life and now yours. You must not tell your father as I have been forbidden to contact him but I have many times defied that order. This man is family and you can trust him. Will you go with me today to meet them?"

"Of course mother; when are we to meet them? I have to do my morning routine and then I am free. Father told me last night he is leaving for Bulgaria after breakfast for two week on ministry business."

"We will lunch in Diagon Alley. I have a friend who runs a tea shop with private rooms so your father's associates will not see us. I am sorry for making you keep more secrets my son." Narcissa took the teen's hands in hers trying to convey her sorrow over all that was happening.

"I'm fine with it. As long as you're safe I can handle it. Plus I have my friends to help and Godfather is helping me to protect mind. So as long as were together and have hope we will get past his madness."

"You are brave my son I wish I was as strong as you when I was a younger and could stand up to my family. But had I done that than I would not have you, my dragon. Now go do your exercise I will make sure Lucius is sent off with not suspicions of our defiance." The witch gracefully rose from her seat and heading inside. Her husband was not an early riser as a pure blood he had been raised a pamper prince who was trained to be a king of power not of strength. She has seen the changes in Draco since had come home from school he was becoming a stronger and more capable man and wizard than his father. She would do everything in her power to support him and prevent Lucius from destroying him.

"Sugar, have you finished picking flowers for my sitting room and the dining room?"

"Yes, Mistress Malfoy." The little elf followed Lady Malfoy in to the Manor.

"There you are Narcissa, I was looking for you before we sat down to breakfast."

"I was in the garden getting flowers for the Manor. What do you need of me Lucius?"

"I wanted to tell you, that I need to go to Bulgaria for two weeks. Fudge has made a blunder and I must go and straighten out our alliances before our friends return to England." The Lord Malfoy was upset with the current Minster of Magic but if he smooth things out than the Dark lord would favor him upon his return.

"I understand. I am sure that you will fix the mess Fudge made. Shall I invite Severus over to continue Draco's studies?"

"Yes, I want him to look over the boy's homework and revise it until it is perfect. Being tied in second place with a mudblood is unacceptable. If I am to present him to our Master the boy must be flawless." Lucius snarled when an owl swooped in and dropped a letter onto the Lord's empty plate. Lucius snatched up the letter and his face went pale as he read the letter line by line. "I am sorry my Dear Wife I must leave a lot sooner than planned. It seems our allies are not happy with Fudge's attempts to make amends."

"Of course Dear Husband, you must go before it is too late to win our allies back." Narcissa said playing the dutiful wife. Lucius was so detracted with the letter he didn't hear the flat tone to her voice. Instead he nodded to his wife that he should leave with haste and left without another word.


Diagon Alley was busy even though it was mid July. The weather seemed to be unusually hot for England but that didn't deter determined shoppers. Lady Malfoy guided her son through the crowds to a less visible tea shop that had a German Shepard waiting by the entrance. Narcissa nodded to the dog and it followed the Malfoys inside and up to the private room she had booked. Narcissa took out her wand and was about to ward the room when Draco stopped her.

"Allow me Mother. I know stronger wards that no wizard can pierce."

"But you can't use magic outside of school." Narcissa protested.

"Mother there are other forms of magic that the Ministry does not think exist." The young Slytherin moved his hands in perfect form and created Blue Spell circles that enveloped the room. Sound was locked in with them and no one could see in no matter how hard they tried. "We are secure Mother."

"Well Cissy you didn't tell me your boy was a practicing Sorcerer." Draco turned to the voice and found the dog was now a man sitting at the tea table.

"I did not know myself. I am just as surprised and impressed as your cousin." Narcissa took a seat at the table and Draco followed suit.

"Cousin? I thought all the Blacks were gone?"

"Lucius would like you to believe that. We most certainly are not, Andromeda sends her love by the way, Cissy."

"Tell her I love and miss her too, Reggie."

