[Status: Izuku Midoriya. Lvl 2 weakling.

Strength: Negligible.

Dexterity: Brick-like.

Constitution: Cardboard.

Intelligence: Surprisingly above average, but coupled with self esteem and a nasty habit of second guessing himself this turns into a negative.

Wisdom: Has a quirk like this, still wants to be a hero.

Charisma: Cold Wet Noodle]

Izuku sighed at the info box his quirk greeted him with every morning. Officially his quirk was known as Mundane Status. Which was both an apt description of it, but also understated just how terrible his quirk really was. Not only was the information it provided incredibly wrong at times, but it was equally pointless.

Honestly he'd rather not even have a quirk.

Even the clock was wrong. And the only useful things it gave him were the quest log and the minimap. The only problem was that the quest log only showed stuff he remembered and the mini map didn't work when he was lost. And oftentimes the numbers didn't make sense!

[Shoes Equipped: +5 movement.]

[Pants Equipped: +5 to decency.]

[Shirt Equipped: +5 to decency.]

[Buff- Fully Dressed: You are fully dressed.]

His quirk ignored things like underwear and socks. Though just wearing underwear and socks didn't give him anything. When he had nothing at all on, or rather equipped he got a warning that said "Ungabunga Mode."

He didn't even know what that means! Google just told him that it was something cavemen said!

[Daily Quest Complete: Get ready for school!

Reward: You are now ready for another disappointing day at school. +5 exp]

"Thank you." Izuku half growled and slung his backpack on. He didn't even know what exp was. Or how he could use it. He was fairly certain that as with everything his quirk was just fucking with him. It had to be sentient. Why else would it insult him constantly?

"Talking to your quirk again honey?" His mother gave him the same worried smile she gave him every morning ever since they realized that his quirk was, for lack of a better term, terrible. So terrible that there was simply no way he could become a hero with it.

And now he was afflicted with guilt. His quirk really was just sooooo amazing.

He ate breakfast gaining a well fed buff that once again didn't do anything and then began his long and ever so slightly boring walk to school. A small glowing trail of dots showed him the usual path he took each day. Did everybody else have a quirk that wormed its way into every part of their lives?

Mutation quirks perhaps. But most Emitter or Transformation type quirk users could live their lives pretty normally. Maybe his quirk wasn't quite that bad. At least physically. But waking up every morning and seeing that he was still a level two weakling and having no idea what the hell that meant, was starting to get a little bit frustrating.

"Maybe I should go to therapy after all?" He muttered turning down the street. But then he'd be placed on a list and he wouldn't be able to become a hero even if he found out a way to use his quirk effectively. If only it was like Ragdoll's and gave useful information. Nope.

He looked up and saw that his day was about to get ever so slightly worse. A red name plate appeared with an orange lvl 5 that followed Katsuki Bakugo around with an arrow pointing to his exact location. It only worked when Izuku was paying attention to him so he couldn't even get a warning or anything.

He couldn't even access Katsuki's stats or anything relevant. It was just

[Katsuki Bakugo: Lvl 5.]

Why was he level five? Was it because his quirk was strong? Was it because Katsuki was strong? What was he level five in? What were his stats?

If he could get that information, his quirk might be at least kind of useful. He could assist in rescues, help with training, assist with security. But nope, his quirk was as selfish as it was useless. At this rate there was no way that he was going to get into U.A.

"Outta the way, Deku!" Katsuki growled and shoved him in the shoulder just because they were on the same side of the street. It was almost like Katsuki saw him coming and then waited just so he could be a prick about it.

[You have taken one point of damage!]

[You have survived an encounter with Katsuki Bakugo! +5 exp. ]

[Congratulations! You have leveled up! You are now a lvl 2 weakling! ]

He had leveled up at least four times, but every time he was still a level two weakling.

Though he wasn't certain being a level six weakling would be any better.

Wait. Katsuki's name plate. It now read that he was level six. Okay what the fuck? Why did Katsuki actually level up from that? Why the hell did his quirk hate him! That was it. Today after school he was going to talk to a therapist. Or something. Probably not. There really wasn't much of a point. If he did go to a therapist it wouldn't change that his quirk was an asshole.

Still why was Katsuki a higher level now? What did a level even mean? Was he just that much stronger?

"Uhh, Katsuki?" Izuku mumbled trying to catch up to his former friend. "Did uhh, did you get stronger just now or anything?"

Katsuki snorted into a smirk that oozed confidence. "I'm always getting stronger! Unlike you deku. That's why you'll always be a weakling with a do nothing quirk."

"Thank you for your input." He made certain to stand more than a bit out of arm's reach from the violent blond. At least none of Katsuki's friends were around, that was when he went from asshole to bully. It was kind of sad how he allowed himself to be influenced by those kids. Though if Izuku had friends he'd probably be influenced by them too.

Alright, so Katsuki didn't get a burst of power, which meant that much like everything else with his quirk, the levels meant nothing.


School was the same as it always was. The teacher taught their class. Izuku ate alone for lunch. Nobody talked to him unless they had to. Katsuki bullied him. Seriously, all this because he didn't have a good quirk, or a spine, but it was easier to blame the quirk really. If he had a strong quirk maybe he'd be able to something. Or at the very least people maybe wouldn't bully him.

Instead they all knew that his quirk was basically worse than being quirkless (thanks to Katsuki) so even the two quirkless kids in school didn't want anything to do with him.

On his way back home from school, he followed the dots leading back home, all of his homework for the day listed on his quest log and he was still a level 2 weakling. It was the same as it always was. He went to school, was disappointed, then went home, and was disappointed there too. Probably said a lot that his mother was his only real friend.

Something odd was up ahead. The normal path he took home was blocked. Not by anything physical but it looked like there was a giant floating red circle with a cross in it. The trail of dots of his quirk were steering him down an alternative route away from the bridge. There were no other warnings, just that red circle.

Why was his path leading away from it? His path always had him go the same direction. So what changed now? Was the red circle a part of his quirk? Did it not want him to go down this path today? Why? When he stuck his arm through the circle nothing happened.

Like hell he was going to listen to his quirk.

The path didn't reform in front of him as he walked forward. No warning, no officer or anything real coming to stop him. It looked normal. Like a perfectly average disappointing day. Great, now his quirk was making him see things.

He continued to walk down the same path he always did.

Everything was fine. Everything was 100% fine.

That is until he saw a rampaging shark headed monster charging towards him. Hopefully he wasn't a villain or anything like that. That would just be bad karma. Wait. He was carrying a cash register. A whole cash register under his arm and a screaming girl in the other. Crap was it a robbery and kidnapping?

What the hell was he going to do; was there a hero chasing the shark? No! Wait, maybe! They might not be able to do anything with the girl in the man's arm.

"Outta the way punk!" The shark bellowed. "Unless you want to get crushed!"

The nameplate appeared.

[Shark Villain lvl 15]

The letters were bright red and it ended in a skull. Hopefully that didn't meant instant death. He was about to run, but his legs wouldn't move. He was terrified. But... He saw the look on the woman's face, the tears in her eyes. She wanted to be saved.

Oh fuck it. Dying trying to save someone sounded a lot better than jumping! He grabbed his backpack and flung it forward, aiming for the monsters head.

[Critical Hit!]

[Weakpoint struck!]

[3 damage!]

The damage number was big and red as his backpack slammed into the shark's snout, causing the creature to fall backwards, tossing both the girl and the cash register out of harm's way. Holy crap. Did he really just do that?

Did he really just beat that big villian?

"You little punk!" That would be a no. The shark stood back up, tears in its eyes and blood dripping from his nostrils. "My nose is sensitive, you fuck!"

How was he supposed to know that? Wait, shark week.

"I'm going to kill you!"

With his feet frozen onto the ground Izuku could do nothing but stare at the rows of teeth and the giant meaty hands that could easily rip him in half descend down upon him. Those arms had ripped a cash register with the counter still attached from the ground. He was fairly certain that his spine was not as firmly attached to his legs.

This was it. This was how he was going to die.

But that death never came. Instead the world was frozen. He couldn't move, he couldn't breath.

But he could think.

A new notification hovered in the air.

[Achievement Unlocked: One Big Ass Mistake.

Congratulations, you have made such a stupid and idiotic mistake that it will cost you your life. You clearly can't survive on your own.

Reward: Party System Unlocked.]

Another screen appeared.

[Would you like to recruit a party member to aid you in combat?

0/1 free recruits left. ]

The option for no was blurred out, leaving him only with a highlighted yes.

It was easily the fastest choice he made in his life.

[Finding potential party members.

Refining list.

Choice made by system because user has quirk [One Big Ass Mistake] and thus can't be trusted with important choices like this.

Tank found.]

[Itsuka Kendo has joined the party!]

A green box appeared in the corner of his vision, right below his own name.

[Itsuka Kendo Lvl 6 Monk. Big Ass Fist Style]

[Summoning Itsuka Kendo.]

[Itsuka Kendo has been summoned.]

[Resuming Combat. Try not to die.]

What, was she going to do save him from being eaten? What was he going to do to stop himself from being eaten?! This didn't make any sense! He had a party system? What did that mean? Like Pokemon? Why did he know Itsuka's class! A monk didn't sound useful!

All of that was answered when time started to flow once again and those teeth closed in around him. Only for an orange haired girl wearing a martial artist uniform appear out of nowhere, one of her hands was easily several times the size of her own body slammed into the shark mans nose. The other fist was drawn back in some kind of martial arts stance.

[Weakpoint struck!]

[45 points of damage!]

[Congratulations your party member has defeated a rampaging villain. She has gained +5000 exp. Despite doing nothing at all you have leeched 100 exp!]

[Level up! Itsuka Kendo is now a lvl 7 monk!]

[Congratulations! You have leveled up! You are now a lvl 2 weakling! ]

"What?" Itsuka squeaked in confusion. She was starting to fall.

He had to act quick, he moved forward and brought out his arms and attempted to catch the orange haired girl before she hit the ground. By some miracle he did.

[Achievement Unlocked: Pervert

You touched a girl's butt by accident or on purpose.

Reward: You can now view your party members stats.]

Itsuka's status screen appeared before him.

[Status: Itsuka Kendo. Lvl 7 Monk. Big Ass Fist Style

Strength: Man-Hands

Dexterity: Can't dodge a brick. But can punch one.

Constitution: You'll tire out first.

Intelligence: Smart enough to know what you really should be doing.

Wisdom: Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

Charisma: C but currently in denial and thinks that she's still a B

Unspent Attribute points: 8

Unspent Skill points: 4

Feats: 1]

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