"Reggie? Who exactly are you and how long have you been an Animagus?" Draco looked at the man with suspision.

"Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Regulus Arcturus Black or Lord Black of the Noble House of Black at your service. I've been an Animagus since my days at Hogwarts. My Brother Sirius taught me how." Regulus smiled. It pained Narcissa to see that smile as it was the same as Sirius when charming the people around him. Sirius was gone and she blamed Lucius for it. If she had not been forced to stay at home that night she could have warned Sirius of Pettigrew's betrayal, then he and his husband would still be alive.

"Nice to meet you, Lord Black."

"None of this Lord Black nonsense, call me Cousin Reggie. I am only Lord by default. Death Eaters set up my brother and had the minister order The Kiss upon him. Even though his Godson is his heir, he is too young to take the title of Lord. I have no right to the title so I hold until he comes of age should he want it, but until then I shall use the title to work on freeing England from the Ministry's dark hold."

"It's not the Ministry so much as the work of one dark wizard." Draco leaned back in his chair and watched confusion wash over the two adults faces.

"If your Referring to the Dark Lord," Regulus started but was cut off by the Slytherin teen.

"Oh, no, not him. The Man's been dead for almost twelve years. There is another dark wizard that is pulling the strings of many and giving false hope to the crazed masses."

"Really, and how would a child know of such a dark wizard?"

"I have made friends at Hogwarts in the last two years and we have learned many things about this so called war that is not coming. I have many secrets that I must keep to protect them but I can tell you that the wizard trying to rule over England and then the world is not You-Know-Who."

"I see, you are not what I expected you to be Draco. You make the New Generation of House of Black proud. I look forward to meeting these friends of yours come September." Regulus smirked.

"September? Why would you meet them in September?" It was now Draco's turn to be confused.

"Because Little Dragon, I am to be your new defense teacher next school year. Your mother was concerned about you and asked me to watch over you next year. I still have friends in the Ministry they put my application at the top when sending them to the headmaster when he put word out he was looking for a new professor of DADA. From what I heard no one learned anything from the last one."

"That is accurate. Only me and my friends learned anything because we were teaching each other. My Godfather tested us at the end of year finales and we all passed the Standard Test with an O; the rest of the school got a D or lower." Draco confirmed.

"Wonderful looks like I got my work cut out for me. Now about your Godfather, I would appreciate it if you didn't tell him I was hire on as a teacher. You see he and I had a minor disagreement and he hasn't spoken to me in ten years or so."

"I am sure over this next year the two of you can finally put that quarrel to rest." Narcissa huffed. "Remember cousin you are there to watch over Draco and his friends, from whatever Lucius is up to."

"You're right Cissy. Now let's order lunch and see what I have to work with. I am sure the Little Dragon can bring us both up to speed on what has been going on in the school and what I need to look out for." Regulus smirked. Maybe this babysitting was going to be more interesting than he thought.


"Wow this place is awesome!" Peter looked around the Magical Shopping district in awe.

"Yeah it's neat but can you please calm down, you're drawing attention to us." A digital voice complained.

"Sorry Harry, it's just so new to me." Peter smiled sheepishly. Harry sighed but he understood the excitement of the first visit. The morning after their night in Queens grouchy heads prevailed over cooler minds and he got into another shouting match with his dad as well as cool logic discussion with his father which froze the floor while he portal to his room. Even the elevator wouldn't move effectively trapping Tony for a good two hours when Loki was calm enough to unfreeze the floor. It was another four days before the were all calm enough to come to the agreement that Harry should not take any more late night walks and that from now on he wouldn't go out alone. Now that May had registered Peter as family dependent Harry was taking him to his godfather to verify that there was some bit of magic in him.

"Prince Haraldr the King is expecting you." The guard at the door bowed opening the door for the boys. Harry nodded his thanks and led Peter to the Managers desk who then announced them to the king.

"AH, Haraldr I have missed you; this year has been boring without you here to blow the cobwebs away." Jareth greeted hugging the smaller boy hugging him tightly.

"I missed you too Godfather." The demi-god returned the hug glad that not all his family was upset with his late night walks.

"And who is this you have brought with you?" the king looked to the nervous teen and smiled.

"This is my friend Peter Parker, May Parker's nephew. He needs a magic check and I wanted to get some gold for our trip out today."

"Excellent it is too nice a day to be inside all the time. Let's start with the magic test and while that is processing I will get your gold." Jareth snapped his fingers and the throne room turned into an office to the amazement of Peter.

"Now where did I put those papers?" the King mumbled as he went through the mess on his desk. Normally he had a nice neat and orderly desk but the English government was trying to squeeze more gold from him and drown him in paperwork.

"Godfather they wouldn't happen to be papers that are a printed in a rainbow color would they?"

"Yes, they how did you know." The king looked to his godson in confusion.

"Because Alva has made a nest of them on your chair." Harry wheezed his laugh at the sight of the jinx rolling all over the papers on the chair.

"Alva you naughty cat those are my important papers not your bedding." With another snap of his fingers the cat was transported to her cat bed in the corner and the paper was back on his desk in a nice orderly pile along with the other papers. "There that's better. Now Young Parker come here and we shall test the magic within your core. All you need to do is place a drop of blood on to this paper and it will shift through the colors of power when it has finished analyzing your magic it will fill the paper with one color and that will be your power level. Don't worry, it is perfectly safe as we mostly use this test on toddlers when their Magic starts to manifest."

"Uh okay." Peter was nervous but Harry didn't seem too worry so he relaxed and just went along with it. Jareth used the gold pin to prick the teen's finger and let the drop of blood fall on the paper. Peter watched as the rainbow began to shift in color it was really cool to watch. He was so focused on the paper he didn't see the other two make gold appear out of nowhere or the cat that seemed to have wandered through the desk until her head popped up next to the paper. "AH!"

"You okay Peter?" Harry snickered as the older boy jumped back in surprise.

"The cat just popped its head through the desk and bopped my nose with its nose!" the panicked teen shouted point to the jinx that had made herself home on top of the desk.

"Yes Alva, is a prankster. Like All Jinx Cats they love to catch people unaware." Jareth laughed taking the Blue paper from under Alva's paw. "Well young Peter it seems that you are what most wizarding folk call a functioning squib. You have a Magical core but there is only just enough power to protect you from illness and other dangerous poisons but not enough magic to perform spells. If you want to study magic I would suggest sorcery. It is a universe based practice rather that a soul base one."

"Thanks but I think I will just stick being Spider-Man." Peter answered with a slight nervous laugh.

"Very well, on that note with this paper I can appeal to the MCUSA and state you are not a danger to the Magical community and that all your exploits are purely physical and technology based. This should keep your Aunt from getting any owls that say otherwise."

"Thank you your Highness."

"Yes, thank you Godfather."

"Your welcome boys now go enjoy your day. There is much to explore in the district today." The Goblin King smiled and shooed the youngsters out the door. "Be sure to stop at The Prank Place for a spell or two."

"We will Bye God Father!" The two left with a wave and when the Gold doors shut Jareth's pleasant mood vanished as his assistant held out a Ministry sealed envelope.

"When did this get her Ingram?" Jareth took the envelope and scan its contents. As he read a smile began to form.

"Just now, my king."

"Hedwig Darling, I have a letter for you to deliver."

"Whoo," the owl cooed and flew to her master's shoulder.

"There's my lovely girl. Now I want you to take this to Number 12 Grimmauld Place." With a wave of his hand a Letter appeared and he attached it to the Snowy owl's leg. "Now don't leave until you get a response, we have an important Allie to recruit."

Hedwig bobbed her head and gave little nip to his ear before flying out of the office and down the hall to the London doors that magically opened for her.

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